Caesar, me, and Universal Medicine

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

So I can say that I have done a fair bit of rendering to Caesar: creating a business and considerable employment; paying rates, multiple taxes and speeding fines; voting for the good, the bad and the indifferent in equal measure – with giving back to the community and the environment in there as well.

As to God, well there’s always been this sense of a love of God – that occasionally seemed to waver (but not really), and didn’t get rendered to that much at times, but which, when felt tenderly enough, was always there.

It is this inner connection – as precious as a distillation of childhood innocence and more – that sustains me. And in truth it is utterly untouched by Caesar, his legionaries… or his newspapers.

But what do you do when a selfless reflection of this love is venally denigrated by the media and its arrogant urges?

Firstly, this love I am speaking of is my deeply personal experience of Universal Medicine, its founder Serge Benhayon and its gifted practitioners and students.

Secondly, I will answer my own question with another.

How would you feel, denizens of the media, cult experts and associated paid flunkies, if something you held so dear, so dearest – was subjected to the kind of behaviour you have engaged in?

Take the sweetest sense you have of a young child you know, full of wonderment, shine and simple trust, with the love of the All in their eyes. Now write your stories, work your deceits, bathe in your self-justification until that sense is trampled, lost… and you need another coffee or a fag to feel alive. Got it?

I’m not going to hold my breath.

183 thoughts on “Caesar, me, and Universal Medicine

  1. “Take the sweetest sense you have of a young child you know, full of wonderment, shine and simple trust, with the love of the All in their eyes.” this is who we are in our essence in the simplicity of our beingness, ,this they are too, not knowing there innermost, they trample on others and on themselves. also.

  2. It’s easy to speak poorly of those we do not know or more the truth that we don’t understand. But more to that it’s an unwillingness to not know, an arrogance. They would not speak the same way of something that they hold dearly. But if we treat one person or group, anyone in such a way are we then not treating everyone with the same brush? We may think we aren’t but we in fact are.

  3. It is gorgeous that when what you hold so dear is venally denigrated, you speak up as you have against what baselessly attacks love, exposing itself to it’s lack of it.

  4. That’s a great question – how would the media moguls feel if they knew their lies and deceit would affect everything they held precious, such as their own children? We need to be so much more considerate of those around us and that we share this planet with everyday – we affect so many more people than we realise.

  5. Alan you have really highlighted the purity of Universal Medicine and of Serge Benhayon, and the jaded, corrupted world of the media and it’s penchant for sensationalist stories with an angle to suit their profit margins. No wonder the media wrote and presented such false stories about Universal Medicine – imagine having a reflection so pure in its truth to highlight the corruption and lack of integrity in the media?

  6. Alan, you call for all in the media and journalism to seek out and report the truth and not to engage in and circulate defamatory gossip that is motivated by jealousy.

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