Hidden agenda in ambush on Universal Medicine

by Giovanna Dalle Rive Carli, Italian Language Tutor, Lennox Head 
and Nicole Wise, Childcare Teacher, Lennox Head, Australia

On Friday 12th October 2012 at an open presentation given by Serge Benhayon on Esoteric Medicine at Lennox Head Community Centre, we were ambushed by David Millikan, who claimed to be a Uniting Church minister and a self-proclaimed ‘Cult expert’. He said he was writing a book and simply wanted to ask the student body some questions about their relationship with Universal Medicine and Serge’s teachings.

Although initially, he seemed sincere in his intent to gain an understanding of the UniMed student body, as soon as David started talking, he called us a ‘cult’ and called Serge a ‘cult leader’. Then, came his judgment and his attacks towards our ability to hold our own beliefs.

Not only is David in alliance with a well-known television network but he had also set up other members of his staff throughout the audience with cameras to videotape his ‘performance’.

We were in shock and in total disbelief at the level of dishonesty and deceit that David Millikan was showing in his attempt to set up a sensationalistic show purely for the ratings of a television network and for his own personal profile.

An obvious question is ‘did Millikan have a hidden agenda?’ ‘Is David Millikan’s ability to be objective and honest compromised while he is being bankrolled by a television network which wants ratings and commissions him to produce two ‘shows’ a year – as he so declared?’

This is a man who claims to be a Uniting Church minister; we ask you David, “Where was the honesty, integrity and truth we would expect as a Uniting Church minister?”

As far as we know Australia is still a democracy. In a democracy, all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their life and personal beliefs are protected by the law as a basic human right.

We definitely didn’t see any of that from you, David.

55 thoughts on “Hidden agenda in ambush on Universal Medicine

  1. Pre-planned and dishonest, this is an example of a total set-up by a media crew who not only dishonoured themselves, but also everyone who attended.

  2. It is interesting a “Uniting” church Minister acting as he did in a divisive way with his hidden agenda, no uniting anywhere.

  3. Yes there was clearly a hidden agenda behind David Millikan’s actions that night which was all to do with him and his personal advancement and producing the sensationalist story that he was being paid to provide without any care for the people he was inflicting his presence on in a totally deceitful way.

  4. It does not take much to realize the potential of an open exchange between a man who works as a journalist, Uniting Church minister and is also a ‘cult expert’ and students of Universal Medicine – the opportunity was there. There were no restrictions placed upon David Millikan to engage with the students. Yet, he went for the diatribes and the ambush. We can say, this is what he chose and it is true. But why did he not choose the open exchange? That would have been a unique opportunity! To me, the answer is clear, he knew he did not have a true case. Otherwise, it does not make any sense.

  5. David Millikan is quite a reflection for us all of what happens when we come at life with a pre-conceived agenda. He could do with some ‘universal medicine’.

  6. This made me think what the difference might be between the way David Millikan operated and an undercover report that often leads to a sensational exposé. The latter is also a deceit from the point of view of those who gets infiltrated. But what strikes me here is that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon welcomed David Millikan to ask questions and there was nothing to be hidden so absolutely no need for those theatric set-ups, if it really was simply the fact he was after.

  7. The dishonesty and deceit perpetrated by David Millikan that night showed he was only interested in creating a sensationalist story for television. Not a single shred of truth in the fantasy created by him that night.

  8. Interesting tactic from a Uniting Church member, makes you wonder why they are using the word ‘uniting’ if what they practice is actually separating… what a bastardisation of that word – unbelievable hypocrisy.

  9. Yes, David Millikan’s agenda is easily exposed in comparison to the level of integrity and love that is normally presented on that stage by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. That is why I attend the presentations to experience and feel in my body how I can practically live with the quality of integrity I know.

  10. The level of dishonesty and deceit was indeed shocking. People have a right to believe what they choose so long as it is not harmful to others… and a talk on health and well-being is far from any cause for alarm. However the underhanded and abusive antics are things that no one should be subjected to for any reason and of great reason to be alarmed.

  11. Clearly the character of David Millikan was exposed as anything but the tenants of the Church he is Minister of. Hypocrisy at its worst, it would be interesting to attend one of his sermons.

  12. It feels David Millikan was there to bait those who attended the open and public Universal Medicine event, there was no hidden agenda by Universal Medicine, unlike David Millikan whose seeming agenda was quite the opposite, designed for shock value, and an attempt to manipulate the truth.

  13. Solid and honest blog and so it reflects the integrity, respect and sincerity that the students hold (of course to the best they can, without perfection).. all that was not shared by David Millikan and his team. Another example of no matter in which context you are, whatever name you got in society or role – it all comes back to the Livingness. Hence an integrity, respect and absolute humanness (concern and sincere) can only be lived and expressed, not being pretended as, as you clearly seen that it has failed when it is not lived.

  14. Thank you Giovanna, the abuse of power by David Millikan that night on a group of innocent people is a disgraceful act – it is high time that responsibility is taken for harmful and abusive behaviours, such as in this example.

  15. Something I have learned about life is that our actions and expression reveal us and say much more about ourselves than others. From the reports I have read about this ‘ambush’ David Millikan has revealed more about his true agenda here than anything about Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon and this has little to do with discovering truth and more about creating a story.

  16. It seems like David Millikan gives us an example of why truth is something that needs be lived, not just talked about. Serge Benhayon definitely lives truth and that is why he is so sought after. And maybe this is also why he is so feared by people like David Millikan who desperately seems to wanting to expose him but in the process just making a fool out of himself with this show that he was trying to make for that television network.

  17. “Where was the honesty, integrity and truth we would expect as a Uniting Church minister?” This is an awesome question – it’s not the way would expect a member of the church to behave, let alone a minister. I am appalled that the church endorse this kind of behaviour and scare-mongering… what happened to basic respect and decency?

  18. “As far as we know Australia is still a democracy. In a democracy, all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their life and personal beliefs are protected by the law as a basic human right.
    We definitely didn’t see any of that from you, David.” No integrity there – and from a minister! Millikan et al had an agenda and truth wasn’t going to get in their way.

  19. David and his crew conducted themselves appallingly, void of any integrity or common decency…. and all over an accusation that wasn’t even true. No wonder the world is in such a mess when people are paid to get a story at any cost regardless of the collateral damage of such an agenda.

  20. It is so hideous to have a hidden agenda, very self-harming to start with, because you have to forcefully wear a mask and show something different on the outside than what is on the inside. It is an insult to one’s own body.

  21. Without a doubt, David Millikan had a hidden agenda. There is no truth and integrity neither in his doings nor in his intention.

  22. David Millikan appears to have achieved his aims at a superficial level ie he managed to concoct a story which suited his own and the hiring television station’s overt agendas. He may even feel quite clever for the way he set this incident up. I wonder if he is just as quick to accept the responsibility for the deceit and dishonesty behind his actions?

  23. Looking at the etymology of the word ‘ambush’ makes clear the association with the word ‘bush’. So, we are speaking of someone that takes advantage of the fact of being hidden in the bush. One thing is for sure, he/she may know very well know the trees where to hide behind and be very good at hiding (in life). What about its ability to see ‘the forest’? I would not bet on this. Was the ‘ambush-er’ able to really get an accurate perception of what was Universal Medicine (the forest) all about? Clearly no.

  24. I wonder what reaction would be recieved if the scenario that was played out by David Milikan on Universl Medicine, was played out against the Uniting Church.

  25. David Millikan with his lack of integrity and accusative behaviour did the Uniting Church of which he claimed to be a Minister of no favour by acting in such an attacking and unjustified fashion.

  26. It’s been also three years now and the acts of David Millikan remain as a mark of what is not acceptable of a supposed ‘Uniting Church’ Minister. A quick google search of his name brought up many of these blogs claiming that such behaviours were not only abusive but completely out of order. Looking back now I wonder if he considers if the fame and five minutes of sensation was all worth it.

  27. The abusive attacks as seen from David Milkman’s ambush at The Universal Medicine event at Lenox Head back in July 2012 does not seem to have stopped but is continuing consistently and stretching far and wide into the lives of individuals associated with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It is time this is stopped and the truth to be known of what is really going on by the outside world against freedom of speech and decent loving caring people who are bringing the highest integrity love and responsibility back to humanity.

  28. Freedom of religious expression is a basic human right. Only a few hundred years ago the Christian reformists who started the Uniting Church, the church that Millikan once served as a minister, were persecuted, tortured and killed for adhering to their religious beliefs that stated that every man could represent himself before God, a priest was not required. Inquisitors accused them and questioned them in a way that they could not answer without being deemed guilty.
    The same line of questioning as used by Millikan in his approach. Yes, he did not kill, he did not torture, but had a good go at humiliating people, using them so he could make a name for himself on a cheap shot TV show. His lack of care and regard that there were children in the audience was frankly a disgrace, and give way that not only was Millikan out of touch with the rights of all people, he was also out of touch with decency.

    1. Well said Rachel. This reads to me like ‘religion’ attacking religion and if this is the case then there is surely an imposter about. When a person is in such obvious service to ‘self’, as is clearly the case with David Millikan, they cannot be in service to all and hence what we see and feel here is no truth, no integrity, no honesty, no care and absolutely no love.

  29. The lack of integrity and violation of basic human rights* shown by David Millikan, indicate that this had nothing to do with what was best for the community and people of Australia, but everything to do with feathering his own nest, with support from a money and ratings hungry television station.

    * Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    * Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association

    * No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.

  30. Very poinant and relevant questions Giovanna and Nicole
    David’s integrity was severely damaged that night
    I read with interest your account of the night but did not enjoy the painful memory of our community being deceived and accused.

  31. Thank You Giovanna and Nicole for your account of what happened when David Millikan claiming to be a church minister attempted with deceit to get a story so he could raise his own personal profile through TV ratings.
    My question is – would Millikan have done this if there was no money involved and no ‘fame”? In other words there was nothing in it for him but Everything for the community and beyond.
    So if it was to serve the people there would not be hundreds of posts from all members of the public who attended that night and two years later even more comments worldwide about an event that was wrong and utterly abusive.
    What I do know absolutely is that Serge Benhayon has dedicated his life to helping others in a true way and he has thousands of people who would testify to his utmost integrity and how he chooses to conduct himself in his business and private world is no different. He hides nothing and that tells me he is the real deal.

  32. Thanks Giovanna and Nicole. It appears more than obvious that David Millikan had a hidden agenda. The fact that he has a contract with a television network and has to produce two shows a year, there is always going to be a conflict of interest between that and purporting to be a Uniting Church Minister. It seems the only things being United here are his EGO and his bank balance.

  33. Another example of how words have been bastardised. If this is called ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’, what would then be the definition of love in David’s words? Thank God that I’ve re-connected to a man that never truly gave up on the true meaning of words. Thank you Serge.

  34. Honesty, truth and integrity certainly does not seem to be high on David Millikan’s agenda. His actions were a gross violation of the open and loving gesture that allowed him access to the stage in the first place. In the U.K it’s called ‘Entrapment’ and any evidence gained in this way in an investigation is thrown out, as its sole intention is to manipulate the results in favour of the investigator. Clearly this is not the work of an independent observer.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Rowena. I am not aware of this (entrapment) being the case in Australia, though perhaps we should be taking the lead from the U.K. if it is not!

    2. Entrapment it was indeed, a deceitfully executed manoeuvre to feather his own nest and bring home the bacon, and all at the expense of honesty and truth. Shame on David Millikan indeed.

  35. Seems David Millikan let a few things slip when he imposed his tirade on those present at the Universal Medicine health talk last Friday evening.
    The most obvious one is his personal integrity, as well as respect for his fellow human beings and their right to go about their lives peaceably.
    How interesting that, in his anger, he identified the TV station paying for his services and let slip they commission him for two ‘stories/shows’ a year.
    Who is he going to attempt to demonize next, if the media watchdog doesn’t put a halt to this abhorrent and assaulting behaviour???

  36. Yes, I would be curious to hear David Millikan holding a sermon on honesty at his church- you know like you say one thing but you do another – that type of ‘honesty’, which he seems to have mastered – was that part of his PhD, I ask!

    1. I would like to sit in on a sermon that explains how hypocrisy can be confused with honesty, as lived by David Millikan.

  37. Great questions you ask here. It is interesting to read that The Uniting Church’s website states that “The church’s mission coworkers immerse themselves in local culture, seek to hear the voice of the local people, and respond by offering support, encouragement and empowerment. This is particularly so in the area of human rights, where the dignity of people made in the image of God must always be respected, however different their way of life may be from that of the mission co-worker.” Where on earth was the respect for the different way of life in the way David Millikan acted?

    1. Exactly Jane. David Millikan did not, in any way, display the true care, support and respect of a minister of the Uniting Church. In fact, the absolute opposite of these tenets.

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