A feeling of connection

by Jane Keep, England

There is something very special about life, if we take a moment to observe it.

I regularly travel by train, bus, car and plane for work. I have learnt to prepare well for these journeys with hydration, food, wearing comfortable and warm clothes, and to travel light with my bags.

In recent years, I have observed something very magical as I go about my work and travel. Equally so, I have observed that same magic when I am attending to my weekly needs, such as shopping or going to the post office.

Let me give you some examples.

When I smile at the delivery person at my front door, and they smile back and they realise that the parcel is way too large for me to carry, they offer their assistance; I feel an amazing amount of support which simply flows without even any words needing to be said.

When I am in the post office, the man behind the counter greets me and realises that my package is heavy, so he offers support; nothing is too much trouble for him.

When I am on the train and I have a heavy bag, another person offers to help me put it onto the luggage rack.

Just as I arrive at the station car park, despite the car park appearing to be full, there is space right in front of me, and as I go to pay for my parking and the ticket gets stuck, I turn around and the parking attendant is actually standing there right beside me and helps me.

I see a woman on a train who talks with me and I immediately feel how amazing she is; I open a door for a busy mum and feel the loveliness of her, and all the while, I am simply going about my daily living, work and travel.

There is something really lovely and magical about the flow of life in its simplicity. There is something really special about the connectedness of people – a kind of brotherhood – that complete strangers open their arms and their hearts and are there to support one another for a split second, or a moment… and this happens all the time, every day, not just around me, but around us all, if we only take a moment to see it.

Many years ago when I was in the busy-ness of life, rushing, stressed and resenting how much pressure I was under to work and travel, I never stopped to see that all this was actually going on; I never stopped to realise that every split second there is an act of kindness, and far more support than we ever realise. Now, the more I relax, and simply go about my daily business, the more the magic flows. It is truly amazing: in the apparent intensity of the world (as it can sometimes feel like), it is amazing that if you just take a moment, there is a magic and a beautiful brotherhood – right in front of your nose.

247 thoughts on “A feeling of connection

  1. ‘…the more I relax, and simply go about my daily business, the more the magic flows.’ Jane this is so true, and something I have experienced for myself. If we get ourselves out of the way, and take a ‘glass half full’ view of life (rather than glass half empty), the connections are there to inspire and support us.

  2. And these kind acts as you call them feed us back, it is not extra work that exhausts but a natural flow of life when truly living together.

  3. I agree Jane, there is something very special about day to day life and the fact that in every moment we can learn and grow and build on what we have previously learned. But, what I can feel we don’t do nearly enough is to actually stop and appreciate this fact.

  4. Every moment in life offers us the opportunity of the joy of connection with another, a moment when nothing else seems as important than the warmth of a smile and the sparkle from another’s eyes; there is always magic on offer when we choose to be with ourselves with every step we take.

  5. The magic of humanity – my favourite subject! In a discussion yesterday, we talked about how in a natural disaster people drop their differences/what they are doing and come together to support and do what is needed. This shows us that it is actually a very natural way for us to be, because it comes so naturally to do it. And reading your blog today, I also felt that it is very natural for us to support each other with a smile, or an offer of assistance. The question then comes to me – why are we living so far from this and it can mostly only happen in small moments or in big disasters?

  6. The flow of life is supported by being open to one another, whether we have formally met before or not. Through this holding of each other regardless of race or appearance we have an equality that support the flow.

  7. It may just sound like a line but it is amazing to see and be with the flow of life and how this then comes back to you. We can push and pull at every moment in life, trying to get to this, trying to get this done and having no time to do any of it. This is a way to live and how I thought life would be and then I see when I move differently, when I make a choice for things to change then the same life looks different. Like this article is saying, offer yourself a true support and that same support will be there for you when it’s needed. We watch animals flow with what is around them all the time, in particular birds in flight and yet we don’t relate it to us or think that this is possible. As you read this article you can see, read and feel the flow and when it’s there life is truly simple.

  8. Just beautiful Jane. If we start feeling those connections with people, and the joy of that life just becomes beautiful. It does not matter what we do because we feel this joy in ourselves, in everything we do and with everyone we meet.

  9. The power of connection: something that our children instinctively know but are not usually encouraged to retain as they grow; a topic that needs to be taught in every school; and something that when we live it in every moment can make a day that may be feeling very dull and uneventful full of the most welcome sunshine through the smile or the appreciation of another.

  10. Connections with people are or at least should be what life is all about. Without such connection life is very dull and one can get totally self absorbed which does no one any good, especially the self involved.

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