Professor John Dwyer’s assertions were inaccurate about Universal Medicine

by Kehinde James, London, UK

I recently saw Professor John Dwyer interviewed online in regards to Univeral Medicine (UniMed): he made some very misinformed and inaccurate assertions. He made a grossly wrong and inaccurate statement when he suggested that individuals who make choices as a result of attending UniMed presentations have a mental illness, are vulnerable, and not able to make decisions for themselves. I have personally attended UniMed presentations (unlike Professor Dwyer), and therefore felt to share from my own experience.

Universal Medicine:

– has never claimed to cure breast cancer. What it does is seek to raise awareness in women of lifestyles and practices that are self-harming and could lead to ill-health, including cancer. It offers alternatives based on self-nurturing. UniMed presents the information; it is up to each person to make choices for themselves.

– has never told anyone to starve themselves. Food is important, yes. What UniMed does is raise awareness of different types of food and has identified foods most likely to nourish, enhance vitality, and reduce bloating.

– supports any form of exercise that supports and nurtures the body, especially walking, swimming and gentle gym work.

– has always advocated that students work with mainstream medicine alongside esoteric practitioners. It values the public health role of mainstream medicine.

Esoteric Breast Massage and Esoteric Ovary Massage

I have received both treatments and can testify to the value of both.

Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is practised in a non-invasive, gentle manner: it is a beautiful treatment to receive. As said in a previous letter, EBM practitioners work with the utmost integrity. I have received EBM treatments for three years. Esoteric Breast Massage is not just a technique, it is much more: it helps women who have lost touch with their femaleness to re-connect to it; to re-learn how to nurture themselves as women first, and maintain health and vitality. Woman’s breasts are not just for sexual pleasure and breast-feeding, they are centres worthy of care and nurturing.

Before Esoteric Breast Massage, many women like myself avoided or hated their breasts. Women have learned through Esoteric Breast Massage to honour their breasts; to be aware of any physical changes… and should any occur, to consult a physician. One of the reasons why the Esoteric Breast Massage was introduced was because so many women in western societies are living from a ‘driven’, masculine energy, rather than the ‘stillness’ of the feminine energy; they are not expressing their essence and are neglecting their bodies and cycles to ‘make it’ in our very ‘driven’ world. Women have become dis-connected from themselves and as a result they do not nurture their bodies as a part of the amazing beings they are.

The Ovary Massage is equally powerful. The session begins with a consultation with a practitioner, followed by the massage with Esoteric Healing, conversation and feedback from the practitioner. Women learn to feel what is happening in their bodies, to deepen this connection and to release blockages. It is much easier for women to listen to their bodies when they are free of substances and stimulants. Many women have chosen to live a substance and stimulant free life, and to nurture their bodies instead.

During the interview Professor Dwyer was asked the question, “Is there something the GPs are missing?” A good question – and there is another one we could all seek to answer: “Why are so many people choosing Universal Medicine?”

118 thoughts on “Professor John Dwyer’s assertions were inaccurate about Universal Medicine

  1. Spot on Kehinde, I can vouch for all you have shared in your article, as this has been my experiences too, both of the Universal Medicine modalities and also their practitioners, with whom I have had sessions with.

    1. This an awesome record of th facts – thank you Kehinde for taking the time to set the record straight. Amazing how twisted and distorted things can get especially when a so called expert decides to unleash his prejudice and distaste for complimentry medicine.

    2. I second that Elizabeth. Universal Medicine is the furthest thing I know from being a cult (it is in fact the antithesis), so perhaps another question we should be asking is whose interest does it serve to spread such lies and propoganda, and could this in fact be to serve the personal agenda of those spreading these mistruths?

  2. This is an great account of the truth about Universal Medicine, thank you, and I do totally agree with all the points made. There is nothing I was forced to do by UniMed, I was always inspired to make my own choices.

  3. Thank you Kehinde for your article I agree with all you have said about Universal Medicine, those have been my experiences also. How can a man who is a Professor be so uninformed when making these ridiculous statements.

  4. “Why are so many people choosing Universal Medicine?” A much more productive line of inquiry indeed. It would reveal some astoundingly positive statistics and results, ones that governments, medical associations and health authorities would all sit up and take notice of when compared with existing world health data. And so the next question would naturally be, ‘What is it that Universal Medicine is bringing that is making such a difference to the sustained health, wellbeing and vitality of its students and that could be incorporated into our health management strategies?’

    1. Yes Felix the EBM is indeed a sacred modality as is the ovary massage. It is amazing to feel how disconnected you can be to a certain area of your body. The EBM allows an awareness to feel this and then the choice to be more self-loving enabling a re-connection to an innate sacredness which is inside of every woman. No person without any first-hand experience of this has a right to question it.

  5. Well said Kehinde and I agree will all you share about Universal Medicine. It is obvious Professor John Dwyer did no research of his own about Universal Medicine because he makes ridiculous statements that are completely untrue.

    1. This is correct Anna, how can Professor John Dwyer possibly be an expert on Universal Medicine and present his opinions so publicly if he has never attended a presentation or workshop by Universal Medicine himself?

  6. You’re right Kehinde: Universal Medicine is the common denominator for a growing number of people around the world whose lives and health has greatly improved. That is the evidence that Professor John Dwyer should be focusing his research and subsequent comments on.

  7. Thank you Kehinde for highlighting the misconceptions about Universal Medicine espoused by Professor John Dwyer; sad that he did not research his topic!
    What you shared is a beautiful and true testimony to the integrity and professionalism of Universal Medicine.

  8. These are very clear and fair questions. Perhaps Professor Dwyer is completely joyful in his own body and has no need for any modality to assist him to connect to his essence. I felt like I was a long way from the lovely woman I am and Universal Medicine has given me an amazing insight into the ways I can choose to come back to the essence of me. Their healing modalities have helped enormously in my self care and I no longer hesitate to see a doctor these days if it is necessary whereas in the past I would have procrastinated. I have not met anyone at any event who I thought was unhinged. Everyone at these events seems very grounded and level headed.

  9. With all the respect due to the professor he is obviously invested in his beliefs and chooses not to investigate the well being and joy experienced by, and very visible, in the student body. The aim is not to change his view but to speak up and express the wisdom of Universal Medicine.

  10. Just imagine how beneficial for humanity would be if Professor John Dwyer would be working together with Serge and Universal Medicine practitioners not against them.

  11. Great expose Kehinde, I agree wholeheartedly with the facts you have presented about Universal Medicine.
    As you pointed out Professor John Dwyer is way off the mark with his ill-informed comments.

    1. Professor John Dwyer’s behaviour is a classic example of the lack of integrity in academia today, he has basically used his title to speak about a topic he knows nothing about, that he has not researched, and harmed many individuals by doing so because his agenda is solely for self.

  12. Saying individuals who make choices as a result of attending UniMed presentations have a mental illness, are vulnerable, and not able to make decisions for themselves is hilariously ridiculous. Clearly he hasn’t met any of them….for they are undeniably, blow your socks off amazing people whose wisdom would put many professors to shame.

    1. In all seriousness maybe one day we will say that people who claim to be experts on topics they know nothing about and that speak about such topics without regard to the damage they do to others, and do so because of the attention and recognition they receive, may be seen as those with a form of ill mental health.

  13. Thank you for setting the record straight re Universal Medicine. Dwyer has obviously not met any Unimed students, who are going against the worldwide trend of illness and disease in terms of their own burgeoning health and vitality.

  14. How we live our each and every day accumulates and not only determines our experience and perception of life, but more often than not the actually physical health of our body. The trick is to always question and be aware of and embrace what we can learn from all of our experiences which is exactly what is shared at Universal Medicine workshops. Is not the frightening projected health statistics poised to overwhelm our present health care systems worldwide enough to get everyone’s attention (including all esteemed professors) and to initiate us asking the question of why in the present day when we have the very best scientific knowledge and technology to date these statistics are continuing to climb? Deep down we all know that how are we living is feeding these stats directly but when we don’t see and appreciate the opportunity of what we are learning from this awareness to evolve and grow wiser then we are merely stagnating and effectively marking time and our health and wellbeing will too remain the same and if not continue to worsen – and who in their heart really wants that for us all.

  15. Universal Medicine presents the possibility that by making a choice to be more self loving in the way we treat our bodies we can turn our health and wellbeing around. With the rise in mental health problems it is amazing that this is not appreciated by the ‘scientific’ community who are spending so much money trying to find cures for diseases when it is now accepted that 80% of diseases are down to lifestyle choices and these choices have a detrimental effect on an individual’s mental health. Whose agenda is being served by seeking to discredit an exemplary organisation that has done so much to increase the health and well-being of thousands of people.

  16. Kehinde,
    I love how you talk about women living in masculine energy, driven and disconnected from them selves and how Esoteric Breast Massage supports women to reconnect to their bodies and natural cycles and hence begin to feel the driven way of living is not actually true for a woman’s body. This doesn’t mean we become subdued or in any way inferior. From my personal experience it has meant that I actually achieve more in my days than ever before in my life, and I do so with a stillness, presence and nurturing. Leaving behind me a settledness and grace that can be felt.

  17. What Universal Medicine presents is pure gold for conventional medicine because they help to fill the gaps that are missing. Conventional medicine is a must but there are so many question marks as to why things happen and how to prevent us from getting many of the ailments we get.

  18. It is outrageous to hear that for my choice to listen to some really great advice which I have fully discerned for myself anyway, I am to be so insulted and written off by a total stranger the other side of the world who has never heard the presentations in question! However, I know what I know feels true to me and Universal Medicine has enhanced my health and quality of life immeasurably. Thats all I need to know and I don’t need to convince anyone else, even Mr. Dwyer, for he is as free to make his own choices as I am.

  19. There is another whole blog here it seems about Esoteric Breast Massage treatments. I too have received these valuable and extremely professional treatments, for women by women. My relationship with my breasts and all that entails about my womanhood has never been better, and my breasts are I feel much healthier too, which is important. I am also more aware of how they feel which is important in the prevention of breast cancer.

  20. A great blog Kehinde exposing the ridiculousness of the false claims made by Professor Dwyer. If he had interviewed or studied any of the Universal Medicine students he would have found his ‘findings’ were grossly inaccurate and would have learnt of the amazing transformations hundreds of students have made with the true love and support offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  21. Ooooo, love the last question Kehinde! That will throw a spanner in the works. More and more, I’m finding people are becoming more aware and more discerning about what they are told and what is being presented. People who choose to attend presentations by Universal Medicine are often already on high alert for any rubbish. I know I certainly have a very strong radar for the wool being pulled over my eyes, and it’s something I feel very confident in saying that UniMed does not do. All it presents is common sense, so simple is it that we often sit back and wonder what all the fuss is about because really, if we paid a little more attention to the ridiculousness of some of our choices, that comes from the pressure of society, we’d realise just how much time we waste and how much we harm oursleves without realising.

  22. Well said Kehinde. What strikes me as hard to deny is the way women have hardened themselves and become ‘male’ in their behaviours and actions. I see women behaving today how men once behaved – perhaps in efforts to achieve apparent equality in our societies – but at what cost? For example I hear women ‘bragging’ about how much they had to drink the night before, just as men did when I was growing up and in my teens and twenties. The reflections are all around us. My experience of Universal Medicine is one that offers women an opportunity to reflect on their choices, to feel what is true for them as a whole – not just what society says should be true for them – and to honour those innate feelings, returning to the desperately needed expression of femaleness.

  23. Kehinde, it is so deeply enriching to read of your experiences with Esoteric Breast Massage and Esoteric Ovary Massage. This one testimonial alone debunks the falsities that have been presented, with no awareness of what such modalities actually entail.
    As a woman who cares for her own well-being, it is deeply inspiring to read this. From my own experience also, these modalities have supported me enormously, in returning to a way of being with myself and my body as a woman that is connected and self-honouring – rather than the rampant disregard for ourselves we have so readily accepted as the ‘norm’ in our societies today.

  24. Oh to have studied allopathic medicine in depth, and the greatness that it offers to humanity… and yet, have a mind that is open to the fact that we are actually energetic beings first and foremost, and that there is a way of addressing our ills at a core level – even way before they may work their way to manifest as a serious illness or disease…
    Now that would be the hallmark of a true physician, would it not?

  25. Why would such a man like Professor John Dwyer make a statement on something without the true facts, is it because there is something truly amazing about Universal Medicine that challenges the knowledge many rely on.

  26. ‘He made a grossly wrong and inaccurate statement when he suggested that individuals who make choices as a result of attending UniMed presentations have a mental illness, are vulnerable, and not able to make decisions for themselves.’ Misinformation and biased views are extremely dangerous, as Professor John Dwyer’s is all about scientific evidence based facts, where was his evidence and science?

  27. What is exposed here is that the media can go to anyone with a few credentials, who may not have any direct experience of what they are being questioned about, yet they speak with and supposedly carry some kind of authority! I find that outrageous, grossly irresponsible and corrupt. My personal experience of Universal Medicine is unlike anything said by Professor Dwyer, and I have always found Universal Medicine to operate with absolute respect, care and integrity. What has been falsely said in the media about Universal Medicine must be called for what it is – an absolute lie.

  28. It is amazing how someone who is a Professor who has had many years of study to gain the position he has think that he can speak truthfully about a subject he knows little about without honest and open investigation before opening his mouth. Such is the arrogance of so called intelligence.

  29. During the interview Professor Dwyer was asked the question, “Is there something the GPs are missing?” I would say, yes, there is. But it is not in a way that therefore dismisses what the GP’s bring, but with an understanding that what is missing is as equally needed as modern medicine. Universal Medicine is the ‘missing link’ between the energetic causes of illness and disease – that is, our choices – and the physical manifestation of it in our bodies. Medicine can often cure the physical but it is Universal Medicine that brings true healing. Both are needed.

  30. Thank you Kehinde for writing about your own experiences of Universal Medicine and its modalities. This dispels many of the myths that are bandied around by those who have not directly had contact with the organisation.

  31. When someone is relying on tabloid information to make an informed decision, it will always be limited and not the whole story and therefore a judgment. When made on our personal experience it comes with a much deeper level of understanding. I too have experienced Esoteric Breast Massage, and Ovary Massage and regularly attended Universal Medicine presentations and I go because how I feel about myself and how I treat myself and others has changed to something that is much more loving, understanding and supporting. Because that has always been my own experience of Universal Medicine and the modalities. There is nothing that the likes of Professor John Dwyer can say that would stop me from attending, because what he is saying is nothing like the experience I have had. I have always been someone who has made my own decisions in life.

  32. I didn’t see this interview but did laugh a little on reading this to hear that as someone who attends Universal Medicine presentations, I apparently have a mental illness and am unable to make decisions for myself… how ridiculous to propose such an outrageous statement… you would think a professor would know better. Clearly some people are given too much credit in society, only to abuse it through their ignorance.

  33. I’ve never come across an organisation with such a strong support for conventional medicine and in fact it’s philosophies support people to work with conventional medicine in a way that asks us to look at how we live and the impact this has on where we are; Universal Medicine has the highest integrity and has no problem in speaking up and saying what is true, it’s a beacon for us all.

  34. Thanks Kehinde, your blog expresses the truth very clearly and reflects my own experiences with Universal Medicine. What is disturbing about Professor John Dwyer’s false assertions is that he is actually attacking an organisation that is successfully doing the very thing society needs. Universal Medicine is offering a way forward that supports human beings to avoid illness and disease through their own self care and by taking responsibility for daily choices, and a way forward to live with joy instead of the misery and stress that has become the norm.

  35. “UniMed presents the information; it is up to each person to make choices for themselves.”
    Thank you Kehinde for this strong testimonial. And I agree how many organisations are out there providing just that information for people to make their own choices. So why is it that Universal Medicine is picked on? Is it too successful in its endeavour?

  36. Well said Kehinde. Serge Benhayon presents what he knows from his own body and it is the responsibility for everyone to feel for themselves what they choose to support their own body. It seems many commentators who have chosen not to be aware of all that is shared by Universal Medicine seek to denounce it –
    why? Are they afraid they may hear the truth?

  37. We live in a world that prides itself on religious tolerance and the supposed acceptance of others cultural and gender beliefs, but is this really true? And while we are pondering on that maybe it is also wise to consider what actually is tolerance?

  38. These modalities are a incredible support. I don’t think anyone can comment or assess these modalities without having experienced them. The Esoteric Breast Massage and the Ovary Massage are performed obviously on women only. I have received treatments from these same practitioners and the quality and integrity I experienced is second to none. I have also received a Esoteric Men’s Massage and this was just divine and very exposing where I’m not honouring my tenderness and also felt how I protect myself. The support I have received from these modalities words cannot possibly define it . . .

  39. I have received and studied/ read about many spiritual practices but none have come anywhere near the absolute love, truth and integrity Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers. One of the changes I have made due to the support from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is how I now embrace conventional medicine in my life… a miracle in itself which I am very grateful for if it was not for Universal Medicine I would still be living in a way that would not only be harming towards myself but to my family as well.

  40. It’s amazing how the media sees it fit to print a so-called expert’s view even though they have no personal experience of the subject matter, rather than those who have therefore naturally qualify as THE expert.

  41. “Is there something the GPs are missing?” That is a great question that needs to be fully answered. Only when this happens, we will realize the full extent of how misinformed and inaccurate these assertions by John Dwyer truly were.

  42. ‘He made a grossly wrong and inaccurate statement when he suggested that individuals who make choices as a result of attending UniMed presentations have a mental illness, are vulnerable, and not able to make decisions for themselves.’

    This is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who is a student of Universal Medicine, with a little research Professor Dwyer would not have had to look far to see the amazing transformations hundreds of students have made worldwide with the true love and support offered by Universal Medicine. It’s great Kehinde that you are debasing these harming lies, as they appear to be very calculated and cunning in their attempt to delay other people from feeling the very true benefits that is offered so beautifully by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  43. Misinformation and the perversion of truth is one of the true evils of our era. Thank you for setting the record straight here Kehinde and sharing the truth those of us who do attend Universal Medicine events – and who do have sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners – know from our own experience.

  44. Kehinde, this is beautifully presented, and I agree wholeheartedly with every word, Universal Medicine has changed my life and many others to, purely by offering me a reminder of what I already know.

  45. The modalities And teachings Universal Medicine are offering is gold. People attending those workshops And teachings come from all over the world with a wife variation of background, study, work etc. They all have one thing in common. They know they have love themselves again to be able to bring true service to humanity who clearly Needs support to get out of the missery we are in.
    Thanks to Serge Benhayon And us as students And many others who start to go back to truth.

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