An inspiring meal with two inspiring young women

by Anna Karam, Goonellabah, Australia

I was recently inspired by two young women who came to my home for dinner. What inspired me so much was that when I was their age, I was so lost and unsure of myself, and had already changed so much in order to be liked and accepted, that I had become a product of what I thought the world wanted or needed me to be.

When my guests arrived I couldn’t help but see and feel how natural these young women were in my home, so playful and loving; there was no big noting of themselves, no competition, no gossip or drama (as I remember it myself at that age), but rather I could feel them so content in themselves; it was so freeing for me to feel this.

The conversations were very simple and loving. Mostly we just talked about life and people and they shared how they are at work, what they find challenging and what is more simple. All of this shared without an ounce of arrogance, but rather just a beautiful, humble honesty.

The simplicity I felt was beyond beautiful.

I feel so inspired by these young women who are so steady in who they are and so loving with themselves and the way they approach life. It has given me a new appreciation of how powerful and truly healing it can be to really allow ourselves to be inspired by others.

Thank you to these two gorgeous young women: may you forever cherish yourselves and continue to reflect this out to the world.

150 thoughts on “An inspiring meal with two inspiring young women

  1. So beautiful to be inspired by these young women who have learnt to really love and appreciate themselves and what they bring. No big noting, just simply sharing themselves, true role models.

  2. Stunning Anna, allowing ourselves to be truly inspired we say yes to evolution. Keep on being inspired and who knows where we will end up! Being inspired brings about a sense of a deep appreciation for choosing love.

  3. I have had very similar experiences and been in awe that the young women in my life now are making such different choices to what I made at that age. I feel it is important to note that what is available to these young women is true role models, other women that are living in a way that is worth aspiring to and vice versa, these young women are themselves being role models to us.

  4. How beautifully inspiring to dine with women who are simply being themselves, and conversations based on honesty will always keep us wanting to expand.

  5. Beautiful Anna, there are so many reflections around us to appreciate and be inspired by, being open and dropping any pictures is key to inviting this more into our life.

  6. I agree – it is very powerful and truly healing when we can really allow ourselves to be inspired by others, as opposed to going into jealousy or comparison.

  7. Recently I had dinner with two women in their late teens, I was blown away by the wisdom that they offered. Though I had 20 plus years on them I could feel that at the table I was their humble student and had much to learn from their steadiness, perspective and openess with people.

  8. Life offers us many situations where we can feel regret for how we have been or not been or choose to appreciate the fact that others are not where we used to be. We can only appreciate this because we are not where we were and the truth is that we were where we were and there is nothing we can do about it.

  9. Appreciation is catching. You blog has made me think about people I have recently been in the company of and how much there is to appreciate about them.

  10. It’s awesome to be inspired by others and share our appreciation, the world does not have to be competitive, we are there to inspire each other and support one another, not cut each other down.The big noting, competition, drama, and gossip is very much still out there and I see it a lot in women, I suppose these activities are reflective of a life lived disconnected to the essence of who we truly are within, and hence these kinds of stimulating activities are sought to fill the emptiness. Being loving and playful on the other hand, is a truly awesome way to be!

  11. Being inspired by another we feel the pull to be more of who we are and then we may be an inspiration for others to do the same.

  12. How important is it then to inspire each other by the quality in the way you live ie taking deep care of yourself and accepting you for who you are and claiming that in your full expression.

  13. What a rarity in an age where young women are questioning their very existence and as a result trying so hard to keep up with being ‘outhere’ and displaying a false sense of empowerment through their appearance and so called sexual liberation.

  14. I am being deeply inspired by the children and young people of the universal Medicine Student Body. They are extraordinary in that they are simply being themselves. Hugely powerful.

  15. Just being ourselves is all that is needed, as you so aptly describe. And it is simple – we have just put a lot of complications, ideals and beliefs on top of that simplicity and directness.

  16. It is gorgeous to be inspired by things that although out of the norm, don’t have to be… sadly we have created the norm that does not serve us. The power of knowing who you are has no bounds in its ability to heal or inspire and it is beautiful when life reminds us of that.

  17. “It has given me a new appreciation of how powerful and truly healing it can be to really allow ourselves to be inspired by others.” I find this to be so more and more. In the past I would have been shrivelled up by jealousy or comparison, but since I have been exchanging this for inspiration and appreciation, I have felt myself to be equal to others and even though they may have mastered something I am yet to master I do not compare – I appreciate what they bring and allow myself to accept the inspiration being offered.

  18. It is such a joy to be inspired by the simple presence of others who are just sharing from an open and honest heart. I feel and love the divine power of simplicity.

  19. Such a simple sharing of appreciation and one I am so touched by as I feel it speaks volumes about how we can calibrate to fit into the world and do ourselves enormous harm.

  20. This is very profound Anna as what you have shared through this experience is the power we all have to inspire each other, regardless of age or gender. You have highlighted how truth lived is not determined by age nor is wisdom, and the more we appreciate and honor the wisdom that resides within every single one of us, the more true equality will be lived in this world. As we then confirm the truth of who we are, and inspire and empower each other to live this truth through our every day, with everyone.

  21. Being oneself, transparent, open and sharing is powerful and inspirational, whether one is young, elderly or in fact any age.

  22. I had a similar experience this week Anna when I went for a walk with a younger woman who completely put a whole situation, that had been playing on me for days, into perspective. Every step and every word she expressed was full of understanding, wisdom and grace that I was completely inspired by… I could hardly talk but nod and say YES that’s it! The beauty is, is that when we are detached and observing life without getting caught up in it or reacting, we can all offer that steadiness and stability.

  23. Anna,
    In your writing about your experience of being in the company of others who truly honour and love themselves, I feel the steadiness and simplicity of conversation, how life is simply talked about, but not attacked or demeaned, seen as a burden or something to escape. That life simply is and there is joy in living it.

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