Many people were deeply affected

by Victoria Carter, Pottsville, Australia

The recent ‘ambush’ on a group of peaceful individuals attending an open public presentation last Friday night (12th October 2012) at Lennox Head Community Centre, was absolutely unacceptable;  David Millikan (a claimed man of God) displayed behaviour that was utterly inappropriate.

The orchestrated media circus he ‘set upon’ an unsuspecting group of people who had travelled to a public venue to hear Serge Benhayon speak – of and from a deep love and concern for humanity – was shocking and harmful. Many, many people were deeply affected, including children present. Everyone was ‘ambushed’ by not only his accusing tone, but the invasion of many TV film cameras, and more – all seeking “one big show” for a media hell-bent on sensationalism, with no accountability as to real facts and truth. To attempt to ‘incite’ a group of people who had freely chosen to pay to attend a presentation, because it resonated with our own deeply inquiring natures – as to the state of our world, our lives, our relationships, and how we may consider bringing more love to the way we live – is absolutely inexcusable.

This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.

69 thoughts on “Many people were deeply affected

  1. I would have thought if David Millikan was a true theologist and man of God he would be open to finding out more about a group of people who have found a way to be connected to God, instead he had his own agenda, which was completely disrespectful and unnecessary.

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