What Would God Want for Christmas?

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

I thought I’d get myself prepared early for Christmas this year. Going through the list, I found one name that I struggled with for gift ideas… the name on the list was GOD. After all, what would God, the ancient of days, the creator of all there is, the big guy, want for Christmas?

So I turned to the religions around the world for some guidance as they profess to know him best. Continue reading “What Would God Want for Christmas?”

Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

by Sarah Davis, Goonellabah NSW

Recently, a young women said something to me that I felt to be true. I have shared this in a piece called ‘The Truth of Love – Equally for All’. As a result, I found myself reflecting on what it was like to feel truth.

I knew at the time that what this young woman shared with me was true, as I could feel it in my whole body; I felt it as a “yes, I know that”. There was a feeling akin to ‘relief’ in my body; of something brought to my awareness that I wasn’t even fully aware I had lost. Upon hearing the truth in her words, I felt more complete, whole, more connected to a sense of the depths of ‘me’. Continue reading “Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones”

The Truth of Love – Equally for All

by Sarah Davis, Goonellabah NSW


A lovely and wise young woman recently said to me that “the love I was holding back was not actually mine to hold back – that love is for all, equally”. This was in the context of a group discussion of how we ‘hold back’ expressing love, our true essence, in life.

When the young woman said these words it was like I had a ‘high speed download’ – or what some may call a ‘moment of revelation’ – where my understanding in one moment expanded. I immediately felt how the nature of love is unity, equality – that it cannot be separated – it cannot be for one person and not the other, it is always for All – without exception. Continue reading “The Truth of Love – Equally for All”

Aid, Corruption, Abuse and War – closer to you than you might think?

by Zofia, London

There was a major feature-length BBC4 documentary broadcast in December 2012 ­– “The Trouble With Aid”, and in it were longstanding senior members/General Director of leading charities from Medecins Sans Frontiers, Oxfam and others, who were exposing the rot and corruption that existed with (millions of) monies donated by ordinary people like us to such charities – money designed to help countries suffering from poignant natural disasters/famines etc.

The program told the stories of those who had gone out to the conflict zones to help humanity, and actually what really happened behind the scenes with such humanitarian disasters over the last 50 years, including – the Biafran War, Ethiopian famine, military intervention in Somalia, and also Afghanistan today. Continue reading “Aid, Corruption, Abuse and War – closer to you than you might think?”

Stillness and Aloneness

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I used to think I had to be alone to be myself.

When I was with others, I was always trying to fit in with them, calibrating myself to them, measuring myself to make sure they (and I) were comfortable.

I was an expert at this, but it could get confusing.  I was such a chameleon that I could not be with more than one of my friends at a time, for I was a completely different person with each one of them! Continue reading “Stillness and Aloneness”

The Unspoken Rules of Inequality within Family, Tradition and Religion

For most of my life I have been scared to speak out. Yet there is nothing more I wish to do than to express. I know expression is all there is.

Most of my growing up was spent in silence. I felt I could not say the things I wished to, for no-one would understand. As a little girl, I spoke with myself all the time in English (Cantonese is my mother tongue). When I ran into situations where I needed guidance, I would ask the questions out loud, and the answers would come from within.

My entire family, for generations, have been Christians, but since I was young, I felt there were too many discrepancies in what was preached and in how they lived – something just did not add up. Why would I repeatedly feel their judgement when I was not living perfectly within their ideal, when they advocated ‘no judgement lest you wish to be judged’? Continue reading “The Unspoken Rules of Inequality within Family, Tradition and Religion”