Love and Light House

by Lee Green, Perth, Australia

A few days ago I was fortunate to stay with friends in Byron Bay. Their lovely home is perched beneath the lighthouse, which that afternoon was standing tall and white against the grey mist that often falls across the sky that time of day.

But the real magic began much later when, as I settled for bed, I observed the sweeping movement of the bright light from the bedroom. I was luckier still because I could lie in bed and watch the show until it was time to close my eyes and rest deeply.

It occurred to me, as the light swung elegantly and strongly through the night sky, that the light doesn’t stop. It keeps turning, and shining, through the darkest of nights. The stormiest of days, the light is shining – relentless in its quest to warn those that may get too close to the rocky shores.

I nestled deeper into the covers and felt that light within all of us. The light we as humanity come from and share cannot be dismissed. It shines in all of us. It may appear that the light is stronger in others but this is just a gentle reminder that some, more than others, are accepting and claiming that light to live by.

Now change the word ‘light’ to love. Feel it?

That love, it never switches off; like the lighthouse it never fades or dulls itself, never hides – we do that to it.

That love comes from God. It is in us all equally, shining brightly not just to light our way, but so that others get the chance to see its flicker, which just might remind them that they have it too.

Such a light, a love, simply needs to be re-connected to, felt, nurtured and claimed. Then the world will feel the truth of love from all corners as we all shine with each other in complete harmony.

227 thoughts on “Love and Light House

  1. The light is within us all and it will, given any opportunity shine out, and it actually takes so much effort to stop that light shining. Just imagine, if we start to trust, let go of the shield, the light will automatically shine out.

  2. So we are all lighthouses, each and every single one of us. Shouldn’t we be educated as such? Instead most of us are numb houses at the end of school or uni. What does this tell us about our education system?

  3. beautiful words… And what is really needed in this world is for people to be living this truth, so that just by reflection and association people can feel that love truly is alive, and it is not a myth or something to be sold, it is rather something that is the inherent right of everyone to be connected with and to feel

  4. It can be easy to forget the light and love within us is a constant when we spend so much time focusing on the shadows.

  5. Light, by its reflection from others, teaches us where we’re at in our own acceptance of who we naturally are. If we don’t like the reflection, then we get an opportunity to choose differently or to go down a path of comparison or even jealousy.

  6. Serge Benhayon is a beacon of light and love who, by reflection, shows us that we all share this one equal light and love and we just have to choose to live it.

  7. There is a deep abiding love that rests within us all, waiting for us to hear that oh so subtle call that, when listening to becomes a clarion call that cannot be ignored.

  8. I loved re-reading this blog – thank you Lee. The light – love – never stops. Yet so often we cover it up – forgetting it is our natural way to shine, as do most babies and young children.

  9. Lee,
    I know from my experience that the light you speak of has always been within me, learning to access it and live by its impulse has not always been easy, but to now feel the love I hold deep inside and to live with it more every day, every challenge I come across in this journey is a true blessing.

  10. I love the analogy with the reflection of love from God and how we all have the responsibility to shine this to others just as the lighthouse keeps shining whatever the circumstances. Humanity is in greater need than ever for beacons to shine forth in our current darkness so let’s keep reflecting the awesomeness that we have been offered by our choice to align with the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Shine forth and inspire others to discover the light within them that has never been extinguished but that they have chosen to obscure.

  11. Lee thank you for sharing your analogy, it reminded me how important consistency is because when we see someone who is consistent in their being, it makes us realise that maybe there is a different way of living.

  12. The restoration of harmony among mankind is dependent on us all, and how willing we are to allow our light and love to shine forth unimpeded. Reading this blog to day is a timely reminder for me of my responsibility to play my part in full by allowing my light and love to be expressed unhindered.

  13. There are so many things that can make us unaware of the light within. A coffee or a sugary drink or snack is enough for the body to be too racy to feel this light, or allow the light to be in our bodies. This is the struggle we feel in life, we can feel there is more to us but we are not sure how to get there. I would say stillness is the key and a dedicated willingness and commitment of being present with how our bodies feel.

  14. It’s the most beautiful moment when you see someone’s light and love sparkle in their eyes, or in a smile or in a touch… a love that comes from heaven that reminds us of where we all are from.

  15. It is beautiful to feel how we all have the light of love inside us shining always like the sun, there may appear to be clouds in the way, but the Love goes on.

  16. Beautifully shared Lee, to claim and live the love we are is a powerful choice that supports and lights the way for anyone who has forgotten the true way.

  17. Lovely ‘reflection’ thank you Lee. Life is transformed when we understand our true purpose in being love rather than seeking it outside ourselves. We can all be ‘the light of the world’ in this reconnection to our innate beingness.

  18. that we are literally surrounded by, totally immersed in, love and have always been, and always will be, is an extraordinary awareness… What is even more powerful is that if we are immersed totally within the love or the divine, then how is it possible and what does it take to stay as separate as we are.

    1. Fumiyo this is very true, we ourselves switch it off or dim the very love we are and then complain it is not there. Like a boat without a lighthouse we become very lost without our own love and it’s light. It’s up to me to keep love switched on and connected to.

  19. Lovely to read this again, so confirming of the love that we are and is always there. “Such a light, a love, simply needs to be re-connected to, felt, nurtured and claimed. Then the world will feel the truth of love from all corners as we all shine with each other in complete harmony.”

  20. We are indeed all a ‘light house’, for it is through our bodies that the light of our Soul emanates. It is only our will to love that determines the brightness that we shine, but never can we extinguish the light of our love, for this love is of God and as such our Divinity is eternal.

  21. I love the purpose that can be felt on the shining of the light: to warn of any misadventure that may be ahead”. To consider this responsibility is a great service we can offer each other, to shine our light/love constantly regardless of the conditions so another can feel a clear passage through what ever they may be navigating.

  22. So beautifully expressed Lee, thank you, we are that lighthouse of love and light shining forth that all may feel their own lighthouse living within. Our brightness depends on how much of our own love we claim and live by.

  23. A beautiful reminder of what we too often forget… forgotten at great expense to all that need the reflection of what they too are and possess, for without it we too easily get lost in the darkness looking outside for something that is with us all along.

  24. I love your description of the lighthouse and it’s rhythmic pulse and how that continues even in the darkest storms, it reminds that you never know when you may be a lighthouse for someone else, and how important it is that we never take a day off from our lighthouse duties…

  25. The light and love is always present and simply needs to be claimed and held, in any weather or stormy conditions. In truth this is when it is needed most!

    1. Thank you Sandra, you make a great point about how we can withdraw in stormy weather, ie the difficulties of life, when this is when our light is needed the most to illuminate the way. It’s a great reminder to learn to be solid in the love we are no matter the conditions, and to also not put conditions on being the love we are.

  26. We each have a responsibility to shine all of who we truly are so that others who are not shining because they have aligned to another energy, can get the reflection and the reminder that they can also choose this for themselves….Offering others a different reflection, the reflection of love, is true service.

  27. If the same light dwells equally within each other then is it not our responsibility to help each other flick off the dimmer and shine more so it lights all of our way through the sometimes tricky twists and turns and challenges of human life.

  28. Beautiful and true message Lee – words of wisdom, pearls from the ocean. We will each see one day just who we are and where we are from just like you know yourself Lee for the lighthouse you are.

  29. When we open the shutters to our heart to the light and love within we can feel beacons of light and love showing the Way to reconnect to the Divine love of God that is within us all.

    1. Hi Julie, Thankyou for the cute way you shared this and the “dimmer switch”, the light is always there and it’s up to us to turn it up.

  30. Thank you Lee, a lighthouse serves as a beautiful analogy for ourselves and for the light we can shine. Feeling another’s light (which is from their love) is very inspiring and a huge stop moment – it always reminds me there is more love that I can surrender into within myself and begin to live. It reminds me that we are all equally innately beautiful beings and to let this out. Our light serves as a beautiful reflection that this is who we all are and can choose to return to. We are not the emptiness, misery, abuse or other emotional expression, we are love and it’s powerful light.

  31. I have always loved lighthouses. As a child we had a holiday house that was near a lighthouse and it was a very settling feeling watching the light come around. It is the same with someone who lives their light- there is a very settling feeling with their presence too.

  32. A lighthouse is there, as the blog reminds us, to make sure that those navigating may not get too close to the rocky shores. We also enhouse light, but the light in this case is to reflect to those navigating that they can also see more, they can also have more clarity regarding their movements and about life itself. Same same but different.

  33. Often it is the light in others that reminds us of the light within ourselves. It is worth remembering every one of us is always ‘others’ in others’ eyes.

  34. There is something very reassuring, warm and consistent about a lighthouse, much like ourselves when we allow the light of our Soul to shine brightly.

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