Writing a blog: the fear of rejection

by Mr Anonymous, Australia

I haven’t been able to write a blog.

When I re-read my attempts at writing a blog they feel grey and either a bit boastful or a bit negative on myself.

I found out it has to do with rejection. If I talk with a person, or even a group of people, I can make sure that I won’t get rejected, or that the chance is very slight. Public speaking holds few terrors for me – my worst, but bearable, experience was a public speech on the morning of Melbourne Cup Day. The audience suffered from anticipatory drunkenness even though it was 8 in the morning.

Writing a blog is different. So far I have always tied myself in knots trying to get words on paper.

It turns out that when I feel that I am about to be rejected by another person, I immediately go into reaction first, and when I write a blog I feel certain that some readers will reject what I write.

I therefore sit at the computer screen and am already in reaction.

Why do I go into reaction? It hurts less to be rejected if I have already rejected myself. That this is preposterously untrue has been irrelevant.

So, here it is – the first blog where I stayed connected to my heart. It feels more than a little ‘creaky’ and the ending is especially bad, but here it is.

430 thoughts on “Writing a blog: the fear of rejection

  1. Worrying about the outcome of our actions often stops us from moving forward and expressing. I’m glad you didn’t hold back anonymous. It gives inspiration to the others who may be holding back too.

  2. I can totally relate to what you shared. For me it’s been about getting it ‘right’ and not ‘wrong’ then the rejection wouldn’t follow. It’s then been about feeling there is no right and wrong only what is true.

  3. Well done Mr Anonymous for moving through your fear of rejection and writing this blog, I have also experienced similar feelings which immediately blocks me and holds me back from expressing. Recently I have begun to write blogs and not be attached to any outcome or pictures of it needing to be perfect in anyway, it has been empowering and has allowed me to feel more confidence as I build my expression.

  4. I can so relate to what you share here. We are so good at coming up with excuses for not expressing ourselves and making it an issue. Even when it was presented that we were a vehicle of expression, that it was an energy that is passing through us and we had aligned to that got expressed outwardly, and what I expressed was never mine to own – I still wanted to make it about me.

  5. This is awesome! You have broken the drought! I have still not taken the plunge and strangely for all the same reasons as you avoided blog writing. I love that you wrote this, it’s so real, it supports me to get over my block, you really nailed this.

  6. Beautiful, it really made me realise why people embellish things rather than sticking to the truth all because of fear of rejection, when in truth it is only ourselves who are doing the rejecting, really great blog, and thank you for taking the time to write it and getting any doubts out of the way.

  7. Your contribution made me smile – there you are, writing while you are writing about writing and its difficulties and tribulations – while you are actually doing it and proving yourself wrong. I trust there have been more?

  8. Nothing wrong with your blog. I love it! So simple, open and vulnerably true. We are gagged with invisible tapes of perceptions that makes us feel it is impossible to write. Really? Is that true? I say it is impossible not to write.

    ….If we can feel it, we have the authority to write it.

  9. Thank you very much Mr Anonymous, you have expressed beautifully and for me who is just learning how to express (may I add that this is my very very first reply on anything) you have made my day and brought a huge smile to my face.

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