Manufacturing footage to fabricate a story

by Deborah McInnes, An Everyday Woman, Goonellabah, Australia

Tonight (12th October 2012) I witnessed an ambush by David Millikan, an apparent ‘cult expert’, on the payroll of a well-known television channel, at an Esoteric Medicine Presentation in Lennox Head. He came in under the pretense of wanting to write a book about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, having suggested to Serge prior that he did not believe him to be  a cult leader, nor  Universal Medicine to be a cult.  He deliberately misled everyone at the presentation to believe he was there to hear the voices of the people and what we had to say about Universal Medicine in light of the false allegations that have been put forth recently in the media by a small number of ‘hate’ campaigners.

David led us all to believe he was there to allow us our right to have a voice and an equal say. By presenting an open account of UniMed and Serge (as previous television stations and newspapers had presented a one-sided view, slanderous in nature) this could easily expose the corruption and unaccountability of the Media to date…. but all along this was just part of an elaborate ploy to undermine a true, respectable organisation with the highest of integrity and care and to undermine everyday people in the community who lead normal lives, who work hard, and choose to lead simple, honest lives. People who have children, families and work in the public will now be presented on television in an untrue light, without their permission in a completely falsified story and disgraced fashion.

What unraveled before us was nothing short of disgraceful; David attacked Serge Benhayon openly in front of all of us (a room full of people who had come along for the enormous support the Esoteric Medicine presentations provide). David Millikan further attacked everyone in the room (mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, friends, neighbours and children) and anyone associated with Universal Medicine and inferred that whatever we said was to be discounted, dictating to us that we were mindless, brainwashed followers; it was a case of ‘all for show’ and ‘all for film’.

It was clear that his ‘pumped-up’ performance was for the purpose of ‘manufacturing’ footage in order to fabricate a story about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It was very clear that David Millikan had come with his mind already made up about Serge, however had blatantly lied to enable him the perfect stage for his tirade  – it was clear that David was there to get any footage of us that could be cut and used for a story against Serge.

David Millikan was not there to report the truth, nor even to present an open forum and the possibility of presenting both sides of the story. He was certainly not there for the people nor to even allow the people’s true voices to be heard.

David Milliken was asked to stop his verbal assault on the group several times. He refused to stop his tirade. When he was asked by Serge ‘why are you doing this?’ David couldn’t answer. It came to light very quickly that David had set Serge up, and set all of us up too. He refused to leave the stage and his camera people refused to stop filming when asked to do so. Instead, they roamed around the room filming in an attempt to incite reaction from those in the group – in the hope that this could be captured on film and used against us all.

Within the group I felt people around me go into shock at the lengths the media was prepared to go in order to violate us in this vile manner – we certainly did not ask for this. We were going about our lives, in a simple and true way and yet we became instantly ‘sitting ducks’ for a relentless attack that was filmed, to be later used to further the attack on Universal Medicine.

This was a conniving ploy of David Millikan who has clearly done a deal with the ‘hate campaigners’ who remain nameless in the media and protected at every turn.

How is it that hatred can be protected by the media and the true voice of the people denied and undermined by conveniently labelling us all as ‘brainwashed’?

60 thoughts on “Manufacturing footage to fabricate a story

  1. This reads like a total farce, however it is not funny as these people’s lives and reputations are being tarnished and brought into question simply because they chose to attend a workshop(s). This is an abuse of power by the Media who will go to any length just to get a story irrespective of who gets caught in the crossfire.

  2. Deborah, thank you for clearly expressing the truth about what occurred on Friday night. I was not present, however can feel from your post that it was truly awful and an absolute affront and abuse of the relationship that David Millikan had previously developed with Serge and Universal Medicine. How disgraceful to abuse individual power in this way, and even more so that the media organisation he represents allows and supports such tirades to take place. How is abuse such as this allowed to occur and moreover actively planned, encouraged and heralded by the media?…

  3. This all feels so shocking, even though I was not there, I feel the ‘upset’ from this experience those in attendance have had imposed upon them. I choose not to watch TV because of the sensationalism and drama and the ‘yelling’ of the presenters as they create what the general public love to have FED to them. Even a cooking show is filled with this cut and pasted drama, let alone all the emotional content of a Current Affair shows. As a society we are numb to the effect of this in our bodies. This all fills the emptiness and is the perfect distraction from the truth. It feels like the Media have exposed themselves to the wrong mob this time! They have gone too far! But is this what is needed to help them to change? What is their persistent interest in this particular story really about? It’s time they had a shake up. The whole industry in its commercialism is unacceptable and it really brings it home when it is affecting people near and close to home.

    It will be interesting what unfolds from here.

  4. Truly unbelievable in this day and age where people have the personal choice to attend and believe whatever they choose. Again another episode of the need for sensationalism over truly being open to hearing how making more self-caring choices can change the lives of so many people. Thank you for sharing your experience of this deeply disrespectful event.

  5. Another disgraceful example of the media’s lack of integrity and hunger for sensationalism, time for the media to face the music and be exposed for the lack of truth and honesty that they portray. Shame on all involved especially David Millikan – is he demonstrating ‘Christian values’ with lies as well as treating others with contempt for a pay check?

  6. It’s journalism at its most ugliest…it’s a disgrace!

    – no integrity
    – no care for people
    – not interested in truth
    – more interested in sensationalism

    I am astounded that journalists have fallen for such lies of so few people who clearly have their own agendas…come on guys, wake up to what is really going on!

  7. Lots of the general public have the tendency to accept media reports on face value, but after reading what happened at the Esoteric Medicine presentation Friday evening, I now have credible accounts of the means the media used to get footage to suit their needs. When selected shots are used – with a guaranteed sensationalised voice over – there will be absolutely no integrity presented.

    The media pose as ‘exposing a cult’. What they have overlooked is how their actions have exposed to many who have now seen that the media in Australia has sunk to incredible depths, as it has in the UK. We need a version of the Leveson Inquiry here in Australia to look into the culture, practices and ethics of the media as well.

  8. Thanks Deborah, I was not there but know many who were and have heard their accounts too, all very similar. I am deeply shocked by the extent to which these people will go to ‘prove’ themselves right…something they cannot possibly do in the end for the simple reason that they are not!
    In the end truth will win out and we will not stop until it has.

  9. Thank You Deborah, I was there also and it was a shocking display David Millikan and his camera crew who were relentless in search of that “money shot” This kind of abuse of peoples basic rights has to stop as since when was it a crime to have your own beliefs that cause no one harm but in actual fact has a positive effect on every one.

  10. Thanks Deborah. What is most shocking is that this is allowed to occur in Australia where we hold freedom and truth and individual human rights very high. In time, people and society – including those involved in slandering UniMed- will be open to the possibility that our true state of being is one of love – UniMed simply presents on the possibility of making choices which confirms and develops this.

  11. It is shocking that in this day and age people can go around making serious and damaging accusations of others using public media and still being allowed to remain anonymous. Surely, this must change.
    Imagine going in front of a judge and making damaging allegations about someone else but your head covered with waste paper basket so you remain anonymous!!

    1. Thank you Deborah and Draganabrown, great point about people and ambiguity, where is the responsibility and true purpose that life is all about. Another word for responsibility and true purpose is love.

  12. Thank you Deborah. It seems the ‘Jerry Springer’ way of doing things is not just for TV studios. These actions would no doubt have been sanctioned at the highest level of the TV network and its absolutely disgusting the lengths people will go to for what is essentially TV ratings.
    A lot of harm was caused that night and the persons responsible need to held accountable.

    1. So true Tim and Deborah. At least on shows such as Jerry Springer and the likes, you have a choice to participate and an understanding of what to expect. When attending a talk on health and soulful wellbeing, the last thing you expect is an ambush, an invasion of your privacy – to be told that you are a brainwashed cult member in front of a swarm of TV cameras.

      1. I find the removal of the choice to participate the most disturbing part of this. SURELY if you remove someone’s right to choose to take part something VERY wrong is taking place.

  13. Great article Deborah and well exposed. The attack was vile and traumatic to experience for all involved. They had zero care for the children subjected to their detestable antics that I saw hiding out in the bathrooms crying, clearly traumatized by the vicious energy upon which they too were pounced upon. David Milikan and his media crew should be ashamed of what they are prepared to do to fabricate a story.

  14. Deborah, the attack you describe is vile, abusive and bullying, and should be labelled criminal. Unfortunately we seem to have created a monster in our media which feels like they are accountable to no-one and can run things per their own agenda, the more dramatic and explosive the better (as Tim noted earlier, it’s about trying to create real live Jerry Springer) – they tout it as informed reporting and people’s right to know, it’s not, it’s all about selling their wares and inciting people to encourage that, and we need to address this. Our media is corrupt, what you describe and experienced is an attack, and we need to look at how we hold this media to account. Speaking and writing as you do here is fantastic thank you for sharing this, and letting us all know what is going on right under our noses.

    1. You are right Monicag2: the only way this can happen is for the Media to be corrupt. Disgusting Tabloid Journalism under the guise of informing the public. What an evil deception.

  15. David Milliken’s behaviour still shocks me, it feels like an actual bullying situation, it’s so hard to comprehend that this is the way the media treat the general public, by bullying them into getting a story they want.

  16. I totally agree Deborah. It was evident to all present that evening that the way David Millikan was behaving and being recorded by his media companions, ‘It was clear that ‘pumped-up’ performance was for the purpose of ‘manufacturing’ footage in order to fabricate a story about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’.

  17. It is so hard to grasp that behind the media monster there are actually people, who themselves have wifes, husbands and children and would be apalled, if something similar like what happened with Serge Benhayon and the ones present in that room, would happen to them. They act as if the truth is owned by them and they are not accountable for their actions. They are the ‘Untouchables’.

  18. I felt to repeat this question, it is such a great one…”How is it that hatred can be protected by the media and the true voice of the people denied and undermined by conveniently labelling us all as ‘brainwashed’?” Is it about what people want to hear, a bit like the 3 monkeys who hide the eyes, ears and mouths, do the media seek to be salacious and incite drama rather than looking at the truth of what Serge Benhayon has to share, because the truth can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable. This may be the case but what you have highlighted and rightly so, is that there was no tolerance, understanding and freedom of choice displayed by the media or David Millikan. This is a basic human right that requires respecting and wonderful that it is exposed in this article.

  19. This is such a shame that an open and transparent man like Serge Benhayon and an organisation such as Universal Medicine was abused in such a way. It exposes the total lack of openness and transparency within the media and unfortunately even elements of mainstream religion.

  20. It appears that David Milikan is just a puppet for greater forces at work designed to bully, harass and intimidate, which yes, is completely wrong and goes against our true nature but nothing can ever change the fact we are all divine deep in our hearts which will one day be claimed by all – even David Milikan.

  21. This is a clear example of how some sections of the media operate on a daily basis and unfortunately it is not isolated to this case. It is something that needs to be exposed on Internet forums like this one so the truth is told.

  22. Thank you for your honest recounting Deborah. If Universal Medicine were a cult no deception would be needed to expose it. In order to make it look like a cult a huge amount of effort, weeks of strategic planning and deception was deliberately orchestrated by the masters of illusion. Tabloid television has stooped to new lows.

    1. I have to agree Bernard that this disgraceful hi-jacking of the event being presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine would have taken a huge amount of planning. To think that’s the low that a news organisation would stoop to just for the sake of a sensational story is staggering. And sadly this will not be an isolated incident. It is time for news media organisations to be called to account for using such disgusting tactics simply for increasing their profile and their profit.

    2. Great point Bernard. There will always be such ‘masters of illusion’ seeking to cast a finely spun web of lies around the absoluteness of truth. This is so anywhere in the world.

  23. Deborah, it’s almost ironic really but revealing non the less that those who cry ‘cult’ and suggest people are being bullied and brainwashed are themselves bullying and attempting to force others to see their point of view, even to the extent of pretending to be on people’s side with the sole purpose of setting people up and using them to push their own agenda. Who exactly does society need to be protected from here? I would say those like David Millikan who are saying that they are trying to protect society and the hate campaigners – they are bullies pure and simple, with no true interest in society or others, just pushing their own views and agenda, and they feel threatened by anyone who challanges them in any way even when these people are just going about their business without any imposition and living their way. They won’t succeed, bullies never do, but they do cause untold pain, and a wider question raised by many here, is why do we have a media which is only interested in agendas and bullying, and is happy to use any means to get a story (preying on others without their say or permission)? As they say there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark and this very much applies to our media organisations.

  24. Let’s asks ourselves: would have David Koresh or someone similar, allowed with no restrictions whatsoever a ‘cult expert’ to have an open chat with the people associated with him? The answer is obviously no way. Why did Universal medicine allow such a thing? The reason is just too obvious: it has nothing to hide because it has not even a slight semblance of what is considered to be a ‘cult.’

    1. Well said Eduardo. As it has done nothing wrong, the truth has nothing to hide. Transparency is the hallmark of truth and it is what we see in Serge Benhayon’s openness with David Millikan, the wolf in sheep clothing. Indeed it is the latter that shows us how ‘that which is not of truth’ choose to move…in secret and with venom.

  25. David Millikan misled us all into believing he had come for an honest open interview with us, the students of Universal Medicine, before doing a complete turnaround from being this nice respectable minister of God into an accusing biased performer. It was a shocking set-up and totally unacceptable behaviour. It’s obvious the media can’t be trusted to give an unbiased true account if it interferes in any way of getting a ‘good’ story.

  26. It is appalling at what length the media go to for a story. There was such deceit in this interaction it’s shameful. It really did shock people and brought to light the level of corruption that lives in all our lives daily if we choose to see behind the scene.

  27. It’s such a revealing point: the people behind the hate campaign stay unseen for most in the background. If we really understand this, we will become aware of the fact that it is like that everywhere on earth. Time to become really discerning of energy.

  28. “How is it that hatred can be protected by the media and the true voice of the people denied and undermined by conveniently labelling us all as ‘brainwashed’?”

    Sadly because we are still a society that condones lies for the simple reason that we as a whole are still willing to live one. Until every last person here on Earth is able to see that we are love first before we are anything else then war, anger, hatred and abuse will abound. Because we live a lie, we run from the truth, for in it our unloving actions are exposed. Our media reflects where we currently stand as a humanity and thus, we are fed the sensation, drama and lies that we so crave to stop us from living the gorgeous truth we so naturally are.

  29. It’s so deeply shocking to read this account. The outright and strategised deception is bad enough, and the abuse of all those present and of Serge Benhayon and his business Universal Medicine is inexcusable. These are the depths people like David Millikan and the media will sink to, outright abuse of others for the dangling dollar and recognition. Appalling in every way. I am so glad I am a paying customer of Universal Medicine and count Serge Benhayon and his family as friends, because they are a shining light of integrity within a very soiled world.

  30. Although it was absolutely appalling, in hindsight I am grateful to have experienced the media’s deceit and manipulation first hand… for having my eyes ripped open like that has allowed me to never read or see anything produced by journalists or the media without considering what they did to get the story and how far from the truth did they create it to be for their own agenda.

  31. “How is it that hatred can be protected by the media and the true voice of the people denied and undermined by conveniently labelling us all as ‘brainwashed’? ” A good question Deborah – and one that sadly still needs to be asked three years on.

  32. ‘He deliberately misled everyone at the presentation to believe he was there to hear the voices of the people and what we had to say about Universal Medicine in light of the false allegations that have been put forth recently in the media by a small number of ‘hate’ campaigners.’ The words ‘deliberately mislead’ really get to me here – where are we at as a human race that this is possible? How can it be ok for someone to act with so little integrity? Surely this is not the kind of society anyone wants to live in.

  33. Thank you Deborah for sharing as it is good to know they have done things like this, it makes me far more discerning of what I read in the newspapers online or see on the television is of truth.

  34. I would say that the media is run by hate or in other words an unwillingness to see the truth so anything that would expose that is seen as a threat and why not attack it. We need to stand up and claim our truth otherwise we WILL be sitting ducks and this is how it is. We need to stand up in our power and claim back what everyone knows to be true anyways. We have come such a long way from living what is true that we need powerful beacons of light to see that there is another way. Serge in one of those lights and that is why he is attacked by some. If you listen to Serge present there is no doubt that what he presents is true but if you have people repeating what he said (sometimes in an attempt to mislead) you will be given many versions of something that was originally true but is now watered down or changed to fit the one repeating it (for whatever reason). It doesn’t always have to be this way but it can be. And this is how truth has been “put to rest” in the past. Truth has been presented and feared and much force had been put into making the masses unaware of the truth. Stories of what really happened has been compiled into books that people read and think is true but it’s just a convenient truth by those that want to rule and control. Like I said if you listen to Serge present you will feel the truth just as was the case with Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and what happened thereafter we all know. Work is left behind but is that work the true work of these masters or is it there for us to be divisive and in our heads about? Listen to what Serge presents and don’t listen to what you hear. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s someone’s version so better to have a one to one experience.

  35. What a disgraceful way to behave – maybe ‘perform’ is a better word. This is nothing more than creating lies – as you say, manufacturing a story. To what end? The propagation of the ‘pantomime’ that is our world. There is a deal here for sure – a deal with darkness that poses as light. These are the kind of actions that two-thousand years ago led to a man half the world now sees as the Son of God being brutally crucified. We need to wake up.

  36. The actions by David Millikan that night are shocking to read about, I wasn’t present this evening but by all accounts it was a terrible ambush by the media determined to manufacture a story at all costs.

  37. When anyone tries to create and manufacture anything of dishonor and disrespect the only way they can get to their end game is to dishonor and disrespect with every movement they make to get there.

  38. A shocking turn of events but one I am somewhat grateful for in so far as being able to see first hand what lengths the media will go to for themselves at the expense of all others… and to also experience the strength of everyday people who stand up, like yourself, and say this is not okay! It is only our apathy that allows this kind of behavior to continue.

  39. To label someone as ‘brainwashed’ is very convenient because you effectively take their voice away and the possibility for them to make a statement that is validated.

  40. This attack and ambush exposes the lengths that those who are controlled by their beliefs will go to in order to deny the truth.

  41. It’s ironic that Serge Benhayon, as he is in his presence, exposes without saying anything or when interviewed for his side of the story exposes the corruption, agenda driven and unaccountable actions of the media. They don’t have to interview him. To write his name the truth is re-presented.

  42. After the experience of that evening and the way the David Millikan and the journalists were obviously manufacturing the footage to fabricate, steer and sensationalize a story the way they wanted, it has made me more aware that maybe this is how other stories circulated by the media are gained too.

  43. When wannabe investigators get going, they will stop at nothing as was demonstrated that evening; and this has reoccurred since and in the same location.

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