No, not on my watch!

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow, NSW, Australia

There were children and teenagers, with their parents at a presentation by Serge Benhayon at Lennox Head Community Centre held on Friday night, 12th October 2012. An Australian television channel’s  employees attended under false pretences. It is an open event, so there was not a problem in them attending, but still they lied about why they were there. David Millikan, calling himself a minister of the Uniting Church, asked to take the stage to ask questions of the audience and because there is nothing to hide and Universal Medicine always welcomes genuine inquiry, he was given permission to do so. Within three minutes he turned into a blood thirsty sensationalist.It was sort of like watching a werewolf morph right before our eyes. He was shouting statements full of inflammatory words and three previously hidden cameras were whipped into action, filming whoever they could in attendance – including the traumatized children. IF that footage of children goes to air, then this well known television channel in question is setting them up to be abused in their communities, in their schools and online. Millikan’s intention is to label a group of people as cult members without having actually asked a question nor allowed an answer. It was a witch hunt. If this television channel, in their desperation for ratings, airs footage of children, they are feeding the bullying culture we are all suffering from. We have to stand up and say “NO, not on my watch”.

63 thoughts on “No, not on my watch!

  1. I agree about the footage of the children but why are the adults any less precious? the children would have been more honest about the impact of the trauma on their bodies and their emotions would have been clear to see on their faces and in their expression but the same trauma would have been present in the adults. We simply have to address the behaviour that imposes that kind of trauma and ask if it was really necessary or done out of a need for sensational television footage.

  2. Thank you Gayle, how the media, often deliberately setting up something completely untrue in order to make their own preconceived idea of a sensational piece of journalism, is not only dishonouring of others but disgraceful behaviour too.

  3. It was a definite witch hunt which produced lies and distorted truth for profit and ratings. This is definitely a very lower bench mark in journalism, and an assault on our freedom to gather together and hold events without harassment and intrusion.

  4. Quite disgusting behaviour really. There has to be a huge disconnection from our communities to go ahead with such a thing. The example of the children demonstrates this. If there was genuine concern that it is a cult and that people are being misled why not go about it in an appropriate manner?

  5. Yes this is a modern day witch hunt and plumbs new depths in the way that people are willing to abuse others for money/ratings. It has certainly opened my eyes to the reality of the way sections of the media operate and we need to stand together and say an unequivocal No to such abuse.

  6. This blog brings an important element into consideration. The service someone is capable of offering in any condition is not just the result of how the person engages with their ‘clientele’ but also how this person engages life. The latter is as true regarding the person as the former. Both make up the true quality of the service it offers.

  7. Agreed Gayle, such behaviour is abhorrent and appalling. I also ask myself what it is that the viewing pubic want from such a programme. What is the demand that is being met here? Why do we need a diet of lies and sensationalism in our front rooms? What is missing from our lives that we want to fill it with judgments about others and emotions stirred up by false claims?

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