The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul

by Toni Steenson, Coraki, NSW

The other day I was at work, cleaning a toilet, and I came to a very simple but profound understanding: I now understand that our inner voice has more strength than any other voice or activity.

We are raised in families that bring us to understandings about how and why life is as it is. For example, we may have been brought up being told that family is the most important thing in our life and that we need to honour and support this no matter what it takes – to put family above all else. Yet we have this little voice inside us that quietly poses a question like, “But what about those that have no family to support them?” or “What happens if I do not agree with my family?”

This little inner voice is what I call the voice of the Soul; it is the voice of truth. It always carries more weight than any other voice, even though its voice is the quietest and least imposing, gently saying what it needs to. It never gives up.

I have been hearing this voice all throughout my life. When I was young I remember my parish priest preaching how we were all sinners and born evil, but I simply knew this not to be true as babies did not feel this way to me.

Later I remember making my first communion and being given a bit of wafer on my tongue as a practice run, and being told it was the body of Christ. Knowing this was not the fact, I asked why I was being told this, and all the adults around me called me a blasphemer.

When I was a teen everyone was saying it was okay to smoke pot, it was okay to have fun, but the little voice inside me told me how it actually was. When I met my abusive partner my little voice practically screamed at me to run far and fast. When I was pregnant, no matter how many nurses or doctors told me how good something was for my baby, my little voice would once again announce itself. This has continued throughout my life, although because I now listen to it, I hear it more regularly.

Family, religion, society, education and history have told me over and over, proving beyond doubt, the truth as they know it. But still the little voice inside consistently prods me to explore the actual truth.

It is the voice that triumphs over years of conditioning. It always questions the things in life I perceive to be true, that are constantly ‘proved’ from every corner of my life to be true.

This voice will not be silenced no matter how much I ignore it or try to suffocate it with busy-ness, activities or substances.

This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form: the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life.

To honour this voice all I need to do is listen to it and follow its impulse.

584 thoughts on “The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul

    1. Gosh Leigh if I had not ignored the voice within when I was young I wouldn’t of had to suffer in the many ways I did because I listened to my mind instead of my inner voice.
      I have since come to the understanding that we do not think we are given thoughts from a pool of consciousness that is passing through us. I now know this to be true because I listened to my mind over what my body was telling me and the thoughts I was having were always detrimental to me and did not have my welfare at heart in any way. My inner voice was always watching out for me but I allowed my thoughts to rule, we are brought up to believe that our minds know everything when in actual fact they don’t it is all regurgitated information.

  1. I have had many occasions when I have not listened to this inner voice, and it’s been very clear, I’ve countered it with logic or following a picture or belief, and the results have always been disastrous. On the surface the situation may have looked innocent to me and I’ve often said to myself “what could go wrong here?”, and ignored the voice, and oh my goodness did things go wrong! It’s a great topic Toni and a reminder for me to listen and especially when it’s loud. Sometimes it’s just a strong and clear feeling from my heart and whole body, but a definite feeling I’m being communicated to. It’s love speaking.

  2. The ‘true’ is the song that never ceases to play. We may ignore or dance to the ‘right’ but it is the ‘true’ that lets us know and holds us in who we are.

  3. Toni what you have written is so true
    ‘It is the voice that triumphs over years of conditioning’, it cannot be silenced even though we try to distract ourselves or suffocate it as you say.
    The absolute truth of who we are and where we will once again all return to is undeniable. This is the truth that we know and feel that causes the deep unrest in our bodies that we try to block. And it is by blocking the truth by whatever means that causes I’m sure the rates of illness and disease in our bodies.

  4. Thank you Toni, we owe a lot to toilets, as they are one of the few places where we stop long enough so we can pay attention to those voices that share a deepening wisdom and as profound as they can be we have to discern the energy they are coming from.

  5. Often, I have had the voice of truth tell me what is true and what is not and yet I manufactured my life so that I would dismiss that knowing and go with whatever others were saying was the truth. And yet there have been times in my life where I have known without a doubt that it goes against everything within me to just follow others without voicing my truth. Each and every one of us does know the truth.

  6. “This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form: the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life.”
    I wonder if we all listened to our inner voice the voice of our soul would we be living in the mess we are in today? I don’t think so, but while we allow our minds to run our thoughts it drowns out any messages from our bodies, so to me the most important first step is to still the constant chatter from our minds so that we can hear what our bodies are communicating to us.

  7. That is what we need to understand, that we always know deep down what is true, and when we make our inner truth the all truth will naturally be restored back to this world.

  8. “the voice of truth” when we listen to our inner voice we know it holds the truth and the more we listen the clearer it becomes.

  9. The inner voice does carry more weight than any other thoughts as it can be felt as true. Everything changes when I give my attention to this voice as it allows me to act in a way that feels true even if it’s not the norm.

  10. The inner voice is the wisest part of us, that always knows the truth of how we’ve been living, and our true way to live, aligned with our body’s naturally harmonious state of being. As we learn to give it space, to deeply listen to it and honour its truth, so we better understand what it is communicating to us – and how solid we feel when we actually listen to and honour what it’s telling us.

    1. I have found the more I listen by connecting more to me the stronger I feel in my body. I can now feel when I’m walking in heaven and when I’m not and bring myself back ASAP. When we walk in heaven there is no way we can abuse ourselves or any other there just isn’t an ounce of that energy in the body.

  11. “This voice will not be silenced no matter how much I ignore it or try to suffocate it with busy-ness, activities or substances.” I only can agree Toni and even if I try very hard to suffocate this voice my body started to rebel so that in the end I chose to listen more to that voice because I did not want to be so ill. Since I am more listening my body feels yummy and good.

  12. ‘This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form: the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life’. Simply gorgeous when we when align to the voice of our Soul.

  13. “the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life.” Yes our inner-voice needs to be listened to and nurtured if it is to have central place in our lives. Like a plant, we must give it attention, feed and water it for it to flourish and be of service to us.

  14. Yes I agree Doug it can be this way. But is this the difference between voices in our head and those from our heart and soul? Soul quality voices are un-mistakable, quiet, a deep knowing and appear as if from nowhere.

  15. I remember being told more or less the same thing as a child
    “When I was young I remember my parish priest preaching how we were all sinners and born evil”
    There was a knowing within my body that knew this was a lie. It is as though as children we have an inbuilt radar for what is truth and what is not truth. As we grow up the pressure to accept the world as it is and conform is very strong, for many of us we lay to one side what we know innately to be true by dismissing the knowing in our bodies to the detriment of our true being and health.

  16. Beautifully said Elizabeth, a quote in itself. I have found it is at first a battle between the mind and this voice, as if the mind needs proof for what the voice says or the mind simply thinks it wants something different. But the more we listen the more we find that this voice is what guides us back to love and truth and the more we learn to surrender to it.

  17. How can anyone say this ‘we were all sinners and born evil’? We are all the same on the inside and you only have to look at a baby to feel their exquisite preciousness and know they could do no harm.

  18. So true that this voice is constant and unimposing – just delivering to us the truth for us to make a choice from. I too have experienced this for much of my life and the more I honor it – the more often the voice is there.

  19. Such a simply gorgeous sharing Toni, that inner voice that we all have within ready to guide us when we become still enough to listen.

  20. We all know this voice of truth, which knows no fear. I have tried ignoring it, overiding with logical reasoning: the result was always a disaster small or big. I had to learn the hard way.

  21. Thousands of those moments made up my life and how happy my heart was when I went to a presentation of Serge Benhayon. All my own inner whispers got confirmed by all Serge shared with us.

  22. There are a lot of imposed ideals and beliefs placed upon us from the day we are born. And it really is like a game where we are to look at how much of this we buy into and how much we can maintain living from the heart which holds no ideal nor beliefs of life and people.

  23. Toni, thank you for this gorgeous and simple blog reminding us all of the this inner voice or inner knowing that we all have within. It is there within whether we want to listen to (or feel) it or not, and it is all about building that relationship with this inner knowing so that we can learn to hear it more clearly and then it is about heeding what we feel.

    1. Henrietta I was persuaded when I was young that my inner voice was not the voice of my soul and God when I knew it was. So I hid my knowing of God and played the game society expects everyone to play which is the refutation of a true God, we can have a barstadised version but never the truth.

  24. This little voice is in fact loud and clear but it is muffled by our lack of experience in listening to it. We have allowed all the outside noises to drown it out. The more we learn to listen to it and not the sound from around us the more the clarity will be obvious to us.

    1. It is a delicate balance to quieten the turbulent insistent voices from outside and mind and listen to the quiet spoken voice of the soul. The more we drive, rush and push in life, the more we eclipse the beauty of the soul’s wisdom.

  25. I know this voice well and I am sure we all do. We have just spent a life time learning how to ignore it, gathering ideals and beliefs that override it and most of all learning not to trust it. If we allow ourselves to be guided by this inner voice we allow ourselves to be guided by our soul, by god and by the wisdom of the universe.

  26. It’s quite amazing how throughout life we get pummeled with a belief that what is outside is more important and authoritative than what is inside, and many of us actually buy into that, and it is totally deceiving because even when are completely sold out we often think we are the master of our own life and making choices.

  27. Once we allow a negative energy into our bodies ( Astral Energy) it feeds us negative thoughts to the point where we own these thoughts it is a deceitful trick of the astral plane. I really hate how these discarnate unseen for now beings play with us so that they can play being God with us. I would love that we could see them then we humanity would see just what has been controlling us for thousands and thousands of years.

  28. All I can say is thanks heavens literally that our soul does not give up on us. I have completely ignored this inner knowing that is my soul and have spent years in self abusive relationships etc., when I knew full well that I should not have gone with in miles of these people. But my soul did not give up on me and finally I have reunited with this deepest part of me and it is exquisite.

    1. Thank you Mary – it is true that the soul never ever gives up on us and thank God for that! We can spend eons ignoring it, and yet it never holds a grudge, not matter how long we walk away from this voice, the moment we turn to it, it is there loving us as if we had never left.

  29. By listening to and trusting our inner knowingness and wisdom it can help us hold our integrity to know and nominate what is true and what is not true so we can be more supported through and understand the challenges of day to day life.

  30. To me this voice is our divine aspect and it is this we ignore. Well I know I did and by doing so I put myself in to relationships and situations that were abusive and destructive, all because I would not listen to my inner self and listened to my mind instead. Looking back how ridiculous is this! Only by finding the work of Universal Medicine have I been able to sort myself out and to stop being abusive to myself. I now listen very carefully to this inner voice.

  31. “This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form: the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life.” Beautiful, for this voice is the voice of love and love is our true nature, our essence,

  32. Another reason to live in a way that brings stillness and steadiness to the body, for without this we cannot hear the inner voice.

  33. ” gently saying what it needs to. It never gives up.”
    Toni thank you for this reminder this day , its so true.

  34. And it never stops it will always be there no matter how often we ignore it, it just is there because it is our truth and true way of living reminding us so.

  35. This inner voice of knowing is something we all have whether we are aware of the fact or not. In fact the constant prodding within us and the clashing of life not matching what we know within is what causes so much tension in many. We have simply put up with tension instead of questioning whether life can in fact be lived in another way.

  36. Thank goodness we have our innermost heart and it’s connection to the soul and God, because there is so much that is untrue in this world and we have our own inner guiding light to support our way. It might be how we sense or feel things or a more direct sense of clarity about something, but it is there for us to connect to and be supported by.

  37. “This voice will not be silenced no matter how much I ignore it or try to suffocate it with busy-ness, activities or substances.” And thank God for that.

  38. Beautifully expressed Toni. That little voice we all know so well gradually becomes a bigger voice the more we listen to it, until such a time that it becomes the only voice we allow to guide us through life. It is the pathway of the spirit back to Soul.

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