Who is going to stand?

by Rebecca Poole, Brisbane, Australia

The media in the right hands with the right intention is such an amazing strength within a society: whilst the Finkelstein Inquiry reported that the public have a general mistrust in the media, organisations like the ABC and some reputable online platforms are still trusted and have integrity in the public eye.

Most people in Australia have never seen, experienced or felt the level of corruption that exists in some countries around the world. It is concerning that we are now seeing a high level of corruption in the Media: deliberate attempts to create stories through misrepresentation, disinformation and ‘ambush’ style stunts, as well as the publication of sensationalist stories with no intent to present a fair and balanced picture. What is even MORE concerning though, is that we, as a society, accept it as the norm.

Is our apathy going to be the end of us?

We are accepting as commonplace that the media are not about TRUTH but the generation of ratings and profit. This we accept as part of life. Last week I saw a bumper sticker on a car saying “Is it the TRUTH or was it printed in the Courier Mail?”. This is not a few people from Universal Medicine complaining about the lack of integrity in the Media – this is every single person, including people within the media industry, knowing that there is no substantial and consistent integrity . . . but just resignation to the fact that this is how the world is.

Who is going to ask for change?
Who is going to show that there is another way?
Who is going to stand for a society and way of life that we can all be proud of?

319 thoughts on “Who is going to stand?

  1. The media seems to have gone from bad to worse since this article was penned. I noticed that ABC were recorded as being trusted by the public, I wonder if this is still the case since their pursuit of tabloid journalism tactics of copy and pasting the lies of trolls without any true investigation and care for establishing the truth so long as there is a story in it.

  2. When ratings and profit come before integrity and truth the ripple effect of the lies can be catastrophic in eroding the very values of trust, decency and respect . Values which are ironically the foundation that leads to the exposure of the deceit in the first place. It’s a vicious circle.

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