A feeling of connection

by Jane Keep, England

There is something very special about life, if we take a moment to observe it.

I regularly travel by train, bus, car and plane for work. I have learnt to prepare well for these journeys with hydration, food, wearing comfortable and warm clothes, and to travel light with my bags.

In recent years, I have observed something very magical as I go about my work and travel. Equally so, I have observed that same magic when I am attending to my weekly needs, such as shopping or going to the post office.

Let me give you some examples.

When I smile at the delivery person at my front door, and they smile back and they realise that the parcel is way too large for me to carry, they offer their assistance; I feel an amazing amount of support which simply flows without even any words needing to be said.

When I am in the post office, the man behind the counter greets me and realises that my package is heavy, so he offers support; nothing is too much trouble for him.

When I am on the train and I have a heavy bag, another person offers to help me put it onto the luggage rack.

Just as I arrive at the station car park, despite the car park appearing to be full, there is space right in front of me, and as I go to pay for my parking and the ticket gets stuck, I turn around and the parking attendant is actually standing there right beside me and helps me.

I see a woman on a train who talks with me and I immediately feel how amazing she is; I open a door for a busy mum and feel the loveliness of her, and all the while, I am simply going about my daily living, work and travel.

There is something really lovely and magical about the flow of life in its simplicity. There is something really special about the connectedness of people – a kind of brotherhood – that complete strangers open their arms and their hearts and are there to support one another for a split second, or a moment… and this happens all the time, every day, not just around me, but around us all, if we only take a moment to see it.

Many years ago when I was in the busy-ness of life, rushing, stressed and resenting how much pressure I was under to work and travel, I never stopped to see that all this was actually going on; I never stopped to realise that every split second there is an act of kindness, and far more support than we ever realise. Now, the more I relax, and simply go about my daily business, the more the magic flows. It is truly amazing: in the apparent intensity of the world (as it can sometimes feel like), it is amazing that if you just take a moment, there is a magic and a beautiful brotherhood – right in front of your nose.

236 thoughts on “A feeling of connection

  1. It’s quite incredible the effects that self-care has on our selves, our day and on how we travel through the day. The really super amazing thing is that it actually takes no time, it is simply a part of everyday things we do, that we don’t even think are important. Your blog really highlights how the little (apparent) things do actually matter.

    1. Jennifer, as I read your comment I asked myself ‘what is self care?’ and as I did my movements changed and I let go of the tension I was holding in my shoulders. It’s an illusion that we don’t have time for self care.

  2. Thank you for this sharing Jane. It is so true that there is love and support all around us when we surrender to its presence in the smallest ways. When we are aware as you described, this IS our day and the quality of our work flows from this – it is not something separate that we change gears to attend to. Magic as you say!

  3. This just goes to show how every moment counts as it determines our connection with ourselves and therefore the connection we will be able to offer to another.

  4. Perhaps ‘complete strangers’ open their arms and their hearts because we are not really complete strangers at all and we know on a deeper level that we are all connected, we are all One and we all know each other.

  5. Whilst at work this week I was performing a fairly menial task but found myself feeling resentful about it. It became a chore and I had an ‘attitude’ about it. The task itself was well within my capability so that wasn’t an issue – in fact there was no issue except the one I chose to create with my attitude. The issue was in me not the task and I was able to see how often this is the case. All too often, I do not enjoy such simple tasks because I have an attitude towards them that they are beneath me or something similar. How often do we allow our attitudes to taint what in itself is a truly lovely moment and we miss the magic in our days as a result?

  6. How can we possibly be strangers to one another when in our essence we are all exactly the same. Our awareness of what family is needs to extend beyond the idea of it being through blood ties and needs to encompass the whole of humanity as one united brotherhood.

  7. This is such an awesome reflection of how important it is to appreciate the beauty of our lives. If we do not, we can be surrounded by it and never recognise it. Appreciation is vital to a life lived with joy.

  8. Love this Jane; the simplicity and the magic of life, always there, just waiting for us to stop, feel and observe. So why rush on by and miss the magic?

  9. Nearly four years on from writing this blog the magic in daily life is still as joyful as it was then, if not more. The detail of every moment is incredible and an opportunity to learn all the time. Sometimes I see something from the corner of my eye, or smell something different, or see something that usually is in a certain order but today it is not – all of which when we take notice give clues that something is up, or a different choice is needed. Everything is a reflection of our day or the world around us. In the busyness of life we miss so much, and we miss the signs and symbols that are there to support us e.g. a feeling that the train is delayed so taking another route – which we override if we are too busy to take a moment to reconsider and end up very delayed on our route. The other day I was sat on a tube in London and a queen bee flew in above the people in the tube – no one noticed, and I sat watching it fly over people’s heads and then leave out of another door. With that beauty e.g. a queen been getting on the tube you can’t help but smile!

    1. The symbolism in nature is very real, purposeful, profound, supportive and joyful. All of this is missed if we are intent on ourselves.

    2. Love this update Jane, four years on.. there is no end to the beauty around us, if we’re open to seeing it. When we rush and push our way through life it can be easy to convince ourselves that the world is a mess, that there is nothing that is valued anymore. When we slow down and just go with what we feel to do next, and stop rushing around in disconnection to ourselves, life seemingly starts to open up – but it’s us opening up to it.

  10. A beautiful reminder Jane to not miss any of the magical moments that are constantly being presented to us, making space for this in my day is a game changer and allows us to feel the oneness and deep connection with everyone and everything.

  11. Yes indeed, “There is something really lovely and magical about the flow of life in its simplicity.” And “I never stopped to see that all this was actually going on; I never stopped to realise that every split second there is an act of kindness, and far more support than we ever realise.” I also feel a part of me that struggles to receive love, that finds self worth tricky and so forth often doesn’t want to see all this going on in my life either, and like looking in a mirror I spoil these expressions of love that are waiting to happen for me as I don’t always want to accept it. When I do, the flow is indeed magical. Note to self: Accept my own love and therefore these expressions of love from all around me.

  12. There is much to be appreciated when in the flow of everyday life the right person shows up at the right time to help or inspire you and vice versa for you help or inspire them – and yes Jane I have to agree with you, it can and does indeed feel like magic when we realise we are being held and supported in this way.

  13. I love it when we meet someone with a nod and smile, particularly when it is a stranger passing by and without skipping a beat we connect, feel a quality that is both purposeful and heartwarming then both keep moving on our way. The warmth of this connection is like an acknowledgment that we see each other, we know we are in this life thing together and can support each other to grow and get the most out of it.

  14. Rushing was my default mode, and when I wasn’t rushing I was too exhausted to notice anything and would simply switch off. I have discovered that being present doesn’t necessarily mean going slow, and like you Jane I am starting to notice the magic that happen in the normal everyday encounters I have with others.

  15. My feeling is this is something we often dismiss, and don’t appreciate “There is something really special about the connectedness of people – a kind of brotherhood – that complete strangers open their arms and their hearts and are there to support one another for a split second, or a moment, ‘ which is in truth actually very saddening. There is so much constant support seen and unseen around us everyday.

  16. I have recently become more aware how getting anxious is a choice that brings complication and guardedness (not preparedness) to life, and it becomes harder to see and appreciate what I am being offered.

  17. Those ‘little’ things light up our day as we are meant to be in connection, we cannot do without the simplicity of connecting with another person. Living in a way that supports, in treating oneself lovingly opens our eyes and hearts and we all feel that!

  18. I am really starting to appreciate just how beautiful our connection with others really is and how much of a mark we really do leave in this world. When we are in the busyness of life, we miss out on seeing just how simply awesome that is and we have it around us constantly. Love and connection is right there in front of our very eyes and when we stop to breathe it in, oh how wonderful it feels.

  19. “it is amazing that if you just take a moment, there is a magic and a beautiful brotherhood – right in front of your nose.”…this message is coming through loud and clear to me at the moment. I can focus on the abundance that is me and around me, or I can focus on what is not there. And reading your blog today Jane, is a beaut reminder of the abundance of brotherhood that surrounds us all the time.

  20. I feel enormous appreciation for you Jane for taking the time to stop and notice these things and for myself because I now realise how much of these magical moments I do feel in my normal, everyday life these days.

  21. I find that when I am in that flow and really nurturing myself then the world around me flows too however when I am rushed and not taking care of myself then things don’t flow and my interactions with others are not as open.

  22. Beautiful Jane – thank you for reflecting something so simple it can easily be overlooked. Recently I was honest with myself and acknowledged that a lot of my life was spent being ‘too busy, feeling too stressed’ about what was on my plate to stop for a moment to appreciate the person before me. It only takes a moment and as you share the flow of life is much more magical with connecting to people rather than head down worrying about how it is going to flow.

  23. This morning I was out and about doing the grocery shopping and I noted 2 people (in different stores), took a moment to stop and smile at me. I realised after the first one that I almost missed it because I was not expecting this. The second was a little less surprising but still it was a little unexpected. What I’ve realise now reading this blog is that in both these moments I had the invitation to reflect all of me back – no need to hold anything in – I’d clearly been given the ‘go for it’ signal. What is great is that I truly noticed these people, this blog is confirming what it truly called for, and with divine grace and my willingness another opportunity will present and I’ll discover how present I am with an instant open response.

  24. It is such a beautiful and powerful message you bring through this blog Jane. It is so true, there is a much deeper level of communication that is always transmitting between us, through every interaction we have with another. Yet how often do we pay attention to this? We all sense it for time to time I am sure, but imagine if we allowed ourselves to truly feel what is on offer through our connections with each other. When we begin to live in connection to ourselves we are naturally more open to feel our connection with others, and as you have said you can naturally feel the Brotherhood, which is ever-present, between us.

  25. I often remember this blog when I’m going about my day and a not so random act of loveliness occurrs. Appreciating these moments and giving myself the space to enjoy them makes life feel a whole lot lighter than it used to.

  26. This is a delight to read and start the day with – appreciating that connection with people is everywhere it is my choice how the quality of this connection feels.

  27. Thank you Jane – I find life full of similar experiences – in that if I appreciate each moment, the people, what is around me, then I can physically see the outplay of that. It makes me observe that each person we pass on the street means something dear to someone, and yet we hold back feeling this with everyone, but if i am open, then wow I notice how people are also open, curious, loving. It is all there to be appreciated.

  28. A great reminder, Jane, of the beauty and love all around us if we only stop rushing and start with self-care first and not wait for that care to be given to us first.

  29. It is truly beautiful what we can see when we are in the presence of being. This magic is going on around us 24/7 yet often we can miss these reflections when we are distracted by our busyness or lost in thought. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of these moments Jane.

  30. Thank you Jane for a beautiful sharing of the magic in moments of connection with others. It is in the rush and busyness of life that these moments are lost on us.

  31. When we are connected to ourselves, we are able to connect with life from a place of awe and appreciation. When we are disconnected from ourselves and unsettled in our bodies, we are open to a quality of connection to life that attracts complications and problems.

  32. What a beautiful account of moving through each and noticing what is around you and within. You can feel the simplicity and flow of a life lived this way.

  33. Sometimes it is so easy to get disillusioned by all the unpleasant things we witness in the world, that we don’t see the roses amongst the thorns, but as you have experienced, there are many moments in life where you encounter people who have open arms and hearts for those around them… interesting we tend to run into them more when we ourselves are embracing a more loving way of being and as if by magic or some kind of magnetic pull, we bring those people and those moments to us as if to confirm our loving ways.

  34. Yes, it’s true Jane and great to reflect on a timely piece no matter when you read it.
    A great reminder, confirmation or new found awareness to surrender and allow the innate beauty and flow of life to be there for you.
    “.. it is amazing that if you just take a moment, there is a magic and a beautiful brotherhood – right in front of your nose.”

  35. Thank you Jane. Sometimes when we are in the midst of difficult and sometimes ugly situations we can forget the magic, beauty and support that is also there, that is with and in us, and how lovely it feels.

  36. ‘I see a woman on a train who talks with me and I immediately feel how amazing she is; I open a door for a busy mum and feel the loveliness of her, and all the while, I am simply going about my daily living, work and travel. There is something really lovely and magical about the flow of life in its simplicity. ‘
    LOVE what you say here Jane. This is how I love to run my day.

  37. Ah such a beautiful ode to life, you couldn’t be more right, life is amazing and if we ever feel that it’s not it’s simply because we have switched off to everything going on around us.

  38. How can we appreciate the little things when we’re too busy pushing them to the side because we don’t have time to stop and notice them. People are actually super kind and everyone, despite how they come across is seeking connection with someone, everyone. It’s impossible for us not to want and need that, so how beautiful is it when we allow ourselves the space to feel it.

  39. Flow is a very natural part of life. If there isn’t flow, I would feel strange. And yet the flow within ourselves is not the norm in our every day life. And expressing this would cause some reaction, as it highlights what is not flow being accepted as normal. Things may happen to attempt to disrupt the very natural flow of ourselves. These reactions can come quite shockingly, but the simplicity of it all is to return to the depth within ourselves and feel–is there still harmony and joy? If so, what life is presenting to us is to recognise where we can express deeper this flow. Call out what wants to disrupt flow, see it as what it is, and always return to our innate harmony but never allow this abuse to control what is natural to us.

  40. Reading this blog today made me sense that connecting with life, with society and people, brings magic to it. The magic we all experience on a daily basis. But do we ever stop and recognise that this is all because we all naturally love to live as one and as it is our true nature. It pours out through our whole being and when we connect more to this grandness life is, we can start to recognise this and can see the magic life actually is.

  41. It indeed shows how much there is a natural flow in our daily living and how in this flow nothing is too much of an effort but simply in harmony with the all.

  42. So Beautiful Jane reading this really does bring such an appreciation to our lives with the magic that abounds in amongst the intensity of it all if we just take a moment to feel it.

  43. Beautifully said Jane. No matter how severe the abuse we may suffer at the hands of another, it can never sever the eternal bond we have with each other. At best it can only cause us to withdraw from our innate ability to openly connect with another and let each other in to the kingdom of our heart.

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