The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul

by Toni Steenson, Coraki, NSW

The other day I was at work, cleaning a toilet, and I came to a very simple but profound understanding: I now understand that our inner voice has more strength than any other voice or activity.

We are raised in families that bring us to understandings about how and why life is as it is. For example, we may have been brought up being told that family is the most important thing in our life and that we need to honour and support this no matter what it takes – to put family above all else. Yet we have this little voice inside us that quietly poses a question like, “But what about those that have no family to support them?” or “What happens if I do not agree with my family?”

This little inner voice is what I call the voice of the Soul; it is the voice of truth. It always carries more weight than any other voice, even though its voice is the quietest and least imposing, gently saying what it needs to. It never gives up.

I have been hearing this voice all throughout my life. When I was young I remember my parish priest preaching how we were all sinners and born evil, but I simply knew this not to be true as babies did not feel this way to me.

Later I remember making my first communion and being given a bit of wafer on my tongue as a practice run, and being told it was the body of Christ. Knowing this was not the fact, I asked why I was being told this, and all the adults around me called me a blasphemer.

When I was a teen everyone was saying it was okay to smoke pot, it was okay to have fun, but the little voice inside me told me how it actually was. When I met my abusive partner my little voice practically screamed at me to run far and fast. When I was pregnant, no matter how many nurses or doctors told me how good something was for my baby, my little voice would once again announce itself. This has continued throughout my life, although because I now listen to it, I hear it more regularly.

Family, religion, society, education and history have told me over and over, proving beyond doubt, the truth as they know it. But still the little voice inside consistently prods me to explore the actual truth.

It is the voice that triumphs over years of conditioning. It always questions the things in life I perceive to be true, that are constantly ‘proved’ from every corner of my life to be true.

This voice will not be silenced no matter how much I ignore it or try to suffocate it with busy-ness, activities or substances.

This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form: the more I nurture, honour and treasure this voice, the louder it becomes, until it is not a whisper but my guiding light in life.

To honour this voice all I need to do is listen to it and follow its impulse.

523 thoughts on “The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul

  1. It is a very beautiful experience to not only listen to but act on the inner voice. The voice of the soul is always loving, without an ounce of emotional love. It supports us to make choices that are deeply respectful of ourself and everyone and everything equally. It only accepts the truth, rather than the many shades of partial truth we often compromise our inner knowing for. There is much in society that is not true, so this steady best friend is essential to have and to nurture in our lives.

  2. The Soul speaks to us consistently, just not by way of word, but by impulse and by way of sense, encouraging us to know life by way of energy and intuition. When you are stopped in your tracks by a beautiful sunset on the way home, so much so that you wish no distraction, and so you turn the radio off, that is a moment of Soulful connection. That is a moment of divinity. And you may so, is that it? Where is the great enlightenment in that? Where is the great wisdom? Where is the depth of realisation. To which I respond by saying, if you cannot find yourself appreciating such a moment for all that it offers, then you have been fooled by the illusion that divinity is something other-worldly beyond our reach, that can only be connected to by some phenomena, or out of world experience, or confirmed by the witnessing of some act that defies physicality, such as a man walking on water, or magically curing someone of their cancer. True divinity is not experienced in such a way. It is very humbling, simple, and yet profound in equal measure, and available to us all.

    It requires no mission, no travelling to exotic temples, and certainly no drug or mind altering or meditation or search for state of bliss. What it does require is surrender and acceptance, and a commitment to opening oneself to one’s own beauty. In such a way of being one discovers that the kingly body is found within.

    1. I love what you share here Adam as it shows that we are not truly looking for our soul or the divine but for stimulation, the next excitement, the new, the something that gives us distraction, identification, attention, etc. whilst the soul consistently keeps presenting to us the all, the beauty, the divine, ever so gently calling us, nudging us, but at times also quite firmly stops us from going off track too far, as Toni shares it is always there by our side no matter what.

    2. Yes to all this Adam. The small silent voice speaks to us all the time as do the impulses from deep within that guide us to the next step (even when we’re uncertain) and direct us to the right person, place, resource needed. All we’re asked to do is to trust and surrender to the call when it comes.

    3. It’s so important to expose all the pictures we have around what divinity looks like for us. As you’ve named here Adam, there are so many and this will just be the start. Every one of them prevents us from being able to truly see and appreciate what is right there before our eyes and in our hearts – the absolute simplicity, beauty and innateness of divinity.

  3. I remember this voice during all my childhood period. This voice was always very clear and it was my guide to true life. I observed people and heard this voice/this knowing inside which always had a higher form of truth to me. I mostly didn’t express it as I felt it was not welcome and people didn’t want to hear as they liked the lies spoken better. They gained something out of it. That was fine for me I just held my own truth. I lost to live this way when I was 11 years old as then something very difficult happened. I started to close off from this connection within with my soul. But since I met Serge Benhayon I could feel this connection back and this voice is back and puts me straight in my own power as a grown up woman now.

  4. I know this voice you speak of, it’s always been there, and I can clearly remember and feel pivotal moments in life when I’ve followed it’s call, and each time I’ve surrendered to it, I’ve felt how much I am held and guided, there is often not a clear idea of an outcome but a knowing and a feeling to follow and a flow that supports me and all of life. There is magic. I also know when I fight it and I’m learning more daily to not continue in that fight but come back each time and feel what is needed and the flow that is there ready and waiting for me to step in.

  5. I’ve found, now that I’ve given more space to that inner voice and am actually able to hear it and pay attention to it, that the next step is standing by it despite what others think and say, or despite any self-generated doubt that kicks in. And that requires a very steady foundation of self-love.

  6. “This voice will not be silenced no matter how much I ignore it or try to suffocate it with busy-ness, activities or substances.” I love this about this inner-voice, it shows us consistency and steadiness that is like no other.

  7. One of the many beautiful things about this voice is that no matter how many times we ignore it and dismiss it, it never gives up. It cannot for our soul cannot walk away from us.

  8. The voice of the Soul is our true guide, past the many voices that are vying for our attention. It has always been there waiting for us to connect so that we can be lovingly guided through the many choices that life offers to us.

  9. It becomes so accessible to lead a soul-full life when we start listening to ‘the voice of our soul’. In the past few years, my life has become very simple as I have chosen to cut out the many distractions, patterns, habits and beliefs that kept me in comfort, ignorance and remaining stuck in the same spot. In leading a simple life, I am guided by the light of my soul.

  10. We all know this voice. Reading your story reminds me of all the times growing up, that I didn’t feel right about something and overrode the feeling to do it anyway, simply because everyone else was doing it. We always remember we knew, and everytime we remember we knew, we have an opportunity to listen next time. That inner voice is wiser than we know.

  11. When we lead a soulful life we are never alone. We have a constant loving companion guiding, supporting, offering wisdom and direction each and every day.

  12. I realised the other day that little voice is with me all the time yet I’ve often dismissed it and I certainly haven’t appreciated it. Yet it is so foundational and so important. So, time to turn that old attitude around!

  13. And this inner voice is always there, it never leaves, consistently pulsing forth in oneness to the universal rhythm.

  14. The most amazing thing about this inner voice is that it’s always there, and it’s up to us to engage with and listen to it … it’s quiet, steady and what it offers is not a demand but a steady knowing of us and a feeling of something broader of which we are all part of, and to which it always adheres. It’s who we truly are and where we come from, ever ready for us to embrace and live it.

  15. We all end up in families that have a peculiar understanding of what life is all about. Is it a coincidence that we get into the understanding we get? We get also schooled around such an understanding. It gets cemented. Yet, it is not as solid as we may think it is if we happen to hear the voice of the inner heart.

  16. we are always in the connection with everything. It is a choice to live in this connection in all our movements. There we feel the soul showing us the way to go.

  17. I agree I had always noticed a steady, consistent, persistent voice inside of me that I have felt as an uneasiness or tension in my body that has always been there to some extent and has always increased in ‘volume’ whenever I have gone off on a tangent down some idea or path or way of living that is not true for me.

  18. What you have expressed in this blog Toni is gorgeous, simple ,yet profound and wise. I love the fact that our inner voice will never leave us and will always be the voice of love and truth.

  19. It is deeply supportive that we have this guiding light within to offer a drop of truth that allows us to take a moment to stop and sometimes even challenge the lies we are told. Listening to this voice is only ever evolutionary.

  20. You mention the word ‘family’ and that it doesn’t reflect what is really going on – ideals and beliefs about family abound but the fact is that domestic violence, incest, abuse and domination happen in families rather than outside of them.

  21. I can relate to your example of been given a bit of a wafer and how this should be the body of Christ. I knew this could not be true but never the less I was very disappointed that nothing happens when I had swallowed it. The seriousness around caught me but deep down the truth stayed.

  22. I find if I stop the incessant thoughts the truth is always there, we always know the truth however it presents itself, it’s all about how committed we are to stand with that truth no matter what.

  23. The voice of the Soul is the loudest and clearest voice of all. It stands strong against the tirade of sounds that are whispered, repeated, intelligently dressed up and even shouted at us from everything that is not of our Soul. It is we who choose what we listen to.

  24. The truth is that the inner voice is not a voice at all, and never communicated this way. That is important to remember, for many of course are fooled by such phenomena. A true relationship with our Soul, and with Divinity is never developed by way of such actual forms of communication, but rather by vibration alone. To feel the fire of the Soul is to feel and respond to a vibration of energy that has a particular quality, a particular warmth, a particular emanation, and that emanation responds inparticular to movement, more than it does to thought. Thus, one can feel the fact of the energetic fire of the Soul in a healing session, and say yes to all that it offers, and yet find that such a feeling quickly dissipates. Such a relationship is quicker formed by saying yes by way of honouring your movements in such a way that they reflected that which you felt.

  25. The quality of our Soul, who we are in essence, never diminishes. It is only our connection to that quality that diminishes, through the energy we chose to surrender to, leaving us feeling less than the Divinity that we already innately are. The more we surrender to our to Soul, the greater we move impulsed by a quality, that hesitates not, being all that we are Divinely here to be.

  26. We can get so caught up in the struggle of life, which is in fact just a reality we have created for ourselves, that we don’t believe that we can change it with a choice – a choice to honour our inner voice. For if we consistently do honour this, the struggle instantly stops and life begins to flow with it’s natural impulse.

  27. That inner knowing that we all have and at times adhere to is like a lighthouse showing us the way. It can only point us in the right direction and the rest is up to us.

  28. ‘This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form’ describes it perfectly Toni, a steady voice always there and always ready and waiting for us to listen and engage.

  29. The deep inner wisdom that comes from inside of us, the only thing that we can truly call our soulful impulsing light is always full and holding and it always encompasses everyone in its wisdom. To be bombarded from thoughts that come from outside of us, thoughts that are individual and seperate is a daily occurrence, how willing we are to maintain our absolute knowing that they do not originate from our soul within is what supports to not only feel and hear our inner wisdom, but to follow it.

  30. As you share Toni, even in the most daily or mundane of tasks, at work or at home, the true inner voice of our innate wisdom, held within our body, can be clearly known.
    “The other day I was at work, cleaning a toilet, and I came to a very simple but profound understanding: I now understand that our inner voice has more strength than any other voice or activity”.

  31. I agree Toni this voice will not be silenced but we can put a lot on top of it to not hear what it is saying and the meanwhile listen to another voice which is very willing to tempt us to the opposite of what is true and when this one is followed we belief this is the voice of our soul and it is not.

  32. This voice within me saved the life of somebody very close to me, kept me going in the right track, made me meet Serge Benhayon. This inner voice is connected with God and heaven and will show me the way as always.

  33. When we feel the true vibration of the Universe in our body we realise that this is a vibration that can be equally felt by all so we are all one family of humanity.

  34. Trusting that inner wisdom we all have equally within and expressing our voice from there is one of the wisest choices we can make in any given moment.

  35. “To honour this voice all I need to do is listen to it and follow its impulse.” Yes to follow on from hearing our inner voice speak, it is then our responsibility to move in a way that expresses our soul in full appreciation of who we are and that is pretty cool.

  36. ‘This voice is myself, in my most pure and natural form..’ A beautiful claiming of the power we all have within us, a power that is never forceful, never harsh, but pure, pristine and delicate and which ripples throughout our whole being and becomes our way when we do begin to listen and cherish its – that is our – quality.

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