The Doors are always Open

by Nicole Twist, Newrybar, Australia

I don’t know much about cults, but the little I do know is that there is an expectation of allegiance – surrender to the cult leader and to the doctrines of the cult and if you do not tow the line, there are what I would expect to be unpleasant consequences, punishment or even banishment.

Well, Universal Medicine is not a very good cult then, because the ‘doctrines’ presented are about developing love and truth in your own life, at your own pace and in your own way from listening to yourself and no one else.

At various points I have resisted listening to and developing this for myself, sometimes acting in a way that is completely opposite to love and what I know to be the truth within my own being; sometimes as a result, I will express harsh and unloving words and actions which affect my family and friends as well as myself.

Even though I do this, and sometimes this is on a day to day basis, the doors are still open for me to attend the presentations and talks and workshops. The doors are open and there is no judgment, no feeling of ‘oh, what a bad person you must be as you haven’t followed the teachings’ – no punishment or ‘consequence’.

Instead I have received total understanding and support from those who have committed their own lives to developing a deep understanding of love and the human condition, and simply remain open to share from their own experience.

101 thoughts on “The Doors are always Open

  1. Proving there is truly no perfect idea of how to live, but an offer of a steady constant way that constantly supports us to live tender, loving and true lives.

  2. Thank you Nicole for a beautiful sharing, something that has been my experience also, not only are Universal Medicine doors open but hearts also are open to everyone.

  3. The contrast between the loving welcome extended to everyone by Universal Medicine and the behaviour expected of those who join cults where it is necessary to completely align to whatever they dictate is at opposite ends of the spectrum. This makes it completely ridiculous that anyone could try and identify Universal Medicine as anything other than offering a way of living which brings us back to the truth of who we are with no judgement, rules or expectations of conformity but instead the freely available opportunity to return to the love that we are all from.

  4. That Universal Medicine is not a cult is clear. What UM detractors resent is the fact that what is truly love in many instances do not go along with images of love we hold as true even if they are not.

  5. Through my association with Universal Medicine – amongst other things – I have learned to have a more loving relationship with myself and others and this has brought about a consequent transformation in how I am in those relationships. I have gone from being someone who was needy, seeking love and recognition, to someone who has a foundation of love to live from, so I can be that in life and reflect it to others. Lives change and transform when people make the choice to be love and it seems there are those who are skeptical or suspicious – and maybe jealous of those whose lives are improved. For me, the choice to love myself is the most healthy choice I have ever made and I am truly appreciative of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has brought for all of us to reflect upon. As for the cult allegations – these are just a cheap and lazy shot, because if you truly take the time to know and understand the man and the organisation, you will see that nothing could be further from the truth.

  6. Everyone who attends Universal Medicine presentations is equally given the space to choose for themselves from what they feel to be true for them, with no pressure to do anything that does not feel right. The openness and commitment to reflecting love to all equally is deeply felt and it is simply our choice to open up or not to what is presented.

  7. How can someone who presents on true love that holds everyone in absolute equalness can close a door on anyone? I know hypocrisy and incongruency is very common in the world we live in, but there is someone who talks the walk for a change.

  8. I love it Nicole, of course you are right, Universal Medicine is not a very good cult failing completely to try to control or manipulate its students, not even having a proper compound to lock them up in. It is not a very good cult because it is not a cult at all simply being an organisation that presents to anyone who wants to listen such things as who we really are, what we are really made of and what we are here on Earth to do. Demystifying every seeming mystery but presenting truth.

  9. Universal Medicine offers a range of courses and presentations for all walks of life. Anyone can attend or not attend depending on what is interesting to them, Its that simple.

  10. With no punishment, no consequences nor banishment for not attending presentations or workshops by Universal Medicine people are quite obviously there of their own free will. And when you consider one of the things that this country prides itself on is equality and tolerance of people’s religious choices and beliefs, I seriously do not know what the issue is.

  11. True, those at Universal Medicine that are seen as teachers or role models are actually those who have developed their livingness a little bit further and therefore can support when others have questions or struggle with life in one way or another.

  12. Universal Medicine presents truth with love – you cannot have one without the other. Love is truth continuing to evolve holding us firmly in the understanding it is only a choice – our choice.

  13. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through Serge Benhayon have a foundation on the energy behind any and every choice we make. The choice to ambush the meeting for their own ends was a forceful demonstration of when a choice is made not from love and harmony and the abuse and attack was felt by all.

  14. The beauty of “Universal Medicine” there is no judgement whats so ever in what we choose and how we choose to live our lives. They constantly just reflect the truth in how they live, and that’s the beauty and inspiration that got me to make changes in my life.

  15. Yes I agree Nicole, the doors are always open with no pressure in any way to conform or agree to anything that is presented, in fact we are encouraged to feel what is true for ourselves, not to follow blindly and to challenge anything that is said that we do not agree with or understand.

  16. The open door policy and transparency is the antithesis of any cult like behaviour – which by its name conjures up pictures of seclusion and secrecy. It is truly beautiful that you can come and go as you please and be welcomed just as lovingly no matter how often you attend…. making the choice to be there solely up to you and you alone.

  17. All students choose to live their own lives with no compulsion for anything. What we all do have in common is a commitment to learning and appreciating that there is a depth to life that our surface dwelling ways have removed us from.

  18. I love your blog Nicole, the doors are always open even if you choose to come back at a later date, no question and definitely no need to justify yourself, only an open heart full of love to welcome you back on each and every occasion. You definitely wouldn’t get that if were a cult.

  19. Is it not the greatest expression of love, to hold another in the love that they truly are, regardless of outer behaviour that would display otherwise? You’ve brought a beautiful point home here Nicole, thank-you.

    1. The understanding, love and respect we are held in is so beautiful, that in its self is an inspiration, which you can as feel in the body as a truth that is presented.

  20. Beautiful sharing Nicole,. Absolutely true, the doors of Universal Medicine are always open for everyone, held in absolute love.

  21. Made me chuckle when you said Universal Medicine is not a very good cult! In fact if it were a cult it would be the worst. Free will is a big no-no in cults from what I hear, and yet UniMed is based on free will.

  22. When the doors are always open there is always an in and an out whenever you choose. When this is the case I don’t see how there can be an issue.

  23. I agree Nicole, Universal Medicine does not resemble a ‘cult’ in any way, shape or form. To label it as such is a dirty tactic used to undermine and damage an amazing organisation that offers true love and support to everyone equally.

  24. When we learn to reconnect to the love that is within us rather than seek it outside, our lives change – often quite significantly. From the outside looking in, this can be viewed with suspicion and cynicism. But in truth it makes perfect sense and it is based on wisdom that has been available to humanity for many thousands of years – the kingdom of love is within you – and when we choose to accept the fact and reconnect to it, we end the ‘endless’ search and start to live life from the beingness of our hearts. It’s very simple really and yet deeply profound at the same time.

    1. Matts I have been on this road for a while and I can truly say the effort is worth it, as we bring love into our lives, with responsibility and understanding, My life has so much there is more, joy, love and vitality in my body for this constant brings everything back to love.

  25. Thankyou Nicole, Universal Medicine is most definitely not a cult, but what they are is a world leader in self care, presenting fascinating workshops that actually can be applied into every aspect of day to day life, and they are supporting many people to turn around their lives recovering from seemingly impossible trauma and addictions (for example). And somehow Serge delivers all of this without one ounce of imposition, with undeniable humility (and a lot of fun!), and the understanding of how we are all equally powerful and responsible for our own lives.

  26. I’ve always found it amazing how the doors of Universal Medicine are open to everyone, it’s simply your choice to come in, and your choice to leave, but you’re always made to feel truly welcome and never asked to be or do anything. But in my experience walking through that door was a life-changing experience.

  27. That’s why I love Universal Medicine so much. It is universally available to all and that is a loving, supportive and living example of truth to be shared and celebrated. The doors are always open.

  28. The door is always open to Universal Medicine, it is open to everyone regardless of who they are and what they have done in life.To walk through the door was the best thing I have ever done, and I would not change it for the world.

  29. What a beautiful sharing Nicole and true from my own account of Universal Medicine events. The door is always open, yet there is no policies, by laws, insinuations or codes of conduct that infer in any way you are not free to come and go as you please or share the information as much as little as you like. In fact much is available online these days that can be perused without entering a venue where events are held at all. There is nothing remotely cultish about Universal Medicine. But there is an amazing story to be explored about claiming ones own loving way in life and all the fringe benefits of health, wellbeing and industriousness that arise from it.

  30. The Royal Commission on child abuse is like a Pandora’s box of awfulness that has been sitting there in the middle of our society for decades, and as the lid is slowly taken off the corruption and rot in many institutions that are the so-called pillars of our society are seen for what they are. And this is of course just one aspect of our society.

  31. The door is always open for everyone to choose to feel and live a life that is in harmony with the science, religion and philosophy of Universal Medicine and return to the true love that we all came from. Or they can choose otherwise but eventually the warmth of their inner-flame will draw them back to the light of who they are.

  32. “Well, Universal Medicine is not a very good cult then, because the ‘doctrines’ presented are about developing love and truth in your own life, at your own pace and in your own way from listening to yourself and no one else.” Love this Nicole – and, as you say, the doors are always open – no recriminations or judgement – just pure love and acceptance. No perfection required.

  33. I am in deep appreciation of receiving the exquisite love and support Universal Medicine offers whilst having the complete freedom to come and go as I please, and choose as I wish to listen or apply what is presented or not… completely unimposed upon and without expectation… an absolute rarity in life.

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