Universal Medicine: Your choice and yours alone

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK 

In answer to three questions regarding cults and the three tests suggested by Rev Dr David Millikan, I offer my personal experience of Universal Medicine:-

(1) Does the group allow internal criticism and discussion?

Serge Benhayon has always invited us to ‘test’ what he says and not to simply believe it blindly. We are always able to feedback comments about arrangements for meetings and courses, and whatever is presented is always open to questions and discussion, it is never just a one-way transmission.

(2) Does it have a hostile relationship with the world outside?

Introductory courses and presentations are always open to anyone who expresses an interest in attending; members of the general public are always welcome. We as participants can take friends, family; no-one is ever excluded. Anyone can access the website.

(3) Has it sought to isolate its members?

Quite the opposite – we are supported to work in ‘normal’ jobs in the community, to get on with living our lives in simplicity. We are supported to not impose our views on others, not to judge them, but to allow everyone to make their own choices; others are inspired if they so choose.

For example, I work in a busy supermarket. I see around 500 people a day and I just serve them at the checkout. It’s no big deal, I smile and meet their eyes and we have a brief, pleasant chat and usually a laugh about something. I serve them their cigarettes, alcohol, bread, and ice cream without judging or telling them how unhealthy I feel their selection is. They made the choice, and that’s fine. My choice as to how I live my life is my choice. I have been inspired by many people in the esoteric community, but am not limited or instructed by them, and it’s not up to me to instruct others.

The only extreme direction I see us all moving in is away from the lies, injustice, and anger that people like David Millikan himself displayed so effectively in public last Friday (12th October 2012). We will not do this by isolating ourselves in a closed community, but by living and sharing our lives in harmony with everyone and that means being out in the open, in the general community.

I have chosen to experience the joy of living in harmony – this is everyone’s choice and theirs alone whether or not to make; David Millikan included.

114 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Your choice and yours alone

  1. When you put it like this Carmel it is rather ridiculous that Universal Medicine is accused of being a cult. It is the exact opposite of an exclusive or closed group. Very well summarised in this blog.

  2. (1) Does the group allow internal criticism and discussion?
    (2) Does it have a hostile relationship with the world outside?
    (3) Has it sought to isolate its members?
    The answers to these questions are very straightforward:
    YES Absolutely.
    NO Way,
    Absolutely NO

    Since this is the absolute truth, there is no reason to be defensive about it.

  3. Milikan and the like have an agenda, and an enormous ego to go with it. He is now known as a manipulator and a liar, muscling his way onto the stage at an open door gathering of students of Universal Medicine and then attacking us all relentlessly with a story based on lies. We are open, we are not hostile and no one that I have ever met in Universal Medicine has appeared remotely isolated – in fact it brings people out of their shells! He came with a fuzz of energy and fizzled out shortly after.

  4. Great phrase, Jo ‘He came with a fuzz of energy and fizzled out shortly after.’ Sadly the other detractors are still busy with their mischief-making antics. In the past people presenting truth have been annihilated but Truth has survived. This time we are standing strong and annihilation will not happen – there are too many disillusioned people who are out there and seeking truth and, thanks to technology, it is now available world-wide. The abhorrent mis-use of technology by a small group of people will delay it for a while, but will not annihilate us as we continue our return to who we truly are, and inspire others to do the same.

    1. Yes, and simply by inspiration, living in a way that can be watched and checked out and then be chosen or not by anyone. That is all. The cult of free will.

  5. Look who’s talking. Millikan should check his own attitude before addressing anyone else´s. How can you see truth through glasses of prejudice, self-righteousness and an enormous ego? You can´t.

    1. Very true Alex. Millikan appears to be totally blind to the fact that he was imposing his own beliefs onto the audience. That this was the complete opposite of presentations by Serge Benhayon was immediately felt by the audience.

  6. The way we are as students of Universal Medicine, is in a very open an honest way. I am always free to choose and never have been persuaded in doing any kind of course or buying their products. It is my choice and mine only to live in a harmonious way, in whatever place I want to live and any profession I want to work in.

  7. Hi Carmel, those 3 questions are well answered. The last question does truly get me out of my chair and say: it that which we live we bring outside. Before I met Universal Medicine I have never claimed or felt to be truly part in society. I felt lonely and not committed to meet people. In this lack of commitment I could feel that I was just running on empty oil (hurts). I came to realize the reality of how I was living when I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. When I met them I could feel their equality to people and their true interest in people. I could feel that I was missing that inside myself. I never was truly interested in people, unless I got something out of it, I know it sounds intense, but it was true. This was the effect of how I was living with people and myself. What I have to say is that this behavior was never truly me, and or the true intention I want in life. But due to pains and hurts in life, I seemed to escape to feel them by disconnecting to humanity. Since becoming aware of that I have been daring to go underneath and feel these hurts.. By stripping away these hurts, I feel I come closer to stand next to people, and my interest in people had automatically grown! To me this is the opposite of isolation, as my life is about people now, and the true connections I have with them and all my friendships I am building around me. This is all thanks to the support of Universal Medicine. Without them I would be isolated from the world, not truly coping in life. Life is not about me, it is about every single one of us.

    1. ‘Life is not about me, it is about every single one of us.’ Thank you Danna for these inspiring words – we are all in it together and when we do anything for our own personal gain, all of humanity misses out. I love the way you describe how allowing yourself to feel and let go of your hurts enables you to connect with people because there is nothing standing in the way.

      1. Beautifully said and put Carmel, this brings so much deeper understanding of being in service for and with people, by being fully present within yourself. To me that is real power ! I love your expression.

  8. Love this Carmel thank you. The fact that we are choosing to live lives that are based on truth and from the heart feels amazing. I love how when I go to courses I can leave my belongings where I was seated knowing without doubt that nothing will be stolen or wilfully damaged. It feels so safe and supportive to be a member of Universal Medicine in fact I’ve never felt anything more real.

    1. I totally agree with you katechorley that it “feels so safe and supportive to be a member of Universal Medicine” and this has something I have never experienced anywhere else in the past. The integrity, respect and love that is offered is there for all equally so. The question is: why is this not the norm in our world?

  9. As Carmel says, the way Universal Medicine actually embraces humanity and supports every individual’s journey to reconnect to who they truly are is a sign of an organisation that has the deepest integrity, and that is truly here to serve.

  10. Thank you Carmel for a very clear outline of how Universal Medicine is anything but a cult. Simple questions and answers. That simply show the truth.

  11. Carmel this is great as it shows how polar opposite Universal Medicine is to a cult. All the examples you shared are of a person actively involved in the community, living their choices in their life and not imposing on others. I felt the absolute everydayness of you and know this to be a true representation of someone who is choosing to take responsibility for their life and their choices. Thank you for sharing your truth.

  12. Hear, hear Carmel ,well said. I have never felt anything forced on me nor have I felt it to be a closed group, in fact I have felt it to be the complete opposite.

  13. Beautifully said Carmel, Universal Medicine is about love, community, family, true service, health and accepting and appreciating all equally – absolutely no resemblance to a cult whatsoever.

  14. I very much agree ‘your choice and yours alone’. Nobody makes decisions for you neither are we told what to do. It is that simple. And that is actually the interesting part because in this world we are so used to getting good advice and being told what to do but here comes a man, Serge Benhayon, who does not preach nor impose his findings onto another but simply presents and inspires by his living ways.

  15. Wise words Carmel, so are you a living proof that also David Millikan is not judged, as this is the truth of what The Way Of The Livingness is, it does not matter how many or much hate, attack or bully some one does, he or she is always loved. This is truly lived by Serge Benhayon, who to me is my greatest friend and example of how to live from real love – everyday!

  16. Sometimes the freedom expressed with Universal Medicine can be challenging even. There is no attachment whatsoever towards any student – in any direction. We can walk in and walk out as we wish. We are kindly asked to walk in with respect. So if I like the feeling of being needed I can not play this out with Universal Medicine. I am deeply loved, yes. Needed, no.

  17. Thank you Carmel for answering these very important questions so clearly and wisely. Anyone that has an ounce of common sense can see from what you have presented that Universal Medicine is the polar opposite of what a cult is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those trying to get the world to believe it is, used the same amount of energy making choices that will actually make a difference in this world; using that energy not to harm, but to heal.

  18. The three questions posed have been answered beautifully, with clarity and wisdom, by you Carmel. Like you I have also made a very clear choice;
    “I have chosen to experience the joy of living in harmony – this is everyone’s choice and theirs alone whether or not to make; David Millikan included”.

  19. Great questions Carmel and honest simple answers. Universal Medicine is an amazing organisation – offering heart and Soul and wisdom that supports me to live an extraordinary life, but I never see myself as different or better than all other people in the community that I meet on a daily basis. In fact, I view them more highly, whether they have heard of Universal Medicine or not, than I have ever before in my life, because I treasure and enjoy life more highly.

  20. I love that by his own questions you can prove the ridiculousness of his accusations. With a bit of unblinkered investigation and a genuine willingness to discover the truth he could have discovered this for himself.

  21. Three great questions Carmel – to which the answer is yes to the first and definitely not to the second and third, showing the falsity of Millikan’s presumptions. “My choice as to how I live my life is my choice. I have been inspired by many people in the esoteric community, but am not limited or instructed by them, and it’s not up to me to instruct others.” Absolutely – I’m with you.

    1. Yes, Sue, and Serge Benhayon presents a great role model in terms of how to present a way of living without dogma, rules and must-dos. We can see how he lives, we can listen to his words and then we can choose how to live for ourselves. It is not for us to judge anybody else for we are all on our own journey and how far we are along the path of return depends on the individual choices we have made in our many lifetimes.

  22. Hmmm those three criteria for cults could seem to sum up a lot of countries, football clubs, in fact so many institutions seem to fall into these categories that some redefining definitely needs to take place.

  23. I would totally agree with your answers to those questions Carmel, David Milligan clearly did no research before this attack as Universal Medicine is one of the most transparent organisations I’ve ever come across, a complete open door policy that just supports people to live healthier lives. It’s kind of crazy when choosing to live a healthier, truer life with less lies is seen as an extreme direction!

  24. Well put, Carmel. When an organisation shares a philosophy around a way of living that entirely supports the body and offers it simply as a possibility for consideration rather than dogma or creed, leaving you to decide for yourself whether you think it’s true for you and from there having complete free will to make your own choices about your choices in life – well, that to me is non-imposing rather than cult-forming.

  25. Never before have I found an organization that supports everyone, and I mean everyone, to love themselves and others equally.
    Universal Medicine is simply universal. Everything presented is for all, to learn from, to grow from, to support and care for our bodies with a tenderness. It is the tenderness that is missed in other organizations, where you may find learning and growing, but not the deep tenderness that supports all of this coming from within the amazing mechanism that is our own body.

  26. There is a lot of corruption in the world and it is perhaps this that someone like David Millikan should focus his energies on, the charges that Universal Medicine is a cult or cult-like is ridiculous. Yes it is different, but that in and of itself does not make it a cult. History shows that we are challenged most by that which exposes our own choices. We all do know what is healthy and what is not, and we also know corruption. The corruption on a grand scale, banks, governments, political lobbying, bullying of smaller countries by larger ones, this all goes on and is accompanied by our own corrupted lifestyles where we willingly turn a blind eye to what is not true for us or the communities we live in. Attacking an alternative religious group because they don’t fit in with your own comfortable way is in itself quite a contemptible way to act.

  27. If those 3 points were true then how is it that most Universal Medicine Students are living life to the full, serving the communities they live in, being more dedicated to their families and friends and commit to bringing more love into all their relationships and everything they do? The truth is pretty darn amazing, where the lies don’t have a scratch on that.

  28. One of the things I love about Universal Medicine is the openness to challenge and questions. It is a significant marker for me of an organisation that presents itself and its philosophy in complete transparency – something I have not encountered, particularly in churches, before. There is real integrity here, not often encountered in our world – and it is lovely to experience and to live.

  29. I suppose if you set yourself up as a cult expert and you run out of cults then you might just have to make some up to keep yourself in sensation. Universal Medicine is not a cult and there is no amount of imposing and twisting that will make it one.

  30. Well said Carmel, it is a ridiculous claim to say that the Universal Medicine student body are a ‘closed community’. Since attending Universal Medicine events I have been more committed to my life, have returned to full-time work and have been engaged with the community more than ever and deepened my relationships all round. If any true research were done it would reveal Universal Medicine students to be the exact opposite of many of the false images that they are often mis-represented by.

  31. I have changed so much from the reckless harmful person I used to be, so much now I do not know that person for the deep love and care I now live and live for others thanks to Serge Benhayon. It shows the abhorant race we are when people choose to slander the very thing that is the answer to all the suffering on this planet – one who serves with truth and love – just like they did to Jesus

  32. Before knowing Serge Benhayon and what he teaches us I had no idea what it meant to live and share my life in harmony with everyone and thus being out there sharing my love, my joy. What an amazing choice to make everyday anew.

  33. Absolutely Carmel, we choose to attend from our own free will, we are not forced to attend Universal Medicine events and we aren’t imprisoned either. We are free to eat whenever and whatever we like and it is a personal choice if we choose to change our diet.

  34. I loved what you have shared so simply Carmel, also that we have the freedom to choose or not choose,to come or go, there is no such freedom in what a real cult is. Just on that point alone that excludes us from being a cult.

  35. I love this Carmel. So down to earth and real. It’s true – as a Student of Universal Medicine I live more a part of my local community and more committed to work and life than I ever did before.

  36. In a world that has people from a smorgasbord of cultures, races, sizes and shapes that claims tolerance and that we have the freedom to choose, there is much judgment of what many do actually choose.

  37. As you share it is simple Carmel, how we all live our own lives is our own choice. But by respecting others choices like you do with your supermarket shoppers choices you are serving them with love… and no one can deny in this day and age that the world needs far more love.

  38. I love the sentence – I have been inspired by many people in the esoteric community but am not limited or instructed by them…. for it is the antithesis of what we are accused of. For everyone I have met are open, loving, powerful and empowered people out in the world building loving relationships. Deeply inspirational people living inspirationally. David would do well and could learn a lot should he choose to take his blinkers off.

  39. Now, nearly five years on from writing this article, I am still inspired by Serge Benhayon, his love for humanity deepens every day, and his commitment to serving All of Us is absolutely unwavering, regardless of what is going on around him. As a result of the many inspiring presentations and books he has produced, hundreds of people around the world are making personal choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle, better relationships and a joyful commitment to life that cannot be denied.

  40. An increasing number of people are feeling pulled to listen and learn the truth of the Ageless Wisdom from presentations by Serge Benhayon. Those who try to defame and denigrate what is presented at Universal Medicine are met with the truth.

  41. Some great points Carmel, which highlights how ridiculous the cult label is when it comes to the Students of Universal Medicine. Over the years I have been in many groups in the search for the answers to life and everything, but once I found Universal Medicine all of my questions were answered and even those I wasn’t asking, and should have been. Nothing is hidden with Universal medicine, no subject is taboo, as we are given free range to question, discuss and to even challenge Serge if we want to.

  42. I choose to live in harmony with myself and others too Carmel and not because I was told to or it is the ‘new black’ – it feels normal and free in my body. Universal Medicine was the catalyst for this. They showed me how to live in harmony with myself.

  43. Well said Carmel. Simply and powerfully. And I confirm that what you shared has been my experiences as well.

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