God’s Waiting Room

by Joel L, Western Australia

So there I was, sitting in God’s waiting room. It’s a comfortable enough place with lots of people and their children waiting around. There was a big door with the word ‘God’ written on it, with everyone looking, waiting for God to open it.

I looked over and saw Moshe; he’s been waiting for thousands of years and is excited for the chance to see God for the first time. Abdulla has also been waiting a while and is sitting next to Moshe; there is an obvious tension between the two. Bodhi is also there and looking peaceful, if not a bit distracted by an ant, wondering if it’s someone he knew. Finally there’s Chris, who seems to have a quiet confidence that he and his kids will be seen first.

Moshe’s kids are a pretty driven bunch and seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Abdulla has some troublesome sons who appear to be pretty angry with each other and everyone else – and Bodhi’s kids seem quiet… too quiet. As for Chris, he seems to have lots and lots of kids running around, all doing different things to vie for his attention. None of them looked particularly joyful, healthy or happy, but all of them were determined not to give up their place in the waiting room (you’ve got to have faith, you see).

From time to time they get frustrated with the length of the wait and they blame each other for cutting in or making it harder for them while they wait, but generally they prefer not to comment on the behaviour of each other’s children, lest it reflect back on their own children.

I looked around for something to read (as you do in waiting rooms) and found everyone had their own rule books on how to wait best. They also seemed to have their own ideas as to what would happen once God arrived.

It seemed crazy that they didn’t help each other. After all, they were all in the same place, they were all waiting for the same thing, they all had similar troubles, worries and hopes for their children.

I tried waiting with them for a few centuries but recently started wondering if there was another way. It was only then that I noticed a man walking in and out of the door with ease. I asked the others about him and they all looked away, outraged at his lack of respect for the time they had waited. Others attacked this man’s suggestions that it could be as simple as taking responsibility for yourself and just getting up and walking through. He wasn’t looking for followers, but others saw sense in his words and also started to walk in and out of the door… this got my attention.

A couple of times I stood up – each time I got harsh glares from around the room, so I sat back down and waited a bit longer. Eventually I could wait no more… I stood up and walked though the door. I felt joy, I felt sorrow for having waited so long, and I heard the simplest and most welcoming words: “I’ve been waiting for you”.

513 thoughts on “God’s Waiting Room

  1. Joel what you say is so simple and so true we do have a tendency to get in our own way when it comes to returning back to what we know to be true. It’s as though we cannot believe it is that simple because we are so used to the struggle and have used the struggle to identify ourselves.

  2. “It seemed crazy that they didn’t help each other. After all, they were all in the same place, they were all waiting for the same thing, they all had similar troubles, worries and hopes for their children” – it is crazy. This makes me wonder whether what we say we want really is what we want. Maybe there’s something that is more enticing and appealing happening in the waiting room than actually meeting God. Like, we get to compare ourselves with each other, feeling superior or inferior, we get to confirm ourselves in our difference in our individuality – if this was more important, then we would not be interested to connect, understand and work together.

  3. Oh Joel! So much so lovingly said in such a short powerful piece.
    So moving. Awakening.
    What if?! What if all we have to do is not wait but stand up, stand up and just walk back to the forever waiting warmest simplest welcome home.
    Volumes are spoken here.
    What a gift this is.

  4. Waiting for God seems like a game made in anywhere but heaven as the doors in heaven would most assuredly be very transparent so therefore no knocking or waiting required.

  5. It can be a very long wait for God if we are waiting for him to respond in the way we think He should because God is always waiting for us to return home and He has given us many signs pointing to the path of return but are we paying attention?

  6. “I’ve been waiting for you” God is omnipresent. it is we who have separated from him. When ready, walking through the door is effortless.

  7. The handle of the door to Heaven is there within our grasp, we have all been waiting for ages to find our way back.

    1. Yes, we have Mary and all we have to do is turn that handle and walk through the door to reclaim where we come from.

  8. Joel, this is one of my favourite blogs still and I love coming back to it as it reminds us that we are waited on, that God is there always holding us in his love until the day we choose to return to him.

  9. I love this. It is someone’s choice to wait or not, but those who wait usually blame those who don’t and in this process there is loads of delay when those who do not want to wait react. Very cool and clear, just walk through the door and respect everyone’s choices.

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