Universal Medicine: Your choice and yours alone

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK 

In answer to three questions regarding cults and the three tests suggested by Rev Dr David Millikan, I offer my personal experience of Universal Medicine:-

(1) Does the group allow internal criticism and discussion?

Serge Benhayon has always invited us to ‘test’ what he says and not to simply believe it blindly. We are always able to feedback comments about arrangements for meetings and courses, and whatever is presented is always open to questions and discussion, it is never just a one-way transmission.

(2) Does it have a hostile relationship with the world outside?

Introductory courses and presentations are always open to anyone who expresses an interest in attending; members of the general public are always welcome. We as participants can take friends, family; no-one is ever excluded. Anyone can access the website.

(3) Has it sought to isolate its members?

Quite the opposite – we are supported to work in ‘normal’ jobs in the community, to get on with living our lives in simplicity. We are supported to not impose our views on others, not to judge them, but to allow everyone to make their own choices; others are inspired if they so choose.

For example, I work in a busy supermarket. I see around 500 people a day and I just serve them at the checkout. It’s no big deal, I smile and meet their eyes and we have a brief, pleasant chat and usually a laugh about something. I serve them their cigarettes, alcohol, bread, and ice cream without judging or telling them how unhealthy I feel their selection is. They made the choice, and that’s fine. My choice as to how I live my life is my choice. I have been inspired by many people in the esoteric community, but am not limited or instructed by them, and it’s not up to me to instruct others.

The only extreme direction I see us all moving in is away from the lies, injustice, and anger that people like David Millikan himself displayed so effectively in public last Friday (12th October 2012). We will not do this by isolating ourselves in a closed community, but by living and sharing our lives in harmony with everyone and that means being out in the open, in the general community.

I have chosen to experience the joy of living in harmony – this is everyone’s choice and theirs alone whether or not to make; David Millikan included.

131 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Your choice and yours alone

  1. Carmel I liked your question ‘Has it sought to isolate its members?’ Quite the contrary, we are living normal lives, work, have families, we may have changed the way we live in so far as making more loving choices for ourselves, we are out in the world as much and if not more than many others.

  2. ‘does the group have a hostile relationship with the outside world? In no way do we cut ourselves off from the world let alone being hostile to it, we are encouraged to be a part of the world, live our life with self love and love for our fellowman no matter what choices others are making in their lives, not judging but understanding we are one human family living on this planet.

  3. Everyone should have the choice as to how they want to live their life, and if you choose to live your life based on developing truth, integrity, true care, respect, self-honouring and purpose that should not be targeted for being different, after all, sometimes it takes someone with a different approach to life to move us out of the rut of abuse that we get stuck in as a society.

  4. Universal Medicine passes all of David Millikan’s so called tests with flying colours but that didn’t prevent the denigration of all present – including members of the public there for the first time thus demonstrating Universal Medicine’s inclusivity. It is clear to me that it was all part of an elaborate ploy to try and trap unsuspecting individuals to behave in a way that would create higher ratings for a seemingly deeply unethical TV channel. Truth is the first casualty in any situation like this and spurious ‘tests’ are just another tool in this game of manipulation.

  5. It’s interesting how Universal Medicine is being attacked for being a cult, when organized religions display many more practices that equate to being a cult. They have a day of worship where all are expected to attend, look down upon those not of their religion, hold those that live differently to them as not worthy, and even have a class system among their own congregation. There is much to consider and expose here and since the conversation has been opened by David Millikan, maybe it is time to explore the fact we all have a choice and if mainstream religion doesn’t feel to be your thing then it is the ultimate human right to be able to choose what is.

  6. (1) Does Universal Medicine allow internal criticism and discussion? YES, ABSOLUTELY
    (2) Does it have a hostile relationship with the world outside? NO, ON THE CONTRARY
    (3) Has it sought to isolate its members? NO WAY

    So, where does UM stand? It is clear, isn’t it?
    Yet, we have to add the positive side into the equation: just because the fact that an organization is not a cult does not mean at all that it is good for you. However, this one, Universal Medicine, is by every count.

  7. Interesting question ‘does the group have a hostile relationship with the outside world? There are always two ‘players’ in any relationship, so if one of them chooses to be hostile then can you call that a hostile relationship? It could be said that David Millikan has a hostile relationship with Universal Medicine – but it is entirely of his own creation.

    1. It’s a very interesting question, since knowing Universal Medicine I’ve become LESS hostile to the world, less blaming, less shutting people out, less judgemental, and much much more open, caring and respectful to every single person I meet.

  8. Interesting that taking more responsibility and getting more engaged in life seems to trigger some resistance, maybe because the reflection disturbs one’s familiar ways, exposing areas we don’t like to look at and admit are not the best for our overall wellbeing. Easier then to blame those who give the reflection and put them in a box so much judged that you can be repelled by the label and are justified to ignore the content.

  9. What Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon presents is not even a belief system. It is a sharing of a lived way. The Livingness. Those who claim themselves to be students are the ones who have chosen to try out what gets presented to see if it is true for them. It is about rebuilding our relationship with Truth – which doesn’t have to involve coming to attend Universal Medicine courses or reading Serge’s books, or even actually ever knowing they exist.

  10. It is preconception that blinds our natural perception thus we impose our images on anything that slightly resembles and stirs the preconceptions that thereby are consistently confirmed. Simply said, we only see what we want to see.

  11. More choice or free will and taking responsibility for oneself in everything to the detail as offered and asked for by Universal Medicine you will find nowhere else, it is ‘live and let live’ at its best. Probably that is the biggest issue people actually have with Universal Medicine as they are reflected their lack or corruption of free will and responsibility in their own lives.

  12. Since attending Universal Medicine courses I got to see how much I judged others because of how harshly I judged myself. Having worked on my hurts and issues, and making many more loving choices in all areas of my life, I now love taking care of all my needs and I love giving to myself, and I love sharing myself with others. All my relationships have improved as I have more understanding of myself and how life works!

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