Ambushed by David Millikan

by Tony Steenson, aged 35, Bricklayer, Coraki, Australia

On the night of Friday 12th of October I attended a Universal Medicine presentation at the Lennox Head Community Centre– as I usually do once a month – but this one was different. It was the first time I have left feeling very upset and really sad at what I had just witnessed. David Millikan, the man who was paid by a well known national television station, was on stage and started doing what he was paid for….. to get us to react to what he was saying, and have his crew film it all so they could pick out all the ‘juicy’ bits and make up some rubbish story that we (Universal Medicine) are indeed a ‘cult’. It’s even made all the worse as he had been talking to Serge Benhayon previously and suggested to him that he didn’t believe there was a cult here. That to me is a dog of an act, and it really infuriated me.

It’s a sad fact that we have become a society where certain people make a living out of trying to run others into the ground and ruin their lives. I personally think it’s pathetic what David Millikan did, and I trust that the truth of all this will come out.

61 thoughts on “Ambushed by David Millikan

    1. Yes, the hilarious thing is that he said no tradesmen come to a cult, they are too real. He saw plenty of tradesmen when he was visiting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and he was right – the tradies had his, David Millikan’s number.

  1. Hi Tony, yes the media have a lot to answer for.
    What makes people behave so indecently towards others? It is sickening how “what makes good viewing” can be so set up with little or no regard for the people they are willing to tread on to get their picture the way they want to paint it which has very little or no truth in it.
    It is truly disgraceful. Samantha UK

  2. As you say, Tony, ‘It was a dog of an act’ and a sad reflection of how far society has dropped that this type of ambush is even considered, let alone executed, as a means to create footage for viewing by the general public on mainstream, free-to-air television.

  3. You’ve called it Tony – it was pathetic. Your comment that ‘people make a living out of trying to run others into the ground and ruin their lives’ can also be applied to sections of the media and to a handful of anonymous bloggers (who are not paid) hell bent on destroying others because of selfish self-centred motives. Fortunately, these people represent a minority of society. The upside…the truth is coming out.

  4. How is it that Millikan can claim to be a man of god (Uniting Church Minister) and yet seem to have no love or respect for everyday people or take responsibility for his destructive actions. Is this sort of behaviour condoned by the Church he represents?

    1. I agree Alisoncarter33, this behavour is not acceptable from anyone, but least of all from a supposedly reverend gentleman.

  5. Yes!! What a sad fact that we have a society that people can make their living from being derogatory and inflammatory! Millikan is not a caring well intentioned person sincerely investigating cults. He is out for fame and self gain. Although this has been awful to bear witness to, there is a more hidden backlash to this assult. What happens if an actual cult doesn’t get exposed and the people within an actual cult are not supported because of Millikan’s “the boy who cried wolf antics”? All for the sake of a sensationalist story and a bit of fame. Enough to truly make you vomit. . . Or at least a little queasy.

  6. I have been a student of Universal Medicine for only one year, and have attended most of the presentations of Serge Benhayon during that time. This has changed my life.
    I now eat healthily and I am looking after my body and I have been lovingly changing those things that do not benefit me. And there are no rules – no one pushes you to make those loving changes. To make those changes you have to feel what is true for you.
    Serge presents to us what ‘real love’ is and that relates to not only those who are close to us, but to all humanity.
    We don’t have to crave to be loved or achieve anything to be recognised and praised for, because we are already love.
    It is very sad then, when some people from the press can demean Serge and his family’s reputation and integrity.
    The truth will triumph.

  7. I agree with you Tony Steenson that we have become a society where certain people make a living from running others to the ground and ruining their lives.
    What is even worse is that we allow it by Accepting what is going on and doing nothing about it.
    How can there be any change unless more people like you and me stand up for what is Truth and hold steady in that Truth knowing that one day this will stop. Why? because throughout history Truth is and will continue to be the last one standing.
    Serge Benhayon has made his whole life about Truth and he walks the walk and talks the talk and gives us all the potential to be the same if we choose.
    David Millikan has missed a great opportunity to tell a true story that would bring true change to our world.

    1. Absolutely Bina to be silent when lies and deceit are spoken or written, and do nothing, is in effect approving of those lies and saying that this is OK in my presence.

  8. “David Millikan has missed a great opportunity to tell a true story that would bring true change to our world”
    Great point Bina, agendas seem to be getting in the way of people seeing the real truth.

  9. Thanks Tony, it is sad that there are people who feel it is okay to deceive and lie just to get some ‘entertainment’. What David Millikan did that evening was despicable and it harmed a lot of people. With the many blogs like this one, the truth is getting out.

  10. An horrendous act indeed Tony. Millikan deceptively orchestrated a media ambush upon an unsuspecting group of people, gathered to hear words of truth that, from experience, they knew would resonate with the sacredness within.
    His act was an infringement upon the rights of religious expression, an utter assault, and most definitely not the actions of a man who purports to be a ‘man of God’ – rather, the actions of a man deeply lost indeed.
    Your honest account Tony rings absolutely true. I was present that evening also, and couldn’t agree more.

    1. Thank you for stating that Millikan’s actions were an infringement upon people’s right of religious expression Victoria. His behaviour was disgraceful. i cannot comprehend that a man who was once a minster could behave in such a way.

      1. It is horrible to comprehend, isn’t it… And yet, we have seen many transgressions and outright violations of human rights and all sense of decency by men of the cloth before (and ongoingly…). Personally, I see all people as being ‘of God’ – from this, it is then our way of living and behaviours that truly define whether we are living a life in accordance to His love, or not. I can see no way in which David Millikans actions on that evening, and the manipulations prior, were aligned to God’s Will, none whatsoever.

      2. If David Millikan, a religious minister, could pull a stunt like this for money and fame, and others involved in religion can use their status to be pedophiles (whilst others in their order cover for them), what does it say about institionalised religion today? If we remember the original messages of great men like Jesus Christ or Buddha, how far have men in religion fallen, and how deeply are they fooling themselves that they are “Men of God”? How far from God is institutionalised religion truly?

      3. Yes Melinda, a grievously tragic state of affairs. And I also appreciate here how Tony called out the fact that such actions and someone so self-driven gets attention, at times a lot of it – without being called to thorough account for his transgressions.
        Any public attention this man receives, whilst such behaviour continues unchecked, deserves only to be an exposure of such actions.

  11. Thank you Tony. Although I wasn’t there I could imagine the absolute feeling of betrayal and bullying felt by the students of Universal Medicine due to the behaviour of David Millikan. Only thing is I’ve never actually seen dogs act that badly.

    1. I was there Kate. It was horrific. Millikan was a man of the church, yet he saw fit to lie directly to Serge Benhayon and everyone in the audience. This stunt was pulled to gain him a few minutes of fame on television and a notch in his “cult busting belt”.
      Grotesque irresponsibility.

  12. It is like a stab in the back, and reminds me of the stories of the middle ages, where people were accused of being heretic and the ‘proof’ would be conjured up and twisted and the people on stand did not have a chance from the start. All premeditated. It is so low.

  13. It is unfathomable that people ‘get their kicks’ by, or in this case, get paid for, ridiculing others and, as you say, trying to ruin other’s lives. Some (including David Millikan) get misled by thinking that recognition in whatever guise will do, when what we are truly seeking is love and brotherhood.

  14. Hi Tony, it’s great that you wrote this. It was indeed a very calculated “dog of an act” by David Millikan and the way in which he set up Serge Benhayon and all the student participants, with no regard to the trauma he would create. These tactics need to be written about and exposed. One for the worst things about it was David Millikan’s willingness to manipulate and lie to the public (alongside his “media” team) by presenting a completely false story – and let’s face it, it was virtually scripted on their part. David Millikan is completely sold out in the cheapest of ways – money and attention ahead of truth and care for people. The fact that he is a religious minister says a lot about the current state of institutionalised religion today.

  15. It was certainly not journalism’s finest moment and a great insight into how shows like “A Current Affair” source their stories – certainly a far cry from the type of journalism that truly changes lives.

  16. I totally agree Tony; it was a devious and calculated attack on a group of people participating in an event that they were willingly attending, simply for sensationalism and recognition. Not an ounce of integrity in sight and journalism at its lowest.

  17. I too was there on that evening and was shocked at David Millikan’s attack, but not only that also the deception with which he carried out his staged attack by at first coming up on stage in front of the audience under the guise of being very friendly and just wanting to ask us a few questions, which after only a minute or so, he turned it into attacking and accusing us all of being brainwashed and in a cult. At the same time all of a sudden the media who were planted in amongst us all, sprung up with their cameras ready to go into action. I agree Tony it was lousy act. Since then I view the media in a whole different way and I wonder how many other interviews and sensationalised reports are staged to misrepresent the truth for the sake of a ‘good’ story.

  18. I agree with you totally Tony, ‘It’s a sad fact that we have become a society where certain people make a living out of trying to run others into the ground and ruin their lives’.

    1. I totally agree Eduardo, Mr. Millikan’s vile behaviour that night, is a huge wake up call for us to get off our bums, and call out what is not acceptable in our society.

    2. I agree Eduardo. When the media started the attacks on Universal Medicine and those associated with it, I had to really stop and consider what I truly believed was the truth. I admit that initially I had a momentary twinge at being seen to be associated with something that was being painted as a cult and I wanted to remain hidden. But I made myself reflect on this and knew that I felt that I was on the right track and that what was being presented in and through Universal Medicine, not only made a lot of sense but also felt more true than anything else I had heard, read or seen. So it made me renew my commitment but at a deeper level. So in a very twisted way the media actually gave me a wake up call and made me shift out of my comfort of coming along and enjoying the benefits of what Universal Medicine had to offer but staying on the margins. From that point on I knew that I was committed and that the strongest defence I could offer was to take responsibility for my own life and to live me to the best of my ability. I have never regretted this decision.

      1. Fantastic sharing Gilesch, it seems to me that the media’s behaviour that night comes under the umbrella of bullying. To me this means an attempt by verbal and other means to degrade others to get them to live a lesser version of themselves. We can either sink under this assault or see it for what it is and rise above it, inspired to confirm the truth of ourselves and commit more deeply to this. I look forward to the day when all forms of bullying are seen as a breach of human rights, the right to live freely and express safely in full all we naturally are.

  19. It definitely was a complete set up, staged to back up a deceitful story to present to the public, no desire of truth whatsoever. But truth will have it’s day. As we are seeing in the media, where past deeds are being uncovered and the perpetrators are beginning to be brought to account.

  20. Thank you Tony for your honest account of the night David Millikan ambushed the Universal Medicine presentation. I agree it is sad that people can be so deceptive and sneaky for their own gain without any respect or care for whom they hurt along the way.

  21. Absolutely a devious act Tony, one that speaks volumes of this man and not in a good way. The truth is coming to the fore and the words of so many now are drowning out these heinous acts of the few, for you can never sink the truth it will always rise to the surface for all to see.

  22. What does it say about us as humanity that we call entertainment and pay for what you just described here, Tony? What is our responsibility when we buy or read a newspaper that contains stories for which people suffer?

  23. Where are we at as a society, where fabricating stories that later are presented as the truth has become a standard practice to fill our need for sensation and scandal – without even considering what a damage this does to everyone involved?

  24. We disapprove of lies that are told about us, but do we really see to what extent we encourage bullying and gossip in the internet and in the media by simply reading it and buying all those newspapers and magazines?

  25. The truth came out quite quickly through the voices of all these witnesses who have been supported from all over the world. To speak truth may be uncomfortable at times, but is always supported by love from all angles.

  26. The truth always has a way of coming out even if it is long after the fact. In the meantime it is great that so many people are standing up to expose the lies and deception David Milikan chose at everyone’s expense except his own.

  27. “It’s a sad fact that we have become a society where certain people make a living out of trying to run others into the ground and ruin their lives. I personally think it’s pathetic what David Millikan did, and I trust that the truth of all this will come out.” I so agree Tony. Some deeply unhappy people live in our society. Why would happy well-adjusted folk go round trying to denigrate with lies and falsehoods against those whose lives are doing so well? Jealousy and trying to dig up dirt where there is none?

  28. Most of us are too isolated to feel the group responsibility we share. Having the kind of media that exists nowadays and either consuming it or not speaking up against it both ways makes us support all that takes place on air. It”s an illusion to think we can choose to only take the “good bits” – we get all of it, the whole package of abuse and corruption.

  29. One could wonder what fuels someone to do things that hurt other people. It’s a very immature behaviour and very irresponsible. One would assume that what we do for a living is something we would like to be proud of at the end of the day but what do you really feel when you’ve done something that obviously have left people feeling shocked and traumatised? Apologizing would be a great start I reckon.

  30. Well said Tony, it was absolutely a dog act and a very cleverly engineered one at that. But thankfully a lot of truth has come from this and continues to do so, a wake-up call to always be on the front-foot instead of behind it – ready and waiting so this evil doesn’t stand a chance.

  31. Thank you for sharing your experience here, I just note maybe not even a “dog” of an act, as that feels rather unfair on dogs 🙂 but I understand you might be minding your language for describing such a vile outplay. So callous and calculating, I find that shocking too.

  32. Thank you Toni for sharing your experience, it certainly gives us an insight into such programs as Current Affair and makes us much more aware that what they present may be full of lies, stories that bear no resemblance to the real truth.

  33. Thank you Tony for sharing your experience, it certainly is an eyeopener for us to realise how many lies the media propagate as truth, all for the purpose of ratings and profit. Truth will have its day, and lies and deceit will be brought to account.

  34. The truth has come out with all that has been shared by all who were present on that evening. It’s very sad that the media involved have chosen not to share these stories.

  35. It is a sad state of affairs when people believe it to be okay to make a living at the expense of others rather than for the good of all. We live in an abundant and eclectic world that can support us all, there is no need to crush another for your own success.

  36. To go in a game like David Millikan did you need to go so far away from your own natural integrity which I can imagine is deep with the most sad thing. As deep with us we know we are all brothers and if we sell out lies to gain money ar recognition is a very poor way to go.

  37. “I trust that the truth of all this will come out.” The truth is known by all who were present at that event – even by David Millikan and the film crews. The magnitude of the truth presented by Serge Benhayon of the Ageless Wisdom is always available to all, all the time but it just takes some of us a little longer to be aware of what in our inner-most we all already know.

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