Shocked by false allegations

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I practise as a Herbalist and as a massage therapist. I also work as a supervisor in a busy cafe in Byron Bay. I often attend Universal Medicine talks by Serge Benhayon as I find his presentations on health and medicine very interesting. They have inspired me to make some healthy changes in my own life and that has also inspired others in my workplace and around me to make healthy choices for themselves.

On Friday night (12th October 2012) I attended the talk – held at Lennox Head Community Centre – with my father, and two friends from work. We were all looking forward to going out and listening to the presentation and connecting with other friends there. What we experienced instead was such a shock.Serge introduced us to David Millikan; he said he was writing a book and just wanted to ask us a few questions… He said that he was a minister from the Uniting Church. He had only begun to introduce himself and then he went on to accuse us all that we were part of a cult and that we could not think for ourselves and that we were brainwashed. We were never given the chance to speak because he thought we were too brainwashed to even comment. Then it unfolded that there were cameras throughout the venue and we were being filmed… without having given any notice or asked permission. This guy said he was from a well-known television station and that he is getting paid by them to make this story. It felt like I was in some kind of set up, some strange scenario that can’t possibly be happening.

I am shocked that in Australia the media can just come in and make false allegations to a group of people and film us without any consequences. I felt the lack of respect, lack of privacy and I really object to being told and pointed at that I am part of a cult. I hope that this ‘well-known station’ is exposed for their tricks. They really should interview us all and do some proper research before they just bombard our talk. Surely there are more interesting things for them to make stories out of… like the rates of suicide, bullying, obesity, domestic violence to name a few, but instead they came to a medicine presentation…

62 thoughts on “Shocked by false allegations

  1. ‘Serge introduced us to David Millikan; he said he was writing a book and just wanted to ask us a few questions…’ the term ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ springs to mind.

  2. It seems we are immune to and possibly bored with real stories such as suicide rates, bullying and domestic violence etc. Perhaps we don’t want to look at them as they are too exposing for us so we’d rather distract ourselves with a smokescreen and a sensational fabricated story of a people in a cult that heaven forbid lead healthy lives.

  3. As you point out there are many topics that the media are in a great position to address and challenge and instead they go for cheap sensationalist journalism – shame on them for this missed opportunity and the imposition on innocent members of the public who were looking forward to an informative evening.

  4. This incident shows how the anticult movement feeds itself in its retorted beliefs and has no real interest in entering in an open and unrestricted dialogue with people to really assess whether they are ‘brainwashed’ or whether the brainwashing thing is just another one of the beliefs that they hold and feed.

  5. Well said Rosie. I know for a fact that my mental state is so much more healthy since starting to attend Universal Medicine events even to the extent that old and unsupportive – if not self-abusive – thought patterns have cleared from my psyche. This is the opposite to what most would consider brainwashing – unless ‘brain-washing’ in truth means cleansing oneself of self-abusive, untrue and self-negating ideals and beliefs. Seems to me, Mr Millikan could do with looking at his own beliefs and ideals if he thinks what he has done is loving, Christian behaviour.

  6. We wouldn’t think of walking up to a stranger, or a group of strangers, and start accusing them of things that we only imagine they might be. That would be downright rude to say the least. Well, if we see someone doing that on the street, we would think that the person is deranged, and an obvious harm to the society. How anyone could justify this kind of behaviour in order to manufacture a story worth a TV programme, and especially when that story is untrue, is beyond belief.

  7. With many things these days and it would seem particularly in our current media there is a base level of not even treating people as people. This is part of what I take out of what this article is talking about, that there was a time when this style of thing didn’t happen. Was it because we didn’t have this style of gathering or we didn’t have access to the technology etc or was it because we offered each other more decency and respect and so we never allowed this style of reporting to be. There was a real art to reporting and a an importancy on presenting the facts, straight, and it would seem on this occasion it’s almost the polar opposite.

  8. If the media focused on presenting only truth with integrity and not circulating sensationalized gossip the world would without doubt be in a better place than it is today.

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