Enough is Enough

by Val Oliveira – D.R.M, Adv.Dip.Acu – QLD, Australia

Wow, I am so over corruption and the constant baseless allegations spread throughout the media about decent people.

Common sense is no longer ‘common’ in today’s journalism and in the media that unfortunately has forgotten its essence in exposing and communicating truth and reality to humanity.

In fact, it is going to such a level, that a diluted version of this sad and bastardised medium of communication today is called: the art of trolling.

Although these outrageous crimes and bullying are done through the media and anonymous cyber-bullying (trolling), that does not mean it is not as harming as any other form of physical violence; it is getting beyond ridiculous.

It seems fair and just to expect a little research on why the presentations on health care and well-being given by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are well known globally and heralded by thousands for their simplicity and efficacy.

Serge Benhayon presents practical tools that are so needed and make so much sense.

Well, it happens to be about ordinary people, who enjoy working hard day by day and learn extra-ordinary Love and care for themselves and therefore for others – and who are living their own life and let others live theirs.

People who are making a difference in the community, in the education system, health system, in their family, in offices, in the streets, on construction sites, as parents, as sons and daughters and amongst friends. People with common sense who have chosen a healthier lifestyle with more simplicity and fun are now being persecuted through the media in extremely abusive and subversive ways mostly through anonymous cyber-bullying.

What is really going on? It is twenty twelve and it has to stop!

I am not even sure why it still feels shocking to me. As a Brazilian citizen, you can imagine that the level of corruption, discrepancy, the abuse of power and foremost sensationalism seem to me part of our culture. It is interesting to be here and feel that the same seed of injustice is growing rapidly and like a plague in Australia, too.

As a citizen of the world, it feels scary to be attacked on such a personal level here in Australia, a country which considers itself young and full of freedom of expression, and that is now being infiltrated by such corruption and crimes, in newspapers and on our TV screens without any genuine research and lack in integrity.

Women and men, who sincerely care for and naturally inspire their community, are being attacked and labeled as ‘brainwashed devotees’ belonging to a cult. This is such disgraceful slander and it is happening right here, and this for me is what feeds and increases the injustice worldwide.

Enough is enough! It is time to honour ourselves and say “no” when something feels like an abuse of our fundamental right to our own beliefs. To claim that we do have the right and freedom of expression. I have held back for too long, I am not going to agree any longer with any type of abuse with my silence… Basta!

90 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Well said Val, enough is enough. I too have stood by silent too long, not spoken up and added to the problem which allows this kind of behaviour to increase. Detractors need to be held accountable for their actions and the media needs to take far greater responsibility for how they investigate and report the articles they write about – if not a balanced opinion that at least report on fact from fiction! We all have a responsibility to speak up otherwise we will never initiate true and much needed change.

    1. Great point made here Linda, in that whenever we are knowingly silent in the face of such abuse, we are also feeding the cycle and momentum of abuse. As you say we ALL “have a responsibility to speak up” and I am speaking up and saying “Enough is ENOUGH”!

    2. Great points, Linda the facts are missing big time in what journalists wrote about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and in 2016 this is still the case. And detractors still exist because each of us hasn’t spoken up.

  2. Awesome expression Val, enough is enough and silent no more should we be to the true corruption and lies that exist within society today. It is time we stand up for the truth and I for one shall no longer let my voice be silenced.

  3. I love how you call yourself a citizen of the world. This is so grand. We are not only habitants of a small property around our home, not only citizens of a village or town, not of a country or continent, not only of our planet, we are part of a whole world. In just these four words you are showing responsibility, Val.

    1. This is true felixschumacher8, we are all citizens of the same world regardless of the town, country or even continent we live in and have a responsibility to uphold and inspire integrity wherever we are.

    2. Great comment Felixschumacher8 -‘ we are part of a whole world’ – I agree. Imagine if we all began to feel this way and accepted that we are all responsible for the way our world is today? That the choices we make, including speaking up and expressing the truth or stay silent and dismissive, does indeed effect the way we all live, and shapes the society that we are now living in.

    3. I love your comment, Felix, we are all citizens of the world. If we would really feel it like that we would be more concerned with what is going on in the world and not be satisfied, because our own ‘blood’ family is ok. In fact we are all citizens of the universe and have a big responsibility to make sure the universe expands and is occupied the way it is meant to be by divine order.

  4. Yes Val I agree, enough is enough. If we remain silent, the abuse in the world is free to propagate as it has already done, and become a part of our lives that is now considered ‘normal’. Abuse is not ‘normal’, not for anyone. It is time to speak up and express how abuse makes us feel, to say ‘No’ to abuse on any level, and not allow abuse to be just a ‘normal’ way of interacting these days.

  5. That is a strong message, but I like the commitment to stop and express. What I found shocking when reading your blog was: ”Brazilian citizen, you can imagine that the level of corruption, discrepancy, the abuse of power and foremost sensationalism seem to me part of our culture.” I was shocked simply because I came aware that all that time I have accepted that this was normal, part of the culture, but actually now when you say so I feel this is absolutely not right, not normal – and we indeed have to speak up, not only in severe cases, but also in cases or basically any situation where we accept cruelty, discrepancy, corruption or abuse of power – in any way – I say No. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. We have watered the seeds of injustice and corruption, evil and the like through our silence. It is only through us speaking up against what we have allowed can we ever hope to reverse what we now swim in because of it.

  7. Well said Val and I totally concur – when we don’t stand and say ‘no’ then really we are allowing a ‘silent yes’. Abuse is rampant and in any dose, big or small, our responsibility is to categorically say ‘no’ to it.

  8. “It is time to honour ourselves and say “no” when something feels like an abuse of our fundamental right to our own beliefs. To claim that we do have the right and freedom of expression. I have held back for too long, I am not going to agree any longer with any type of abuse with my silence” I am with you here Val, and yet it continues three years on. ‘Basta – enough’.

  9. Accurate way of describing the students of the Way of the Livingness: “ordinary people, who enjoy working hard day by day and learn extra-ordinary Love and care for themselves and therefore for others – and who are living their own life and let others live theirs.” Not an insular group, but part of their community and standing out because of the love they have for people.

  10. ‘Enough is enough! It is time to honour ourselves and say “no” when something feels like an abuse of our fundamental right to our own beliefs.’ I absolutely agree that it is time for us all to stand up for truth and decency on what is reported worldwide. The level of corruption in the media and other areas is shocking but we are all complicit in this if we have chosen to stay silent and not challenge what is happening. The level of acceptance that this is just the way it is and how as individuals we feel powerless to bring about change is shocking but we do have the power to speak out and it is time that we all exercised that role.

  11. Awesome and great Val. We need to stand up for what is true and say so when needed which you do but it has to also be an ongoing thing. I think we’ve become plain and simply lazy when it comes to accepting how things are in society until or unless of course it lands on our doorstep then we might get shocked and feel we need to stand up but the need has been there all along we just haven’t bothered because it’s been out there and not affecting us. We need to say no when we feel that something is going on that is not right.

  12. “I am not going to agree any longer with any type of abuse with my silence.” Being silent is not a neutral position; it is fact an endorsement of whatever we are keeping quiet about.

  13. Well said Val, one wonders why the media are so afraid of expressing the truth about Universal Medicine? It seems the abuse and corruption of the media is exposed in much the same way as some Religions do that use tactics to keep the masses controlled and disempowered from knowing the truth.

  14. Well said Val, I too say NO to all that you describe. It is time to come back to the true purpose of journalism, to inform of the truth.

  15. Val,
    The lack of integrity in our newspapers, on our TV screens, information/anthing goes websites on the net is beyond deplorable. What scares me the most is that even though as a humanity we know this is false and so very harmful, many don’t speak up, for the knowing to do so will expose their behaviors that harm. The spotlight would turn upon self, and trigger a plethora of healing and change in how one lives, that silence is chosen for fear of the unknown that change may bring. Well done for speaking up.

  16. The media’s responsibility to our society as a whole is to ‘expose and communicate truth and reality to humanity’ and requires both integrity and respect to be held for all sides to every story. But for every story that falls short of this fact or is corrupted when it is repeated it merely becomes one more lie that is spread for the world to deal with ironically from the source that is supposed to expose those same lies.

  17. The beast we see is the beast we feed with our arrogance, ignorance, compliance, reactions and hurt. True change comes from standing still and steady in the onslaught of such a storm. A storm that seeks to uproot those who have not made truth the foundation on which they stand.

  18. As you so rightly say Val “Enough is Enough”, but since you wrote this four years ago it appears that not a lot has changed as far as the level of the faceless bullying on the internet is concerned. But what has changed is that now there are many more joining this call as they realise something must be done as too many lives are being hurt, and in some cases destroyed, by this cowardly behaviour from a minority who are taking advantage of the fact they can undertake this bullying without anyone knowing who they are.

  19. Great points you raise here Val, newspapers, television, individuals, the web and magazines to name a few all have a responsibility to provide its readers and listeners with the truth, and the facts, but many today misinterpret the truth in order to sell a story, or to collaborate with others to bring companies, institutions, or individuals harm – personal or monetary, and all the time we sit still and don’t do anything about it they get away with it. Enough is enough and we need to stand up against anyone who disingenuously writes things we know not to be true, a time to take responsibility for what we know to be truth.

  20. Thank you Val for your article, I too have kept silent and not spoken up when I could have, enough is enough, time for me to stand for the truth I now know and am learning to live by, no more head buried in the sand.

  21. We do need to ask why is this abuse growing in countries that are supposedly democratic? What we are seeing is our complacency and lack of responsibility is coming back to bite us. I speak with many people who for the vast majority agree that sections of the media are not worth a pinch of salt, however we still consume it and rely on those sources for news and information. What does that say about us? By continuing to consume such media are we in fact condoning their methods and behaviours towards people. We do have a choice and we can question what are the motives behind stories that do not tell the whole story? Media is a powerful tool. Let’s see this tool used for telling the truth and used to support and grow our communities rather that as portrayers of gossip, innuendo and rumour. This serves no-one.

  22. The injustice in the world is rife and we all suffer as a result, but sadly what feeds the injustice is our silence and apathetic nature that tends to have us choose to not stand up against it and say enough until it affects us personally. But if it affects one it affects us all. We deserve better but have to commit to making it so.

  23. I think one by one we will all reach a point where we say enough is enough – no more abuse, no more standing by and letting evil happen, no more being a bystander – we are here to represent the truth and to never live a day less than what we know is possible.

  24. The underlying cause of much of the defamation and abuse of those who are choosing a way of living that is in true harmony with themselves and others is based on jealousy. Jealousy because they can see and feel the difference but are not making the choices for themselves.

  25. It is shocking to hear that trolling has become a sport and what kind of excuses people come up with to justify their abusive behaviour. How can it ever be ok to put another person down, ridicule or tell lies about them? If there are people in our world that find gratification from that, considering it ‘fun’ there is something seriously up in our society that we need to address for all of us as a whole humanity.

  26. And this was written in 2012, and it’s now 2017 and the corruption hasn’t slowed down for even a second. The world is in such disillusion, it’s no wonder people react when the truth springs up from the roots and challenges everything we thought we knew. Universal Intelligence – it’s a thing, but we ignore it.

  27. I agree with you Val that the media are continually circulating supremacy and bullying energy. This is now leading to the heinous same acts online. It needs to be called out for the evil it is spreading and continually circulating.

  28. It’s an interesting time we are currently living in and almost seems as though we have 2 worlds. You have a world that we are living where people are starving, treated like animals almost, there are extremely poor or rich, first world and third world countries etc etc and when you look at the whole thing there is a serious imbalance but it just keeps going. Then you have almost another world where there are those that see all of this and no it needs to be stopped and talk about it and yet nothing appears to be changing and in fact in some aspects it’s getting worse. Can we ask what is going on with this? There needs to be an action I agree but the quality of that action is the key. Whatever we are asking the world to be and see is something we are needing to lead, to live and from there is gives people a choice of what they will do. No protest or pickets but more a living and leading by example. Those that are truly living in our world are those that are pulling us all up to that same level, live what you see is void in the world and watch it light up in front of you.

  29. What really struck me is the fact that in some cultures corruption is indeed accepted as part of it. And I am sure it was not like that at the beginning, and over years, at different rate and scale, this downward slide in the standard of decency we call our normal seems to be taking place everywhere in the world. How bad does this have to get before we all say enough is enough?

  30. Well said Val. When we feel the need to undermine and denigrate others it is really a sign that our own lives are missing something vital. The ‘common troll’ is expressing their own hurt and absence of love and their words and expressions reveal this rather than say anything true about their chosen targets. We need to understand that what we express says more about us than anyone we ‘aim’ our vitriol at. Then we can come to a deeper understanding that will support a much more loving expression.

  31. Yes we become complicit in abuse if we stay silent which I am no longer prepared to do. As you say Enough is enough an once we reach that point the way will always unfold to allow us to express what is needed.

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