Bullying and corruption no longer acceptable

by Susan Scully, Brisbane, Australia

I have been shocked and appalled at the level of corruption, bullying and false allegations (lies and deceit) in all parts of life – from media to family and our social network, in business, schools and the education system, the legal and health systems and so on, and the devastating and debilitating effects that it has not only on the person/s subjected to this, but their family, friends, work colleagues and customers: in a nutshell – all of us in some way. 

Personally, my shock has been that people can write absolute lies about someone, a group or an event, and not only think they can get away with it, but the law or legal system actually further allows and supports that…. in that it is up to the person being lied about to prove and justify that it is in fact a lie/s, rather than the one accusing having to support their false allegations and claims.

Until recent events, I had turned a blind eye and brushed off the obvious and subtle levels of corruption and bullying such as Media sensationalism, accepting this as the norm. How blind have I been?

All of it is absolutely not normal and totally unacceptable. I have had my eyes opened wide and it is not pretty what I am now faced with, truly seeing what is going on. I am determined and totally aware there is plenty of work to do so that this is no longer considered nor known as normal and acceptable. Because it is not.

288 thoughts on “Bullying and corruption no longer acceptable

  1. We run around looking for love, but have closed our eyes for ages already. No wonder that we don’t find it. The process of opening my eyes has just started and, yes, Susan, there is a lot of filth to be seen and there is a lot of cleansing to do.

  2. All true Susan, and your point that we have to ‘justify that it is in fact a lie/s, rather than the one accusing having to support their false allegations and claims’ – how ridiculous is this? We get targeted and lied about by one who has a problem with you for whatever the reason, and instead of them having to come up with facts and prove their case – the accused is the one left to pick up the pieces and defend/justify themselves. This is so backwards it is crazy and the more we expose it in writing the more people will realise that this is not normal, and in fact creates an enormous scourge in society, driven supremely by the media.

  3. A great article Susan, we have accepted bullying and corruption and general bad behaviour as a normal part of our society when it is definitely not acceptable. When we speak up and call something out that is not true, people get to realise that we have a responsibility to call out the truth and that people need to be held accountable for their actions. Only then can we initiate true and lasting change for everyone.

  4. The wider I spread my eyes, the more I can and want to see. Key is here our willingness and commitment to see things that are evil, unspoken about and unrevealed (which need to be absolutely revealed). I am clear on this now, I need to see things even though I don’t like to see them – I have to see them – it is our responsibility – as part of not being aware of them, not earlier wanting to see them, is part of the creation of them. I start to feel and see now, everything.

    1. Beautiful Danna – “…I need to see things even though I don’t like to see them – I have to see them – it is our responsibility” yes it is our responsibility to get out of our comfort and see all, only then can we call out the un-love and bring our love to it.

      1. Yes ShelleyJones and this comes with free-will our choice to truly stand and be responsibile for everything we are seeing, choosing, living, saying – for what it truly is.

  5. It is amazing how blind we choose to be until it affects us personally and we then become open to seeing the true horror of the reality and the enormity of the effect it has and the devastation it causes. It is absolutely not acceptable, but as we have allowed it to get to where it now is, it is clearly up to us to reverse our apathy and stand against what now poisons us as a whole.

  6. I agree that it is shocking “that people can write absolute lies about someone, a group or an event, and not only think they can get away with it, but the law or legal system actually further allows and supports that…. in that it is up to the person being lied about to prove and justify that it is in fact a lie/s, rather than the one accusing having to support their false allegations and claims.” Three plus years on this is still the case. Thank goodness for organisations such as All Rise which bring attention to such abuse online. We all need to stand up and be counted, not just when it affects us personally. As Niemoller said ” First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” We need to speak out for everyone.

  7. Yes Susan, in the past there really was a paradigm of ‘just getting on with it’ and ‘it’s a part of life’ but as you say … it is not, and it is not acceptable.

  8. I totally agree that bullying and corruption are totally unacceptable and we all need to take personal responsibility for speaking out because it is our collective inertia which allows it to continue and increase because perpetrators think they can get away with it.

  9. Absolutely spot on Susan, it is not nor has it ever been acceptable that we allow abuse in any form to continue. Every person has a responsibility to speak up and out these ‘accepted norms’ for the heinous acts they are, every voice matters.

  10. So true….when we choose to open our eyes wide, there is much corruption in this world and it is up to all of us to call it out.

  11. It’s quite interesting to watch how when people go online to comment that they write in a language that is slightly different compared to if they would say it out loud face to face to someone.

  12. Yes Susan it is completely not normal and this is being exposed…. the fed lies are showing the cracks and it is up to each one of us to see them for what they are. Actually reading situations, what is behind what has been said, what a picture is really portraying etc. has really helped me to not get caught up in a lot of the lies and perpetuate them further. Bullying and corruption is everywhere…. we don’t need to react to it but see it for what it is….dare I say it is in what cereal we choose, what we should or shouldn’t spend our money on, what school our children should go to etc etc. Letting go of what the ‘norm’ says or what this study or that study has come to allows the freedom of our inner wisdom to lead the way and be a reflection for others.

  13. Yes, well expressed Susan. It is surely a crazy situation where we allow anyone to create lies about another and then expect the victim of those lies to have to prove their innocence. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

  14. Hear, hear Susan, I too turned a blind eye to the level of corruption and abuse the media has been running with for a very long time. Due to the attack on Universal Medicine by the media I was shaken from my comfort and could no longer bury my head in the sand for my silence was allowing this level of abuse to continue and harm innocent people.

  15. No Susan, it is not normal, and it is not acceptable, and it is crazy the way we have all let this seem so, it is madness that the law is not more balanced in its support with this too. Thank you for expressing your feelings about this, because as you say it affects us all.

  16. Well said Susan. We all know how much bullying hurts, yet in our own ways, to get our way we manipulate or try to control others. If this was seen for what it is, a form of bullying, knowing how much it hurts to have another boss or control you, would we be more discerning with how we lived our own lives. Would we begin to change the hideousness of bullying by choosing to not allow ourselves to fall into its trap?

  17. It’s true Sue, when we do finally open our eyes to the level of disharmony and corruption that occurs in the world around us it is difficult to close them again and ignore it.

  18. There is corruption. Then there is corruption. By that I mean it is easy to call out the obvious corruption of a crooked politician. However, what lies underneath such behaviour? The more you ponder on that and move beyond the outrage that such corruption exists, the more you start to see how it is society itself, and how we all contribute ultimately to such practices by the way we focus on carving out our own niche of paradise.

  19. It’s nearly four years since you wrote this Susan and unfortunately the rates of bullying and corruption are still rising, but at the same time I am observing that more and more people who are bullies and the corrupt, and their heinous acts are being exposed. May this exposure of what is so unacceptable and unnecessary continue as it has no place in the world, even though many have come to accept it as being normal; it isn’t and never will be, as long as there are those who are willing to stand up and say, no more!

  20. It is so important for us to feel and be honest about the level of abuse, corruption and lies that we as a society actually do live in and with. For then, if we are willing to deepen our honesty, we will realise that it is us, and only ourselves, that have allowed this level of loveless to exist and be considered as ‘normal’. When we realise this we understand that it is through the way we live our every day, that we have the opportunity to stand for what is true, what is respectful, and what is loving and this is the power we all have – responsibility.

  21. Thank you Susan for your blog on corruption. We all know and see the corruption around us, so feeling powerless we give way to the notion that this is normal as it seems to be in every aspect of life. Only when we can understand that it is our responsibility with how we are living our own lives and see if the way we are living contributes to the world’s corruption, knowing that the way we live can be healing or harming in it effects on society.

  22. I just read another blog on this site where the writer pointed out that in the wake of the deceitful, despicable actions and lies of some of the media have directed towards Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine, that in actual fact what we have been given is a present in that it has shaken us (I say us because I am one of the Student Body of Universal Medicine being labelled as a cult member) awake from our comfortable slumber and into standing up for what we know to be true.

  23. I agree Susan, the bullying, corruption and false allegations are absolutely not normal and totally unacceptable. We, each and every one of us, has a responsibility to call out all levels of abuse and corruption. Thank you for highlighting this issue and inspiring us to unite and express.

  24. We are all guilty of brushing off certain levels of abuse, corruption or deceit as somewhat accepted or normal, however all levels cause harm and it is the apathy we embody that allows this to fester. We are all responsible for what we have allowed in this world. It is time to speak up and say enough, this is not okay.

  25. It’s so common that we turn a blind eye to the evil happening around us – but what kind of world are we creating if we don’t stand for what is true, just and loving?

  26. The blatant corruption, lies and deceit that is evident in the world today is calling for us all to stand up for truth.

  27. It is appalling in this day and age that there is no law in place that supports those that are innocent targets of abuse. What can be more devastating than lies said and written about us to try and pull us down? Do we truly realise the harm this can cause to the innocent party and all those associated with him or her? Because if we did we would do something about it.

  28. It is absolutely disgusting what people are writing about others today on public forums and getting away with it – it is completely unacceptable and fully needs to be corrected.

  29. It’s great to see us waking up more and more to what is truly going on in front of our faces. I’m not critical of people but more can see for myself that the choices I make, we make don’t truly support us to see what is going on. What this article is saying is one part of a wider mess we are taking as life. As the saying goes, ‘in this day and age’ for something like this to be going on is a crime for us all.

    1. Indeed Ray, I can fully agree with what you say and we have to come to the point that we call out the corruption, bullying and false allegations for what it is and crime we can call it indeed. As it is not only infecting the individual because it brings rot in our relationships and societies from the inside out that eventually affects us all.

      1. We currently have systems in place that support all of this. Some not directly but by the way they entertain reports or complaints. The whole thing is in need of an overhaul and maybe then we can start it again. We aren’t aware of how everything is connected and as the saying goes, ‘one thing leads to another’ and in this way nothing is ever truly isolated.

  30. “It is up to the person being lied about to prove and justify that it is in fact a lie/s, rather than the one accusing having to support their false allegations and claims” – wow. So true. It’s ridiculous that anyone can spread lies and propagate it as ‘true’ until proven otherwise. And me too, I have been blind to the abuse we have been allowing by accepting it as ‘that’s what happens’ but it so is not acceptable.

  31. Indeed Susan, there is a tendency in our society, covered by all kinds of complicated explanations, to accept the corruption, bullying and false allegations because it exists and therefore it is normal, but in truth it is not and we should never accept it to exist in our lives in the first place.

  32. It is very apt to read this again in the present climate of the exposure of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Westminster, the # MeToo Twitter campaign and the many other places. There is so much that has been hidden and not voiced that is now no longer being able to be contained. All a reflection that the way we have been living is not working however great it may look on the outside. There has to be another way and Serge Benhayon with the lived example of The Way of The Livingness is leading a Way that does work.

  33. Daily there seems to be corruption of some description being exposed, and I for one am glad of it, but how is it that when people are exposed for having done whatever we are not exactly surprised – is it that we at some level already know or is it that we are so used to people and institutions being corrupt that it has become a common and accepted practice.

  34. Bullying and corruption have never been acceptable really have they? But for some reason we have to accept such behaviour. That said, we can all make new choices now and call for lives lived with absolute honesty and integrity. We have seen where the bullying and corruption have taken us. Now lets see where honesty and truth lead us.

  35. The way we accept horrible behaviour towards one another is at the extremes now in the world. We watch TV shows where abuse is part of the show, we watch politicians abuse each other daily. It is time for us all to ponder deeply whether this is acceptable for every one of our voices makes a difference.

  36. I’m with you Susan, I have walked for a long time with my eyes shut to what is happening daily in our world and the corruption that has become our normal way of living. To not stand for truth is becoming part of the lies and in this the unacceptable is allowed to thrive.

  37. For too long there has been a climate of looking the other way if we are not directly affected by bullying and corruption which can range from schools declaring that there is no bullying in their school or the onus being on the abused person to prove that they are being lied about. It is only when the majority start to say these things are not acceptable that we will get change but in order for that to happen we all have to start speaking up and making a difference.

  38. There have been too many times that we have turned a blind eye to what is going on in society, and nothing will change until we start standing up for the truth and bring back common decency between each other.

  39. I agree, the more I open my eyes the more I see and feel of the horrors in this world. The way we, as a single race,(humanity) interacts is mostly atrocious, even displayed to the ones we love deeply. Whilst this is very difficult to see, it is with absolute gratitude that I now do, for it is only in the feeling of there being another way to interact that one can truly see the disgraceful way of life that many continue to choose.

  40. It can be very uncomfortable seeing the level of corruption and evil everywhere in the world, but I would prefer to expose it now than turn a blind eye to it, for if we are silent we allow this energy to have more force.

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