Esoteric Yoga – To Do or To BE?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I recently attended an esoteric yoga workshop on quality of being versus quantity of doing.

Unlike the yoga classes that are all about postures and breath, Esoteric yoga allows you the time and space to connect to your body and be still.

I learnt so much about myself – it was awesome. Since the workshop I have been observing myself throughout the day.

For example, when I wake up in the morning I go straight into this autopilot (which I wasn’t even aware of up until this last week)… my mind goes into thinking, “what will I make for breakfast?” “what will I pack for my daughter’s lunch?” “what do I have to DO today?” – and then I jump out of bed and start DOING. I never stopped to feel how I was; it was all just Do, Do, DO!

This week I have woken up, ignored the impulse to DO, and just stayed with me in my bed to feel me, to feel my being.  (It hasn’t been an easy task, as I feel that I am a creature of habit!)

When I take the time to feel my body, to check in with how I’ve slept, if I have any aches or pains, and to gently observe if there are any issues troubling my mind, it is such a lovely experience. It gives me a chance to re-connect to me.

I am curious as to why I have avoided this connection, because it feels great. Why did I choose instead to Do and never stop to just BE? Is it because we are recognised for what we DO instead of who we ARE?

It doesn’t take long in the morning just to BE, and then I can get up and do all the things that need to be done; but instead of doing them on autopilot, I am doing them with me.

When I do things with me, I do them feeling my body, and this way I cannot ignore or over-ride how my body is feeling.

I have also been taking moments during the day to stop what I am doing and to just BE. It doesn’t take long, just three minutes and it has been a great practice.

Thank you to Serge and the beautiful people that are offering the yoga workshops and sessions, I have been able to feel more of me, and I am loving it.

173 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga – To Do or To BE?

  1. Beautifully said Rosie, what a huge difference it makes to be before we do. Massive in fact. In my life much has changed, one of the greatest being the tenderness with which I now do.

  2. It’s a great question Rosie, “I am curious as to why I have avoided this connection, because it feels great. Why did I choose instead to Do and never stop to just BE?” It simply does not make sense the way I’ve driven myself to “do” so much in life, when it simply feels amazing to be me, to be connected to myself and put me first in everything I do. I love the opportunity Esoteric Yoga always gives me to just be, and how powerful this feels.

  3. I can relate Rosie, I too jumped out of bed in the morning focused on what needed to be done and all the things I had to fit in before leaving for work – stress from the word go. It does make a huge difference to my day and my energy levels if I honour myself and take a moment to reflect on my sleep, feel my body and move in a way that supports it.

  4. Love this Rosie. What a great way to start the day instead of in autopilot mode. I find when I am connected with me and I feel the stillness within my body the day flows beautifully and there is less anxiety and worry.

  5. The “doing” is always coming from the mind without any consideration for the body where the “being” is the union of the mind and body together as a whole. Crazy how we are living life from just the doing (who’s idea was that?) with total disregard for the body. Esoteric Yoga is exquisite in this respect as it reconnects us back to the amazing body where stillness can be felt and lived.

  6. I think everyone in the world can relate to waking up and jumping straight into autopilot – I know I can. It’s actually often when there’s something that’s a little out of sync or I’m not feeling content within myself. But I find it’s always great to check in with how I am in the morning so I know exactly where I stand for the day, and what I need to work on.

  7. “… I jump out of bed and start DOING.”
    I can so relate to this Rosie and it makes such a difference to not start in this autopilot of the mind dictating the body what it needs to do. Still catch myself in this though and then need to stop and start afresh.

  8. To just be is such a foreign way to live with at first as we are so used to identifying with what we do and achieving recognition through it, that at times we can get very lost when we stop and try to feel ourselves.

  9. I really love that time when I wake up to have a cuddle with myself, to feel me, and to reflect on my sleep, whether I had been dreaming and what that might be showing me. Sometimes I need to be a little more willing to stop reflecting and move!

  10. A beautiful reminder Rosie to take the time and just ‘be’ especially when we first wake up, building this into my morning routine makes space for the day to unfold with a different quality.

  11. We can all be such creatures of habit and it is important to recognise that some of these habits we cling to are just because they give us the illusion they are safe as they are familiar and very very comfortable. But sometimes we just need to accept a little uncomfortableness to challenge and develop ourselves and break the status quo that is actually thwarting that growth.

  12. What you have shared with us Rosie is huge. When we realise how simple it can be to connect with ourselves we have the key to changing the whole world. As we all learn how tender and precious we are by taking these moments of connection, we are not only supporting ourselves but offering the world a reflection of how to ‘Be’ and let go of the ‘Doing’.

  13. Great to read this today Rosie as I’ve fallen into an autopilot of looking at my emails as soon as I wake up to see what I need ‘to do’ but I can feel it is just an avoidance of feeling me first and that I have put ‘doing’ as more important than me.

  14. Beautiful. I love beingness – it is such an amazing way to live life, totally different from the frantic doingness we habitually fall into. Being recognises that we all have an innate essence that doesn’t change and is a consistent presence in all we do. Doing from the being is a wonderful way to live, whatever our day brings.

  15. This is such a great point to discuss Rosie as many of as women have lived believing that who we are is defined only by what and how much we do – exhausting. Yet I have discovered that through developing and building a more honoring connection to my quality of being first, to who I am within, the quality of the things that I then choose to do have become far richer with more meaning and purpose, and with a greater sense of presence.

  16. I find for me I forget to check in with my quality of being because I still don’t factor me in, the “doing” and getting on with things without regard for the self has been a long standing pattern. Esoteric Yoga has really helped me to turn this around.

  17. Esoteric Yoga is such a stop- it allows you to feel your body and how you actually are- it is amazing what you don’t notice when you are in a rush. This modality I find is a great support to observe what is going on and to be able to make changes in my day.

  18. We live in a world that is based on a tick box mentality where we just do do do so much so that we value ourselves more for what we do that our actual innate qualities.

  19. ‘…taking moments during the day to stop what I am doing and to just BE’ allows me the grace to appreciate not what I do but the quality that I bring to what I do.

  20. Thank you Rosie for sharing how to be before we then decide to do, what a difference it makes to the quality of our day when everything we do comes from our being-ness.

  21. To connect with our true selves and body before we go into doing is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and is also a great medicine.

  22. Rosie an all too common scenario about thinking and doing as soon as we get up. That has certainly been me and I can still go into that, especially if I have a lot to complete. It’s not a great way to live, it’s very exhausting. I have also experienced a greater level of awareness through participating in Esoteric Yoga Sessions and how this level of ‘constant doing’ affects how I feel and how my body feels and then how these sessions show me that I can actually choose another way, that is not ‘constant doing’.

  23. Esoteric yoga allows anybody to work on ‘programs’ that are highly relevant for our evolution and feeling what stands in the way to being able to feel us in full all the time. Very amazing resource actually.

  24. I love the concept of stopping regularly throughout the day to check in and re-establish a quality we want to then take out into the world rather than the quality being determined by it. This is a deeply empowering way to move through life and one we could all benefit from enormously, especially when ‘doing’ tends to override the ‘being’ at great cost to our bodies and what is true.

  25. We go to school and high school and everything is about what mark we got, how well we behaved, what homework we did or didn’t do and what we want to do when we get older. Then we get a job and we are praised because of the skills we learn and how competently we use them. Meanwhile, slowly and painfully we loose touch with our true value and worth. In fact, for me this had long gone out the window, so much so that it was not even a consideration. Then introduce Esoteric Yoga and back through this long and windy path I walk to re-discover a quality of being that is truly valuable, well beyond any skill or monetary sense of worth.

    1. So true to me too Vicky, after a wayward youth and part of my adulthood now I am joyful to return to that delicateness within, which I can feel now, is our natural quality and in which each and everybody is equal.

  26. Somewhere along the line we stopped being Human Beings and became Human Doings. It is so lovely to return to our origins.

  27. When I think back to how I have experience my childhood I have to admit that indeed I was only recognized for what I did, never just for the gorgeous young boy I was. I now do understand that this has been the basis for my adult life, therefore always striving for recognition through the doing and in that never to appreciated for the truly lovely man I am.

    1. Yes, often the first question that someone asks us is ‘what do you do’.We have a tendency to categorise one another based on our title, ‘power’ and prestige. To meet another without any of these images interfering is truly beautiful. Our worth has a very shaky foundation if based on what we do or have rather than who we are.

      1. Indeed Victoria, people tend to any ask for the profession you are in but in that avoid to truly connect. It reminds me to when I was a child. What people asked me then was ‘what will you become when you are grown up’ and with that they only where asking what profession you feel to do in your adult life and I always answered crane driver as I loved to watch the crane drivers working in the neighborhood where I lived and that to me was true. That what I loved from watching the crane drivers was the responsibility in which they operated the crane in providing the service they where asked to deliver and I too enjoyed the gracious and delicate movements they could make with the load that was on the crane hook. So in a way I answered what I loved about life and how I would like to be in life too but I do not think that the people who asked that question to me where ready to receive this message in full.

      2. That is beautiful Nico, children can offer us great reflections of truth so naturally. When we are free of images the truth can be more readily seen and connected to.

  28. Feeling and appreciating the quality of who we are, how we move and breathe brings an unexpected depth to our lives and our being that no task, no doing, can ever compete with. It doesn’t mean that we check out in the bliss of feeling, but instead that we bring a deeper quality and attention to everything that we do.

  29. So true – it makes a big difference when we allow a littlest time in our day just to stop and connect with ourselves. We have been so conditioned to think that we have no time to just feel being ourselves and life is about getting things done when in fact we have all time in the world just to be ourselves, any moment.

  30. Yes it is great to have a moment before we jump out of bed to feel ourselves and notice all the worries and to do lists that can be already running through our heads (at least mine at times) and then take a moment to let those go.

  31. This modality offers total connection with our bodies. It brings back and deepens our relationship to our every move. It restores religion in our everyday.

  32. Often while the body appears to be still the mind can still be running amok. Connecting to the quality of being-ness we can more readily move throughout the day in union with ourselves. Letting the body lead is key…it is a wise teacher.

  33. Connecting with ourselves – and choosing to stay with ourselves – stay with our bodies – can transform our experience of living in this world. Esoteric Yoga supports with this.

  34. Sometimes my doing could be much more accurately described as running away. Keeping busy and rushed so I am disconnected with my body and not feeling.

  35. So simple and practical Rosie. Esoteric Yoga has really helped me to focus on how I am, rather than just getting things done.

  36. Esoteric Yoga offers the reconnection to our beingness and innate nature, to just being before there is any doing.

  37. We learn so much to be in the doing that it is a re-learning to just be and bring this being-ness to whatever we are doing.

  38. I can swing between doing too much and then wanting to do absolutely nothing and neither feels anything like to quality of presence I have when I choose to be present and connected and open and bring that into everything I do.

  39. This is a lovely testimony to the simplicity that Esoteric Yoga offers – to being with our innate stillness within, rather than caught up in constantly ‘doing’ and completely unaware of our body and its movements = exhaustion.

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