Medicine, Choices and True Healing

by Lisa Rose, Hairdresser, Perth, Western Australia

I attended my first Universal Medicine workshop 8 years ago after a friend gave me a flyer. I looked at it and said ‘yes’ immediately. It was the first time I had ever considered something other than visiting my GP or a naturopath when things were out of sorts.

After completing the workshop I felt an enormous shift in my body, which made me realise that I could live in a ‘different way’ – one which listens to and honours my body. I could feel more space in my body and my thoughts were clearer, giving me a sense of well-being, physically and mentally. It was as if all the things that were weighing me down day to day had been removed and I could enjoy being more of me, rather than the heaviness of life’s experiences, etc. tainting my thoughts and physical being. I clearly recall saying to my mum the next day that “I never want to return to how I was feeling before I did the workshop”.

I have since attended about one workshop per year and each time felt the opportunity to let go of more and more ‘stuff’ that is not actually me: beliefs, ideals, habits – all of which get in the way of my truly expressing the love I am.

In a practical sense, what I was living with included depression (anti-depressant medication), panic attacks, regular urinary tract infections, missing periods, smoking addiction, alcohol abuse, under-eating, obsessive body image, regular emotional outbursts, blaming others, running away from my problems, giving up on myself and others, thyroid problems and back and neck pain.

It has been an amazing journey as all ‘the stuff’ that is not me begins to slowly fall away. The relationship I have with myself has slowly become more loving and gentle. I can recognise where I need to support myself on a daily basis now so that I don’t collect more ‘stuff’ – knowing that it doesn’t serve me or anyone I come into contact with. I am able to allow myself to be more of who I am, and now I have a lot more support to offer others instead of feeling weighed down with problems of my own. I see every day, and what it presents to me, as an opportunity to practise staying present, allowing myself to feel and learn from my body. Some days I am more present than others due to how I have been with myself previously. Making the most loving choice in any given situation is something I am working on every day.

I can’t express enough that for me, the feeling in my body is my ‘marker of truth’. What this means is once I had a feeling of how it felt to be gentle in my body, and knew that this could be maintained on a daily basis, whenever I feel my body is sore or tight or there is a pain or stress developing, I now know it means I need to check back in with how I was living the day before. With that reference I can then bring myself back to being caring and gentle with myself.

By paying attention to how my body feels throughout the day I have found that I can truly heal myself emotionally and physically. This includes booking in for sessions with a practitioner or doctor from time to time, but I no longer go in with the desperation for them to ‘fix me’, but rather for their support. Of course medicine and surgery can all be a necessary part of healing, along with being aware of the choices we make on a daily basis, and I have found that Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine work well together. Once upon a time I used to have to go to a Physiotherapist regularly for all the different pains in my neck and my back: now my body is pain-free and feels lighter than it ever did in my 20’s.

The love and support that I have had from Universal Medicine has helped me to make this awesome change in my life.

300 thoughts on “Medicine, Choices and True Healing

  1. It is amazing to feel how every little change and new choice we make in our lives has an enormous impact on our health, well-being and our relationships. Thank you Lisa for sharing about the shifts in your life due to your choices – very inspiring.

  2. I can remember attending many appointments with a variety of health professionals fueled by “the desperation for them to ‘fix me’” – and then of course being disappointed many times when they didn’t; I was living the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ scenario like so many of us do. Learning to take responsibility for my own health through my own choices has totally changed this scenario as now I go to an appointment looking for support to understand what is going on in my body and then to work with the practitioner to facilitate a healing.

  3. If people just practiced staying present in everything they did, allowing themselves to feel and learn from their bodies, the world would be a vastly different place, for listening to the wisdom of the body would constantly guide them in making more loving and honouring choices throughout each and every day and they would undoubtedly experience the healing and transformation that you and many others have from choosing to move through life with this as their foundation.

  4. There’s two very different ways to live, one where we listen to our head and one where we listen to our body, and I agree with you that the body has much more wisdom and is much more honest. Learning to listen to our bodies is so simple but so completely life-changing.

  5. I would like to say that western medicine is not just working well together with esoteric medicine but it works great together. The western medicine brings the temporary solution by in a way repairing the body to a certain level which can be very needed and the esoteric medicine will support the person and the body to deeply heal old stuff and let the person become aware of behaviors which are not supporting their health which makes it even more easy to heal the body.

  6. This article represents that our health and wellbeing begins with ourselves and our willingness to care for our bodies, with the grace of accepting the care they require is often very much different to the care another body requires, so our attention must not be to should do’s that are delivered constantly from outside of ourselves, but from our body itself, and its very distinct requirements, that can change day by day, something that we begin to feel and honour as we again make our bodies the directors of our life.

  7. What is being offered at Universal Medicine is so very needed in the world now… It is not a quick fix, it is not a Band-Aid solution, it goes to the core and heals from within with extraordinary integrity and a deep love for humanity.

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