Who is going to stand?

by Rebecca Poole, Brisbane, Australia

The media in the right hands with the right intention is such an amazing strength within a society: whilst the Finkelstein Inquiry reported that the public have a general mistrust in the media, organisations like the ABC and some reputable online platforms are still trusted and have integrity in the public eye.

Most people in Australia have never seen, experienced or felt the level of corruption that exists in some countries around the world. It is concerning that we are now seeing a high level of corruption in the Media: deliberate attempts to create stories through misrepresentation, disinformation and ‘ambush’ style stunts, as well as the publication of sensationalist stories with no intent to present a fair and balanced picture. What is even MORE concerning though, is that we, as a society, accept it as the norm.

Is our apathy going to be the end of us?

We are accepting as commonplace that the media are not about TRUTH but the generation of ratings and profit. This we accept as part of life. Last week I saw a bumper sticker on a car saying “Is it the TRUTH or was it printed in the Courier Mail?”. This is not a few people from Universal Medicine complaining about the lack of integrity in the Media – this is every single person, including people within the media industry, knowing that there is no substantial and consistent integrity . . . but just resignation to the fact that this is how the world is.

Who is going to ask for change?
Who is going to show that there is another way?
Who is going to stand for a society and way of life that we can all be proud of?

352 thoughts on “Who is going to stand?

  1. I used to trust the ABC, but it seems that the rot in the media is very far reaching, and copy and paste journalism and a lack of ethics in the media is everywhere.

    1. Well over 25 years ago a British magazine ‘outed’ a very well known TV children’s presenter and the reaction from the presenter and the corporation they worked for was that they were both untouchable. Their level of arrogance was unbelievable. Many years later after the death of the presenter it all came out exactly what was going on. These large corporations seem to have such an arrogance that they can print what they like, behave in a manner that suits them and that there is no come back and of course they are correct because no one cares enough. We have a tendency to just shrug off the lies but if we stopped consuming the lies by not buying the papers or engaging in the news then the media would have to change as it would have lost its audience.

  2. I used to think ‘another way’ was to improve our current way, but I am beginning to see how there already is a direction, a track, set in place, to sustain the core principles of this plane of life – which is individuality, and for some things truth is highly inconvenient. The only way to truly ‘stand’ is to live and embody the truth as we walk.

  3. It is up to every person to ask for change, it is up to every person to make the change in their lives first and foremost before asking it from another. Only then are we ever going to see change.

  4. As a humanity, as a society we have been so complacent, we have allowed lies to breed and now we have the situation where we ignore true truth when it is there right in front of us.

  5. “We are accepting as commonplace that the media are not about TRUTH but the generation of ratings and profit.” A harmful result of this is that many do not know truth when they see and hear it.

  6. Media is not about truth it is about entertainment and giving the people what they want in way of stimulation – shame there is not yet a thirst from humanity to fully know the truth.

  7. Yes, we have very much given up. We see what is not right in this world but we do not step in and up and live the truth that we know.

  8. The problem of media is not who owns it as much as what owns it. The latter gives away the fact that it feeds (supplies) a certain level of vibration to the people so their pattern of movements remain much the same. Only those who can see beyond the veil of ignorance can stand.

  9. As the movie Robin Hood produced by Otto Bathurst portrays the corruption goes all the way to the top. So we all have to start asking for changes at every level. The media, political and religious organisations need to become transparent and open there doors to public scrutiny so any rot can be exposed.

  10. It is a sad fact that the world does not want truth, humanity at the present time wants stimulation and entertainment rather to know the truth.

  11. You wrote this in November 2012 and now it is November 2018 and yes things have changed – they have got MUCH worse!!!
    It seems we have the media we ask for and what we are asking for is an absolute disgrace. It will be interesting to see just how bad it will get before people might either change what they are asking for or take a stand.

  12. We get the media we deserve and the situation has deteriorated in the intervening 6 years. Until we are willing to address the reasons that we have ended up allowing a corrupt media to flourish we will continue to be plagued by fake news.

  13. Is it possible that as a society we have given up and now accept the rot that we have allowed in our society because we cannot be bothered to do anything about it?

  14. I wonder if perhaps there can be a general willingness to see the pieces of corruption that plague our societies, but maybe not the power that we each have to transform that corruption into something far greater.

  15. We get hooked into the sensationalism of the news, the drama, the story without discerning what the motives are behind what is being presented.

    1. Many not only get hooked into the sensationalism but ask for it and want more and more stimulation and distraction at any cost it seems.

      1. Yes, there is very little care of the cost to the others, a bit like with the visitors to the ancient Roman circuses but also little care or worry about the ravages this sensationalism causes within their own bodies, hearts and minds.

  16. We are forever being asked to step up with our truth in this world, for we have accepted an existence that is far away from our essence, hence we need to return to this essence, and this is only possible by constantly pulling up our socks and claiming back our essence and discarding what is not truly ours.

  17. You ask a very good question Rebecca
    “Is our apathy going to be the end of us?”
    I personally believe it will as we allow our standards of living to drop we don’t seem to be bothered any more about honesty, integrity or just plain common decency. We seem to have become more fixated on the individual rather than the community as a whole, that it doesn’t matter what happens to others so long as we the individual are okay.

    1. We seem to be so drawn by sensationalism and the next fix of entertainment to make ourselves feel better but this approach doesn’t work, it will never last, like a drug we will just look for the next high moment forever wanting the very thing that leaves us feeling empty and depleted. It is through being absolutely honest with ourselves and making self loving choices that we start to see the bigger picture.

  18. It feels to me that we as a collective have decided to give up and just look after ourselves and immediate family because we feel we cannot on our own change the world and the corruption in it. This is a very sad state of living and maybe life has to get worse before we say we have all had enough and will do something about it. I personally don’t feel humanity has reached that point yet.

  19. I wonder what industry is next? We have had the church, the media, banking, politics to name but a few. How long have we looked the other way for it to get so bad that we need a royal commission to find some semblance of normal.

  20. For each one who stands up to be counted there are many others siting on their hands but do not be deterred because it takes only one to change a media system that has lost all integrity. And the many who are asking for change simply have to keep up the vigil, as change can be slow.

  21. It would be incredible to have news papers and television broadcast the truth with no agenda. I would love this, what’s upsetting is that this isn’t our normal, this is not the way the news currently is, there is no accountablily for the media’s own self gain.

    1. I wonder what would happen if we did have such a newspaper or television as you have described Fiona. I can’t see it surviving – people would be up in arms as truth is not yet what many are wanting to hear.

      1. From a business perspective, considering supply and demand – if there was a demand for true media then the supply would or could be there.

  22. The media has had much control, for many years media has dominated society in a negative detrimental way. Yet tides are changing even if a bit slowly and people are waking up the harm that is caused when one listens to something that comes loaded with agenda or is simply not true.

  23. Deemed good question here asked! Simply we need a different style, we need change, this is unhealthy where we have come to as a society and the media. We need to demand for truth and let the media be the suppliers of that, if not then this ill momentum of journalism and living will continue. There is no saviour light or person, it starts with simply you.

  24. Thank you Rebecca for your clear and strong words. “We are accepting as commonplace that the media are not about TRUTH but the generation of ratings and profit.” That is something we as a society have to face and to swallow but I am not really sure if we do so. It feels more that there is a giving up – WHY? Every single person who chose to show the world that there is an other way is a role model for the next person. So why not being a role model for others instead?

  25. Imagine if everyone that felt this way actually stopped buying the newspapers? Or clicking on the news feeds on social media etc.. If there is no audience wanting the lies then what would happen?

  26. The ‘resignation to the fact that this is how the world is’ means we have given up and shut down and thus will not contribute to any change but actually add to the dilemma. In contrast, when we see and accept how the world is but don´t accept this to be the standard and further categorically disagree and declare it as unacceptable to who we are, we will be very empowered to live with the required and natural integrity and thereby show the world what is possible and how it can and should be. To bring change we need to live it first.

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