Is Finkelstein a toothless tiger?

by Judy, Australia

The Finkelstein Inquiry looked into the culture, practices and ethics of the media and recommended a News Media Council be established to set journalistic standards and handle complaints made by the public when those standards are breached – so where are its teeth?

The general public has the tendency to accept media reports on face value, and most are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes to get the information that is presented to us as news or current affairs.

After reading people’s accounts of what occurred, as well as speaking to people who were present at the Esoteric Medicine presentation at the Lennox Head Community centre on Friday 12th October, 2012, I now have credible accounts of the means the media used to get their footage. It is abhorrent that a presentation open to the general public, with children present, was raided so mercilessly by David Millikan and his co-workers.Women, planted incognito amongst the general public, stood and started filming everyone once David Millikan, a claimed Uniting Church minister who had been granted permission to address everyone from the stage by Serge Benhayon under the guise of research for a book, changed demeanour and started his tirade of accusations.

An ‘official’ camera crew then tried to barge into the gathering to capture footage of people, who by this stage were reeling in disbelief that such underhand means and force were being used by a mainstream television station.

When selected shots from this event are used by the TV channel behind all this – yes, with a guaranteed sensationalised voice over – there will be absolutely no integrity presented. David Millikan used deceit and manipulation in his pose of ‘exposing a cult’. This is absolutely despicable in a nation that prides itself on its inclusiveness, tolerance and notion of giving everyone a fair go.

In their fervour, what they have overlooked is how their actions have now exposed to many that the media in Australia has sunk to incredible depths, as it has in the UK.

It is time to STOP the lies and abusive methods used by the media in the name of getting the ‘story’.

Finkelstein Inquiry – Media codes of ethics and accountability

147 thoughts on “Is Finkelstein a toothless tiger?

  1. “Finkelstein Inquiry – Media codes of ethics and accountability.”
    The reality is that the codes and ethics of the Media are driven by money, exploitation and sensationalism. There are no procedures that make Media responsible for what is reported, until this is the case, we all lose, as we do not receive true impartial facts. Emotional reporting, inciting the emotions of our community will never bring to us the truth that lies behind the sensationalist story, and it is only this truth that will free us from the complacency we now live with.

  2. Our media needs a different quality. One of truth. But this takes a whole other call from us as a humanity.. Stop seeking the comfortable ways of living and be more open and willing to be aware of what is truly going on. Be open to introduce change.

  3. I agree it is time the media stopped its aggressive and abusive stance to get a story which often does not portray the truth, it is time we started insisting on the truth from journalists and that journalists write the facts, rather than sensationalising something for their own gain, thinking it makes a good story, because it is a story, it’s not the truth.

  4. The behaviour of the news crew in this situation was outrageous – absolutely no doubt about it. However it does reflect the level of abuse we accept as normal in the world today if those men and women felt they were justified in their actions.

    1. Indeed Willem. The demand comes from somewhere ie. us, so it is up to us to cut the demand. It’s not so much about campaigning and stopping buying/consuming the news (although news/media companies would soon sit up and take notice if their cash flow stopped), but more so that we constantly deepen the level of integrity that we live by, thereby offering a reflection of truth that inspires others. As more of humanity deepens integrity, so too will the media be pulled up to do the same.

  5. Finkelstein and anyone else will only have teeth when the general public say enough is enough and demand the media etc change their behaviour. As long as the masses tolerate the current situation there is no call for change and as has been seen in the intervening years since this article was written it is getting worse with the seemingly insatiable appetite for sensationalism dressed up as ‘news’.

  6. Bit by bit and sometimes in chunks we move away from integrity and tolerate what is inappropriate, harmful and worse. How is it we get so numb to what is going on around us? What is interesting is that the media plays a pretty central role in all that is distributed. And humanity plays the other part by consuming what is distributed without discernment.

  7. As what happens with almost everything, it is very difficult to get away with some behaviours when those have become socially not acceptable and there is social demand to stop them, but if that demand is not there, rules tend not to be enforced and people get away with crime.

  8. I find it very difficult to believe there is some sort of ‘standard’ or ‘code of ethics’ for journalism. How could there be, given what we are bombarded with via the media daily? Much of society is aware of this, and many will discuss the indecency of it, but we still accept it as the norm. It’s a case of ‘yeah it sucks, but that’s life’. We’ve dulled our innate intuition that yells at us from the inside telling us this is not normal, something is severally wrong here.

  9. I agree with everything written in this article and as I have been commenting on other similar posts that I see how we collectively are needs to change. I mean where do laws, restrictions and guidelines come from? Yes it comes from a body, a board or a government etc and what are all these made up of?, people. When we look at these things I am seeing that I need to bring it more personally to what I am doing, what I am turning on, reading or sharing. There is a way we are being that’s supporting the media to be this way, yes they have their part but they are also responding to how the collective audience are acting.

  10. The tactics used by the media that night with planted journalists throughout the audience poised to start filming on cue as David Millikan begun his theatrical rant and the big camera came through the door filming was indeed ‘absolutely despicable in a nation that prides itself on its inclusiveness, tolerance and notion of giving everyone a fair go.’

  11. It’s crazy that journalists think it’s ok to potentially scar or hurt someone for life simply to get a good story – where has good old fashioned respect and decency for our fellow human beings gone??

    1. Agree where has respect and decency gone, what is going on in the world? Why do journalist think they can hurt another to get a good story, it sure is crazy.

      1. True, true, I like the good old fashioned saying that you treat another how you would want to treat yourself. I think that’s the bare minimum of how we should be living our lives.

  12. It is quite shocking that supposed reporters of various news events behave in this underhand and devious way of being just to sell news to an every hungry public for scandals of some sorts – what happened to our integrity within society, that things have sunk this low with types of furtive and underhand behaviour such as at this meeting?

  13. If we don’t follow through with what we say – in terms of true change and action, our words are nothing more than a heap of hot air. No matter the situation we always have a choice to bring integrity and unprecedented care to our movements. Thank you Judy for making this clear.

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