Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 1)

In November 2012 a well respected Esoteric Practitioner in Mackay became the target of illegal activity aimed at bringing disrepute to her business, the local paper then published a story… Rather than the intended harm, the illegal attack prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. Many appreciative clients sent letters to the paper both before and after the story went to print. The following are a selection of letters that the paper received.

by Darren Cooke, Mackay, Queensland

I would like to take this opportunity to express how it saddens me to see and hear all of the false media coverage regarding Universal Medicine and the upcoming story regarding Esoteric Soulutions here in Mackay. I feel that the approach taken in delivering these “stories” lacks professionalism and is an injustice, not only to the businesses that these journalists work for, but for all people within our community.

How can we as a community let journalism become a form of bullying? This is clearly a campaign against everyday Australians going about their lives, not harming anyone. My experiences with both Universal Medicine and Esoteric Soulutions have been wonderful.

Allow me to share.

I have been working in the coal mines in the Mackay region for the past 6 years – a young man, trying to work as hard as he can and make enough money to set himself up. All may seem well on the outside, but living the lifestyle of being away from home and long hours on the job has many disadvantages. Allow me to open up a little more.

The disadvantages consisted of health problems due to the lack of sleep and the long hours at work, and not being able exercise as frequently as one would like. The relationship issues arose as I was never home, and when I got home all I wanted to do is party because I have been away all week and just have a desire to unwind. Alcohol became a BIG issue as a lot of social events revolve around alcohol, and it is easy to afford when you working in the mining industry.

These issues had huge impacts, not only to myself, but everyone I was in contact with. This was not a lifestyle that I could sustain if I wanted to achieve my personal goals, so I set out for answers.

I was introduced to Esoteric Soulutions in Mackay: I was a little hesitant at first as the approach I witnessed was not one I was familiar with (most people tell you what your problems are and give you a remedy or an answer to all your woes). This was different… Belinda-Jane Hogdson was very compassionate and non-imposing; what Belinda-Jane presented to me at the time simply made sense. I could even call it logical. With this refreshing approach I continued to see Belinda-Jane as a result of my own willingness.

3 years on – I am home every night – I have lost 16kgs – I don’t smoke – I don’t drink – I am in a loving relationship with 2 beautiful children – I earn exactly what I was earning in the mines, but now I am in town. My ability to communicate and connect with people in a genuine manner has improved, I am developing a global business, and best of all I found ME!!! My experiences have been awesome come to think of it, and I owe it all to the work of Universal Medicine and Esoteric Soulutions.

I know there are many stories like mine, in fact, there will be more positive than negative. I ask, why not take the 2000 positive stories and make them public? Why take a handful of negative feedbacks and crush a business that is bringing no harm?

I trust you will make the right decisions and convey ALL the facts when publishing your article.


by Rebecca Poole, Brisbane, Queensland

I am a colleague of a practitioner in Mackay on whom you plan to do a story. To date the print media have not sought the truth in relation to Universal Medicine, and instead have opted for sensation and fabrication (with the exception of a few who have printed retractions of their stories). But a retraction is always too late, and the damage has already been done – to people, families and local businesses, all branded with the heavy stigma of a cult. If you would like to read what it is like to live in the aftermath of such a story you can read this at: Bangalow brainwashed female cult member has had enough…

What is deeply disturbing, is that because I have now been branded as a cult member by the media, I am discounted as being brainwashed (really!!) and therefore there is no need to investigate what I am presenting. I am writing my experience as a practitioner of Esoteric Healing in the hope that I will not be dismissed simply for the sake of chasing a story.

I have been engaged in the area of complementary medicine for the past 14 years, either as a student (studying a 4 year combined health science degree and a 2 year masters), and as a lecturer and a clinician (for the past 10 years). I feel that I am well placed to comment on the integrity of practice within complementary health care, including esoteric modalities (which I have been studying for the past 4 years).

I can say without reservation that the integrity that I practice in (including that of my colleagues) through esoteric healing is unparalleled within complementary medicine. This may sound grandiose or unreasonable, but the reasons for this are simple. Esoteric Healing is not only about knowledge (of which I have gathered a lot), but is about walking your talk. Too many health care practitioners say all the words, but these words have a certain emptiness as they are not lived… I have been guilty of this as well.

The founding principles of esoteric healing are that you cannot heal something in another that is not healed within yourself. My practice incorporates the practice of nutrition and dietary advice. This area of my practice has been revolutionised by what I have learnt through Universal Medicine. Not so much what I say, as my knowledge and understanding of nutrition and the biological functions of the body largely have stayed the same (and I practice evidence based nutrition), but the way I talk about food has changed because it comes from the absolute integrity of me living what I practice. This has profound effects in my clinic as I offer a real living example of someone who doesn’t use food to get through the day or comfort eat, but is able to enjoy food as a way of caring and nurturing my body.

Before encountering Universal Medicine I had not experienced this consistently through any other profession, clinic, organisation, or presenter within complementary health (where the primary focus is the dissemination of knowledge), not the responsibility of being a true reflection of how to live healthily.


by Kylie de Mooy, Mackay, Queensland

I have been asked to write a letter of support for Belinda-Jane, who has been recently attacked in the media. The issue I have with this is, that by no means can one short letter truly capture the support and assistance I have received as a client of her Esoteric Soulutions services. It has been life changing.

I have been seeing Belinda-Jane Hodgson for over three years and can say that when I first went to her office (as a sceptic), it was the best decision I had made up to that date. I was a loveless, insecure woman who had recently separated from a violent relationship. I was struggling to maintain the separation and keep safe with my three children.

It has been a long journey, but with the support from Belinda-Jane, it has been a loving journey. I am now, and have been for a while, happy with my children, my life and choices I am making. I am now living to support the love I have for myself, something which I have never experienced before.

Belinda-Jane is a gentle esoteric practitioner who I trust and recommend to anyone who wants to feel the real love we should all have for ourselves… and live a life which supports this love.


by Liz Khalu, Mackay, Queensland

For the past 10 years I have been having regular personal healing sessions with Belinda-Jane Hodgson of Esoteric Soulutions. You might ask “Why so long?” Well, to answer that question I would have to say the reason is because I get results. Positive results! 10 years on I feel vastly different… there is a steadiness I now have, different from the reactionary approach I faced life with prior to working with Belinda-Jane.

Back then, although I was pretty busy helping raise a family, I was aware of an ongoing nervous tension, an inner anxiety, but at the same time a dullness as well. Life just didn’t feel as good as I knew it should – there was something missing. I found that out to be ME. I was so caught up with everything going on around me that I was actually missing me!

Today I feel a vibrancy that wasn’t there before. I am healthier, much kinder to my body: my body also feels different, and when it doesn’t feel good I generally know what I have done that has caused it, and myself, to feel less. Today I approach my family in a different way than before. This has brought a gentleness into the way I am with them, and they with me. It’s definitely not without its challenges, however I love that I now take responsibility for what I bring into my relationships with others: family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances and strangers.

In saying all of the above, it’s not only because of the fantastic results I get, but because I love working with Belinda-Jane. She is truly loving, honest and caring, has a wonderful integrity and truly cares for her community. She is a true inspiration to all who are fortunate to come in contact with her.

These days Belinda-Jane aligns herself, her life and her work with the principles of Universal Medicine, a teaching body that as far as I can tell only reflects a non-imposing love for mankind. I have attended a number of workshops myself with UniMed. I will continue with unwavering support for Belinda-Jane and Universal Medicine.


by Tina Soultan, Administration/Designer, Mackay, Queensland

I have been a client of Belinda-Jane Hodgson’s for about 8 years or so. For me it has been the best decision I have ever made. I wouldn’t be the strong confident person that I am now if it wasn’t for my association with Belinda-Jane. I was referred to go see her after the breakup of my marriage at a time when I was totally devastated and clearly at my worst. I went to see her because I wanted to know why my marriage had failed, and where I went wrong!

It has been an amazing journey of growth, positivity and a sense of wellbeing… and not always easy. In my experience with Belinda-Jane it has been nothing but professional and above board, and I cannot fault her. I refer people to her, and of course it is entirely up to them to decide to go see her, just like I did.

What I find disturbing is that a person like myself, who is very selective as to who I would choose to see and send my children to, is told that I am following a cult or that I’m being brainwashed. Seriously, that is insulting to say the least. My children are my life, so why would I choose something that would be detrimental for them or myself, and pay to do so?

The form of counseling I choose is my business, and if the modality I choose offends anyone then it is their problem, and not mine. I choose what I feel is the best for me and my children’s welfare. If anyone is going to be offended by my choice to see Belinda-Jane, then they would also be threatened by me seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist, because at the end of the day it’s about being accountable for your own actions and dealing with truths, no matter who you choose to see.

Some of us want to do the deep inner voyage and get to discover our true selves and be a better, happier human being. Why would anyone want to deny that for another person? It is not for everyone, I understand that. But please allow me the same right to choose whomever I see fit to deal with. I do not appreciate insinuations that I don’t have what it takes to work things out for myself or am being brainwashed etc, especially by someone who is cowardly and doesn’t want be exposed to anything.

For me, seeing someone like Belinda-Jane is as simple as coming clean with myself, and that doesn’t involve anyone else. I am sorry that that doesn’t sit well with some, but as I accept some choose to not take that path, please do not jeopardise it for people like me who do this to be a better, happier version of myself – where everyone I deal with will benefit.


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61 thoughts on “Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 1)

  1. We have to discard images of professionalism as something linked to ethics because you can be extremely professional (that is to make a very serious use of your skills) to pursue a very unethical agenda.

  2. My response to Liz Khalu’s letter:

    Universal Medicine more than imparts knowledge unimposingly but it also inspires you how to truly listen and observe another. This allows another to be where they at with no judgement to the best of your ability. I reckon learning to live with understanding is one of the greatest marks.

  3. My response to Kylie de Mooy’s letter:

    The whole world needs to stop when miracles such as these eventuate from the esoteric healing modalities and practitioners. News barons take note!

  4. My response to Rebecca Poole’s letter:

    I have always felt the difference and the wash that comes over my body when anybody speaks from their body about how they live. It’s as refreshing as having a shower only its not so physical but energetic.

  5. My response to Darren Cooke:

    I love the point Darren makes about there will be more positive stories than there is negative. I have remarked and admirably commented on recently the more awareness and thus increased feeling of intensity that is felt being an esoteric student. It is a lot and by that I mean when you take responsibility for your life much comes up to deal with. It might look bad on the surface to what ideally ‘it should’ look like but in the bigger scheme of things if we get through it (and this is ofter the case due the broad and professional help that is available both through Universal Medicine practice and students) life is extensibly more joy-full and beautiful.

  6. My response to Tina Soultan’s letter:

    I have had the pleasure of getting to know Belinda-Jane both professionally and personally. I was in a personal setting with Belinda-Jane and as we do esoterically I was sharing of a big event in my life that I was still recoiling over. Belinda was able to use amazing ability and help me understand where I was at with it in my body. It was a breath-taking moment that lifted me from the reigns of not being able to let go of some choices I had made dating 18 months ago and later from this time. It is something I will never forget and now hold this awareness close to me in understanding the beauty and power of the difference it makes reading the energy of situations.

  7. What comes across in these awesome and varied letters of support is that there is no imposition only support for clients to find their own true path in life. Surely this is to be celebrated rather than derided as without this humanity is lost as is so amply demonstrated by our increasingly burdened health services etc

  8. The point is not to justify that journalistic bullying it is not ok because the esoteric practitioner’s “not harming anyone”. The point that has to be made is just the opposite: the extent of good brought forth by them is so much (the letters of support clearly show this fact), that we have to see journalistic bullying as an attempt to influence people to stop healing themselves. Obviously, the fact of the amount of healing brought to a community disturbs those who do not want to heal because the reflection offered by those who said yes to it is too much for them.

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