Professor John Dwyer’s assertions were inaccurate about Universal Medicine

by Kehinde James, London, UK

I recently saw Professor John Dwyer interviewed online in regards to Univeral Medicine (UniMed): he made some very misinformed and inaccurate assertions. He made a grossly wrong and inaccurate statement when he suggested that individuals who make choices as a result of attending UniMed presentations have a mental illness, are vulnerable, and not able to make decisions for themselves. I have personally attended UniMed presentations (unlike Professor Dwyer), and therefore felt to share from my own experience.

Universal Medicine:

– has never claimed to cure breast cancer. What it does is seek to raise awareness in women of lifestyles and practices that are self-harming and could lead to ill-health, including cancer. It offers alternatives based on self-nurturing. UniMed presents the information; it is up to each person to make choices for themselves.

– has never told anyone to starve themselves. Food is important, yes. What UniMed does is raise awareness of different types of food and has identified foods most likely to nourish, enhance vitality, and reduce bloating.

– supports any form of exercise that supports and nurtures the body, especially walking, swimming and gentle gym work.

– has always advocated that students work with mainstream medicine alongside esoteric practitioners. It values the public health role of mainstream medicine.

Esoteric Breast Massage and Esoteric Ovary Massage

I have received both treatments and can testify to the value of both.

Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is practised in a non-invasive, gentle manner: it is a beautiful treatment to receive. As said in a previous letter, EBM practitioners work with the utmost integrity. I have received EBM treatments for three years. Esoteric Breast Massage is not just a technique, it is much more: it helps women who have lost touch with their femaleness to re-connect to it; to re-learn how to nurture themselves as women first, and maintain health and vitality. Woman’s breasts are not just for sexual pleasure and breast-feeding, they are centres worthy of care and nurturing.

Before Esoteric Breast Massage, many women like myself avoided or hated their breasts. Women have learned through Esoteric Breast Massage to honour their breasts; to be aware of any physical changes… and should any occur, to consult a physician. One of the reasons why the Esoteric Breast Massage was introduced was because so many women in western societies are living from a ‘driven’, masculine energy, rather than the ‘stillness’ of the feminine energy; they are not expressing their essence and are neglecting their bodies and cycles to ‘make it’ in our very ‘driven’ world. Women have become dis-connected from themselves and as a result they do not nurture their bodies as a part of the amazing beings they are.

The Ovary Massage is equally powerful. The session begins with a consultation with a practitioner, followed by the massage with Esoteric Healing, conversation and feedback from the practitioner. Women learn to feel what is happening in their bodies, to deepen this connection and to release blockages. It is much easier for women to listen to their bodies when they are free of substances and stimulants. Many women have chosen to live a substance and stimulant free life, and to nurture their bodies instead.

During the interview Professor Dwyer was asked the question, “Is there something the GPs are missing?” A good question – and there is another one we could all seek to answer: “Why are so many people choosing Universal Medicine?”

150 thoughts on “Professor John Dwyer’s assertions were inaccurate about Universal Medicine

  1. Thank you Kehinde for sharing so openly your experience with Esoteric Breast Massage and Ovary Massage. I was one of the women who was living” from a ‘driven’, masculine energy, rather than the ‘stillness’ of the feminine energy” and I have to admit that changing to live more of the stillness made me healthier than I was ever before. The health insurance love me now because I am hardly ill these days.

  2. Universal Medicine therapies work very well with western medicine and why would you dismiss something which encourages people to look at their lifestyles and see if there are ways they can support themselves differently, and this with a combination of our western medicine is very powerful, and something to be lauded and not dismissed.

  3. “Why are so many people choosing Universal Medicine?” I choose Universal Medicine as a place to heal. This includes understanding myself from a honest and truthful place while being held for who I truly am in my essence and power. Its non-abusive and never tells me what to do. I’m not judged but understood I am where I am because of my choices and my choices these days are 1 million x times more honouring than they ever were.

  4. It feels to me that Profession John Dwyer was part of a smear campaign that didn’t look at the facts in a balanced and fair way, which is of course very unscientific, but instead just wanted to remove the ‘new kid on the block’ Universal Medicine and it’s awesome input into health and wellbeing via self responsibility and lifestyle choices. There is no doubt Western Medicine is amazing, however with illness and disease rising rapidly there is something key missing here. Why not be open to the answers that Universal Medicine is providing, especially if the evidence of their effectiveness is clearly seen in those associated with Universal Medicine? After all, aren’t we all here to work together for the benefit of humanity, as opposed to living in and fighting each other from factions?

  5. Before Universal Medicine, I was tired most of the time, my relationship was on the rocks, I was not working much and I felt depressed and isolated using studying as a means to occupy my mind so I was not consumed by how down I felt about life. But after encountering Universal Medicine and gaining a deeper understanding of life, after receiving healing treatments including Esoteric Breast Massages, I have turned my life around to the point where I now have a beautiful vitality, I work more than full time, I am head over heels in love with my husband (whom I was on the verge of divorcing before Universal Medicine) and deeply appreciate how full and complete my life is in so many ways. This ‘dangerous effect’ of Universal medicine (as John Dwyer is declaring) has offered an amazing and beautiful change in my life and I would never go back to how I was in the past. I have so much to thank Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine for inspiring me with these changes. In and with my experience of Universal medicine, there is simply not an ounce of truth in what John Dwyer is saying. Meanwhile in our society there are many practices such as drinking alcohol and taking drugs not to mention the amount of junk food and sugar offered daily to people in our society that remains un-addressed, leading to and contributing hugely to the rising trend of illness and disease – With what Universal Medicine offers, we are already addressing this on a small scale where so many students of Universal Medicine have realised and understood the damage that can come from such practices as drinking and taking drugs and hence have dropped this and many more supportive decisions – and turned their lives around. How is this dangerous as John Dwyer has declared?

  6. Awesome response Kehinde – and I love how you have shared from your practical experience about the esoteric modalities and how they have supported you in your life. For someone to make false derogatory comments about Universal Medicine and to have had no connection or experience with them is a degrading and disrespectful way of behaving no different to abuse.

  7. 5 and a half years on from this blog and John Dwyer, in a recent April 2018 slandering of Universal Medicine, has clearly not learned anything about Universal Medicine or the philosophy and healing modalities it has brought through. Like you Kehinde, I know exactly, from experience, and over 11 years, the healing I have experienced from these amazing modalities.

  8. A good way of trying to dismiss the real life lived experience of people is to say that they are unable to make decisions for themselves or somehow mentally unwell and incapacitated and as such nothing they say is really worth listening too… How far from the truth this is with regards to people attending Universal Medicine presentations and clinics and it is demeaning of anyone to try and assert otherwise in my opinion.

  9. Whilst his assertions are completely inaccurate they are also exposing of himself and his integrity – likewise those who publish his opinion. Attend an event and speak with those who do attend Universal Medicine events. If this can be done without bias and a pre-planned agenda there is quite a different story to tell – and this story is one that is true.

  10. To become a professor one surely has to go through a lot of study and gain a lot of experience too. But does that qualify a person to make pronouncements about organisations, people and events they have not experienced nor even met? On what basis does the professor make his assertions about Universal Medicine – because if he had personal experience of the events, the workshops, the courses and the people – as an intelligent man he would surely reach different conclusions.

    1. Hear hear Richard! I could not agree more. And your comment has inspired me to share more here…Today’s world places intelligence in the hand of degrees and qualifications. So if you don’t have a degree or qualification then you are not deemed as intelligent. And yet with the 3 University qualifications that I have, I learned in all three qualifications that you simply have to be very good at memorising and then regurgitation information. I also got good marks at Uni when I could work out exactly what a teacher wanted as a reply or response to the question, and so it was never about applying my understanding or experience or knowing but simply resourcing from text books and giving the answers that fitted. However, this does not necessarily prepare you for life and dealing with real situations that crop up. It simply teaches you to regurgitate information. With the experience of 3 degrees at Uni, I can say with confidence that I got fantastic skills and qualifications in being able to work out what another wants me to say AND that I am capable of memorising information to spit out the next day (to then be forgotten the day after). Hmm is this real education I wonder? Don’t get me wrong – I still learned so much other things in the degrees that allow me to work in our current world with the qualifications I have, but this University education was far from complete in terms of offering true life skills and how to apply the qualifications in terms of connection to people (to me life and the world is about people – so would this not be an important part of education too?). The only true and valuable life skills in terms of accessing wisdom and understanding of life and work and business and working with people have come from Universal Medicine. To disrespect and put down what they bring is utter abuse and leads to us as a society missing out on one of the key aspects of life that brings true and lasting change.

      1. The wisdom of the kind that Universal Medicine brings us is the missing link in our education systems today. Combine the nurturing of our natural innate wisdom and the ability to learn skills and I think we are on to something well worth calling ‘University’.

  11. Universal Medicine and conventional medicine are in support of the same things: Eat well, exercise, seek support for stress and other medical conditions. Universal Medicine gets under and at the roots of why we may not consistently eat well, under or over exercise and allow stress, tension and illness to build up. The missing link is the energy and when it’s not missing the results are amazing.

  12. It is a complete abuse of power for someone who knows very little about something, to use their status as a professor to back themselves and act like an authority.

  13. There are no qualifications that give any person in the world the right to lie and make inaccurate accusations about others. If I look at my life before and since being a student of Universal Medicine, I can say on all levels so much has changed and improved by me making different choices and applying the Ageless teachings offered by Universal Medicine to my life.

  14. Esoteric Womens Health including Esoteric Breast Massage and Ovary Massage are so needed to make women aware of how far they have started to live from their true delicate nature. I only have to name the driven very masculine way of life, including exercising like crazy in the gym to keep fit and tight in their skin, the exhaustion, fitting too much in a day trying to keep all the balls in the air, self worth issues, rise in breast cancer and heart disease is more than enough to give credits to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine by asking questions that make sense and bringing out the modalities that can support us women to step out of this abusive pattern in our lives.

  15. If Professor Dwyer were to conduct a medical examination of students of Universal Medicine he would find that we are a group of very healthy people which is going against the current norm of health. But healthy is not just physical health. He would find similar things with relationships, work, financial and commitment to life. It’s health in its broadest meaning. This would not be occurring if what was said was true.

    1. I don’t think this is now possible. It would be far too exposing and his pedestal would simply vanish.

  16. Modern Science to me has tied its self in knots and does not think out side the box any more, I personally feel it will be Quantum Physics that will prove the theories of Serge Benhayon to be true.
    Carlo Rovelli is a theoretical physicist he says in one of his books

    “But the more we discover, the more we understand that what we don’t yet know is greater than what we know. The more powerful our telescopes, the stranger and more unexpected are the heavens we see. The closer we look at the minute detail of matter, the more we discover of its profound structure.” (Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity).
    Is it possible that Professor John Dwyer has become crystalized in his views and opinions and is not keeping up with Quantum Physics or Quantum gravity and that it is these fields of science that will one day support the teachings of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom regarding the world and the universe?

    1. Thank you Mary, this is a great contribution to the conversation. It’s amazing to me that someone like Professor John Dwyer seems to align himself to a version of science that is akin to the ‘world is flat’ theory, as you have clearly pointed out the scientist in Quantum Physics remains open to learning and acknowledges the more he knows the more he does not know. Even when the evidence that the Universal Medicine students are bucking the trends of ill health, obesity and other lifestyle related diseases is in front of Professor Dwyer I get the impression he has hung on tight to defending his beliefs that all things complementary to medicine are worthless. To me this is evidence that this doesn’t truly represent the public, or the truth, or science for that matter.

  17. As someone who spent many years seeing a psychiatrist because of ill mental health. I can attest that actually it was Serge Benhayon who supported me through his presentations and workshops of Universal Medicine back to health. I now live an extremely busy and vital life, I wake up looking forward to the day ahead. My family are amazed that I have made such a turn around and support me completely we have a much more loving relationship with each other than ever before. So Professor John Dwyer does not speak for me. He does not know me and I would guess he has never attended a presentation or workshop but has relied on hearsay to form his opinion.

  18. So many people choose Universal Medicine because it does hold not back from expressing the Truth however uncomfortable that may be for some to hear or to challenge ‘holy cows’. It is only through Truth lovingly expressed without judgment will we heal the world and Universal Medicine is leading the way in this.

  19. And most of all Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine never say what to do and only present to either take home and try out for ourselves or disgard when it is not for us.

  20. The fact is that John Dwyer actually understands this well, your last question. But that actually some people become so dishonest that they want to wave out that which is truly succesful, simply by not wanting to go there themselves. If you don’t want to go there and deepen yourself that is absolutely fine, but leave those at rest that actually make great change in their lives and serve the whole.

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