Who is going to stand?

by Rebecca Poole, Brisbane, Australia

The media in the right hands with the right intention is such an amazing strength within a society: whilst the Finkelstein Inquiry reported that the public have a general mistrust in the media, organisations like the ABC and some reputable online platforms are still trusted and have integrity in the public eye.

Most people in Australia have never seen, experienced or felt the level of corruption that exists in some countries around the world. It is concerning that we are now seeing a high level of corruption in the Media: deliberate attempts to create stories through misrepresentation, disinformation and ‘ambush’ style stunts, as well as the publication of sensationalist stories with no intent to present a fair and balanced picture. What is even MORE concerning though, is that we, as a society, accept it as the norm.

Is our apathy going to be the end of us?

We are accepting as commonplace that the media are not about TRUTH but the generation of ratings and profit. This we accept as part of life. Last week I saw a bumper sticker on a car saying “Is it the TRUTH or was it printed in the Courier Mail?”. This is not a few people from Universal Medicine complaining about the lack of integrity in the Media – this is every single person, including people within the media industry, knowing that there is no substantial and consistent integrity . . . but just resignation to the fact that this is how the world is.

Who is going to ask for change?
Who is going to show that there is another way?
Who is going to stand for a society and way of life that we can all be proud of?

284 thoughts on “Who is going to stand?

  1. Absolutely there is resignation by many of this Is how the world is… as people have given up on hoping for more, a seemingly pointless endeavor when the only consistency offered is not in integrity but in the deception and corruption. The problem is that nothing changes when apathy is at play and people need to stand up and step out of their comfort and speak up should they ever want to live in the world we know we deserve.

  2. If you look closely where we sit as a society it is scary by the way of fact there is no common love between the people. It is all supposedly confined to the family. Even the supposed love in families is arguments and disagreements but somewhat ticking boxes to claim that it is love, and as you say Rebecca it is considered normal. For too long we have accepted the wrong end of norm..

  3. Powerfully said Rebecca. Part of standing for change is expressing publicly as you have done. We may not be able to dismantle corruption overnight but we can choose to make every movement and word we express true so that others have a true choice. Lies are always revealed for what they are and when the media unravels itself we will be ready with the truth.

  4. It’s a bit like when we choose to close off to the world because we are afraid of being rejected believing that being open and transparent would make us more prone to getting hurt so instead we go into protection – we behave as if we know what is going on and know that the truth is being compromised, and believe that choosing to not know would save us from being the victim of corruption and we would be left untouched by it. Reducing ourselves in any way, shape or form would neither protect us nor bring us what we truly deserve.

  5. Yeah, you are absolutely right. The more I’ve been willing to see truth in my life the more I’ve been aware of the level of corruption, in my own country, Australia, a place I really did not believe had any at all. I’ve been very comfortable being ignorant to everything that goes on and particularly with just accepting that the media is basically a platform for entertaining lies and sensationalism. So often, I’ve just rolled my eyes when I’ve seen tabloid news on celebrities or ‘shocking’ stories on the covers of so called women’s magazines. I’ve accepted it as the norm, that that’s just one of those dumb things that happens in life. But, now I realise that my complacency contributes to the cycle of that abuse of humanity. It’s actually not ok. And whilst, I have no intention of leading a rally on the steps of parliament, I know that I can contribute by starting to talk about it, discuss it with those in my life and get the conversation happening.

  6. We seem to have lost connection to the power we each have to bring about change, and to the understanding that our society is our society – it’s not up to others to set the standards (such as the media), it’s up to us the people. That which makes up our society comes from supply and demand, if we do not have a demand for sensationalist press they can’t continue to supply it.

  7. We currently have the elections happening in the UK and the BBC has been so biased to the current government staying in power that it has been described as propaganda. The BBC is meant to be the bastion of impartial reporting, I have been shocked by how blatant the bias is, and confused as to why it should be so, I understand from those papers who are owned by moguls that they will be influenced. But I should not be shocked as the whole media is corrupt and without the purpose of sharing truth with the masses. As we for the most part live in very comfortable lies it is a reflection of the level of abuse we allow in all areas of life. It is time for us to become much more loving in our own lives, from there we will be able to bring about change.

  8. Normalised and systematic abuse – this is what so much of our media industry peddles as ‘news’, which we cynically yet just as apathetically today recognise as ‘fake news’.

  9. It is us, humanity that feed the power that the media have in the world today, if we don’t stand up individually and collectively to the lies and abuse that most of the media represent then we will continue to have a corrupt and biased media. By allowing lies and corruption in our own lives we become blind and resigned to the lies put out by the media.

  10. There is an enormous responsibility when we realise that the energy with which we say every word is carried in the energy throughout the Universe.

  11. A testimonial from someone who has experienced the care of Universal Medicine. Three months of truth instead of 3 minutes in order to concoct a defamatory picture.

  12. Corruption in many other countries is quite visible and obvious. In Australia it is much sneakier. The newspapers get away with printing lies and who really questions it or takes a stand?

    1. This is the case in pretty much all the developed countries. The media being owned by a small number, the ruling conglomerates that personify the perversion and abuse of capitalism – for the modus operandi has nothing to do with service and everything to do with fortune and greed. Age-old, dressed up in modern clothing – the insatiable desire for greed and the collective capitulation of a populace that has chosen to silence itself and tacitly enjoin, remains the name of the game in the media today.

  13. If an inquiry to your profession such as in this case media indicated that the public have general mistrust in your profession would your profession not collectively work together to correct that fact?

  14. Such a great insight… we as a society do allow the malaise that is in the media, we buy trashy newspapers and magazines, we watch rubbish television. We have to make a change, each one of us. Once we stop buying, they (the media) will listen.

  15. We see the rot and we do know… but then we shut our eyes in a resignation that cuts us down into pieces. We shrug our shoulders and in the pain of giving up the truth we so deeply cherish, we try to abate it by doing the one thing that hurts us even more – we enjoin, we sell out, we put our money into the hands of those that manufacture the rot in the guise of the newspapers, magazines, mind-numbing television etc. It’s a supply fed by our own unrequited hurts that are perversely satiated by the longing to compensate for the constant pain of having walked away from our love in the very first place.

  16. If we see something that is out of place or out of line and we turn a blind eye or just allow it to continue because it doesn’t effect us directly then this is actually support for whatever it is. It’s not support like we think but it by the mere fact of us not pulling it back in line allows it to continue and then at a place down the track a norm is created. Norm’s aren’t consistent, they move and all they are is a collect view of a group with no regard to the quality of that view. Norm’s aren’t to be followed or ignored, like all things they are to be discerned and seen overall and if their quality is a further step away from a point that is considered decent then they are to be pulled back.

  17. Succinct, simple yet very powerful Rebecca. It is incumbent on all of us to expect nothing less than the truth in all aspects of reporting; in fact in all aspects of life.

  18. I do not believe it is going to be them or us but I do feel that it has to get even worse before we, except for a very few, are willing to stand up and be counted. The apathy and the belief that our voice is insignificant are both extremely strong but both very wrong.

  19. There is a lot of mistrust in society about the media and what has now become ‘cut and paste’ journalism. The fact that there is so many untruths written and then with the internet and social media, the stories just spread like wild fire without any concern or care for who it impacts or whether it is true or not. This is what we are accepting every day, so we are also feeding this unhealthy cycle.

  20. Without a standard of decency, respect and integrity with and for everyone equally as a posture in life, a range of values we as society not just agree on but live by we cannot expect to have a media or any other industry being of such qualities. It starts with us, every single one in the way we are with ourselves, family, neighbours, how we go to work, in the supermarket etc. What every single one´s expression brought to life every day in every thing that we do makes the quality of the life we live, the society and humanity we are part of.

  21. Do we wanna know the truth about what is going on in life or only our opinions, prejudices, images being confirmed and circulated? We need to choose the kind of communication and information we want to provide and be provided with.

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