No, not on my watch!

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow, NSW, Australia

There were children and teenagers, with their parents at a presentation by Serge Benhayon at Lennox Head Community Centre held on Friday night, 12th October 2012. An Australian television channel’s  employees attended under false pretences. It is an open event, so there was not a problem in them attending, but still they lied about why they were there. David Millikan, calling himself a minister of the Uniting Church, asked to take the stage to ask questions of the audience and because there is nothing to hide and Universal Medicine always welcomes genuine inquiry, he was given permission to do so. Within three minutes he turned into a blood thirsty sensationalist.It was sort of like watching a werewolf morph right before our eyes. He was shouting statements full of inflammatory words and three previously hidden cameras were whipped into action, filming whoever they could in attendance – including the traumatized children. IF that footage of children goes to air, then this well known television channel in question is setting them up to be abused in their communities, in their schools and online. Millikan’s intention is to label a group of people as cult members without having actually asked a question nor allowed an answer. It was a witch hunt. If this television channel, in their desperation for ratings, airs footage of children, they are feeding the bullying culture we are all suffering from. We have to stand up and say “NO, not on my watch”.

54 thoughts on “No, not on my watch!

  1. I was appalled to hear how everyone at the Universal Medicine presentation was treated by David Millikan and his cohort of conspirators last Friday night. That this happened in a public meeting in Australia is astounding, but to have traumatized the children present is unconscionable.

  2. I am so disappointed that the Australian media view using this chance to get a dramatic story as more important than the opportunity to hear what we really had to say. We all loose from this misrepresentation.

  3. I couldn’t have a stronger N O N O N O in me. Stop it David Millikan. Whatever made you decide to do this? It’s not worth it. Not for you personally and not for anyone – especially the children – attending these normally very inspiring events. Next time David, don’t come with cameras or friends, just on your own and with an openness; if it doesn’t fit you, that’s okay. If it does, you’re welcome. And although I strongly reject your action (was it for money?), I still love you as a fellow human being. I’m open and willing to share experiences and visions, David.

  4. This is truly shocking. It feels like some totalitarian regime. That they can enter a public space insult abuse and traumatise people and film without permission. Surely this can’t be legal?

  5. Shameful, is a word that comes to mind when I think about David Millikan’s actions. One day he will get what the real story is here, and I expect he will have his tail between his legs for a while. We do need to stand up for ourselves and say “not on my watch”.

  6. The energy given over to these sensationalistic journalists is I feel wasted and fuels the fire further.
    I speak from afar but within the framework of UM. As unpleasant as this may have been it has led me to read some other rhetoric surrounding our ‘cult’.
    Really I see it no different to going to any seminar or meeting with good gentle people helping each other with shared experience and healing. Yes healing….
    I happen to work for a very prestigious church in England and guess what??? They do healing too, every Thursday afternoon. Pretty mainstream.
    Guys don’t give em the airspace or breath. It’s their choice and absorbing only escalates it. With very great respect.

    1. Hi Steve, I understand your point but I feel that by not expressing how we feel, we allow this sort of behaviour to continue. Whatever way you look at it, abuse is abuse, and by not speaking up, are we not actually condoning this abuse?

  7. I totally agree: “Not on my watch” is the answer, we cannot allow this to happen whilst we have the ability to speak up.

  8. Agreed, it would be an absolute crime to air this abuse on TV. Huge ramifications and consequences all round.

  9. Until something like this happens to you, there is still a slight innocence or naivety to how the media truly works. They seem to be able to do anything to you once they have called you a cult. Very, very clever. The problem is Universal Medicine is NOT a cult so in the end they will come undone. But will there be true change? The media in this country need to be put under scrutiny for their practices.

  10. How can we bully, harass and treat others in this disrespectful way? We all need to say “No, enough is enough”.

  11. Thank you Gayle. I feel the implications of this event stretch far beyond this immediate event. Not only is this NOT OK at a Universal Medicine event, this ‘blood thirsty sensationalist’ behaviour is totally unacceptable behaviour anywhere and should not be o.k. on anybody’s watch!

  12. Thank You Gayle Cue
    this was a modern day witch hunt and by writing about this two years after the event confirms to me that there is a need to say ‘NO not on my watch or anybody’s watch’. This is grossly unacceptable and the media need to be held accountable. Standing back and saying and doing nothing will ensure nothing will ever change.
    My question – what is ‘Uniting” about a uniting Church Minister called David Millikan who traumatises young children in an audience to get a sensationalist story for the TV company who is paying him? Where is his code of ethics and moral conduct or are Uniting Church Ministers exempt from this?

  13. Thanks Gayle, for your account of what happened. The actions of that night were despicable and David Millikan and the TV network he works for has got a lot to answer for. Considering the motives behind this charade and the fact that David Millikan purports to be a Uniting Church Minister, their actions are totally unacceptable and they need to be held accountable for all the harm they have caused to everyone present, especially the children.

  14. I totally agree, Gayle.
    It is interesting that we use the media to share anti-bulling messages and campaigns to the wider community, yet the media have shown themselves, yet again, to be bullies of the worst kind. Do they read what they print? Should we?

  15. Yes Gayle, this is bullying and coercion and is not acceptable anywhere. We’ve not really dealt with bullying at all, it just seems to find new and often more virulent forms, with media further fanning the flames and online forums allowing strangers with no connection to someone to bully them for no reason at all, just because they can seems the excuse. When will we finally say no to bullying in any form whether at work, at home, at school or anywhere? We all deserve more.

  16. Gayle I am wondering out loud if the violation that we feel as adults is actually just as painful as what the children felt. Through our work with Universal Medicine we have taken the protective layers off of our hearts and returned them to the sensitive hearts of children. Many would recoil at the thought of being so sensitive but it is our divine state of being and this ability to feel will lead us to evolve.

  17. Yea wow, great point Gayle. I didn’t think that program’s were allowed to film anyone without their permission? Or put to air images and recordings of people without consent…maybe that was just my wishful thinking, but I remember at school we had to sign a document saying it was okay as well.
    It sounds like something off of a movie what happened that night, crazy to know that people think that’s normal and okay to do.

    1. I agree Emily that to film people and air this footage without permission, especially minors, does not seem right at all. It is a sign of how bold and bullish the media has become. A bit of a monster really of our own making by not saying ‘no’ a while back when it first started to be so arrogant. Time to say enough is enough of this flagrant disregard of people.

  18. Is five minutes of attention for a small group or individual really worth obscuring the truth of what Universal Medicine presents and the real results that can be seen in the student body that can be used as a template for life worldwide? The disregard of all around (including ourselves) in favour of what exactly? From experience if I am needy for something to be a certain way it completely blinds me to everything else – different approaches to situations for example. Because I want it to be one way its like I only see one way to get it, no consideration as to what my straight-lined actions are doing all around me. What I have learnt from Universal Medicine is that if our actions do not contain who we are in our focus then it will always feel the same no matter what we do – Emptyness. So I ask David, was approaching that event in such a disrespectful way all worth it in the end?

  19. I agree the type of behaviour that occurred that evening is totally unacceptable on anyone’s watch.

  20. Witch hunt XXI century style with TV cameras registering a moment that ranks high on awfulness with a Minister of a Church yelling and venting the tremendous anger he carries inside. If this witch hunt had taken place a few centuries ago, all of the people there would had been tortured and possibly killed by now (including kids of course). The fury of the Minister due to the fact that the people there reflected something different than what is acceptable for him (the whole Millikan’s team revealed clearly what are their values that night) is just too much. Feeling love simply infuriated them.

  21. Thank you Gayle, I too, stand up and say no, that behaviour is not on, not here in this country. What century are we living in when a witch hunt can be conducted among otherwise law abiding citizens.

  22. There is nothing uniting in David Millikan’s behaviour nor is there any integrity nor the slightest respect towards his fellow brothers. If I were his boss he would be fired effective immediately. But it seems his bosses are in bed with him. So who his firing the bosses? I would say, society, all of us. We do not have to take what is on offer, we can say no and we can say no to many things. So not buying such corrupt newspapers anymore or not turning on our TV to watch certain shows is a very clear and loud no and it is very effective. Every single one of us has the truth and integrity of our world in their hands.

  23. I wonder if after deceiving Serge about his agenda, getting on stage and abusing people with different beliefs to his own, watching children crying due to his orchestrated attack and the rest of the audience looking horrified, whether David lay down that evening satisfied and patting himself on the back for having done a great job… or whether on reflection, all if not any of it made him cringe in disgust for what he had done. For the sake of his humanity, god forbid it was the former.

  24. “We have to stand up and say “NO, not on my watch”..” I’m with you all the way there Gayle. How can people take revenge against someone – or an organisation – for being and sharing love and truth?

  25. Gayle – I wholeheartedly agree – we cannot allow this kind of energy and abuse to run prevalent in our society. We have a massive responsibility to those around us, and it’s up to us all to say – not on our watch!

  26. This incident has happened some time ago, yet the abuse and bullying of the media continues. And is accepted because the same abuse and bulling is rife in society, at schools, work places and in families.
    One by one if each of us calls this as we experience or observe it the hold it has over society is lessened and provides an energetic support for the exposure to continue. Never stay silent in the face of abuse and bullying.

  27. It seems like that man David Millikan exposed himself right there and then. I’m almost laughing at them trying to expose Universal Medicine. What is there to expose about Universal Medicine? The most open organisation there is so good luck I say. You will probably only end up with exposing yourself in the process which is what I guess happened anyways.

  28. Absolutely agree Gayle – to say NO to this type of abuse by the media is needed in the world that has forgotten the true art of journalism.

  29. There is no purpose at all to this kind and style of media. It’s abuse on all levels and does not serve the community in any way. Where is the media that brings truth, clarity and understanding to the community in which we live?

  30. Thank you Gayle and to all those Students that stood up, by their writing. to say NO to this form of abuse, by the media and David Millikan. When we stand up for truth we shine a light on what is not true, it then becomes exposed for what it is, absolute lies.

  31. The only way that any abuse around the world will stop is when we step out of our comfort and apathetic ways and say enough is enough. We all deserve better than the world we have allowed to be created… and people are suffering due to our silence. What happened that night should have never been allowed… and the shock and trauma caused will not forgotten in a long time…. A sad reminder of the abuse in the media.

  32. It was full on this evening.. I was very open to David Millikan and what he was going to ask of us in attendance, and then, as Gayle claims he morphed. I was in shock and very surprised! I also observed the new people (who filmed us) in the audience before hand and they did not feel right. My feelings were true seeing them stand and film. They betrayed us following their ‘leader’ and cue of David Millikan. I know and feel truth like a radar and felt the same each time I saw David with Serge, but like Serge, I will openly be with another and show them the love they deserve.

  33. It was a witch hunt in every sense of the word. The cameras were used as a tool to burn people, but nevertheless still a witch hunt.

  34. Even though the public at large might be smelling the corruption in the media, I very much doubt ordinary viewers of television would have suspected not only deceitful but totally abhorrent behaviour and tactic like this would be given a go ahead. No, that is not what we want.

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