Hidden agenda in ambush on Universal Medicine

On Friday 12th October 2012 at an open presentation given by Serge Benhayon on Esoteric Medicine at Lennox Head Community Centre, we were ambushed by David Millikan, who claimed to be a Uniting Church minister and a self-proclaimed ‘Cult expert’. He said he was writing a book and simply wanted to ask the student body some questions about their relationship with Universal Medicine and Serge’s teachings.

Although initially, he seemed sincere in his intent to gain an understanding of the UniMed student body, as soon as David started talking, he called us a ‘cult’ and called Serge a ‘cult leader’. Then, came his judgment and his attacks towards our ability to hold our own beliefs.

Not only is David in alliance with a well-known television network but he had also set up other members of his staff throughout the audience with cameras to videotape his ‘performance’.

We were in shock and in total disbelief at the level of dishonesty and deceit that David Millikan was showing in his attempt to set up a sensationalistic show purely for the ratings of a television network and for his own personal profile.

An obvious question is ‘did Millikan have a hidden agenda?’ ‘Is David Millikan’s ability to be objective and honest compromised while he is being bankrolled by a television network which wants ratings and commissions him to produce two ‘shows’ a year – as he so declared?’

This is a man who claims to be a Uniting Church minister; we ask you David, “Where was the honesty, integrity and truth we would expect as a Uniting Church minister?”

As far as we know Australia is still a democracy. In a democracy, all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their life and personal beliefs are protected by the law as a basic human right.

We definitely didn’t see any of that from you, David.

By GD, Self-employed, Australia and Nicole Wise, Childcare Teacher, Lennox Head, Australia

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  1. Our love is grander than any judgement or lie ever made. Only our absense of being present will be containing in its lack of love – lies. Hence, it is clearly to see where this ambush came from.

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