Shocked by false allegations

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I practise as a Herbalist and as a massage therapist. I also work as a supervisor in a busy cafe in Byron Bay. I often attend Universal Medicine talks by Serge Benhayon as I find his presentations on health and medicine very interesting. They have inspired me to make some healthy changes in my own life and that has also inspired others in my workplace and around me to make healthy choices for themselves.

On Friday night (12th October 2012) I attended the talk – held at Lennox Head Community Centre – with my father, and two friends from work. We were all looking forward to going out and listening to the presentation and connecting with other friends there. What we experienced instead was such a shock.Serge introduced us to David Millikan; he said he was writing a book and just wanted to ask us a few questions… He said that he was a minister from the Uniting Church. He had only begun to introduce himself and then he went on to accuse us all that we were part of a cult and that we could not think for ourselves and that we were brainwashed. We were never given the chance to speak because he thought we were too brainwashed to even comment. Then it unfolded that there were cameras throughout the venue and we were being filmed… without having given any notice or asked permission. This guy said he was from a well-known television station and that he is getting paid by them to make this story. It felt like I was in some kind of set up, some strange scenario that can’t possibly be happening.

I am shocked that in Australia the media can just come in and make false allegations to a group of people and film us without any consequences. I felt the lack of respect, lack of privacy and I really object to being told and pointed at that I am part of a cult. I hope that this ‘well-known station’ is exposed for their tricks. They really should interview us all and do some proper research before they just bombard our talk. Surely there are more interesting things for them to make stories out of… like the rates of suicide, bullying, obesity, domestic violence to name a few, but instead they came to a medicine presentation…

54 thoughts on “Shocked by false allegations

  1. The more I read about David Millikan and his team’s premeditated ambush of the Universal Medicine health presentation, the more sure I am that something needs to be done to prevent any other gathering of people being disrupted in such an underhand and aggressive manner.
    That a well-known, mainstream television station approved and paid for this raid astounds me.

  2. I was there at the Friday night David Millikan siege and it was insane. David who is a large and imposing man said one or two reasonable words and then suddenly switched into this weird, aggressive, ranting and raving finger pointing dictator saying all sorts of absurd things that didn’t make any sense at all.

    I note you were there with your family, I was there with my husband, people were there with their children. Universal Medicine is very inclusive and the audience were all normal members of the public.

    It was an open presentation held at the Lennox Head Community Centre. Anybody could walk in off the street and it only cost $5 to attend the talk. The fact that David Millikan was able to easily organise for several young women with cameras to sit at all different points of the room including right at the front, just shows how open and public this event was.

  3. Rosie you make a great point, why is that the ‘news story’ is sought within a group of people that are actually choosing to be more gentle, more loving, more responsible and more honest. Why is this the target and not the ‘forever woes’ of the world? This man and others in the media play a dangerous game of naming and labelling to create sensation.

  4. Totally shocking! I am disgusted with the behavior of the media these days. It is diabolical they think they can get away with such disgraceful behavior.

  5. Rosie, I too was accompanied by a friend who had never before attended a Universal Medicine event and who sat in disbelief watching what unfolded. One comment my friends made towards the end and after the ‘invaders’ had left, was, “I would never trust a minister from the Uniting Church”. Makes me wonder what his church thinks about David Millikan’s brutal shenanigans?

  6. Rosie, I’m sure everyone there was shocked by this disgusting behaviour and I still find it hard to believe this sort of thing has happened in our local community. The media could go about it in an enitrely more respectful way, AND get a decent story, but as we keep hearing scandals and headlines (even false ones) brings bigger ratings.

  7. Awesome Rosie, Thank you. I too was there and it was an absolutely appalling & disgusting display by someone who views themselves as a representative of God and of the Uniting Church. Where was / is the LOVE for fellow Human Beings who are simply choosing healthier lifestyles? Since when is it a crime to choose not to drink alcohol or coffee, nor take illegal drugs, nor choose to not eat dairy or gluten because our bodies feel healthier, have more vitality and feel full of life each & every day? Since when was it a crime to communicate from and with your heart? Since when was it a crime to choose to make loving choices for oneself that cause no harm what so ever to anyone else? How do those simple choices equate to us being brainwashed, mindless followers? How? And how do these simple presentations of loving choices by Serge Benhayon equate to him being a cult leader?

  8. The media has a lot to answer for. It must be difficult for anyone with integrity to work within the structure and “game” the media play. My eyes have been opened by this experience and the lengths that the media will go to in order to get their story. The people at this meeting are everyday normal people living in local communities throughout Australia. They are the people working in our hospitals, running small businesses, cleaning houses, building houses, engineers, doctors, receptionists, house wives, husbands, daughters etc. We ARE NOT a seperative group living in a compound. It is our right as Citizens of this country to choose how we live and to attend whatever lectures we want to. ENOUGH of the persecution!!

  9. Well said, Rosie. It was truly horrendous, and difficult to describe to those who weren’t present, just how intimidating and deeply violating it felt – just how affected those present were by all that transpired on David Millikan’s part and the ‘crew’ with him. Where is there humanity??

  10. I feel that these kinds of things happen because there is an audience for it. People love sensationalistic stuff, whether it’s from a movie or a “real-life” event, and most would not admit it. I wonder, if nobody paid attention to these kinds of ridiculous media stories, would they just disappear?

    1. Great point Julie!, I certainly don’t consume this type of sensationalist media…however, your point made me aware that I have still been keeping this energy alive in our world by watching sensationalistic movies!

  11. Good point Julie – it does appear to be the old selling technique – supply and demand. As long as people are ‘hungry’ for shock factors, celebrity gossips, and similar trash, that’s what those who are hungry for money will be supplying. The ball is back in our (people’s) court – for this to stop there has to be a sufficient number of people with the consciousness that will say NO to David Millikan and alike.

  12. It feels like something from the Dark Ages where the Church preached of fire and brimstone to oppress the masses and put the fear of God into them. This is the 21st century in a country where we have civil freedoms and should not be persecuted for our beliefs or associations. This is not the actions of a man of God but of someone trying to self aggrandise and gain at others expense and to hell with who gets hurt in the process.

  13. Well said Rosie – I totally agree! When there is so much unrest and truly concerning events that ‘could’ be reported on (such as domestic violence, increase in crime rates, child pornography, sexting etc.) and brought to the awareness of the public, it makes no sense to ambush an event like this with the express intention to bully and abuse the participants and fabricate utter lies. Shame on David Millikan and shame on the network organisation who paid for this outrageous stunt.

  14. Beautifully said Rosie as there are definitely many more things going on today that need focus, coverage and exposure. If the media wants to film Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon – report the truth; what Serge presents is making a huge difference to hundreds of peoples lives:
    assisting people with depression, smoking, eating habits, exercise, alcohol and drugs, suicide and violence and abuse. These truths are miracles and one day will be seen as such!

  15. Well said kevmchardy. It indeed felt the way you have described. Children were present and distressed, and it was a shocking occurrence I will never forget – having also been there that evening. I remember arriving in joyful anticipation of a presentation that by past experience, I knew would be deeply enriching. How that was sabotaged…
    What an eye opener to the way such things can be staged, and also to the manipulative ways of a man purporting to be a theologian and minister.
    Man of God? I’d say David Millikan has lost his way…

  16. Rosie. Sorry to hear that you and a number of children had to listen to David Millikan spouting off about Universal Medicine being a cult, and all attending being brainwashed. Maybe he was jealous that Serge Benhayon had more people attending his retreats than attend David Millikan’s church.
    Stating he was a man of God,I am sure God would not have ranted and raved like he did.

  17. They came to a Universal Medicine event and attacked it because it didn’t threaten them to do so. The reporters acted in a cowardly way with no moral compass because it makes for good media. It matters not that Universal Medicine isn’t a cult, but instead is an organisation that presents more common sense than I have ever heard, an organisation that can explain and back up everything it says with truth, an organisation that has supported so many people to transform their lives for the better, with no harm to anyone in the process. The brainwashing accusation is just so cliched and lazy, obviously thrown in to allow the bully David Millikan to spout his gospel without having to be exposed for the oppressor he so clearly is.

  18. It’s awful that this happened and in a so-called free society with a supposedly free media. But as others have noted unfortunately there is a market for sensationalistic drama and it doesn’t matter if it’s true – it just shows how lost we’ve become as a society and what we’ve allowed and it’s not ok to label those who choose to freely assemble to hear a talk, open to the public as a cult, it’s ironic as it’s the only way that’s considered acceptable today to shut down someone’s opinion or right of response – claim they’re brainwashed or in a cult and you can dismiss everything they say. What is really going on here? Why target an organisation like Universal Medicine who talk sense about how we’ve lived and how we can live in a different way, one that is more caring, loving and considerate of self and others?

  19. I agree Rosie, there are much better things to be reporting on but unfortunately the things that matter are not sensational enough for the press to report on. Brandishing an organisation like Universal Medicine a cult and claiming that everyone associated with it is ‘brainwashed’ is far easier than reporting on the many health subjects that this world is suffering because by reporting on these matters they would have to admit that their lives are not so peachy after all.

  20. Unfortunately Rosie you had to go through this ordeal, but perhaps it was an opportunity. They came to the wrong place…because instead of bolstering a man-made story they are faced with a group of people who can see through their lies and expose them and their actions for the deceit and atrocity that it is.

  21. Thank you for sharing Rosie, this was a terrible experience. The media missed out on a great opportunity to share a true and beautiful article on Serge Benhayon a man of very high integrity and truth, a man that truly lives from love.

  22. It is interesting that they had decided before hand that you were all brainwashed cult members – it doesn’t sound like fair and impartial journalism to me.

  23. I was there and also shocked by the events that occurred on that evening. It was a real eye opener to what the media are capable of and their lack of integrity. What is really sad is that there is an audience that is willing to believe such irresponsible, sensationalised stories and the media is only to happy to oblige.

  24. Yes Rosie, it makes no sense when looked at in this way… “They have inspired me to make some healthy changes in my own life and that has also inspired others in my workplace and around me to make healthy choices for themselves.”
    Who in their right mind can make such allegations, when we have illness and disease escalating and ‘lifeslyle choices’ now being exposed as the most significant contributing factor! You are one of many who’s own turnaround in health and wellbeing is reversing a trend that will, if it continues, bankrupt our current healthcare system – there is clearly an agenda at play!
    Universal Medicine DOES need to be exposed… as it is single-handedly responsible for the most extraordinary turn-around in the health and wellbeing of thousands worldwide, and multiplying daily as like you Rosie, each of those people inspire others around them towards the same.

  25. Very true Rosie, they could be so more productive by reporting on the real ills in society instead of fabricating lies about a group of people who are simply taking care and responsibility of their lives.

    1. But then they would have to look at the fact that they have not taken responsibility in their own lives. To face the fact that we have made unloving choices that have resulted in our own ill health is not pleasant at first. Even today I find myself reacting at times to feeling what I have caused to myself but the fact that Universal Medicine has been there for me and countless others to overcome the initial knee-jerk reactions and emotions has shown that responsibility is not the big bad, scary and avoid at all costs thing that we believe it to be. And in time I have found that the love that Universal Medicine presents and lives is equally within me to support and love myself over these choices and hiccups along the way. This is the story that the media need to share, that the woes of the world are not here to stay and that we can change them and there is support available for this to occur should we be willing to take it.

  26. Imagine the following alternative scenario. Millikan goes in there. He is really convinced that he is going to deal with a bunch of brainwashed people. He says, I brought some cameras here and I would love to put this conversation on record. As Minister that he is, he guarantees that there is not going to be any manipulation to what was said and there will be one copy for him of the whole footage and another one for the interviewed ones. So, a dialogue unfolds and he has the material on record. Why did this alternative scenario not take place? The answer is obvious: Millikan could not afford it as it would prove that there is no brainwashing happening here. He was not prepared to admit this even as a possibility. This is the truth.

  27. What a missed opportunity to debunk all the lies that have been floating around about Universal Medicine! Imagine how much good could have come from this meeting if David Millikan and his associates had really come to find out the truth about all those cult rumours. That would have been a very inspiring story for many to hear about, instead of the sensationalist rubbish that no doubt came out of such dishonest behaviour.

  28. Hi Rosie, I was shocked to read that such an underhand, bullying and cowardly attack, was launched by David Millikan and his crew, at an open presentation by Universal Medicine. I always thought of Australia as a country that embraces religious and racial differences with ease, hence my shock that this assault actually took place in 21st century Australia.

  29. Thank you Rosie for sharing your experience of that night with us. I was not there, but by the many accounts that I have read, it really was a violation of people’s right to freedom of expression. Not expected in our own democracy.

  30. This tells a lot about the society that we are. We want sensational stories at whatever cost and loss, and the media goes and delivers it, making up and literally creating stories for the people. How can a man, David Millikan, who claims to be working for God, be so reckless, shameless and in total disregard of his fellow human beings?

  31. A well-known pattern throughout the ages is: create a drama outside, so nobody will look at the reality that is going on inside. The sad thing about this is that many people get hurt, first of all one-self.

  32. These kind of reports are created by people who have no regard for the truth or the people they report on. Self is their only motivation, although they often pretend to care about the welfare of the “victims”. The truth is the reporters are the victimisers.

  33. If a group of people were to storm a church and abuse the congregation about their beliefs like David abused the audience that night, there would be an absolute media storm about religious persecution and the like and yet when it’s the media doing the storming…? Clearly different rules apply. Very concerning indeed.

  34. “I am shocked that in Australia the media can just come in and make false allegations to a group of people and film us without any consequences. I felt the lack of respect, lack of privacy and I really object to being told and pointed at that I am part of a cult. I hope that this ‘well-known station’ is exposed for their tricks. ” I know when you take photographs you have to ask your subject to sign a waiving document. with their agreement to the photo usage. No such ethics on show by the media here – let alone that they interrupted – using abusive tactics – a regular meeting of people interested in improving their well-being.

  35. The ridiculous thing about this is that for the first time in my life I actually know I have a choice, rather than following other people’s choices, or just going along with the flow. Brainwashed? Certainly not – I now know I have a choice, and that choice is mine to make every single moment, and this is purely thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s presentations.

  36. This is the beauty of Universal Medicine – they are open to everyone including those that want to accuse them of this and that – they know what they stand for is true and truth never needs to hide.

  37. The world of the media creates its own news it seems – without appreciating the responsibility it has. Have we lost our way in the search for truth in favour of being entertained or stimulated instead? Do we care about the lives of those who are affected – or is it all a case of ‘I’m alright Jack’? Perhaps we all need to look at what we choose as entertainment and stimulation and reconsider our choices.

  38. Great point Rosie, there are far more important and serious stories to focus on such as domestic violence, cyber bullying and suicide rates – but instead David Millikan chose to focus on a community interested in hearing about Esoteric Medicine to support and inspire them to greater health and well-being, in an attempt to discredit and misrepresent truth. If those such as David Millikan had focused on the truth of this gathering and the enormous changes and support people have experienced in their association with Universal Medicine the story could have been a blessing for many seeking answers to their current conditions and woes.

  39. It is quite shocking to get accused of something that isn’t true and labeled in a way that dishonours not only our freedom to make choices that we feel are true for us but dishonours us a human beings due to the lack of decency afforded through totally appalling behavior. The night was a stark reminder of what is wrong with the world when people can behave towards another like this to satisfy their own misguided agenda.

  40. It is rather interesting what forces come at you when you start to present the truth, it is like people don’t want to hear it, they rather have lies and falsities presented to them and get entertained with sensational stories.

  41. There is a lot of talk these days of ‘false news’ and this aggressive stunt with the bald intention to create a reaction is evidence of where much of this false news is instigated.

  42. In the back of my mind it is always there since this evening – who will be the next to label me as being in a cult. It is worse than being judged or dismissed. My answer- The more I live what I know and feel to be true the more it stands out how others are living a lie.

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