Love and Light House

by Lee Green, Perth, Australia

A few days ago I was fortunate to stay with friends in Byron Bay. Their lovely home is perched beneath the lighthouse, which that afternoon was standing tall and white against the grey mist that often falls across the sky that time of day.

But the real magic began much later when, as I settled for bed, I observed the sweeping movement of the bright light from the bedroom. I was luckier still because I could lie in bed and watch the show until it was time to close my eyes and rest deeply.

It occurred to me, as the light swung elegantly and strongly through the night sky, that the light doesn’t stop. It keeps turning, and shining, through the darkest of nights. The stormiest of days, the light is shining – relentless in its quest to warn those that may get too close to the rocky shores.

I nestled deeper into the covers and felt that light within all of us. The light we as humanity come from and share cannot be dismissed. It shines in all of us. It may appear that the light is stronger in others but this is just a gentle reminder that some, more than others, are accepting and claiming that light to live by.

Now change the word ‘light’ to love. Feel it?

That love, it never switches off; like the lighthouse it never fades or dulls itself, never hides – we do that to it.

That love comes from God. It is in us all equally, shining brightly not just to light our way, but so that others get the chance to see its flicker, which just might remind them that they have it too.

Such a light, a love, simply needs to be re-connected to, felt, nurtured and claimed. Then the world will feel the truth of love from all corners as we all shine with each other in complete harmony.

242 thoughts on “Love and Light House

  1. To have the awareness that we equally hold within us all our own lighthouse that provides a guiding light to both ourselves and others is something we don’t seem to appreciate nor even realise sometimes.

  2. The world needs to feel the truth of love to reawaken the light and love within themselves, it highlights our responsibility to deepen our connection with our awareness and inner truth to not live lesser than who we are.

  3. ‘That love, it never switches off; like the lighthouse it never fades or dulls itself, never hides – we do that to it.’ True Lee, we do that to ourselves. Love is simple and always there just as the light, it brings us back home.

  4. Reading you blog Lee, is a great reminder of the responsibility we all have to allow our light to shine unhindered so that our contribution to the light of the universe is at its maximum.

  5. God never leaves us… Even when we choose to separate, there is no real separation because we actually live in the womb of God… And we all will eventually return to who we truly are.

  6. I love the symbology of the lighthouse, we all need lighthouses to guide us when it gets really dark. And to be a lighthouse for the rest of the world – well that is a humble, steady honour, and one we should not take lightly.

  7. Humanity certainly does its best to convince itself that it lives in the darkness… And yet the light shines ever brighter and it will become more and more intense until all is revealed.

  8. It is reassuring to remember that love dosen’t go anywhere, that we cannot lose something that is innately who we are, we may have turned our light off, or dimmed our light, but in every moment we can choose the way of our heart or the way of our head – but both have completely different results.

  9. It’s all so simple really. The way we complicate life is what adds those layers over the light that we then claim we can’t see anymore. But we only need to wipe a layer or two off, just to begin with to realise that there is something going on under there.

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