Manufacturing footage to fabricate a story

by Deborah McInnes, An Everyday Woman, Goonellabah, Australia

Tonight (12th October 2012) I witnessed an ambush by David Millikan, an apparent ‘cult expert’, on the payroll of a well-known television channel, at an Esoteric Medicine Presentation in Lennox Head. He came in under the pretense of wanting to write a book about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, having suggested to Serge prior that he did not believe him to be  a cult leader, nor  Universal Medicine to be a cult.  He deliberately misled everyone at the presentation to believe he was there to hear the voices of the people and what we had to say about Universal Medicine in light of the false allegations that have been put forth recently in the media by a small number of ‘hate’ campaigners.

David led us all to believe he was there to allow us our right to have a voice and an equal say. By presenting an open account of UniMed and Serge (as previous television stations and newspapers had presented a one-sided view, slanderous in nature) this could easily expose the corruption and unaccountability of the Media to date…. but all along this was just part of an elaborate ploy to undermine a true, respectable organisation with the highest of integrity and care and to undermine everyday people in the community who lead normal lives, who work hard, and choose to lead simple, honest lives. People who have children, families and work in the public will now be presented on television in an untrue light, without their permission in a completely falsified story and disgraced fashion.

What unraveled before us was nothing short of disgraceful; David attacked Serge Benhayon openly in front of all of us (a room full of people who had come along for the enormous support the Esoteric Medicine presentations provide). David Millikan further attacked everyone in the room (mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, friends, neighbours and children) and anyone associated with Universal Medicine and inferred that whatever we said was to be discounted, dictating to us that we were mindless, brainwashed followers; it was a case of ‘all for show’ and ‘all for film’.

It was clear that his ‘pumped-up’ performance was for the purpose of ‘manufacturing’ footage in order to fabricate a story about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It was very clear that David Millikan had come with his mind already made up about Serge, however had blatantly lied to enable him the perfect stage for his tirade  – it was clear that David was there to get any footage of us that could be cut and used for a story against Serge.

David Millikan was not there to report the truth, nor even to present an open forum and the possibility of presenting both sides of the story. He was certainly not there for the people nor to even allow the people’s true voices to be heard.

David Milliken was asked to stop his verbal assault on the group several times. He refused to stop his tirade. When he was asked by Serge ‘why are you doing this?’ David couldn’t answer. It came to light very quickly that David had set Serge up, and set all of us up too. He refused to leave the stage and his camera people refused to stop filming when asked to do so. Instead, they roamed around the room filming in an attempt to incite reaction from those in the group – in the hope that this could be captured on film and used against us all.

Within the group I felt people around me go into shock at the lengths the media was prepared to go in order to violate us in this vile manner – we certainly did not ask for this. We were going about our lives, in a simple and true way and yet we became instantly ‘sitting ducks’ for a relentless attack that was filmed, to be later used to further the attack on Universal Medicine.

This was a conniving ploy of David Millikan who has clearly done a deal with the ‘hate campaigners’ who remain nameless in the media and protected at every turn.

How is it that hatred can be protected by the media and the true voice of the people denied and undermined by conveniently labelling us all as ‘brainwashed’?

67 thoughts on “Manufacturing footage to fabricate a story

  1. Thank you Deborah for sharing your experience, it is becoming quite common practice for the media to manipulate situations to produce what they want, the problem is when we live in a democratic society, the media has the power to sway the general public with something that is untrue.

  2. The lies and manipulations of the media are laid bare here – the angle is decided and the footage sought and everything is mere fodder to that end. There is no true care, no love, no truth and no integrity in this – it’s abuse.

  3. The shock that was felt from this media ambush is clear to feel and continues to be shocking several years later in that it is still ongoing and no-one is being held accountable for this disgraceful behaviour that invaded a peaceful meeting where people had gathered to hear supportive presentations about how to live life with more responsibility something that the perpetrators have clearly no concept of.

  4. Great question to end with Deborah. We have it all wrong don’t we. We justify the appalling actions of the media whilst they abuse innocent people and create false images for others to see. This is fake news and perhaps the worst of it is that it will create doubt in the minds of the many about what is true and what is not. The sooner we learn to discern truth for ourselves the better, so we are not taken in by such a ‘performance’.

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