Working with Doctors

by Amina Tumi, 31years, London, Hairdresser

What an inspiring EDG (Esoteric Developers Group presentation by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) on Saturday 15 December 2012 (at Lennox Head in NSW, Australia).

Serge yet again presented on the virtues of making sure you see your doctor if you are ill or have symptoms that need assistance, and/or going to the doctors for a check-up when you are well and healthy, and not just waiting until you are sick. It has been a revelation to me and has finally knocked out my idea that I can do it on my own: that I don’t need a doctor.

I have always been a person who does not like to go to the doctors. This is because for one, I would go there with the mindset that they wouldn’t really be able to help; and two, I always liked to think that I could sort things out on my own. To be honest however, when it came to the crunch, I would still expect them to give me all the answers. I have come to realise how misleading these ways of thinking are, and that these ways of thinking in the long-term could cause me great harm.

To see going for a check-up as a self-nurturing act, one that is me taking responsibility for my body, is for sure a beautiful way of looking at it. More to the point, it is a normal way of looking at this, as our bodies are and always will be our responsibility, so therefore the action of going to the doctors and getting help when needed is something that we very much need to embrace.

For example, if I go to the doctors with a chest infection, knowing what I now know from the EDG presentation, I can be open to the idea that I have been living in a certain way that has got me to this point, and be open to finding out what I have been choosing, so that I can learn from my experience and look after my body in a better way. I would therefore talk to the doctor by way of seeking support, and ask them to help me ease the pain and clear the infection, with the view to learning what I can also do to prevent this from happening again – this includes looking at my daily choices and the effect these have on my body.

What if we could work with our doctors, and do so in a way that makes us feel empowered – where we are willing to do our part, to live responsibly, to look at how we have been living that may have contributed to the illness – whilst gaining support and appropriate medication as required from the doctor? Could this not then be a healing and enjoyable experience for both Doctor and patient?


419 thoughts on “Working with Doctors

  1. I love connecting with the human being that is within my doctor. That connection brings me to an equal position that, at the same time, honours his knowledge and ability to support me. Going with this approach to the doctor allows me to be open and aware, which helps me to receive his advice responsibly.

  2. There’s a sense of maturity that comes with collaboration that asks each party to be responsible. I feel this is a much needed approach in many areas of our life where the role of provider/providee as we see it now is almost like a division, each coming from a place of own righteousness/entitlement enveloped in pre-judgment against the other.

  3. It must be so imposing for doctors to receive patients who expect the doctor to fix them. Doctors are very responsible people, and as patients we also need to engage with what we are responsible for also in terms of the way we live, and our willingness to make changes to support our health.

  4. I found a Doctor who is a Student of The Livingness and my check-ups are so much fun as we are both very light hearted about life. And our life becomes a great healer along with seeing great practitioners from Esoteric healing along with our physician.

  5. I see all around me many people who give their power away to their doctors not realising that they also have a huge role to play in any healing that may be necessary. It is as if the doctor is put on a pedestal and in doing so it is very hard to connect with him/her on a personal and real level. Taking the doctor off the pedestal, going into the consultation feeling equal to them, sharing honestly and fully and being prepared to listen to their advice and then accept our responsibility in the healing process is the most powerful prescription we could ever write for ourselves.

  6. We can approach going to the doctor as a necessity, almost a chore or look at it as an opportunity to find out how we may need to refine and change how we live while getting the medical support to address any physical symptoms we may have. We also need to look at how we approach attending the doctor … I recently did due to a longer than usual flu, with throat symptoms and found myself apologising to my doctor for attending, and stopped myself to consider why … I felt to attend and yet there was still an idea that somehow by not being seriously ill I was ‘wasting’ the doctor’s time! The doctor was amazing, confirmed what was going on and suggested some additional remedies and I came away with an understanding that part of going to the doctor is also letting go of any ideas that to do so is to be causing a fuss … we deserve to treat ourselves with true care and attending our physician is part of that.

  7. I used to also be a bit anti Western Medicine until I heard the talks by Serge at Universal Medicine presentations promoting Western Medicine as essential to our self care. I was resistant to seeing the doctor and also thought I could take care of things myself using complementary and alternative medicine. Listening to Serge I honestly felt the common sense of it, and as a result I changed my stance and now see my doctors regularly. Because I am also very pro active in caring for my own health and wellbeing (another support from Serge’s self care presentations) my doctors really enjoy working with me, we are more like a team working together, than me simply expecting to be fixed and placing all the responsibility on my doctor. I’m sure doctors want their patients to be well but they can’t do it for us.

  8. Imagine how much illness and disease would be prevented if we took responsibly for our health and well being.

  9. The doctors and the medical profession are very overworked as we are as a race of human-beings are so sick. How is it possible that we have all this modern technology at our finger tips and yet our health is rapidly deteriorating?

    1. Great question Mary, and one that I ponder on regularly. Perhaps it is because; one, we are living in a way that is very disregarding to our health; two, we are looking to someone else to fix us, and quickly so we can get back to the way we were living before; and three, we are taking absolutely no responsibility as to the way we are living and working. So maybe if we began to address at least one of these points, our health may begin to improve, as in the end, our quality of health and well-being is totally up to us.

  10. I agree, Amina, and if we can start to take responsibility for how we are with our body and accept our part in our healing process, it would take off much pressure that the doctor and the medical system are under. If we avoid doctors for whatever reason, and when we eventually decide to bring our body to a doctor, we have more chances of being in their care longer, or needing more invasive care than may need to be.

  11. Doctors are very much needed in our society and should be praised more for what they do and we will all need a doctor at some point in our life. So building a good relationship is pivotal in us connecting and thus we can be provided the best care possible as they know all about your body and when you add the energetics through what is presented by Universal Medicine true healing can occur.

  12. What I like about this article, is how in working with our doctors in self-responsibility, we are also acknowledging the equality that can be there between us.

  13. I would think that doctors would rarely get to see people for a simple check up. They would be constantly seeing people who are ill in some way. What a joy for the doctors who get to work in this way every now and then. This lightens their load when someone is caring for themselves, to the best of their ability.

    1. Your comment reminds me Jennifer that I was recently offered an extensive check up due to turning seventy five, I was at the time feeling quite well and decided to decline the offer, I am now seeing reading the above blog that that would have been a self nurturing act that I had missed on doing, I will see if the offer still stands.

  14. If we all took responsibility for our own health and well-being and worked alongside our medical doctors in taking care of ourselves the health and well-being of our collective society would be definitely healthier.

  15. How many people are willing to look at how they lived has contributed to their illness. It is this honesty that is required, that brings clarity and of seeing the bigger picture and that we do have the power to change our lives by simply making different choices.

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