Sharing Universal Medicine with the People I Work with

by Sally Scott, Perth WA

I had a week off work and had planned a holiday for myself. The entire holiday was planned around being in Lennox Head on a particular weekend. It was the weekend in October when Serge Benhayon presents Esoteric Medicine on the Friday night, Esoteric Developers Group on Saturday and on this particular weekend, a Relationships Workshop on the Sunday. This was the weekend that David Millikan ambushed the Esoteric Medicine evening and accused those present of being in a cult. I have written about this event via another blog post (Peaceful Universal Medicine Event Ambushed by the Media).

So, on returning to work my colleagues asked about my holiday. At our team check-in, with the whole team present, I shared honestly about my time away.

Firstly, I shared with the beautiful women I work with about my involvement with Universal Medicine. I explained what Universal Medicine meant to me and why: I explained how being involved with Universal Medicine supported my management and leadership style at work.

I then shared about David Millikan and his media crew ambushing a group of innocent people who had gathered together to listen to Serge Benhayon, director of Universal Medicine, speak. This particular part of my holiday was difficult to talk about. I cried in front of everyone as I shared why this experience had been upsetting for me: I had felt violated by someone that did not even know me.

My colleagues listened, someone put their arm around me, they were all saying how disgraceful the actions of the media were and they couldn’t believe that something like this would happen. They all had suggestions on action I could take.

Then a comment came from a team member that I did not expect.

“Sally, we all talk amongst ourselves about how you bring harmony to the office. The Universal Medicine gathering was probably a whole group of people who are concerned about people and are wanting to have more harmony in the world.”

I felt truly blessed, supported and loved by my colleagues. This was the part of humanity I needed to witness and experience. The warmth, care, deep nurturing, honouring and grace that people do hold within.

I am involved with Universal Medicine: it presents a way to live in this chaotic, stressed out world that is educating people to live well and be healthy and harmonious. This is exactly what my colleagues see and feel as they work with me every day. So yes, I have been accused of being a cult member by someone who knows nothing about me, and then I find that my work colleagues who know me very well, know me as anything but.

167 thoughts on “Sharing Universal Medicine with the People I Work with

  1. Exactly Sally, these accusations and lies are thrown us at, but you can clearly see and feel the living proof how we live in harmonious with ourselves and whoever and wherever we are.

  2. This is beautiful that you had the courage to share about what was troubling you. It shows that when we open up it is very likely that people will love us and that this whole idea of protecting ourselves from getting hurt is actually isolating us and therefore hurting us even more.

  3. Sharing our fragility and being open at work binds the people there together in a way that no strategy or rah rah talks will ever do.

  4. Those who we work with and those we share a relationship with know who we are and we come together to support each other when we are abused or attacked by those who do not know us.

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