Ambushed by David Millikan

by Tony Steenson, aged 35, Bricklayer, Coraki, Australia

On the night of Friday 12th of October I attended a Universal Medicine presentation at the Lennox Head Community Centre– as I usually do once a month – but this one was different. It was the first time I have left feeling very upset and really sad at what I had just witnessed. David Millikan, the man who was paid by a well known national television station, was on stage and started doing what he was paid for….. to get us to react to what he was saying, and have his crew film it all so they could pick out all the ‘juicy’ bits and make up some rubbish story that we (Universal Medicine) are indeed a ‘cult’. It’s even made all the worse as he had been talking to Serge Benhayon previously and suggested to him that he didn’t believe there was a cult here. That to me is a dog of an act, and it really infuriated me.

It’s a sad fact that we have become a society where certain people make a living out of trying to run others into the ground and ruin their lives. I personally think it’s pathetic what David Millikan did, and I trust that the truth of all this will come out.

68 thoughts on “Ambushed by David Millikan

  1. I agree it is a sad fact when people trick others in order to facilitate their own agenda and distort the truth to suit their own needs, eventually the truth will be known.

  2. The seemingly shockingly duplicitous nature of the way David Millikan acted was totally exposed by all the people who have since written about their experience of that evening. Thank you for sharing your infuriation and sadness Tony, you have certainly helped to expose the truth of what went on that night and offered others the opportunity to reflect on the machinations of some parts of the media and how we can effect change by not feeding the frenzy of fake news.

  3. I agree – it is a sad fact that we have become a society where people get paid for harming others. And if we trace back where that ‘fund’ comes from, not just in the monetary sense, none of us can really escape the responsibility.

  4. This article is pretty raw and I don’t remember seeing an apology or anything further from this. I would say this has left many people not knowing what could happen in the future maybe even anxious about the possibilities. No one should be allowed to act this way and no one should be left either in this way. This is a huge miss from this individual and the company or people responsible for it.

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