Practice makes progress

by Joel L, Western Australia

Bob was asked to play football with his kids; he thought it would be easy because he used to be pretty good at it. To his surprise, it was harder than he thought. Those skills of yesterday were not as available because he hadn’t used them in such a long time. So he gets grumpy with his son, not wanting to admit he has lost something.

Mary was helping her child with some math homework; she thought it would be easy because she used to be pretty good at it. To her surprise, it was harder than she thought, as she hadn’t used that knowledge in such a long time. So she finds a reason not to help out, because she’s ‘just too busy’ with other things, not wanting to admit she has lost something.

A country needed some help with its growing rates of diabetes; the experts thought it would be easy to get people to change how they live, as the evidence and the need was so strong. To their surprise, it was harder than they thought, as many in the community hadn’t chosen a healthier way of living for such a long time. So they commissioned more research to confirm what was known centuries ago, not wanting to admit they had lost something.

Humanity is crying out for people to be more loving to each other; some think it is easy, but to their surprise it is harder than they think, as we haven’t chosen a more loving way of living for such a long time. So we get grumpy, get busy, get obsessed with research that will give us the answer or tell us who to blame, all so we don’t have to admit we have lost something.

The good news is …  love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.

673 thoughts on “Practice makes progress

  1. ” The good news is … love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.” Thank you for the good news Joel with love John.

  2. It feels like in not wanting to admit that we have not been living our potential, we pretend that we never had it in the first place and enact the complete opposite.

  3. Yesterday was a bit of a tough day for me, but at the end of it I realised I had stopped practicing the self care activities that I know support me, so it was back to basics and soon I was feeling myself again.

  4. That’s the thing, we look outside for a reason, an option to not do what we know deep inside is needed; we want that double blind to say we have to … when in fact we know what we need to do, and we know what is missing, the connection to the love we are.

  5. I love this as it gives us an insight into patterns and momentums and how when we have made a particular choice for a certain period of time it takes time to undo this momentum and build a new one.

    1. Momentum is a really good pick up. Our head thinks it is easier to deny something than to deal with it if it means we may get hurt by having to admit we have been making poor choices. The responsibility is something we either tend to embrace or run a mile from! We develop patterns of behaviour which lead to momentums and it then takes dedication to unravel them. Well worth it though!

  6. What we need to constantly practice is treating ourselves with tenderness and care. No matter the circumstance, we deserve Love. If we are harsh with ourselves others are bound to receive and feel this. No matter how poorly something might go we deserve constant understanding as does a young child. But like any baby it can be testing if you forget about God, why we are here and what every situation has to teach us. Thank you Joel for this beautiful blog.

  7. I love this blog for its central theme and for the title, ‘Practice makes progress’: this is a good re-working of the old ‘practice makes perfect’. It feels far more forgiving to move in a way that’s about the potential of development rather than the pursuit of perfection.

    1. Great observation Victoria and also there is no such thing as perfection. If we strive for perfection we are on to a loser. With progress, however, there is always a sense of development and evolution.

  8. We expect to pick something up – to do it and just be ‘good’. In this age of instant gratification we seem to have lost the knowing that things often take time. Yes Love is innate, it is who we are but if we haven’t lived this way for a long long while (say lifetimes) it’s understandable that it takes some dedication and practice to bring it to life. Thank you Joel for this elegant reminder.

  9. ‘The good news is … love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.’ Spot on Joel, if humanity began to live this truth and practised love, they would discover there is a limitless amount of love waiting to be connected to within us all.

  10. “Humanity is crying out for people to be more loving to each other”. This says it all Joel. Every day is another opportunity to express more lovingly with everyone we meet.

    1. Caroline this is what I remind myself each day, it is my movements, my livingness that will inspire another to awaken to the love they are too. With this knowing comes great responsibility for the way in which I move.

  11. We drifted away so much from the love we truly are that we need to allow it again as it is hold within ourselves. It never left us completely as in essence we are that love.

      1. And what is beautiful and indeed very liberating is that when we realise this amazing imperfection, our sense of humour expands exponentially… And this of course is essential in the world today.

  12. How easy is it to go into denial and defence when we don’t want to admit we don’t have the answer or we might be wrong? Yet we delay our own homecoming, how illogical is that? It wouldn’t matter, except for the fact that this denial and defence means we delay for so long we make ourselves sick. It seems to me the smartest way is to remember where we are from – love, what we are all made of – love and how we can be with each other – loving. This is a recipe for more ease in our bodies and therefore good health.

  13. Brilliant reminder Joel. As we go along, we can get used to certain ways of being. We get comfortable and easy in the way our life is. But that’s not the way Love actually works. It keeps presenting more and asking you to go deeper in every way. So what worked yesterday will not today. Love keeps expanding and so it only makes sense that we have to keep experimenting and progressing with how we are. The more we embrace this ‘practice’ of life the more we will see we are perfect in the essence of who we are.

  14. What a great point here Joel, ‘The good news is … love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.’ Something we could all do with practicing more often until it becomes second nature again.

  15. What this is exposing is that we have not been living who we truly are, we have been hiding away, not stepping up to the knowing we have within and taking on the responsibility.

  16. ‘love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.’ – lovingly exposing the games we play. All we need to do is practise love – and not the games.

  17. If we think about it, all our behaviours are like muscle memory, they are simply things we’ve learnt so we can with a small amount of effort easily change them or retrain ourselves and our bodies to live in a way that puts quality, love and integrity first.

  18. Instead of seeing life as a race to ‘get through’ and it’s events as humps to overcome – what if we understood each one not as a test or attack but an opportunity to bring Love? No wonder we all want to escape and have holidays from life – we’re missing the point of what every day brings. Thank you dear Joel for this blog.

  19. Pride gets in the way of many things, including love. But the taste of a little humble pie is well worth accepting to have it back in our lives.

  20. We practice everything but love, yet a simple gesture or act of love goes a million miles but we tend to choose all our old behaviours and patterns that take us in the opposite direction to love.

  21. My dad took me to play soccer when I was young. He hated sport but I think wanted me to have fun. After a few kicks he was frustrated with himself and lost his patience to teach as I showed no interest. I think he felt like he was a failiure as a Dad. For my part I took his dispondency to mean he didn’t really want to spend time with me. After this we never really played games again. Your words remind me Joel how we, especially men, tend to give up after one knock when life is just a series of learnings, all about love. We should just get used to discovering rather than attached to acheiving what we think our preferred outcome is.

  22. We think life is about the pay that we get, car that we drive, or how many exotic hollidays we can have, when all along all it was ever about was living Love. When you understand it this way – how can any moment, activity or scenario be dull when there’s always the chance for you to go deeper with the way that you care? Thank you Joel for deepening my appreciation here.

  23. Inside us all is a flame of love that never dwindles or dies but simply gets masked by the clouds we allow to move in and obscure it from our view.

  24. “The good news is … love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised.” we cannot lose who we innately are which is love, but we can choose to disconnect thereby feeling we have lost it.

  25. You remind us that we do not need to give up on the first or second or any try, and that there’s an unfolding with our practice, and ever evolving progress, as we allow ourselves to express the love that is within us all.

  26. It is so simple to bring love to your life especially if the commitment to it is there. But do we truly want love in society, in our family and in our life or are we satisfied and comforted by the lack of it?

  27. ” The good news is … love, like everything else, is never lost, just not practised. ”
    Thank you Joel this is a lovely read this morning , I practise living love more this day.

  28. Looking outside ourselves for someone or something to blame keeps us on the merry-go-round of irresponsibility, where as if we choose to look within when challenged by an outer experience, we will discover a love and a wisdom so deep to support us and is always available for us.

  29. As you say Joel, this really does need to be practised… And where it can start, is of course with ourselves. You know those little phrases that we have those little turnarounds that inherently put ourselves down? Well we can start by actually hearing what we say about ourselves, reflect on the effect that these comments have, and start to redefine ourselves from the inside out, simply with our own expression.

  30. It makes sense that if we haven’t been living from the love and truth we innately are it will take practise to relearn what we have reconnected to.

  31. Beautiful, how simply we can see that while love may not seem like an easy thing, it is in truth our natural state, it is just far away from how we have lived for a long time. Therefore we can never, never give up on love, for it is who we are.

  32. Love this – it is progress that practice makes, not perfect. We might have progressed as a humanity in some ways but certainly not when it comes to Love. And all that’s needed is simply to practise.

  33. The not wanting to admit we’re lost something is huge because then I can fully commit to reacquainting myself with love and knowing it deeply.

  34. Recently I have noticed that when I consistently call out to others when I feel something was done in an unloving way, it empowers others to do the same and has an amazing ripple effect that helps people feel how being caring, considerate and loving is our natural way, not the disharmony that prevails…for now.

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