Esoteric Yoga – To Do or To BE?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I recently attended an esoteric yoga workshop on quality of being versus quantity of doing.

Unlike the yoga classes that are all about postures and breath, Esoteric yoga allows you the time and space to connect to your body and be still.

I learnt so much about myself – it was awesome. Since the workshop I have been observing myself throughout the day.

For example, when I wake up in the morning I go straight into this autopilot (which I wasn’t even aware of up until this last week)… my mind goes into thinking, “what will I make for breakfast?” “what will I pack for my daughter’s lunch?” “what do I have to DO today?” – and then I jump out of bed and start DOING. I never stopped to feel how I was; it was all just Do, Do, DO!

This week I have woken up, ignored the impulse to DO, and just stayed with me in my bed to feel me, to feel my being.  (It hasn’t been an easy task, as I feel that I am a creature of habit!)

When I take the time to feel my body, to check in with how I’ve slept, if I have any aches or pains, and to gently observe if there are any issues troubling my mind, it is such a lovely experience. It gives me a chance to re-connect to me.

I am curious as to why I have avoided this connection, because it feels great. Why did I choose instead to Do and never stop to just BE? Is it because we are recognised for what we DO instead of who we ARE?

It doesn’t take long in the morning just to BE, and then I can get up and do all the things that need to be done; but instead of doing them on autopilot, I am doing them with me.

When I do things with me, I do them feeling my body, and this way I cannot ignore or over-ride how my body is feeling.

I have also been taking moments during the day to stop what I am doing and to just BE. It doesn’t take long, just three minutes and it has been a great practice.

Thank you to Serge and the beautiful people that are offering the yoga workshops and sessions, I have been able to feel more of me, and I am loving it.

200 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga – To Do or To BE?

  1. Waking up to the thoughts of what do I have to immediately activates the drive to tick that list of things to do which will often be at the expense of quality.

  2. Doing is such a strong habit and if we don’t take that time to stop, connect and just be we can so easily loose ourselves in that whirlwind of doing. The beauty of Esoteric Yoga is it offers us a simple way to feel how it is to be with and move our bodies in full presence and in doing so we get to see how we are in life … it’s a gorgeous tool supporting us to observe and be more spacious, gracious and loving with ourselves, and of course everything.

  3. It was good to read this at the start of my working week and to look at how I jump out of bed in the readiness to ‘get going’ instead of honouring my body and moving with a quality that will support me in my day.

  4. Reversing the trend from making it all about the doing, to allowing ourselves to focus on the being, takes a bit of time and practice but is so worth it. When we just ‘do’ without focusing at all on the quality of our being, without connecting to that, life feels flatter and emptier, and the drive to do is relentless. When we just allow ourselves to be, life feels quite amazing and full, and there’s a simple contentment at just being with ourselves that feels simple and full of itself – no need for anything from the outside. We just know that we are enough, and that is very beautiful to feel.

  5. It is beautiful to not leave ourselves behind. It just feels when we are in our last moments in life, have we felt complete that I have been with myself and have been present to all the moments experienced and celebrated this presence and awareness? It would feel so loving to be and feel that.

  6. To ‘be’ feels totally different in my body compared to when I am in ‘doing’ mode, the ‘doing’ involves a lot of control and nervous energy, when I allow myself to ‘be’ I surrender to a simplicity and flow that feels delicious in my body.

  7. Gorgeous to feel more of our true divine nature, waking up in the morning is a great time to connect and take us into our day, stop moments throughout the day bring us back to our bodies to feel, this helps us to not get so caught up in the continual doing.

  8. We so train ourselves to do, and to jump from one doing to another, ignoring the being in this continual motion. But when we stop and be there is another quality. one which is just simply us and means that anything we do comes with that quality of us and who we are and in fact you then doing get a ‘doing machine’ you get the essence of us in what we do, which is very different.

  9. The Esoteric Yoga Modality gives us space to just be and deeply connect with ourselves; we can then bring this quality into our movements throughout the day and feel part of the flow of life instead of the rush or drive we can get into.

  10. It’s great to read this blog again, Rosie, as I have been feeling racy lately and finding it very difficult to connect with myself. I was going into thinking how I should be feeling instead, and how I should ‘change’ this, but I realise now it is actually this ‘thinking’ that gets in the way and makes it all complicated and creates an issue out of nothing. I love the simplicity you share here.

  11. I used to be all about ‘doing.’ Esoteric yoga has helped me to focus on simply being first. I still get things done, but it’s less about rushing and drive, and more about the quality I choose to do things in. I have a greater feeling of settlement in my body that feels lovely.

  12. Learning that we are enough for being who we truly are..mistakes, warts and and all, is a huge work in progress for so many of us, as the recognition for what we do is so ingrained from young. Esoteric yoga is an amazing modality that provides the space to feel who we truly are without the need to be or do anything else.

  13. I’ve been asking this question too ‘I am curious as to why I have avoided this connection’ … I connect to my body but not consistently, so I’m am playing with allowing myself more time to connect to and be with me.

  14. Although I know it so well, is it about the being and not about the doing. Life is very challenging as there is so much to do and I am easily trapped into the motion life is presenting to me.

  15. That is why this modality stands alone at this point. It asks or gives you the space to feel your body, to feel you and in that you can do anything. In place of trying to do everything to be something you just be who you are and then do whatever is needed from there. Some may think it’s a play on words but the effect on you, on your body is enormous and it is not until I lived this that I had a marker of the extreme difference. As has been said it’s doesn’t matter what you do its about the quality you are in when you do it. Esoteric Yoga supports and marks that quality.

  16. Reading ‘just be’ my body surrenders, our body’s natural way. Something that has been a focus of late has been how when we just do, do, do there is very little space in our day that we are actually with ourselves in any of the doing. Then once we get home, to many their haven, we then feel entitled to stay up and push our bodies late into the night so that we have ‘my time’. Yet that ‘my time’ is often spent checking out and is really just the same as during the day of doing. Esoteric Yoga supports connecting to our body so we have that marker of ‘that is me’, that’s how I roll, flow and move through my day… in that way we don’t get to the end of the day and need ‘my time’ because we’ve been with our body, with no perfection, with whatever we have been doing.

  17. This brings beautifully to the fore that we are first before we do and how crazy it is that we have made doing the all.

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