Audience ‘Disappointed’ by Media Ambush

by Jenny McGee, Ocean Shores

It was with great frustration and disappointment that the opportunity for anyone in the general public who came to listen to a talk held at Lennox Head Community Centre on Esoteric Medicine, presented last night (12th October 2012) by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, was unable to hear the presentation, which was ambushed by a ‘tabloid journalism’ TV crew. In true tabloid journalism style, an “expert” (David Millikan) with a background in media was hired by an Australian television channel to get the “money” shot and filmed by several ‘sleepers’ in the audience. What saddens me the most, is that apart from another example of the corruption in the media (for this style of journalism is only about ratings through Jerry Springer tactics and sensationalism), is that the open door policy and the public’s right to access information regarding true wellbeing and health is hijacked.

I did not pay five dollars to be ranted at by David Millikan and his theories of how I was a cult member when he does not know me. But I am wise enough to know that he was not interested in who I was or even concerned if I was a part of a cult, he was there to make money off me. What does outrage me is that David Millikan was hired to supposedly infiltrate the meeting by presenting as a researcher trying to understand Universal Medicine’s teachings and purpose. He intentionally misled Serge Benhayon; claiming that his uninvited appearance was to connect with and listen to those attending the presentation. Serge agreed to David taking the stage with this understanding and with the request only that he be brief and polite with the students. His ‘talk’ was in no way a dialogue or contained any opportunity to listen to anyone’s reply, merely a forum to rant and bully adults and children in the audience as he had the microphone and the cameras following him.

54 thoughts on “Audience ‘Disappointed’ by Media Ambush

  1. Thank-you, Jenny. The man in question operated like the “Joker” from batman – an evil circus-master, playing a game purely for his own ends.

      1. Yet unmasked in a moment – from supposedly inquiring and gentle theologian to verbally abusive, dominant and finger pointing (all for the cameras) in a moment. Sometimes it takes a little to see through a mask, but its presence remains nonetheless – for us all to see and discern, if we take our blinkers off…

      2. Very wise indeed Victoria, we all have to let down our guarded ways and see things as they truly are and in that “moment” we are claiming the light of the soul! “Our blinkers are off…”

  2. I was there too, it was shocking. David Millikan ranted accusingly at the audience interspersed with a few nonsensical question. Many people in the audience tried to answer or communicate with David but in reply he pointed his finger and shouted over them “why are you not answering my questions?”. Everything was a set up. We were attacked from all sides with a television crew and big cameras at the front door, loud banging on the back doors, women in the audience thrusting cameras in people’s faces and David Millikan, a big imposing man dominating on the stage – all designed for the audience of ordinary members of the public (including children) to be scared, disorientated and react.

    1. Revolting shock tactics to manufacture a story for pure self gain. Awful to hear this man’s dramatised bully tactics turned on a harmless and loving bunch of people. I can’t imagine how this felt for the kids in the room. Disgraceful abuse.

  3. Disappointed is an understatement as I had travelled from Perth to attend the esoteric medicine presentation. Give me Serge Benhayon to listen to any day!

    1. Yes Sally, dissappoinement is an understatement, exactly what I was going to say. Despite this hijacking by the media, Serge Benhayon, as always, showed nothing but love and care for the audience throughout and after this attack. This is clearly something David Millikan and his team are yet to master…

  4. It was disgusting to witness and I was appalled at the behaviour of David Millikan and his crew. They showed no respect for anyone and left a lot of people including children very distraught and in tears all so they could get a story.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Jenny. Although I cannot comment first hand as I was not at the event, the abuse of power and trust by an individual (David Millikan) and the media organisation he is representing in this instance is simply appalling and totally unacceptable.

  6. I too can not comment personally but it is the most absurd thing to hear about – one man standing there accusing the general public of being members of a cult because they have to attend a seminar! If that’s the case, there are many more cult members in the world than first realised and David Millikan is going to be a busy man tracking down all these seminar attendees who wish to hear lectures by other notable speakers across Australia. Joking aside, it’s actually very disappointing to hear that he has been paid by a TV Channel to deliberately aggravate a very peaceful gathering of people and cause a great deal of distress to the children, women and men attending. It seems that this television channel has joined in with the print media in establishing a very low ethical standard of work in the name of entertainment.

  7. I wasn’t there but I can feel the horror and shock of the whole situation. I am appalled and disgusted by how it was dis-honestly set up and by the bullying tactics that were used. I feel very sad that humanity has descended to this. We are so much more, There is a harmony and joy that we can ALL live, and these attacks are trying to stop us from doing so.

  8. Hearing of this malicious and disgraceful behaviour by the Australian Media in the name of a so called current affairs story saddens me beyond words.

  9. As Jenny says ‘this style of journalism is only about ratings through Jerry Springer tactics and sensationalism’. They certainly were determined to get their story by fair means or foul on Friday night and it certainly has opened my eyes to what goes on behind the news nowadays, on what I had previously thought was a reputable TV station.

  10. Serge Benhayon presents from what he knows to be true for himself. He is honest and open about this – that’s why people join together to listen to what he has to say – to explore simply the possibility that it may feel true for them also. What makes me sad is that a man with a public profile such as yours David, chooses to be violent in front of innocent adults AND children. Is this supposed to be loving? Is this really what people want to see on TV?
    People allow this kind of sensationalism – whether it is true or not is not important. But if society didn’t choose to watch sensationalistic tabloid programmes there would be no way David Millikan would be paid for what he did (I assume David, you did it for the money?); that’s worth a consideration as well. And yes David, even though I strongly reject what you did, I still love you as a fellow human being.

  11. Thank you Jenny. I was in attendance as well and the behaviour from David Millikan and his camera crew was absolutely appalling. Are we living in Australia?

  12. Thank you Jenny for your take on the events of that night. Your line ‘is that the open door policy and the public’s right to access information regarding true wellbeing and health is hijacked.’ is the really sad part.
    David Millikan had the opportunity to hear from many people that have made huge differences in their health and wellbeing but instead, like many do, chose to make money more important than the truth.

    1. Yes, it is sad, that the media and therefore the world is not truly interested in stories about health and wellbeing but rather want to be confirmed in their misery by even more miserable stories. It is very revealing that we live in a society where you can make more money by presenting stories with a negative angle than when you bring ‘good news’.

  13. I personally found both David Millikan and his planned media attack on Universal Medicine, abhorrent. It was undeniably, disgraceful behaviour of the lowest kind that left all involved shocked to the core.

  14. In one paragraph you cut through the lies and games of the media and stated the truth of their intentions so clearly – thank you Jenny.

  15. David Millikan and his media companions displayed a complete lack of integrity in the deceptive and aggressive way they behaved that evening. The media play a vital role in communicating to society truth, and have a responsibility to investigate and present that same truth without bias. Cult allegations are only one side of the story. Exposing the why and from whom the cult allegations regarding Universal Medicine originated will unfold the truth of a vicious and relentless cyberbullying campaign that has now gone on for 2 years. Cyber bullies are completely unregulated and not at all called to account for their behaviour in any legal way. A fact that is truly unacceptable in this day and age. Something needs to be done to oppose and expose cyberbullies and the absolute devastation they cause to many… and the media could be a powerful force that could actually make it happen if they so choose.

  16. It’s seems very important to the media that the true story never be told, after all the public will gobble up anything sensational so they will happily buy it. I feel one day the truth will be told and the media will report amazing stories based on love and healing but society needs to be ready, the media is just feeding a consciousness of needing distraction and numbing which we are responsible for.

  17. Corruption at its best ! cloaked with self-righteous lies like freedom of the press and a fake mission of ‘saving’ people.

  18. The false pretences, David Millikan used to take the stage with, only prove the true nature of David Millikan’s intent and lack honesty.

  19. Let’s explore this a bit: first, the media hires Millikan. They have a clear goal: to show that Universal Medicine is a cult. To show this they set a plan based on dishonesty, falsity and lies. That night, they carry on the plan. The lies only last a few minutes and then the truth emerges. The ambush goes on so to show people disoriented by a very stressful situation while they enjoy filming this. With this footage they leave feeling proud of what they have done. Obviously, this is very revealing of the level of abuse, false and corruption promoted by media today.

  20. Thank you Jenny for sharing your experience, It was lies from start, then it continued in lies, and was then presented to the public in lies, and all this by a so called “man of god” ?

  21. Thank you Jenny for pointing out that this is an obvious case of making money off the people under the false claim of a good cause. How utterly deceptive and cunning. I can’t imagine that David Millikan cannot see what he has done, there must be an inkling in him telling him that this is far from truth.

  22. I am full of gratitude that people start expressing the truth and more and more platforms for truth are opened up. The work of Serge Benhayon together with the many students of Universal Medicine is really a blessing for humanity.

  23. Absolutely Jenny – it was just blatant abuse on innocent people just wanting to pay $5 to listen to a talk… and the deception was beyond appalling, although clearly in line with their morals and their interpretation of the journalistic code of conduct.

  24. Blatant abuse. ” But I am wise enough to know that he was not interested in who I was or even concerned if I was a part of a cult, he was there to make money off me. What does outrage me is that David Millikan was hired to supposedly infiltrate the meeting by presenting as a researcher trying to understand Universal Medicine’s teachings and purpose. He intentionally misled Serge Benhayon”. Do journalists have no moral standing or ethics? It would seem not.

  25. The presentations by Serge Benhayon contain life changing revelations and one day those who are blindly ridiculing all things involved with Universal Medicine will see this fact.

  26. This feels to me like classic bullying and scare-mongering and trying to create an awful drama where there is no drama. Universal Medicine has been hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to me – that is the simple truth David Millikan!

  27. Cult this and cult that – I know the word cult is used in a negative light and from your explanation it seems like the one/ones showing a cultish (if there is such a word) behaviour it’s that man David and his camera crew.

  28. Why do we human beings need to seek sensationalism? Have we become so ‘desensitised’ to the beauty of life that we need such things to make us feel alive in some way? Perhaps we need to look at our own part in the creation of the media as it is – and look at how we can have a media that is dedicated to presenting the truth in future.

  29. Why is it that audiences enjoy sensationalism and drama so much? If we all experienced love and joy in our own lives we would never seek this type of entertainment – time for us all as a community to address this in the media and begin to ask for the truth and balanced reporting without all the sensationalism.

  30. It is clear from the passionate outrage in which you have written this that what you experienced that night was far from being okay by any standards. It is people like you standing up for what is right that change what is so wrong with this world…. of which David Millikan and his crew epitomize.

  31. “he was there to make money off me” This exposes the driving force of the media rather than investigating the truth.

  32. When there is a demand there is a supply. If we continue to watch sensationalism tv we will be supplied it however, if we demand the truth and love in one way or more we will be shown.

  33. Not sure how it is in Australia, but where I live, we have to pay for a license to own a TV or any device that allows us to watch a programme, and on top of that, all programmes other than the ones on the national TV are backed by sponsors whose fees we cover anyway as consumers whenever we buy their products and/or services, and those who make programmes just go ahead and do whatever and however, thinking that would attract ratings therefore more money? So could it be possible that we are paying to be abused and robbed and lied to left, right and centre? That is so not on.

  34. We must vote with our ‘feet’ and choose not to support such ‘entertainment’. As Rik says above, where there is a demand, there will be a supply. So let’s cut the demand for such abusive practice.

  35. When two ways get so clearly confronted, it gives you an opportunity to go deeper in yourself. In that process, what you are willing to see increases. Life is not the same afterwards. When corruption knocks on your door, you see it for what it is.

  36. This is a despicable hijacking of members of the public right to freely choose to attend a health and wellbeing talk knowingly undertaken by a self interested supposed ‘Man of God’ displaying all the worst tactics of the media and absolutely zero respect for truth and decency. Shame on you David Millikan.

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