A letter to David Millikan

by Mariette Reineke, Holland

Dear David Millikan,

My name is Mariette, I am 40 years old and I live in Amsterdam (Holland). Although we have never met in person, I felt like writing you a letter. The idea came to me in the middle of the night, these hours when I should be sound asleep. What to do… we all have these nights now and then, don’t we?

I wasn’t there that particular Friday at Lennox Head Community Centre (12th October 2012 at the Esoteric Medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) – unfortunately, I have to say, because I would have loved to be there and see Serge, his family and my fellow students (and I have never been to Australia, nor seen a real kangaroo in my life). But let’s say, for all sorts of practical reasons, I couldn’t make it. I mean, I am not some sort of lost blonde tall Dutch single female devotee wearing a red robe chanting my way through life that follows her Love Guru around the world. I actually have an amazing life to live (and my very own ‘McDreamy’ at home, just in case you wondered). Yeah, I know, I don’t have to tell you that I am not a devotee, you being a cult specialist and all. But I just felt like mentioning it, for the record.

Anyway, why am I writing you this letter in the middle of the night, you might want to know? Well, I will tell you. I am writing you this letter because all these amazing things have happened since “Davidgate”. I don’t believe in accidents or incidents, and I know nothing ever happens without a good reason: I mean, we are all here to learn, aren’t we? We are here to learn and to be love. I may be a Universal Medicine student by own choice, but foremost, I am a student of life. I am writing you this letter because I want to say thank you. I want to say thank you to you and all your fellow Australian journalists and reporters for giving me a very special present. A present that at first I did not recognise… I needed some time but then I got it. Life gives us presents the whole time, but you know how it goes with presents, you do have to open them. The present I am talking about now David, is that with all the unloving things that have happened in the media around Serge and Universal Medicine, I am being asked to claim myself and express my truth and my love more and more. Standing up, so people can see me. It’s very comfortable in the shadow, but I am being asked to stand in my light.

I don’t know if you are reading this blog (I sure hope you do, great learning experience if I may say so), but you have to admit, being a journalist and all, it is quite a piece of art, isn’t it? All these amazing blogs, all these wonderful stories and all these loving and honest words, and the best part is, I get them in my email box every single day (voluntarily and for free!). And guess what, all the writers are not even professional journalists, like you are. Quite amazing, isn’t it? Ok, I am an amateur blogger, I give you that, but I have, like most of my fellow Universal Medicine students, not studied to write such beautiful honest and loving blogs.

So what’s happening David Millikan? Something is happening, I can tell you that.

This is only possible when you are being asked to claim yourself more and stand for your truth. No, David, I didn’t say ‘for Serge’s truth’, or for ‘Universal Medicine’s truth’. Honestly David, there is more in life than Serge. The truth I am talking about is my own truth. I am talking about claiming who I really am, and sharing this with the world.

I am talking about expressing my truth, through writing and speaking and not holding back because I am afraid of the reactions of others. It’s quite a challenge, I nominate that, but boy oh boy, am I learning! And you David Millikan, of all people (being a Cult specialist and all) must know this as a fact, that speaking your truth doesn’t make you a very popular person, now does it? (I am no history expert but we all know what happened to Jesus.)

Something is shifting, big time, not only in Australia, but also all the way here in good old cheese and windmill Holland where it is getting pretty cold at the moment. Isn’t that amazing David, that even though I don’t live Down Under and I wasn’t physically present there that Friday, and we have never even met, I still get this profound effect? Honestly, what an amazing example of how energy works. Everything is energy David, you can’t deny.

So again, thank you for your present, I really appreciate it. And before I end this letter, I just want to give you some tiny small piece of advice. I know, you didn’t ask for it, but I just can’t help myself. Next time you decide to visit Serge Benhayon, his family and all the others that choose to be there during one of Universal Medicine’s presentations, try asking a question. You know, one of these open ones so people actually get an opportunity to say something. Really, it may sound crazy, but you’ll be amazed by the effect…

81 thoughts on “A letter to David Millikan

  1. Mariette, fabulous letter full of truth and humor. Now don’t go getting jealous, but I too got a very special, unintended, gift from dear David, this was in the form of a key, which unlocked my writer’s block, something that I have been plagued with, for most of my life.

  2. A real gem of a present back to David Millikan, should he choose to accept it. What this reminded me of was the stark truth that our energy can be felt – even as far as the other side of the world. This surely should make us deliberate on the responsibility we each have towards ourselves and others in everything we do, say and think. Surely this is enough in itself to get anyone thinking about their integrity in the choices they’re making?

  3. Thank you Marirtte for a great sharing, loved your humour. David has indeed given us a present, an opportunity for us to stand up and speak our truth, of how our lives have changed in amazing ways due to embracing the teachings of Universal Medicine. Your story inspires me to stand up for the truth I know.

  4. A great sharing Mariette thank you, quite a present David Millikan gave us all, not so pleasant at first but an opportunity for us all to express our truth in full against the absolute lies being told by the media.

  5. Such a depth decorated with sparkling humour – these words read like heaven, Mariette! Instead of choosing the hurt that obviously occurred at the time you choose to express truth and thereby set a shining example for us.

  6. Had not such an event happened would I be writing as much as I do now? Probably not. Yes such an event was in so many ways disrespectful and a display of appalling behaviour and the detractors showing possible signs of mental health problems. But had not all of this kicked off I don’t feel I would be claiming the love that I am today. So I am with you there Mariette – Thank you David.

  7. Mariette, I can really appreciate what you have written even a couple of years after the event. We all need to stand up for what we believe in and how we are choosing to live our lives because the choices we make are ours and do not belong to anyone else.

  8. Fabulous blog Mariette – yes, David Millikan must be tickled pink when he understands that he’s partly if not wholly responsible as a result of his horrendous attack on Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine that Friday evening that there is now a groundswell of people inspired to stand beside Serge Benhayon and also speak truth.

  9. There is no denying that there are great lessons that can come out of the darkness if we are willing to see and not react. So many students learnt that night of the depths the media was willing to go and the harm they could cause just for a good story and have since blossomed from their willingness to stand up for truth and step into the light regardless of the unfriendly fire in doing so. Having beauty or something amazing come out of something dark or awful is something I have always appreciated about life. There are always presents in that respect, we just have to be prepared to open them.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog Mariette “…Standing up, so people can see me. It’s very comfortable in the shadow, but I am being asked to stand in my light.” a gift received indeed because you are choosing to bless many with it so the gift keeps giving.

  11. Love the irony Mariette. And what you say is so true “….with all the unloving things that have happened in the media around Serge and Universal Medicine, I am being asked to claim myself and express my truth and my love more and more. Standing up, so people can see me. It’s very comfortable in the shadow, but I am being asked to stand in my light.” So many of us Unimed students are now expressing and loving and claiming ourselves more, on account of ‘davidgate’.

  12. Love the lightness of your letter Mariette with its deeply felt message and hope that one day David chooses to truly listen.I totally agree that ‘Davidgate’ and other attacks have finally awoken me from my self-imposed inertia and hiding to express my truth because of all I have received from attending Universal Medicine and all I have learnt from the total integrity of Serge Benhayon I lovingly accept the responsibility that I feel to give back to others what was so freely given to me.

  13. Good or bad – how you are in life and with other people is ultimately what counts. Sometimes it feels like we’re all playing a game of words and forget about what is really going on. If you have someone accusing people to be in a cult and you yourself behave like an out of control then who is the one we should question?

  14. Beautifully expressed Mariette, the events of that night certainly shook many people and awakened them to express their truth and power – the opposite effect of the force David Millikan had in store to reduce and intimidate others with.

  15. Love the way you have expressed with such a lightness and humour Mariette, it made me smile. David’s ambush of Serge’s talk has opened the flood gates of expression from the student body like never before. We have come out of the shadows to speak our truth in a most powerful way.

  16. Mariette I love how have seen the gift in this event that occurred. Whilst it is always important to call out the injustice it is also important to see what it means and what opportunities are there, which you have. To have a group of people stand together and say there is injustice happening here and how is this also affecting other people in our community is actually very huge. To stand up out of our complacencies and speak our truth gives courage for more people to do the same. One day our media will be true media, it won’t be there for self interest, it won’t only be there for the true benefit of the community – calling all to account, but it will be about evolving our community.

  17. There is absolutely a great comfort in standing in the shadows and waiting for others to shine the light on what we all know is the truth the world needs to hear and can choose to live… but there is no magic in the shadows and no power or beauty… for this is for those willing to stand up for and embrace what is true. A single step that makes you wonder why on earth you sat back watching and waiting for so long.

  18. Brilliant. So true, as I too have felt impulsed to stand in my light and stand up for truth after the abusive invasion of a Universal Medicine meeting at which I wasn’t even attending.

  19. It is profound Mariette when truth is drawn out and expressed . . Does this make you ponder how many drastic and disastrous events occur and the truth is NOT drawn out .. and, is it not the media that should be reporting / reading the truth for all to sit back and go “Oh, how beautiful!”; instead of publishing the event itself and how dramatic horrific it is. It has a far greater effect, as Mariette has so joyfully expressed and CLAIMED, to know the Truth.

  20. There’s nothing like having the spotlight shone on you to make you decide whether you want to hide or step forward. I’m loving the fact that so many of us have claimed for ourselves, and publicly so, a way of living others would have us deny.

  21. I love this, Mariette. What you say is so true. What had happened at that even was totally disgusting but how Serge Benhayon and everyone associated with Universal Medicine has shown me a completely different way of dealing with difficult situations from the ones that I have known and used myself – fight, get angry, shrink, hide, withdraw, deny – none of which has ever given me true settlement, I have to say. Step forward and keep expressing truth – so simple, yet such a powerful medicine.

  22. Only when you realize that truth is communicated through movements and you have felt those and registered then, you can stand for truth yourself. What has been interesting is how much the contrast between true movements and shadowy movements has helped so many to reawaken and to stand for truth. So, thank you shadows for revealing yourself in all its splendour and for showing so clearly that you are not it.

  23. Love it Mariette, thank you. I wonder how David Millikan reflects on the events of that evening (being a cult expert and all). Maybe he has never given it a second thought because it was ‘job done’ for him. But you are right, what happened has spurred us all on to stand up for the truth, our truth, ‘not Serge’s truth’, but what we all know in our hearts.

  24. What a powerful, humorous and deeply inspiring letter you have written here Mariette. I love the matter of fact way it is expressed, with no agenda to it and the priceless, hidden present that David Millikan unknowingly dropped into the lap of every student of life on this planet. An opportunity to stand up tall and straight and speak ones lived truth as never before.

    “No, David, I didn’t say ‘for Serge’s truth’, or for ‘Universal Medicine’s truth’. Honestly David, there is more in life than Serge. The truth I am talking about is my own truth. I am talking about claiming who I really am, and sharing this with the world”.

  25. Great to reread this and love how you end by suggesting that David Millikan consider asking an open question next time he is around Serge Benhayon. Serge is always open to answering questions and encourages everyone to examine what he is saying – truly the mark of a man with nothing to hide.

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