Exposing corruption – the power of conversation!

by Anna Karam, Concerned human being! Goonellabah, Australia

How important is it for us as a humanity to speak about and discuss the extent of corruption? There is so much that is wrong in the world today, and it has been this way for centuries. We have witnessed and continue to witness crimes such as murder, rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, theft, abuse and/or bullying, and yet it seems nothing we have done thus far has brought about any real change or stop to this.

Aside from these most heinous crimes we also have those which are not so obvious to the human eye – I speak here of the crime and corruption that is so deeply entrenched within society that it often goes unnoticed, unspoken, or worse, ignored, even though its effects are still far reaching and devastating to us all, with only a few calling it for what it is. This hidden corruption has greed, power and control at its core, and can be found in our political circles, law enforcement and media groups. Truly and honestly I ask, how can this be?

Why is it that we allow such wrongs to occur, waiting for it to happen to us or someone close to us before we actually speak out? Is not every human being worthy of the utmost love and respect – an absolute truth we all know in our hearts?

What is it about us that allows all this, and why do we continue to ignore these issues, leaving them to just one or a few who are not afraid to stand up for truth and love?

It seems to me that so many have given up. Very few are saying no to the corruption, the abuse, the crime, whilst the majority sit back in their chairs watching it all from the sidelines. Are we to accept this as the way it is? Have we no say in our lives and how we want to live them? It seems to me that we severely underestimate ourselves and how powerful we are when we express simple truth.

In the past, I too have hidden in this, not speaking up and sharing my feelings; I had felt that my voice didn’t matter so much and so I left it up to others, but I have come to realise that my voice is equally as important as everyone else’s – that in fact there is not one more or less important than another, and that in order to bring about true change we need to unite in voice and expression.

Now is not the time to remain complacent or ignorant to the wrongs occurring in the world. Let us give voice to these concerns… let us speak openly amongst one another in our homes, our work and social circles. We cannot underestimate the power of conversation.  On our own we are great, but together we have a voice that is unstoppable. 

207 thoughts on “Exposing corruption – the power of conversation!

  1. We have a voice that is unstopable and capable of speaking truth – everyday. How absolutely amazing is that. How would life be if we used our communication to help others (humanity) evolve? Wow !

  2. “Is not every human being worthy of the utmost love and respect – an absolute truth we all know in our hearts?” Yes, and it seems that we as a society have made it ok for people to now and then loose it and get angry for a well explained reason and be unreasonable but this is another one of these things where respect and love go out of the door even though it never should go out of the door.

  3. Yes, let’s call out the atrocities of the world, this is so very much needed. Also, could it be time to be aware of the every day ways that we allow similar abuses into our life. To stand firm in the face of those that affect the whole world we need to form the foundation in our own lives. As with out the foundation of dealing with what we personally have allowed, our voice, though powerful carries less weight. Everything that brings true change comes from one who has made that change first themselves.

  4. ‘ In order to bring about true change we need to unite in voice and expression’. Well said and very true Anna, we are unshakeable when we stand united and expose the evil and corruption at play.

  5. It is so easy to turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world feeling that there is nothing we can do, because it doesn’t seem to affect us, but let it come closer to home and we will start to speak up and protest, when we realise that we are all a part of what is happening in the world we will then realise that we need to stand up and unite with one voice against the abuse greed and corruption, then true change will happen.

  6. We are more powerful than we choose to recognise when we speak up and the power of conversation is that everyone can play their part.

  7. We have to stand up to abuse and corruption, otherwise for generations it will be accepted as the norm and by talking about it is a great place to start.

  8. Well said Anna, it’s learning to look evil in the eye and accept it is going on. Many wish to turn a blind eye and not see the part they play in the evil that still lives upon this earth.

  9. Making conversation about difficult, uncomfortable, confronting topics ‘normal’ is essential. There should never be a unwritten law that some topics are taboo. It’s getting pretty clear by the out play in society what happens when we continually avoid what is plainly before us.

  10. I sense that if we dig deep enough into the roots of corruption we will arrive at our own doorstep – where we have all chosen to be less that the amazingness we all originate from – and hence we have created a corrupt world as a reflection. There is no one to blame, but a lot of responsibility to accept.

  11. Corruption means “contaminate, impair the purity of,” from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere. Impair the purity of anything really. This reveals how pervasive it is what we are talking about and how much corrupt we all are since we have allowed to contaminate our bodies to affect our movements so much that we cannot easily reach to the untouched purity we all hold equally in the inner heart.

  12. What is important? What changes and makes a difference in the world? – keeping things together for fear of losing another or speaking up and expressing truth? It comes down to either me, myself and what I think is my world or I see and align to what is needed for the whole of humanity.

  13. I wonder why it is so difficult to have an open, simple conversation about what is going on in the world. Like when I speak about something, the usual response I get is ‘that’s how it is, and we better get used to it’ and it is interesting to observe how there feels to be a kind of recognition that says ‘I don’t like what is going on either’ which somehow leads to the pressures that says ‘we have to have a solution but do not know what, and I may be not right, so let’s end the conversation’. It feels like we can all smell the part we play in the big picture, our responsibility, that has led the world to be how it is now, and it is very uncomfortable to go there and instead we keep looking what/who we can point our fingers at.

  14. We often tend to think that corruption is something that third world countries have institutionalised but corruption is rife in every aspect of our western countries, only it is more cleverly hidden until it gets exposed. In the west, we make ourselves out to be more honest, civilised, more responsible and of greater integrity than others, but yet corruption is everywhere.

  15. There is so much corruption going on in the world today, so what you have called out here Anna is very on point. “In the past, I too have hidden in this, not speaking up and sharing my feelings; I had felt that my voice didn’t matter so much and so I left it up to others”, this I am finding more and more that it is so important to not leave it to others, but to speak up no matter what.

  16. Great exposure of corruption Anna; indeed it is the responsibility of us all to speak up about corruption, abuse and anything that is not true. Yes, together we are unstoppable and together we can change the world.

  17. In today’s world, how many heinous and abusive behaviors are we accepting as the norm that are actually completely unacceptable and absolutely abnormal.

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