Many people were deeply affected

by Victoria Carter, Pottsville, Australia

The recent ‘ambush’ on a group of peaceful individuals attending an open public presentation last Friday night (12th October 2012) at Lennox Head Community Centre, was absolutely unacceptable;  David Millikan (a claimed man of God) displayed behaviour that was utterly inappropriate.

The orchestrated media circus he ‘set upon’ an unsuspecting group of people who had travelled to a public venue to hear Serge Benhayon speak – of and from a deep love and concern for humanity – was shocking and harmful. Many, many people were deeply affected, including children present. Everyone was ‘ambushed’ by not only his accusing tone, but the invasion of many TV film cameras, and more – all seeking “one big show” for a media hell-bent on sensationalism, with no accountability as to real facts and truth. To attempt to ‘incite’ a group of people who had freely chosen to pay to attend a presentation, because it resonated with our own deeply inquiring natures – as to the state of our world, our lives, our relationships, and how we may consider bringing more love to the way we live – is absolutely inexcusable.

This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.

67 thoughts on “Many people were deeply affected

  1. Yes very well said Victoria! It is astonishing that these were David Millikan’s methods (and not the first time he’s utilised similar tactics it seems) and yet has never been called to account for the absolute hypocrisy in what he claims to represent, let alone the flagrant disregard for our rights as citizens to choose who and what we listen to and for what reasons.

  2. Thank you Victoria. Your words, “this man knows not of love in action” sums up all the attacks I feel. All of us who are paying attention to Serge and Universal Medicine in a positive way do so under the very deep impulse to bring more love into our lives and the world.

  3. Your last sentence says much Victoria…’This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.’

  4. Concisely and powerfully expressed Victoria, and in absolute truth. For a claimed ‘theologian’ to have a total disregard for other human beings in the way he has acted, seems in direct contrast to the ‘theology’ and / or Church he is representing – absolutely inexcusable as you so aptly describe this.

  5. If David Millikan is a claimed man of God, my question is: Which God would want him to ambush a whole group of fellow human beings, including minors – All God’s children? So if he is not serving God who is he truly serving?

    1. I agree Dragana, making a claim to be a Son of God is easy to say but it is our actions that truly make us a Son of God. David Millikan purports to be a Uniting Church Minister but his actions on that night fall very short of uniting anyone. So in answer to your question Dragana, I feel the only one he is serving is himself.

      1. Well said Tim. I agree wholeheartedly.
        This was not the first time Millikan had performed such a stunt, all to his own glorification in front of the camera. He had no true respect for those in attendance, and played a game founded in deception and bullying.

  6. Well said Victoria, if someone calling themselves a man of God considers it ok to ambush those coming together freely to hear of Love, that is definitely not love in action, quite the opposite. And as others have asked, who is he then serving? Serge Benhayon is the absolute epitome of love in action and all are welcome to come hear him, an ambush such as this is abuse and telling of those who profess to be of God but act not that.

  7. I find this behaviour unbelievable, it really reveals to me the lengths the media are prepared to go to get a good story, and how little they are bothered about who they hurt, because as you write, such an ambush deeply affects and hurts people.

  8. Victoria, re-reading your blog today, I feel so much of those who purport to be men of God (and in most case they are men) is not by those living the love that is God. As your great last sentence states ‘This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.’. Very true, and unfortunately indicative of many of our religions and their preachers – we live in a world where many pay lip service to the idea of God, and religion but their actions show they do not live it. It’s all about being seen to be playing by the rules but not truly taking another into account especially if that other is from a different religion – it’s all about me and mine, and anyone outside that is at best tolerated, but not truly embraced. What Serge Benhayon has introduced to us all again, is that for us to be truly love, we must treat all others, no matter colour or creed as equal to us – treat them as our brothers. This is love in action, what it is to truly be a ‘man’ of God, and the truth is we are all Sons of God, each and every one of us.

    1. Beautifully and powerfully said Monica. Yes, have we not learnt (the hard way) as a society to look beyond the robes?
      In my eyes, Millikan was completely ‘de-frocked’ that evening in October 2012, revealing not a man who holds all in the true and deep love of his heart, but a man who is willing to intimidate and harass people in service of his own self-serving aggrandisement and agenda.
      Yet I do see and hold this man as an equal Son of God whose behaviours, clearly born of his own deep hurt, do not as yet reflect the true love that will undoubtedly be there, within.

      1. Victoria, that’s a key point, each and every one of us is an equal Son of God with the capability to live and act this at any time – none are less, and love in action is seeing this in everyone and holding them in that love despite what may currently be lived, while being clear to call out any abuse. It’s setting a mark that says to another I know you are more, I know you are not this unloving behaviour and allowing them the time to choose differently, to choose from the innate love they are.

      2. Absolutely true Victoria and Monica, as Serge Benhayon is such shining example of : treating everyone with the same amount of love and seeing the same love in every single person. It is actually hilarious – as David Millikan is trying to put of actually someone (Serge Benhayon) who is actually living in absolute connection with God and brotherhood for all, and then seeing David Millikan holding is own mask (deception) of that is he being the One who is in connection with God, while accuse & abuse others. This is not even possible if you treat your equal brothers with despite, hate and fury!

      3. I agree with every cell of my being Danna. In knowing Serge Benhayon for some 14 years now, I have only ever seen him be this consistent in his love for all – his foundation is unshakeable.
        And they say the Vatican is founded upon the ‘rock’ that was Peter… If it were truly founded upon such a foundation of true religion, then what is occurring with its priests and the beyond-alarming levels of waywardness, and what is occurring with other so-entitled ‘men of God’ such as David Millikan who clearly do not display such a foundation in absolute love and the known equalness of all. Something is failing us deeply here…

    2. So true, Monica and Veronica. If we all held everyone as the equal Sons of God that we are and lived the love that is God, we would not need to discuss concepts such as tolerance, peace or opposing religions. We would not be having this conversation about a supposed man of God ambushing and attacking a group of people for self-identification and publicity. From love we are able to stand up and say, ‘this behaviour is not okay, but I still hold you as an equal son of God.’

  9. Beautiful Monica. “I know you are more…”
    This must be the deepest truth we can be willing to see – beyond all of the corruption, deceit, treachery even… is more.
    The Son of God stands ever awaiting to be lived in full. The rest is but a farce.

  10. Well said Victoria. David Millikan’s ‘supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action’. The loveless circus he sensationally orchestrated that evening was something I will not forget. It has completely changed how I feel about the media and made me question that what they present to us as ‘news’, is actually the truth.

  11. Victoria you are spot on when you say that David Millikan was not practicing love in action, it feels from your account very much like reaction in action which is always harmful.

  12. What kind of God does he serve, what kind of religion is he practising? A God and religion void of love, free will, grace, harmony, equalness…?

    1. Which to me, is no true religion at all Alex. To live religiously is to intimately know God in one’s life – from such an intimate knowing of the greatness of His love, how could one ever behave so void of it? Whatever ‘rock’ David Millikan purported to stand on, it was not one of love on that evening, nor in every manipulative and deceptive step he took in its preparation.

  13. The study of God has been reduced to stringing together lectures and discussions about this or that religion and it’s benefits over another. Robed men the world over, stand an inch higher than their fellow brother – it is their brothers fingers that they stand on to raise them up. God serves not his equals in this way. The fact is God is within deeply so, and it is with each breathe we get to hear and feel how we are to serve and inspire another to know thy father as we do.
    This love (God) and how grand and stupendous it (he) is cannot be confined and never is in truth.
    Serge Benhayon is a man so rich in God’s love that those that stand robed and educationally more ‘learned’ remain in the dark even when such truth shines directly right at them lighting the way.

  14. This is a prime exposure of what the world has allowed to happen by focusing on ‘face value’. A supposed ‘man of God’ acting completely contra to his apparent title. Thank God we have a true example of a ‘Man of God’ in Serge Benhayon and now many others.

    1. Leigh, your words bring lightness to this page of exposure and gravity…
      I also state loud and clear that Serge Benhayon is a ‘man of God’ like no other that I have met – inspiring countless others to also live with such depth of real, lived love and integrity – reclaiming the men and women of God that we all, in the truth of our being, essentially are.
      Thank-you so much for your comment here.

  15. Hear hear Victoria the actions of David Millikan and the media were absolutely inexcusable and for a man who stated he had deeply studied theology David Millikan’s actions were certainly not that of love in action, totally the opposite in fact.

  16. I agree with the comments made by several people above. David Millikan’s behaviours are a clear demonstration that learning theory and getting recognised via some sort of qualification is not the same thing as understanding the subject on a deeper than intellectual level. David Millikan need look no further than how Serge Benhayon lives his life if he would like a clarification of what this means.

  17. ‘This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.’ I very much agree. David Millikan in this incident is the best example how arrogant and reckless we can become coming from our mind thinking we know best, when all the while he does not know at all and acts without any love, compassion or any kind of human connection but simply goes for his own recognition and fame.

  18. How many people have been affected from disrespectful behaviors up until today? Is there a reason why we don’t set an end to this horrible show? Could it be that we still need the hurt that keeps us busy in the mist of emotions? What do we fear that would otherwise be there? Could it be the stillness?

  19. A succinct and powerful summary of the events of the night and the inexcusable behaviour that needed to be exposed. It is somewhat surreal that in a talk about how we need to bring more love into the way we live and act, we should be confronted with such a display of the harm caused by the utter lack of it.

  20. Thank you for the account of the evening Victoria. I wasn’t present but many friends were and it is deeply disturbing the level of deceit that David Millikan went to on this evening and the complete charade of his life as ‘a man of God’ that all were witness to.

  21. This is a great account Victoria, it is awful to see how this man disturbed an evening of learning about the truth in life, to only get a sensationalist story out, I can see it has been very harming for everyone that attended.

    1. Harmful, and also, deeply eye-opening Benkt.
      It’s a difficult thing to describe, but there was a moment when large lights and TV crew (in addition to the camera-women already planted in the audience) could be seen through the front glass doors to the building, when children were being upset, many people distressed, and smaller hand-held cameras were being shoved in people’s faces against their will, trying to incite reaction and chaos… that I felt, woah… this is the closest thing to a ‘siege’ I can imagine. It actually felt THAT invasive, shocking and harsh – as if guns were pointed at us. Brings a tear now, for the state it put a room full of people into, who were there to simply listen to and participate in an evening of shared words of truth that meant so much to every single person there.
      Our right to religious expression and gathering was fundamentally violated.

  22. “To attempt to ‘incite’ a group of people who had freely chosen to pay to attend a presentation, because it resonated with our own deeply inquiring natures – as to the state of our world, our lives, our relationships, and how we may consider bringing more love to the way we live – is absolutely inexcusable. This man’s supposed deeply studied ‘theology’ knows not of love in action.” Excellent points Victoria. Shocking to hear this can happen in a democratic country where freedom of speech is a given. However freedom of speech does not mean freedom to abuse – as Millikan et al were doing – and, as you say, from a man of the cloth!

  23. Studying Theology does not say anything. You can study all you want, but living a life of love is not studied at University. It does not come from books, it comes from living a life of truth and living from your heart. So David, throw out those books and live like a son of God, don’t pretend to be one.

  24. I met a ‘man of the cloth’ yesterday and he spoke to me (and everyone else at the event) as if I were a mere mortal and he were somehow more than that. Interesting the arrogance people in these positions can display and the importance they believe they have. This is dangerous as is seen here in your example and can be extremely harmful to all those affected.

  25. I agree Samantha – the whole charade was characterised by the very opposite of love, truth, decency, and respect. Live and let live – without harm to another, is something David Millikan could perhaps consider.

  26. Spot on – there is no love in action here, I would say the complete opposite – a man with an absolute lack of respect for human life and our right to freely choose.

  27. Well reading about God doesn’t make you necessarily know about God – so thinking that you will be closer to God, representing God or perhaps more knowledgeable about God by reading about him, in other words theological studies, is pure illusion and is proven by so many displaying a very non-Godly behaviour and it seems like this man David Millikan was a living breathing example of just that.

  28. Well said Victoria Carter. When we look closely at our media presentations it is possible to see how staged it all is, with convenient edits, that promote a story rather than the truth. It is for us, who choose to ‘consume’ these presentations to discern wisely and perhaps choose the off switch more frequently. It seems to me, that only when the demand is not there anymore, that the broadcasters and other forms of media will begin to listen.

  29. One wonders how you can claim yourself a ‘man of God’ and then act in such an abusive and appalling way as David Millikan did that night. Serge Benhayon a true son of God has inspired thousands of people worldwide to re-connect to who they truly are – now that is a story that should be front page news.

  30. Not only were those in the room deeply affected, but also those in the international Universal Medicine community. His actions were inexcusable and absolutely despicable.

  31. Thank you Victoria, it shows an arrogance from those such as David Millikan to not have bothered to look into Universal Medicine and get a balanced view from all sides. Barging straight in with their own agendas only goes to show how desperate those are to try and prove something that didn’t actually exist.

  32. I have read much now on this evening and the question I have is how many other people or groups of people have been treated in a similar fashion in the name of what he may call religion. If what he calls religion is so great, why would he even be concerned about what other people choose to believe or how they live? When you consider the work being done by other religions in this country to build bridges with each other, what does this behaviour do to this work? Thank goodness that there has been many letters written on this evening to correct the injustices committed and frankly the disrespect that occurred. These letters are not only making a stand on that particular evening, but also for all similar situations he may have been involved in in the past. They are saying no more for anyone.

  33. Nobody deserves to be subjected to such abusive treatment regardless of the belief systems in play. One of the greatest problems in our society is people who think they know better than another and arrogantly impose their judgments and point and wave their fingers, all the while unwilling to look at the harm of such behaviours, let alone whether they are completely wrong in their thinking.

  34. Isn’t it curious that when people start to be interested in presentations that talk about the facts of what is really going on in this world, there are immediately forces that make sure we step back into line. However to me it only confirms even more that what is presented by Universal Medicine is very true.

  35. It would seem we look to the world to try and find the truth of what is really going on. There is research into where we come from, how we became and where we are going and yet are we really interested. I see there are people that answer these parts, they make sense of what had previously not, they support to answer questions they you have had for years, they bring back an understanding that is all to uncommon in our world and yet we don’t embrace them. It seems there are many questions we have as people while at the same time we have a preception of how the answer should be. Serge Benhayon has supported many to answer the questions that have been lingering around them for ages and yet there are those we not only don’t want to listen but are active in preventing others from doing the same.

  36. We have to see that there is little of truth to be had in our media circus and hence little that truly serves. It is time to vote with our feet, our money and the off switch on our TV’s and demand honesty and truth rather than the fuel of sensationalism that stimulates our emotions and reactions. In truth, the viewers and readers hold the power, not the journalists, producers and editors. They are entirely beholden to viewing and readership figures. So we must address the demand for such ‘creations’…if we truly want a more honest and loving world.

  37. Religion means re-bonding, re-connecting, re-turning. Theology, on the other hand, comes from the Greek theologia, an account of the Gods. Should not these words be connected through our movements?

  38. It is truly shocking to read about the despicable and totally unacceptable events of that evening and feel how David Millikan’s imposition was in complete contrast to Serge Benhayon who always speaks ‘from a deep love and concern for humanity’ and by his humble way reflects to all others the true actions of a ‘Man of God’.

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