Seeing evil, hearing evil, feeling evil

by Deborah McInnes, Goonellabah, Australia

I grew up being told that evil was someone harming another, or plotting to harm another; a severe act involving blood, pain and at times death, and something to fear. This ugliness wasn’t spoken about much and was hushed-up by people, but we all knew it was there, lurking beneath the surface somewhere until it exploded out with a crime of some description.

Evil was also something I was taught at a young age was synonymous with the Devil and with hell’s raging inferno beneath the ground – where anyone doing wrong would live out their afterlife. There was certainly a feeling of everlasting condemnation and punishment for being ‘evil’, and that this sentencing would be at God’s hand. I was told that God would stop loving us if we were imperfect and did wrong. It never made sense to me how God, who ‘loves us unconditionally’, and is ‘all-knowing’ and ‘all-loving’, would ever be able to punish, judge or condemn.

Growing up it became easy to see the obvious evils  – the disturbing image of some kind, or the evil act – yet all the time overlooking the subtle, hidden evils that we live with and widely accept in everyday life – evils that remain unchecked and do great harm.

As a child, I was given a small ornament of monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes and mouth. It was explained to me as ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’… but is this not evil? To ‘ignore what we see’? To not see what is really there and to discount what we hear? To override our true feelings and senses, and discount our true knowing of what truth and evil are?

Consider a world that appears to teach us that we need to constantly improve ourselves and strive to become ‘someone’. Is this not encouraging us to never be content with who we naturally are? In the face of the masses choosing to live by the latest popular belief of how we should be, what we should look like, how we should think, what we need to have, we seem to be forever striving to become a new and improved version of ourselves – it actually begins to appear ‘unnatural’ to be content with who we already are and to remain true to ourselves. How absurd is this?

If we conform to ‘the majority rule’ and ‘don’t rock the boat’ or ask questions; if we discount our true feelings, and turn a blind eye to what we are actually subscribing to and willingly being part of – is this not further promoting the pockets of hidden evil that are all around us in their many forms, which we support and allow to remain by our silence?

Have you ever considered the hidden evil fostered in everyday beliefs that teach us to be someone or something we are not and never actually give us a choice to think otherwise?

For instance: the expectation that all girls will grow up to become mothers; a woman’s place is in the home; men will be non-crying providers and should not express feelings (as this is weak); a woman is less than a man and certainly not equal to a man; age is a curse, money is the root of all evil, work is a necessary evil; colour, race, religion, wealth, poverty and borders divide us; we should keep our minds busy; respect our elders regardless of their actions; what we see is what we get; reincarnation is a myth and we will all be saved from our sins. There are only five senses (no mention of our heart’s inner-knowing); what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger; and intelligence is in the mind and not the heart.

Could we say that there are many things we invest in that often don’t even make sense and that we know are not true?

How often are we told to ‘worry about it later’ and ‘it will be all right’? ‘There is never enough time’… ‘such is life’ and other phrases appear to encourage us to discount anything that doesn’t make sense and to not ask questions… If we readily accept these anomalies in life as the ‘norm’, it won’t take that long before we will have strayed far from what feels natural and true to us.

We appear to willingly accept versions of love and truth that are so far from their true meanings – growing up to believe neediness, attachment, sacrifice, sympathy, guilt and even punishment are all synonymous with love… when love is none of these things.

Love is absolute truth, complete equality, compassion, acceptance, understanding, wisdom, commitment, playfulness and harmony… and more.

Overall, we appear to accept living a life that is far less than the life we really want and deep down, know we could have.

What if we could live another way?

What if living another way has existed all along?

A way that sees everyone as equal, a way that is loving, true and honest and in total harmony with others; a way that knows what makes sense and what does not and the way to live a simple, joyful and fulfilling life – as our natural selves without the need to be anyone or anything else.

For most to never know that ‘another way’ could even be a possibility, let alone there being a choice involved – could this be one of our greatest evils?

244 thoughts on “Seeing evil, hearing evil, feeling evil

  1. Without a doubt not knowing that there is a choice, that there is another way to live that is loving and confirming of others AND is practical, feasible and lived by many is true evil.

  2. I don’t think we can even begin to fathom the amount of evil in this world. It is humongous and totally contradicts all we have been taught and accepted is part of life here on earth. Yet greater than all these lies is the truth of love which abounds our entire universe. No lie ever is greater or grander than love.

  3. It’s easy to see the obvious evil’s like war etc. but if we truly consider what is shared here one of the biggest evils many if not almost all of us live under it that we are merely human and that how life is for most of us right now is how life is … that there is another way to live life, that we are in fact so much more than human, that there are unseen forces and energies at play and that in fact what we see as evil in another is not them but something that is expressed through them due to their own lack of presence and given-upness … there is so much more for us to see, to hear and to feel for until we do so, we will not be able to address the obvious evils in this world … we need to see beyond the human to address them.

  4. It indeed is the greatest evil to ‘not know’, as we are beings that actually have a deep understanding and knowing of where we come from and why we are here.
    Hence one of the most evil acts is as shown above, see sentence: ”Have you ever considered the hidden evil fostered in everyday beliefs that teach us to be someone or something we are not and never actually give us a choice to think otherwise?”
    It is the movement we make that will show us the end result of the energy we have walked. Evil is actually weak, as it constantly tries to tell itself that it is it, whilst knowing that it is not it at all. That is why love can only win.

  5. You have uncovered so much here Deborah in this article for me to ponder on, could it be that whatever separates us from our own divinity is truly evil.

  6. Great point here Deborah, it made me really appreciate how damaging it is to turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, or hold back speaking the truth, and to acknowledge how resistant we are to the truth until we reconnect back to the truth we hold within ourselves.

  7. When we live in pursuit of something that we already are, we create and illusory existence. It is an existence based on a belief rather than truth. I sometimes consider that it is like searching for air. Air is everywhere and there is no need to search for it – under normal circumstances at least. If we labour under the illusion that air is limited and could run out at any moment we would all live very different lives. Love is our nature and is abundant – we don’t have to spend our lives seeking it – we just have to know it is who we are and live it. Believing we are not love and we need to live in pursuit of it is evil.

  8. Paradoxical as it may sound, the myth of Hell helps to align people with the Catholic doctrine and lifestyle that guarantees that people will not go to Heaven when they die. That is evil.

  9. Being kept blind, deaf and numb to the truth is evil. I used to think ‘evil’ was synonymous with bad, and of course I strived to be good, and failing that I judged myself heavily.

  10. Respect your elders was a term I heard often when growing up. It makes me reflect on all the things we are told and follow without question because of culture, religion. And aside from that, all the things we are not told but learn through observing the actions of others that we also then end up adopting for ourselves without discerning if its true for us.

  11. It is a choice to be ourselves or not. I feel the biggest evil is not choosing to honour our bodies. The world would be different if each chose to be honest and real about what we know and feel.

  12. Both harm and evil come in many ways, shapes and forms – when we choose to open our eyes and ears and become aware of it.

  13. As a child those monkey figures felt very sinister and I didn’t really understand why. Perhaps I felt the evil in the message they were giving. We have sayings that reveal that we have an in-built knowing that it is the energy that underlies all that we do; ‘I don’t know what got into him’ or ‘She wasn’t herself’.

  14. The word “evil” has been re-interpreted to mean something that is extraordinarily bad, almost abnormal and not a part of day to day life. But there is evil around us every day. Cigarettes are without doubt evil, they harm not only their user, but anyone around them. They are purposefully laced with addictive substances so their user can’t give them up. Think about the evil that is perpetrated to sell something that causes serious illness and / or death just to make money.

  15. “I was told that God would stop loving us if we were imperfect and did wrong. ”
    This sentence stopped me in my tracks as it is so evil. What kind of message is implemented in us with that? It is completely aimed at shutting us down, making sure we all follow the rules and do not speak up.

  16. It feels like anything that is not deemed ‘normal’, and ‘normal’ being defined as something enough people do so it gets called ‘normal’, no matter how unnatural or even perverted it might be, rules the roost and condemns many to silence; or, more accurately, many choose to be silenced, against their better and very strong knowing.

    1. Yes it shows how uncomfortable we are to stand out of the crowd and go against the grain as they say and that we would rather be unseen within a crowd, even if that compromises what we feel and know to be true.

  17. It is so true that we are flooded with such obvious evils in life that we tend to overlook the more subtle ones that seemingly slip through unnoticed or remain unchallenged yet can still cause great harm. Your list of expectations and beliefs is a perfect example of this. At the end of the day evil is evil in whatever form and we cannot be complacent about it’s presence or the damage it does when our apathy does not allow us to stand up and expose or eradicate it

  18. It is important to call our unacceptable behaviours for what they are. However the greatest evils are thse which sneak in under our radars dressed up as nice, good and peace loving.

  19. There is a universe of difference between pure innocence and wilful ignorance. The 3 so-called ‘wise’ monkeys are most definitely the latter for we cannot un-see what we see, un-hear what we hear and un-speak what is spoken. So if we chose to follow their example, we are accepting and agreeing with all we see, hear and speak.

  20. Thank you Deborah for a great blog, one I could relate to so well, I took on so many of the ideas and beliefs you referred to, especially that ‘feelings are not to be trusted’ which led me to always be looking outside of my self for truth. I also did the three wise monkey thing, closing myself down, shutting myself up into the good box, not wanting to feel the pain that existed in me and all around me. This was an evil that shut me away from my inner heart and divine love for almost sixty years. Blessed I now am, to know the truth as presented by Serge, of my inner connection to God and live the love that has always resided within me.

  21. gorgeous, as what we see is what is there and dismissing that is our greatest downfall as it is our truth. Same with what we hear and feel all of the time. Great call that actually not wanting to see, hear and feel is actually evil itself!! Thank you for exposing what evil is. There is much more to be discussed.

  22. To not know that there is ‘another way’ is without a doubt the greatest evil. By suppressing and hiding this fact allows all the other evils to exist.

  23. Deborah this is a great blog, your words ‘yet all the time overlooking the subtle, hidden evils that we live with and widely accept in everyday life’. When we turn a blind eye to the smallest act of evil we are saying that all acts of evil are alright, because no matter how small it may be, it is still an act that holds no love for humanity, and we all have a responsibility to ourselves and humanity as a whole.

  24. Stories of a vengeful, punishing and judgmental God have never made sense to me. If God is our ‘Father’ and creator – and gave us free-will – then why would he punish us for using it? Makes no sense at all. No, we have created images of God that we know in our hearts are lies – and what’s more, we have negated the wisdom of our hearts so we do not connect to the truth of the matter. There is another way and it is a way that is innate within us all equally – when we choose to reconnect to this wisdom for ourselves.

  25. Indeed it has Deborah, “What if living another way has existed all along?”,… why else would there be such a push to convince us all that we have no say in what happens to us. It’s up to each one of us to ask questions, expose what is there and uncover the true evil of this world.

  26. The greatest evil is the separation we have sold out to, the separation from our inner-hearts and from our brothers.

  27. You name one of the greatest evils we choose to not see that we have a choice in how we live and that we choose not to see this, but could it be that this actually suits us as we do not then have to see the responsibility we all carry to call out the evil within and around us, after all it’s how we become more the love we are.

  28. Dear Deborah,
    You have presented here much to ponder on, for I dare to say there would not be many who have not done, or even continue to do, the everyday evils you have exposed, along with many more. As one in this world, each of us has the choice to live differently and truly halt all that is evil in its tracks.

  29. Thank you Deborah for sharing this profound blog. Sometime I too have been told that God would punish me for doing wrong and that he would stop loving me as feelings of a deeply held sadness in my body arise and I begin to let it go. Seeing, hearing and speaking what evil truly is, is medicine for our wellbeing. Our body is our marker of truth.

  30. That we have been led to believe that our all knowing and all loving god who loves us unconditionally could ever judge or condemn our human imperfections and mistakes that are merely there so we can learn and evolve is crazy.

  31. ‘We appear to willingly accept versions of love and truth that are so far from their true meanings’. Well said Deborah and very true. Why have we allowed this to happen? I know I have accepted lesser versions of love in my own life because I felt that was all I deserved – and I felt pretty miserable and empty living in this way. Meeting Serge Benhayon changed all this for me, the truth and absolute love he lives and expresses everyday was deeply inspiring and awakened me to who I truly was once again.

  32. Gosh yes the so called “3 wise Monkeys” featured in my childhood too. I love the fact that you expose here some of the many ways we have bought into crazy notions and accepted them when really they amount to evil, keeping us from knowing our truth.

    1. There is so much in our everyday that could be exposed for the evil it is… especially this time of year, being Christmas, and all the lies that are told to children about there being a Santa… and even when children feel it is untrue and asks an adult, they are continued to be lied to and told ‘if they don’t believe, he won’t come’, then adults expect children to be honest with them and not to lie. One crazy example of evil that is accepted by so many as normal.

  33. You have touched upon so much here Deborah. Books can be written on this – as Serge Benhayon has been gifting us with for many years now.
    We need to open our eyes – in continuous measure – for there are indeed so very many pockets of evil that permeate our lives, insidiously and deeply so. And this must be done, that we say no to being less, and embrace all that yes, we truly are.
    Very well said.

  34. Speaking of the evils we have accepted and lived with, this is very well exposed Deborah: “I was told that God would stop loving us if we were imperfect and did wrong.”
    One of the greatest evils of all – wrought and fabricated deeply into our society by a church that clearly has an agenda to hold others in its dominion.

  35. Deborah this is a great sharing. You have expressed beautifully and clearly the evil that takes us away from who we truly are and the truth of Life. Required reading for us all, so revealing and inspirational.

  36. ‘Could we say that there are many things we invest in that often don’t even make sense and that we know are not true?’ Deborah this is very true, and brings up the question why do we invest in things, when we know they are not true, is it because we have a belief that we have to go along with it even when deep down we know it’s not true. Is it not time then that we stopped going along with things, and start living from what we know to be true.

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