Media Misrepresentation: a Cry for Help?

by Michael Goodhart, Bristol, Vermont, U.S.A. Credentials: simply a human be-ing

Right now, media misrepresentation is a hot topic in the press. Although examining the questionable standards of reporting evidenced by Courier Mail journalists Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh in their article of 8 September, 2012, this post from Michael Goodhart in the USA offers an interesting and timely perspective. What might have motivated these journalists to describe Universal Medicine – an organisation thousands have experienced as highly caring and people-focussed – in such a negative way?  

My first impulse after reading the article ‘New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families’was one of disbelief because of the sheer level of gross misrepresentation and almost flamboyant sensationalism regarding the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. My experience with Serge and UniMed has certainly not been anything like what was proposed in the article, but one of total commitment to personal responsibility and allowing one to make their own choices, hopefully with as much love as possible.

Neither of the so-called journalists writing this piece actually took the time to research what really goes on at a UniMed workshop, and/or publish what certain interviewees had told them regarding the level of integrity that Serge and the many UniMed practitioners have held consistently for over 10 years.

I feel that your paper has a wonderful opportunity now to go back to the drawing board on this one, and to look into how many people’s lives have changed and evolved in positive ways after their involvement with Universal Medicine.

It almost seems that the ridiculousness of this article about Serge (and the obscene references to women potentially not allowing men to touch them anytime they want to) was in a strange way a cry for help or understanding of what Serge has truly provided for humanity as a whole; which is to understand the energetic cause of illness and disease, and the choice to live a life with love, joy, harmony and truth – if we are only willing to get honest with where we’re at, and how we got here.

Unfortunately, this article’s interests do not seem to be coming from that willingness, but have proven to further the spread of disharmony in exchange for what seems to be the drive for profit through fabrication and manipulation of the facts.

It’s never too late to change though, and no time better than now.

278 thoughts on “Media Misrepresentation: a Cry for Help?

  1. The powerful truth in every word of this blog can be felt. It is a cry for humanity to be aware of how far we have come from the truth of the Ageless Wisdom and a way to return.

  2. How can there be so many families, singles and couples who attest to first hand support, love and care from Serge Benhayon, and yet the media still sticks to sensationalist lies? Do the journalists not use the internet where they can see hundreds of articles on the truth about Serge Benhayon, or do they not believe all of these people (from all over the world)? Or do they think all of those people who go to work each day, pay their mortgages, raise their children lovingly are somehow crackpots? Perhaps the journalists have been reading too much of their own press, or watching too much TV, either way they have certainly got it wrong when it comes to Serge Benhayon (and one wonders how much else).

  3. The media, like every system we have created on earth needs a whole new imprint and it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that it occurs by being willing to name abuse when we see it and then being prepared to do something about it.

  4. The media is in a very sorry state. ‘Fake news’ abounds because very few people trust traditional media outlets anymore. The media is past crying wolf or crying for help – it’s in its death throes. We need to be far more discerning when consuming information. Thank you for sharing the truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Michael.

  5. It’s an interesting proposition you make, Michael. At some level we ALL know the truth: even if we choose to completely deny or bury it and have no conscious awareness of it, it will be registered – and either reacted, or responded, to. The journalists in question have simply chosen to deny and react. Not that this path is free of responsibility, for there is great damage done in the calculated spreading of lies.

  6. When facts are manipulated or misinterpreted they automatically become misrepresented and sometimes even pure fiction.

  7. This unwillingness to face facts you describe Michael perfectly illustrates the way we all disregard the bits of life we don’t happen to like. It fully shows the relentless and persistent way our spirit has of twisting every day, to fit in to the pictures it prefers, to keep its patterns and comforting past times. So this media behaviour you outline is not an anomaly but a simple metaphor for the dogged stubborn way so many of us choose to self-deceive. The way forward for change lives in the choices that we make. It’s time we chose something different today.

  8. We cannot bury our heads in the sand when we see corruption because it affects all of us, whether directly or indirectly. The media need to be held accountable for what they print just as we all need to be held accountable when we do not bring truth and love to the world.

  9. At least articles like this are giving a voice to the true story that still needs to be written. You may have thought that someone involved in these initial articles may have gone back to actual write the true story in light of everything they have now been presented with but to my knowledge there has been no such call. I guess that further cements where the original article came from in that if it was a simple error then it would have been set straight but to leave it there like this…….goes beyond words.

  10. So often, despite the great noise and hullaballu we make about seeking and demanding truth, we don’t actually want to know. We push and promote lies we prefer to run with instead. This isn’t mean or horrible but a simple fact we’d all be better off to face. If our media is just a reflection as you say Michael – what does this show about how we are in ourselves?

  11. Indeed many times we feed the sensationalism of media stories by our emotional need for drama and controversy, all the time distracting from our own inner tension and emptiness.

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