In the company of Women

by Jinya, UK

The Internet seems to be growing limitlessly. With this has come the explosion in the use of images, and especially the proliferation of the female image in many forms. The Internet  being a largely unregulated platform, has become a breeding ground for the quick sell disposable images of women. Highly sexualised imagery has become the accepted norm; the Internet has been instrumental in spreading this denigration of women across the whole media in general. Magazines for the top shelf have existed for a long time, but in recent years the distinction between the age-restricted porn, the ‘lads mags’ and other trashy ‘coffee table’ media has become less defined. It’s all the same offensive rubbish, coloured differently.

The judgment of women based upon their outward appearance is a deeply rooted behaviour. And on this false foundation, the sexualisation of women has become so ‘normal’ and so accepted by our collective psyche that it carries on with no regard as just another facet of life in the 21st century. It has become so accepted that women are mere objects, and their attractiveness is their main ‘commodity’. They have learned to play ball with this as their point of existence, rather than truly live from their quality. The media has gone berserk without once stopping to consider – is anyone being hurt by this use of another human being? Continue reading “In the company of Women”

Who is going to stand?

by Rebecca Poole, Brisbane, Australia

The media in the right hands with the right intention is such an amazing strength within a society: whilst the Finkelstein Inquiry reported that the public have a general mistrust in the media, organisations like the ABC and some reputable online platforms are still trusted and have integrity in the public eye.

Most people in Australia have never seen, experienced or felt the level of corruption that exists in some countries around the world. It is concerning that we are now seeing a high level of corruption in the Media: deliberate attempts to create stories through misrepresentation, disinformation and ‘ambush’ style stunts, as well as the publication of sensationalist stories with no intent to present a fair and balanced picture. What is even MORE concerning though, is that we, as a society, accept it as the norm.

Is our apathy going to be the end of us? Continue reading “Who is going to stand?”

Babies Smile and We Disarm

by Golnaz, Bsc, London, Uk

I have often giggled watching people’s response to a young baby and how self-consciousness is abandoned – all manner of silly behaviours come out and anything goes, just to keep the baby’s attention a few seconds longer. The baby looks straight in your eyes, smiles, and even a big tough adult melts and is disarmed. I have often wondered, what exactly is melting? What is being disarmed?  And what is it about the baby that is causing this?

I live in a densely populated city and during rush hour train rides everyone avoids each other’s gaze. Continue reading “Babies Smile and We Disarm”

A Lawless Frontier

by Gayle Cue, NSW, Australia

We are now fully immersed in the World Wide Web. The Internet allows us to stay in touch with friends and family, for free, with technology such as Skype and Facebook. We can save hours and hours by doing things online, from banking and making purchases, to distance learning. I can manage my ageing mother’s affairs from the other side of the world.

At the moment, it is a lawless frontier. Anyone can start a blog without the need to show any identification; they remain anonymous by using a pseudonym. The same applies to Facebook pages. There is an emergence of “bullies and bad guys” in the ‘www neighbourhood’. Continue reading “A Lawless Frontier”

Exposing corruption – the power of conversation!

by Anna Karam, Concerned human being! Goonellabah, Australia

How important is it for us as a humanity to speak about and discuss the extent of corruption? There is so much that is wrong in the world today, and it has been this way for centuries. We have witnessed and continue to witness crimes such as murder, rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, theft, abuse and/or bullying, and yet it seems nothing we have done thus far has brought about any real change or stop to this.

Aside from these most heinous crimes we also have those which are not so obvious to the human eye – I speak here of the crime and corruption that is so deeply entrenched within society that it often goes unnoticed, unspoken, or worse, ignored, even though its effects are still far reaching and devastating to us all, with only a few calling it for what it is. This hidden corruption has greed, power and control at its core, and can be found in our political circles, law enforcement and media groups. Truly and honestly I ask, how can this be? Continue reading “Exposing corruption – the power of conversation!”

A letter to David Millikan

by Mariette Reineke, Holland

Dear David Millikan,

My name is Mariette, I am 40 years old and I live in Amsterdam (Holland). Although we have never met in person, I felt like writing you a letter. The idea came to me in the middle of the night, these hours when I should be sound asleep. What to do… we all have these nights now and then, don’t we?

I wasn’t there that particular Friday at Lennox Head Community Centre (12th October 2012 at the Esoteric Medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) – unfortunately, I have to say, because I would have loved to be there and see Serge, his family and my fellow students (and I have never been to Australia, nor seen a real kangaroo in my life). But let’s say, for all sorts of practical reasons, I couldn’t make it. I mean, I am not some sort of lost blonde tall Dutch single female devotee wearing a red robe chanting my way through life that follows her Love Guru around the world. I actually have an amazing life to live (and my very own ‘McDreamy’ at home, just in case you wondered). Yeah, I know, I don’t have to tell you that I am not a devotee, you being a cult specialist and all. But I just felt like mentioning it, for the record. Continue reading “A letter to David Millikan”

Bullying and corruption no longer acceptable

by Susan Scully, Brisbane, Australia

I have been shocked and appalled at the level of corruption, bullying and false allegations (lies and deceit) in all parts of life – from media to family and our social network, in business, schools and the education system, the legal and health systems and so on, and the devastating and debilitating effects that it has not only on the person/s subjected to this, but their family, friends, work colleagues and customers: in a nutshell – all of us in some way.  Continue reading “Bullying and corruption no longer acceptable”