Working with Doctors

by Amina Tumi, 31years, London, Hairdresser

What an inspiring EDG (Esoteric Developers Group presentation by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) on Saturday 15 December 2012 (at Lennox Head in NSW, Australia).

Serge yet again presented on the virtues of making sure you see your doctor if you are ill or have symptoms that need assistance, and/or going to the doctors for a check-up when you are well and healthy, and not just waiting until you are sick. It has been a revelation to me and has finally knocked out my idea that I can do it on my own: that I don’t need a doctor.

I have always been a person who does not like to go to the doctors. This is because for one, I would go there with the mindset that they wouldn’t really be able to help; and two, I always liked to think that I could sort things out on my own. To be honest however, when it came to the crunch, I would still expect them to give me all the answers. I have come to realise how misleading these ways of thinking are, and that these ways of thinking in the long-term could cause me great harm.

To see going for a check-up as a self-nurturing act, one that is me taking responsibility for my body, is for sure a beautiful way of looking at it. More to the point, it is a normal way of looking at this, as our bodies are and always will be our responsibility, so therefore the action of going to the doctors and getting help when needed is something that we very much need to embrace.

For example, if I go to the doctors with a chest infection, knowing what I now know from the EDG presentation, I can be open to the idea that I have been living in a certain way that has got me to this point, and be open to finding out what I have been choosing, so that I can learn from my experience and look after my body in a better way. I would therefore talk to the doctor by way of seeking support, and ask them to help me ease the pain and clear the infection, with the view to learning what I can also do to prevent this from happening again – this includes looking at my daily choices and the effect these have on my body.

What if we could work with our doctors, and do so in a way that makes us feel empowered – where we are willing to do our part, to live responsibly, to look at how we have been living that may have contributed to the illness – whilst gaining support and appropriate medication as required from the doctor? Could this not then be a healing and enjoyable experience for both Doctor and patient?


405 thoughts on “Working with Doctors

  1. Amina I am sure it would be super supportive for doctors and nurses to have patients committed to their health, and willing to take responsibility for themselves and make any necessary changes. As it is, health professionals have an enormous responsibility to care for humanity, this should not be taken advantage of by creating a burden of ourselves and our conditions through being irresponsible or by expecting others to fix us, without our own committed input into our health and daily choices.

  2. I love the balanced approach to life you are describing here Amina, what if we did take responsibility for everything we’ve chosen and didn’t just expect medical professionals to clean up our mess. If we played a bigger part in our health… life would be so much easier for our doctors.

  3. ‘Our bodies are and always will be our responsibility’, not the medical systems’ responsibility. The conventional medical system is there to support us when we are ill but the ultimate responsibility of the steps that got us there are our own. The sooner we all realise this fact, the sooner we can together commit to caring for ourselves and understand that the choices of how we live our everyday not only accumulates, but can be medicine and our own treatment or healing plan.

  4. Wouldn’t that way of going to the doctors make their job so much more enjoyable. Could you imagine people wanting to help themselves, how much quicker illness would correct itself. There would be a union between the doctor and patient where they would do it together. Without our assistance and knowing of our own body, how is a doctor going to fully treat an illness? This is a evolutionary way to view health.

  5. Well said Amina, I also enjoy visiting my Dr as I have built a great relationship with her and I have been able to deal with any health issues that arise and to feel supported by my Dr when needed. This hasn’t always been the case, for in the past I would give my power away to Dr’s and take no responsibility for my health and be looking for a ‘quick fix’ from them. It is life changing when we take responsibility for our own health and begin to self-care and nurture ourselves in a way that allows the space for the body to truly heal.

  6. Amina, is it fair to say that what you present here in how we have imposed the need on our doctors, surgeons, dentist, massage therapist etc, to fix our woes instead of taking responsibility for our own body everyday, is a great tragedy in our world. As in this way of living we are left powerless to the so called luck of the draw, where as acceptance of our part in the health of our body clears our thoughts to allow us to sense what it is our body really requires to heal.
    If seen for the truth that it holds, this article can change the world, thank you.

  7. Universal Medicine builds the bridge that many people need to return to working WITH medical practitioners returning to trust this interaction, but above all starting to trust their own connection with themselves.

  8. Beautifully said Amina. It’s only been through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, that I have come to be similarly inspired – and see the simplest of ‘check-ups’ with my doctor for the deep value they hold, and the deep care I am holding myself and my body in, when I go there.
    Reading this today, I feel all the more appreciative of just such an appointment I’ve booked for next week, and the elements I have felt to get checked/assessed with my doctor.

  9. Absolutely Amina, it is really empowering when we take responsibility for ourselves and our health, when we hold back from seeing a doctor, not only are we being irresponsible we are making ourselves worse, and not being fair on the health system which is already overburdened because many do not seek help in the early stages of their illnesses.

  10. Going to the doctors and actually seeing them as support was a whole new awareness that I became open to after attending Universal Medicine. I look back now and wonder how I ever saw them as the enemy and not a working relationship when it came to my health.

    1. It is interesting isn’t it Kim, how we had a belief that the medical system is the enemy. For me this started when I was knee deep in new age and spiritual healing, I went from my whole life of trusting and openly getting support from doctors, to bad mouthing them and convincing myself that they didn’t know what they were talking about and made me worse. Thank goodness I saw the light, and started trusting the medical system again and let go of beliefs that were very harming.

  11. Doctors really appreciate the support we are giving them by taking responsibility for our own health. They are overburdened in their work as it is and by taking that extra bit of care with and for ourselves in the way that we live pays off big time. Sharing how we live our lives also helps them see how simple medicine can be when they may have found themselves caught up in all the complexities. It is an equal relationship and one that grow both patient and doctor.

  12. Thank you Amina for sharing this powerful message of how incredible our bodies are, in that they will always reflect to us how we are living, if the choices we are making are loving and support us to care for ourselves. Our bodies are delicate in nature and the more we honor this and the truth that is reflected to us the more we live in connection to ourselves, with our Soul. As at the end of the day it is our body in which our Soul dwells, so the responsibility is ours first and foremost to care for it. Visiting the doctor for regular check-ups is a very loving way to support and care for ourselves as we then willingly offer, as best we can, a body of love for the doctors to work with.

  13. Amina this would take a huge strain and stress off the medical system and there would not be the number of exhausted doctors and nurses as there are now, if we started to take responsibility and support ourselves in understanding why what we have chosen is affecting us in the way it has… or simply even listening to our body and letting go what does not work for it.

  14. Amita, you have presented something very important for us all and that is to live with a level of responsibility where we are not looking for a relief from the medical system but with our willingness to evolve we can honestly look at the way we have created disharmony in our bodies in the first place and without judgement make adjustments with regards to the choices that we are making, this way we can support ourselves a lot more with the assistance of the medical system to truly heal from within first.

  15. When we are empowered, proactive, and energetically aware of our bodies, and bring this awareness and connection to our medical practitioners, it can really inspire them and reignite that beautiful caring impulse that started them on their healing profession

    1. Yes, great point cjames2012. I wonder how many of us realise the impact we have on a consultation through our approach and level of awareness.

  16. You are not alone Amina in this attitude towards doctors and medicine in general. It is a kind of ‘love-hate’ relationship which I have witnessed many times working in medicine for 20 years. That people avoid seeking help because they are in reaction to the obvious flaws in the system but when it really comes to the crunch they want medicine to be there, come up with the answers and bail them out. What you propose here about taking more responsibility for our health and our daily choices changes this relationship completely to one that that is much more ‘healthy’!

  17. I never liked to go to the doctors in case they prescribed antibiotics! How dangerous was this way of being! I held a belief firmly that antibiotics got rid of all the good bacteria and therefore did not support my body. I would feel very unwell for some time before I would go to the doctors as a last resort. Thankfully for my own good I have let go of this belief and have no problems in taking antibiotics or any other medication if the doctor prescribed them and I owe this change to Serge Benhayon for making me aware that to seek help from the medical profession is a loving and supportive thing to do for not only for myself but for my family too.

  18. Thank you Amina for a great sharing. I too was against going to doctors and taking any sort of drugs that were on offer instead I would look for what I would call natural methods. Since listening to Serge speak about the Medical System and the benefits we can receive from their treatments I have opened up to realise the benefits they provide to mankind, but I am also aware of the responsibility I have in the day to day choices I make that have an effect on my body and its health.

  19. Whenever we have a professional consultation, either medical, financial or whatever, if we bring ourselves in full to the meeting then there is the possibility of an expansion of awareness and of course a much deeper connection with oneself and the other person, whatever the roles.

    1. Yes Chris. It helps me to see the doctor as simply another person who may not have had a great day. Then our communication has a different flow, because I’m not just seeing them as their profession.

  20. There definitely is a culture of patients giving their power away to doctors in my country. I have done it many times and I know many who have too. It does seem now as I look at it, like a huge pressure is placed on to the medical professionals to come up with all the answers and a lot of this is due to the pressure placed on to them by the systems they work under, which seem to hold both themselves and the patients locked in to this certain type of relationship which can be very good at finding solutions but also can leave the professional feeling drained and the patient feeling disempowered. There is however a valuable question here being asked by Amina about how the medical systems would work if we all turned up together with equal responsibility and care for ourselves, understanding that bodies need to become ill sometimes to clear, but that this is never a cause to diminish one’s personal responsibility to their self or others.

  21. There is no doubt that the medical system is being abused by many due to the irresponsibility that people choose. So many believe that they can live in complete disregard of their health only to expect the doctors and the wonders of medicine to miraculously fix them when it starts to become uncomfortable, putting massive pressure on a system already bursting at the seems with illness and disease. I couldn’t agree more that we need to consider the impact of our choices and the true healing that is available when we address illness and disease from a personally established foundation of self-responsibility.

    1. hear hear Samantha. What a difference this would make to the trajectory for health and mental health in our society and its impact on the financial stability of our medical system as well as our own personal finances.

  22. I agree – going to a doctor doesn’t have to mean we give our power away. We can work with them if we choose to take our responsibility. I find esoteric medicine great support in developing our relationship with our own body, as well as the help we seek.

  23. What a powerful message Amina, that being, taking responsibility for our own health and well-being by working collaboratively with Conventional Medicine and Complimentary Medicine as needed.

  24. I have just changed doctors and when I looked at connecting with my next one I took my time to ensure that I chose one who I could work with as a team. I decided on the doctor’s practice and then took my time to read through their website, looking at photos and reading about them and then I called and shared what I wanted in a doctor. Eventually I chose one and made an appointment and from the moment she walked into the waiting room and called my name with such a warm and welcoming voice I knew that I had made a true choice. The ensuing time with her simply confirmed what I had already felt; this is a doctor who will listen, advise but then work with me for the healing that my body is asking for.

  25. I would agree, working with your doctor is a much more rewarding experience for both concerned. I am a big fan of bringing a responsible body to my doctors. I take responsibility for how I got there, appreciate the space and support they are giving me and ensure I continue to take responsibility when I leave. If they give me medication then I know it supports me physically but I equally know not to abuse it by thinking it will cure me. I have to play my part, otherwise I am merely masking what has got me to the doctor in the first place and that, I feel, is an abuse of both the doctors’ and my time and energy.

  26. When we care for ourselves and actually take responsibility for our own health how can it not make the job for our doctor easier.

  27. “What if we could work with our doctors, and do so in a way that makes us feel empowered”. Every doctor I have seen has been caring and always confident.. It is one service you always get a competent physician no matter age or culture etc. It is a wonder we are not so confident with our own body when we are recipients of its actions aka choices. When I’m not self-empowered I’m not self-loving or listening to it.

  28. The complementary therapies of Universal Medicine are founded on taking responsibility for ourselves to support the skill and knowledge offered by doctors and the medical profession.

  29. So true Amina….seeking support from our Doctor for our ill conditions and taking the necessary medication if that is what is required, PLUS unearthing the root cause of our dis-ease and then making the necessary changes to our lifestyle, is the best prescription for true healing to occur.

  30. It is interesting how we relate to doctors. On the one hand, we have the self-reliant person who thinks that doctors cannot be of help. So, they do not see one. On the other one, we have those that go to the doctor with a mandate: fix me. In either case, we do not get the best out of them. We get the best out of them only when we work together: they do their bit and we do ours.

  31. ‘To see going for a check-up as a self-nurturing act, one that is me taking responsibility for my body, is for sure a beautiful way of looking at it.’ Yes I absolutely agree Amina. I used to feel it was a chore that I would put off for weeks, but now my attitude has changed and to me its about taking care of myself and taking responsibility for my well-being.

  32. It would be quite intense to be a Doctor, to have some people come in and expect within a few minutes you to have the answers and to help fix them, yet they are not really wanting to make the changes and do what’s needed to help themselves. There would be a lot of different emotions that would come at the Doctor during the day, it is definitely a job where you would need to look after yourself.

  33. It is far easier for doctors to treat us when we are aware of how our body is, and often it is through discussing how we feel that they are best able to support us, so it is really important to take responsibility for ourselves and build a true connection.

  34. Serge Benhayon is always completely supportive of western medicine and that everyone should use it as their first port of call if they are sick. He has also taught me that it is my job to take the best healthiest me to my doctor rather than trash myself and then expect the doctor to patch me up.

  35. Beautiful Amina, I believe this is the future of medicine, for us not to give away our power away to medical practitioners or to expect a quick ‘fix’ in anyway, but to be committed to supporting the body and working with Western Medicine to offer the body an opportunity to truly heal.

  36. It’s amazing how much we expect from doctors and hold them responsible for fixing our problems, then have a tantrum if that is not met and decide to avoid. What an entitlement. Add a sense of responsibility back into this relationship, there’s so much we can potentially heal together.

  37. So many of us go to the doctors to be fixed, easily and in the quickest possible time and if that doesn’t happen we often blame the treatment the doctor prescribed. But perhaps the way we had been caring for ourselves is behind many of our health issues and maybe we have put off our visit longer than was wise – if so, we then need to take responsibility for our part in the outcome of the treatment. Working as a team with our doctor, deeply caring for our body and taking total responsibility for our lifestyle choices is what true medicine is all about.

  38. Yes, this makes sense Amina. I too have been very slack in going to the doctor and leaving things until it’s too late, or just not going at all and riding it out, which I can’t really recommend. I used to have such a hard attitude towards myself and really didn’t see the value in taking that much care. That’s all change now, and whilst I don’t need to frequent the doctor that often, I’m more open to going when I feel I need to.

  39. What a beautiful way of looking at health you have presented here Amina and really you have just outlined the foundation of self care which if widely adopted would be the beginning of the end of our health care crises.

  40. There are so many conferences, so many public inquiries, there is so much going on to try and find out what is happening with humanities health… Here we have the simple and direct answer… It starts with our responsibility for ourselves.

  41. Great article Amina, what a difference it would make to our own lives by taking responsibility for our choices that have contributed to our ill health in the first place and what a difference for the Doctors to have patients who are not burdening the health care system with their irresponsibility but actually working with the doctor for the best patient results.

  42. This is a very different way of approaching attending the doctors and it makes sense; we look at how we are and how we can live in a way that supports our body and our doctors supply the needed technical expertise … and that’s how it can be, two equals working together.

  43. I love that Serge Benhayon has always been pro medicine and reminds us of the importance of building relationships with our medical practitioners and feeling how supportive this can be for us, I know I have and my health has greatly improved because of this.

  44. I presented at a conference recently in Australia for young recently graduated doctors… There has to be a more nurturing way of training those who are at the forefront of healing in our society.

  45. I love the team working approach that you present to working with your doctor to get support with healing whatever is presenting, whilst being aware of the choices that led to that point that needed to be acknowledged and healed as well.

  46. Expecting to be able to go to the doctors and ‘get fixed’ is actually a denial of our own responsibility for our health. I agree that working ‘with’ our medical professionals is the true intention behind health care and with responsibility we are empowered to make choices that are supportive of our own wellbeing.

  47. Working in community palliative care we occasionally meet someone who has never ‘believed’ in doctors to have a regular GP. This creates some practical issues from a service perspective, but I also find it interesting that someone could be so unwell, even dying and not have a doctor. We are very firm about requiring a GP, for this not only supports the person and their family but it also support us in our work. We simply could not do it without a GP. Building an ongoing trusting relationship with our GP’s is very important, they offer so much, but we need to meet them half way too. This is from someone who believed that they did not need a GP too and is now building a strong foundation with her current GP.

  48. I see so many in the world today who expect the doctor to fix them up and are not even open to the possibility that the way they live could in fact be causing their condition. It is such a blessing for all to approach our conditions with such openness and honesty.

  49. Being open to taking responsibility and learning what choices brought you to needing to go to the doctor and actually then going for help makes so much sense. Also, I feel it is important for us to present our condition to doctors in a way that starts with us connecting deeply with our bodies to feel what is going on for it and do our own research on any given condition so we go into the relationship with both energetic and medical information in a way that will not just give our power away to the doctor without questioning or feeling whether the diagnosis and healing approach provided is right for us.

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