Give Universal Medicine a ‘fair go’

by Anna Karam, Goonellabah, Australia

On Friday 12 October I attended an event at Lennox Head Community Centre, NSW, Australia put on by Universal Medicine, an organisation which presents to free thinking individuals a way forward for humanity that is based on simply living a life that is more honest and loving towards oneself and all others.

This evening was then sabotaged by a National TV network media crew headed up by David Millikan (a so-called Uniting Church minister) who did anything but UNITE. Instead he accused the people attending (normal people just like myself) of being part of a cult that has the potential to harm others. Who are we harming, David? Ask yourself this truly.

This ‘media attention’ stems from a handful of men who claim that their relationships had broken up due to their wives’ involvement with Universal Medicine. These women have stood up and made it clear that their relationship breakdown has nothing to do with Universal Medicine – rather issues that had existed previously and were not being addressed. These men are angry and hurt and want someone to blame. It is these men that the media have listened to and constructed their stories from – with no attempt to balance this with a fair and just representation of UniMed or the women whose relationships have ended – this is not to mention investigating the many relationships which have flourished and deepened as a result of the individuals making more self-loving choices.

Our media supports the lies which stem from the anger and hurt of these men, by not only publishing their stories and refusing to listen to the women who are a part of this, but taking it one step further and actually seeking out the organisation these women are connected with (Universal Medicine) in an outright attempt to attack and accuse this organisation of being a cult. I would laugh at this if I didn’t have to believe it to be true, for in truth, it is deeply saddening. If any of you from the National Network station represented by David Millikan had any integrity at all, you would not allow this sort of intrusion to go on. How is it that this is even legal? – something for all of humanity to consider as our media portray these lies as if it were sport – why not serve the world and focus on important issues?

David Millikan (who is on your payroll) was outright attacking a group of everyday people attending an event that actually looks at the welfare and well-being of human beings – something that the world is desperately in need of; that you are a National TV network heading this attack and misrepresentation reveals how much media accountability needs to change.

I call for a true fair go, let go of trying to get a story that sells, and come and speak to us for real. I assure you that this is a story truly worth sharing with the public!

67 thoughts on “Give Universal Medicine a ‘fair go’

  1. It’s disgusting that this was allowed by the TV network, and not only that, that all those involved in the ambush also felt that it was ok to do. Where was their own discernment in that choice? How did they feel this would help others?

  2. David Millikan is responsible for causing a lot of harm by his underhand, abusive tactics to create a reaction in those who had chosen to listen to a presentation by Universal Medicine. Presentations that inspire many to choose to live in harmony and respect with everyone.

  3. Universal Medicine has supported hundreds of couples to lead a truer and more joyful relationship, of course sometimes a break up is the best thing for both parties as it is simply unhealthy to stay in an arrangement that is loveless or abusive. This is very common sense and something UM advocates and supports people with.

  4. It’s awesome that there is now a ‘story’ about the truth of the media and it’s lack of accountability and presentation of the facts and the truth. I do not watch or listen to the media. It does not represent our world and the potential that is there for all to live.

  5. I was at that evening presentation, and it was clear David Millikan was there to pounce on an unsuspecting group of people creating a picture for television of what he wanted. The fact that the gathering met none of his pre-conceived ideas meant nothing to him and certainly did not change his views. It did not seem to matter that the truth did not fit his picture. He just wanted what he wanted to report on, regardless of whether it was true or not.

  6. It is quite obvious that the media is not so much interested in truth. It is what stirs and sells that they are after. I wonder if they ever consider the consequences of their behaviour when they cannot be bothered to hold integrity as an essential value of news reporting. Not much difference between them and those wannabes who would put anything on the Internet to get noticed.

  7. When anyone is seeking to sensationalise a ‘story’ then truth is the first casualty and there is no chance of a ‘fair go’ for those in the firing line because they are only fodder for the required outcome i.e. higher ratings. There is zero interest in any other aspect and the fact that a democracy allows this ambush of innocent people for others financial gain is disgraceful and needs addressing.

  8. When we look at the set up of lies and misrepresentation that the Media and those such as David Millikan often concoct to sensationalise stories for higher ratings, it makes one wonder how much of truth we are receiving when we view what the media presents.

  9. In any organisation, there will always be some people who get divorced, having watched Serge talk with others, he has helped many couple to live a true relationship. From my own experience divorce or long term breakups can be either lovingly accepted by both parties or unacceptable by one, who normally wants to blame another, we all have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

  10. It’s interesting that the press feel like they have to completely lie and sensationalise a story for it to sell, I wonder if this is what we as the general public are asking for, or whether there is a larger ploy to keep people from the truth, especially when it comes to a story about an organisation like Universal Medicine that speaks the truth, cares about people more than any business I’ve ever encountered before and has inspired 1000s or people to lead healthier, more joyful, more vital, more committed lives. Surely as depression, mental illness, general unhappiness and illness and disease rates hit an all-time high – this is the kind of story we need.

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