A Smile for Love? How we Learn to Leave Ourselves

by Lee Green, Perth

As a baby we are without doubt at our most vulnerable. We have nothing to do but just be the baby that we are. We are moved, fed, bathed, clothed and loved for being this small bundle of a person. There is no pressure here, no dance to perform, no getting it right or wrong – it is just who we are and where we are at.

Soon though, that ‘just being’ is ever so slightly disrupted. We become aware that mouths move at us, wanting us to perform in some way. In an instant it goes from “Look, he is smiling…” to “Come on, smile, come on, smile for mummy, for daddy”. So here it is, the first choice ­– stay with just being, or start doing what is asked for. Continue reading “A Smile for Love? How we Learn to Leave Ourselves”

Hospital Care and the Power of Reflection

by Doug Valentine, Peebles, Scotland

Last week I needed to attend hospital for what I call an operation, but what the doctors call ‘a couple of procedures’. This got me thinking about the care we receive in hospitals and whether there may be some truth in the recent press reports of people receiving levels of care in UK hospitals that have been described as disgraceful, with staff being reported as displaying indifference and contempt for patients. These reports were opposite to what I have experienced in hospital. Over the past year I have attended two local hospitals and have found that the doctors and nurses have shown me amazing care and support. Continue reading “Hospital Care and the Power of Reflection”

The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul

by Toni Steenson, Coraki, NSW

The other day I was at work, cleaning a toilet, and I came to a very simple but profound understanding: I now understand that our inner voice has more strength than any other voice or activity. Continue reading “The Inner Voice: the Voice of the Soul”

Medicine, Choices and True Healing

by Lisa Rose, Hairdresser, Perth, Western Australia

I attended my first Universal Medicine workshop 8 years ago after a friend gave me a flyer. I looked at it and said ‘yes’ immediately. It was the first time I had ever considered something other than visiting my GP or a naturopath when things were out of sorts.

After completing the workshop I felt an enormous shift in my body, which made me realise that I could live in a ‘different way’ – one which listens to and honours my body. I could feel more space in my body and my thoughts were clearer, giving me a sense of well-being, physically and mentally. It was as if all the things that were weighing me down day to day had been removed and I could enjoy being more of me, rather than the heaviness of life’s experiences, etc. tainting my thoughts and physical being. I clearly recall saying to my mum the next day that “I never want to return to how I was feeling before I did the workshop”. Continue reading “Medicine, Choices and True Healing”

Equalness and Being a Man

by Lee Green, humbled man, Perth

I am a man and am piecing together what it truly is to be me. This process is fascinating and akin to dipping my toe in the water – unsure about the ‘water temperature’ but knowing I want to swim. The amazing thing is that each time I dip my toe in, a little more of me feels a little more confident – then something else is presented. At this time, it is ‘equalness’… the equalness between men and women. Continue reading “Equalness and Being a Man”

The Anticipation of What is Next

by Nicole Serafin, age 40, Tintenbar, NSW

Living a day at a time and being in the moment of that day always felt like an art – an art I was never able to conquer.

Why is it that we are unable to simply be where it is that we are at? Why are we always looking ahead to what needs to be done next, or where we should be next, rather than being in the present? There are always things to be done and places to be. Could it be that the things we do could be done efficiently and clearly if we simply focussed on what we were doing in the moment we were doing them, before moving on to what was needed next? Continue reading “The Anticipation of What is Next”

God’s Waiting Room

by Joel L, Western Australia

So there I was, sitting in God’s waiting room. It’s a comfortable enough place with lots of people and their children waiting around. There was a big door with the word ‘God’ written on it, with everyone looking, waiting for God to open it. Continue reading “God’s Waiting Room”