What’s right with this world?

by Rod Harvey, Gold Coast, Australia

When I read newspapers, peruse social media, listen to radio and watch television, it’s quite easy to assume that there is not much right with our world.

Each week I see stories about violence, obesity, starvation, poverty, greed, illness, disease, bullying, gossip, complaining and so on. While it’s important to be informed about what is going on (however unsavoury), I cannot help but think that as media continues to focus on the sensational to make money, we receive an unbalanced perspective.

Because we are inundated with negativity, our viewpoint of the world and people may become impaired and our focus shifts to underlying pessimism, or even despair.

But there’s something that doesn’t gel here, because overall, the world that I see and the majority of people in it are awesome. There is so much to be inspired about.

Technology has given us the opportunity to instantly connect with people around the globe and bring us closer together. It appears to me that we’re all very much the same, but what can divide us are different opinions, particularly those about religion, beliefs, nationality, allegiances and what should be done to fix the world.

Yet because another has a different opinion, that does not make them any lesser or any greater. Their opinion is equally as valid as mine, no matter how far removed our points of view are. Provided there is no harm done physically, emotionally or psychologically, we can work through our differences.

We have built up our own protective barriers and shields, but deep down our essence is love. By taking time out to quietly feel that love within, we can then look into another’s eyes with openness and truly connect.

I believe it’s necessary to speak up and expose injustices. At the same time, I feel it’s also essential for me to be alert and not miss out on the incredible opportunities that are presented to me daily (that I was previously insensitive to) which reinforce the marvels of our world and the ‘wonderfulness’ of people.

Rather than hold out for an intangible ideal of hope somewhere in the future, I say: “Why not take a fresh look at life right now?” There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it.

We may be pleasantly surprised at what we discover…

183 thoughts on “What’s right with this world?

  1. “We’re all very much the same, but what can divide us are different opinions” – so true. We are the same, but we think different. What makes us think, or where our thoughts come from, makes us think who we think we are.

  2. “There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it.” The more we do this we inspire others to do the same so the love and truth expand.

  3. I agree with you Rod, when we start to see the beauty in each other this beauty will be allowed out more, and the more beauty we allow the less we give space for disharmony.

  4. Focussing on the negative in any situation does not support us to grow whatever is happening to us or those around us. When we open ourselves up to appreciation we start to feel the awesomeness that we all have access to if we choose. That the media currently portrays an overwhelmingly negative take on most ‘news stories’ is a reflection of what society is choosing to consume and we have the power to change our diet.

  5. Yes, when we take off our rose coloured glass most of us are searching for the Truth and once we find the Truth all we need do is reflect that level of Love. Then what we have re-connected to allows others to know through the most divine reflection that there is something different and they have the choice to also search for Truth.

  6. I agree Rod, hope is not supportive, what we can do is live in a way we want the world to be – harmonious, loving, truthful, sensitive, joyful (beginning with ourselves), and be deeply caring of our fellow human beings and nature.

  7. We get access to horrible stories and, yet, we do barely get to know the depth of the horror. We also get access to ‘nice’ stories but barely to truly enlighting ones. This helps us to calibrate down what we can aspire to and to confirm ourselves and our choices for the fact that horror is not part of our lives.

  8. What the media is presenting us is not the truth at all . . . therefore it is so important to go out and make up our own mind. My experience is that in the moment I step out I see the whole world in all its glamour beauty and violence. The world is a reflection of how I was living and still living and therefore I have to deal with everything that is presenting to me and to give my very best to be all the love and joy I am.

  9. Through the way the media currently reports news it exposes just how much we still indulge in segregation, religious vilification, racism, disparity as a form of entertainment.

  10. It’s so easy to give in to the despair and see nothing else … yes we need to see that, and be cognizant of it, but we also need to see the beauty and wonder of people, and that at their core each of us is that beauty, it allows us a platform to see the wider world and what needs to be done to allow more of us to fully live the beauty we all are.

  11. I just have to read a blog like this and I know there is a lot to celebrate in life. Yes, there is a lot that is not true in the world but the essence within people is love and that cannot be changed so it comes out shining in all sorts of unexpected and delightful ways.

  12. Well said Rod for the solid establishment of a true connection to ourselves and others to found all of our relationships on is what the world needs in order to support clearing up the hurts and the mess we have created.

  13. I agree that there is definitely a trend of sensationalising extreme events designed to shock people, which has a demoralising effect on people. It can make us believe that there is no love in the world, however it has been my experience that while there are many events that are not great, the bottom line is that love is much greater than any of that, and there are many loving moments which need to be equally reported on and shared with each other.

    1. I have read that in Australia when there were particularly distressing events on the news that many people sought counselling to support themselves to heal from the trauma they experienced from viewing what was taking place in the world. We know deeply that these negative events reported in the news are not a true part of human life, they don’t belong and they hurt us all deeply.

  14. There is little in the media that is of any truth. No only do the media distort what is true to be a sensational story they also do not report on events we actually need to know about such as the rates of illness and disease etc. What is more startling though is the fact that they only respond to what people ask for. Is humanity simply wanting to avoid truth at all costs?

  15. Influence plays a big part in the world. For example, when you haven’t met a person yet but someone tells you what they think of them and puts a negative spin on it, it then influences how you see them. Even when you think you haven’t been influenced it’s still there in the back of your mind… unless you feel from within and connect with them from there. This is the same with the news.

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