Seeing evil, hearing evil, feeling evil

I grew up being told that evil was someone harming another, or plotting to harm another; a severe act involving blood, pain and at times death, and something to fear. This ugliness wasn’t spoken about much and was hushed-up by people, but we all knew it was there, lurking beneath the surface somewhere until it exploded out with a crime of some description.

Evil was also something I was taught at a young age was synonymous with the Devil and with hell’s raging inferno beneath the ground – where anyone doing wrong would live out their afterlife. There was certainly a feeling of everlasting condemnation and punishment for being ‘evil’, and that this sentencing would be at God’s hand. I was told that God would stop loving us if we were imperfect and did wrong. It never made sense to me how God, who ‘loves us unconditionally’, and is ‘all-knowing’ and ‘all-loving’, would ever be able to punish, judge or condemn.

Growing up it became easy to see the obvious evils  – the disturbing image of some kind, or the evil act – yet all the time overlooking the subtle, hidden evils that we live with and widely accept in everyday life – evils that remain unchecked and do great harm.

As a child, I was given a small ornament of monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes and mouth. It was explained to me as ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’… but is this not evil? To ‘ignore what we see’? To not see what is really there and to discount what we hear? To override our true feelings and senses, and discount our true knowing of what truth and evil are?

Consider a world that appears to teach us that we need to constantly improve ourselves and strive to become ‘someone’. Is this not encouraging us to never be content with who we naturally are? In the face of the masses choosing to live by the latest popular belief of how we should be, what we should look like, how we should think, what we need to have, we seem to be forever striving to become a new and improved version of ourselves – it actually begins to appear ‘unnatural’ to be content with who we already are and to remain true to ourselves. How absurd is this?

If we conform to ‘the majority rule’ and ‘don’t rock the boat’ or ask questions; if we discount our true feelings, and turn a blind eye to what we are actually subscribing to and willingly being part of – is this not further promoting the pockets of hidden evil that are all around us in their many forms, which we support and allow to remain by our silence?

Have you ever considered the hidden evil fostered in everyday beliefs that teach us to be someone or something we are not and never actually give us a choice to think otherwise?

For instance: the expectation that all girls will grow up to become mothers; a woman’s place is in the home; men will be non-crying providers and should not express feelings (as this is weak); a woman is less than a man and certainly not equal to a man; age is a curse, money is the root of all evil, work is a necessary evil; colour, race, religion, wealth, poverty and borders divide us; we should keep our minds busy; respect our elders regardless of their actions; what we see is what we get; reincarnation is a myth and we will all be saved from our sins. There are only five senses (no mention of our heart’s inner-knowing); what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger; and intelligence is in the mind and not the heart.

Could we say that there are many things we invest in that often don’t even make sense and that we know are not true?

How often are we told to ‘worry about it later’ and ‘it will be all right’? ‘There is never enough time’… ‘such is life’ and other phrases appear to encourage us to discount anything that doesn’t make sense and to not ask questions… If we readily accept these anomalies in life as the ‘norm’, it won’t take that long before we will have strayed far from what feels natural and true to us.

We appear to willingly accept versions of love and truth that are so far from their true meanings – growing up to believe neediness, attachment, sacrifice, sympathy, guilt and even punishment are all synonymous with love… when love is none of these things.

Love is absolute truth, complete equality, compassion, acceptance, understanding, wisdom, commitment, playfulness and harmony… and more.

Overall, we appear to accept living a life that is far less than the life we really want and deep down, know we could have.

What if we could live another way?

What if living another way has existed all along?

A way that sees everyone as equal, a way that is loving, true and honest and in total harmony with others; a way that knows what makes sense and what does not and the way to live a simple, joyful and fulfilling life – as our natural selves without the need to be anyone or anything else.

For most to never know that ‘another way’ could even be a possibility, let alone there being a choice involved – could this be one of our greatest evils?

by Deborah

272 thoughts on “Seeing evil, hearing evil, feeling evil

  1. What I admire about all the blogs that have be written by the Uni Med students is that they have started discussions that we do not normally have between us, but are so necessary if we are to understand where as a race of human-beings we have gone astray so that we can get back on track to what we are here to do to which is to evolve back to our origins.
    We need to understand as Deborah has said that
    “We appear to willingly accept versions of love and truth that are so far from their true meanings – growing up to believe neediness, attachment, sacrifice, sympathy, guilt and even punishment are all synonymous with love… when love is none of these things.”
    We have disconnected to our relationship with the universe and in this disconnection we have strayed far from our true origins and this is why these blogs are so important to remind everyone of our truth.

  2. What I can feel is how we have narrowed down our world to remain in a comfortable pocket of life, in exchange for castrating ourselves from living in our full glory. Whether we choose awareness or not, the what is is what is.

  3. Thanks Deborah, with the ongoing cycles of what’s popular, fashions, fads, and generational ideals and beliefs we seem assured to always have something to give our power to and follow so we can be part of a group, instead of following the impulse of our inner heart and living from our innate love and wisdom.

    1. It feels as though we just go round in circles going no where, we can see this quite clearly with fashion, nothing is new as such, it is just a regurgitation of previous years. And we are silly enough to ‘buy’ literally into this.

  4. You make a great point here that there are so many sayings and beliefs we accept in society as normal but perhaps they do not bring us any closer to genuine health, wellbeing or harmony in our world?

  5. I always found those monkeys very unsettling. Evil can come through many ways to keep us from knowing the truth of who we are.

  6. I agree with you Deborah that the greatest evil is for us not to know that there is ‘another way’ that actually we do have a choice.

  7. Holding back from speaking openly about what we see, hear and feel is the greatest evil.
    I had tape put over my mouth my early days at school many years ago simply for asking a question and this is what that felt like, the evil being that I subsequently held back from speaking out for most of my life because of that.
    Those monkeys have always reminded me of that and made me feel very uncomfortable,

  8. When we were young my parents had the same set of monkeys and it makes more sense to me now than it did when growing up that we don’t want to hear, see or speak of the atrocities mankind is capable of but by refusing to see the extent of the rot we surely, must be adding to it.

  9. We have been fed so many lies about ‘the way it is’ and this is certainly the greatest evil currently besetting us as humanity with so many vainly searching knowing that there is more but caught up in the constant doing as a distraction from that which they miss the most – the innate connection to their Soul.

  10. We may all agree that evil is a bad thing. Yet, it is another bad thing (even much worse) that we do not agree on what is evil and what is not, and for that reason, there is no clarity in our own relationship with it.

    1. The twisting and changing the meaning of words with our usage, is one of the ways to ensure we can not have a sensible conversation about the topic and do not expose what is really going on with our relationship to it.

  11. it is the subtleties of everyday evil that is the most harmful, because it masquerades as normal. For example feeling we’re less or better than another, where did that come from and who or what does it serve? We have to be super discerning within ourselves to become aware of when we step across the line and act in ways that are not aligned to our true essence.

    1. Yes whenever we step away from our connection to ourselves we lose our radar for evil. Taking a moment to re-connect and feel what is true allows no space for evil to flourish.

    2. Kehinde2012 what you have shared is Gold because evil is very subtle, we have been lied to on so many different levels that life is one gigantic lie that we have fallen for and have become very comfortable with, although it is also very uncomfortable at the same time because we do know that this life is not it.

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