I could always feel there was more to life

by Nicole Serafin, Dietician, Nutritionist, Tintenbar, Australia

I knew for myself from a very young age that something was not right. It always felt like something was missing but I could never quite put my finger on it. I tried to seek answers from my peers but they didn’t know how to respond to my questions. At school I would ask the teachers “why are things the way they are?”… I usually got told “this is just the way that it is”. If ever I hit a nerve, or got too close to home, I would be sent to my room or told to sit out of class. I could sense as a child that what I was asking was important, however it seemed to annoy the adults and others around me.

Why is it that we can let life be so full of pain, discomfort and disarray and yet not seem to want to do anything about it?

I did not understand, and as a young child my confusion and frustration only grew the older I got. I was never part of, or followed, any form of religion or spirituality; all of that felt way too ‘off the mark’ for me. I went on through my life with the possibility that there had to be more; what kept me going was the hope that one day things would be different. But until then I was just like everyone else, going along with the rest of society in the craziness and busy-ness of life. This craziness & busy-ness was enough to keep me from pondering on the fact that there had to be more. Occasionally, usually when things were not going so well, I would stop and rethink my life and how it was being lived. An illness or a moment that was not pleasant became the only thing that could make me slow down enough to remember that feeling of knowing that there had to be another way. That feeling was never lost, only temporarily buried under the piles of other stuff that I had not wanted to deal with in my life.

It became a common pattern; I became ill… and if it were not for that and the choices I then made I would still be on the treadmill of a life full of distractions – a life where I would put aside my true feelings and just ‘get on with it’ (even though this did not feel right, everyone else was doing it and there didn’t seem to be any other option).

I have come to realise however that I (as well as others) always have the ability to choose how I want to live; my life does not have to be full of that busy-ness and ‘craziness’ which is all just a way to avoid the feeling that I miss being with myself and listening to my true feelings. We all have the ability to be who we truly are and yet the world is geared up to stop us from being just that. We are not taught to be who we are and to contribute to society in a way that is going to be supportive, loving and true to what is needed as a whole. Little of what we are told at school teaches or allows us to be who we really are –we are all conditioned from the very beginning to be what is wanted and expected from us.

For me, Universal Medicine allowed the opportunity to connect to who I truly am, to be able to stop and feel those questions that I have always had but never bothered to go any further with.

I appreciate the fact that UniMed presents practical tools to support me to connect to that feeling of knowing that there is another way.

I have attended many workshops and presentations held by UniMed and never have I been told what to do or how to live; they have only ever shared another way of being, one that I have chosen to gradually incorporate into my life at the pace and in the way that I have felt it needed to be done.

I have always been free to come and go as I please with no judgment or expectation, only ever feeling amazing support and inspiration. I have been inspired to continue making changes in my life because of how I feel when these changes are made.

I began slowly changing my diet, feeling lighter, less bloated and more energised. Then I looked at my sleep pattern which for me was the next natural step. Why, if I had more energy, would I want to ruin that by late nights, often fuelled by an alcoholic drink? So I began to cut out alcohol and started going to bed earlier, which just contributed to me feeling even more energised and amazing – this started to feel ‘normal’.

I had completed training in dietetics and nutrition and the changes that I was making made sense; they were not a fleeting or radical claim being made by Universal Medicine but something that actually made a substantial difference to my wellbeing. For instance, I knew that dairy products had been linked to sinus & congestion issues, as well as gluten creating a whole other realm of issues in the body; so for me, not only from a clinical perspective but also a commonsense point of view, it made sense.

Just by a few small adjustments and changes in my life I was able to feel a huge difference – a difference that I was not willing to compromise for anyone or anything.

I started to honour my body and felt an amazing feeling of openness and willingness to look at whatever life sent my way, without the reaction of ‘why me?’

Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried? We need to nurture our true potential – to trust that we are enough and that when we listen to our body it has the ability to tell us what is needed in every moment.

Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past. From this I have slowly addressed all aspects of my life, from self-care and expression to relationships; feeling what has been needed and making the appropriate changes from there. I am grateful to Universal Medicine for all they have shared with me and many others, and can honestly say that for me it has been a life changing experience; not because of what they have told me to do, but because of what I have chosen to do. It has been a slow and ongoing unfolding; as one thing leads to another and as my awareness of my body and what it needs grows – so too do my choices.

169 thoughts on “I could always feel there was more to life

  1. As I read this article I am becoming very aware of the many hurts that I have around having an innate knowing of truth, but having been shut down from sharing it. A shut down that I still let affect me today, as to stand out from the crowd is my natural way, but something I have avoided in favour of fitting in.

  2. I can so relate to this and the feeling of being certain that there must be more to life that there appeared to be. I felt this very strongly when I was younger and as I aged I drowned this feeling by numbing it with alcohol as my drug of preference. Thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine without whom I would still be numbing myself (if still alive that is) who have taught me what that more that was missing is and the amazing news is that it was inside me all the time.

      1. …and one day we are all going to get it because of Serge’s work. It may take thousands of more years but a seed has been sown that cannot be stopped. Mankind is going to arise out of the darkness whether it wants to or not, the only thing that we can do is choose to delay it. And why delay changing our world into a loving one?

  3. “Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past.” I agree with the answer is in your body – the truth of the matter. The responsibility is with you in clearly defining it – the ‘what is’ simple truth. What I find becomes hard is ‘thinking’ I cannot define the answer to be able to move forward or on and how then it can be pushed aside by questioning and ‘being hard’ on myself knowing that I do have the simple answer in my body. To change my well-being I move in a way and really focus on that which I do know and just be honest that I have already felt it and it has since been overridden. It then becomes my own journey of discovery – the opportunity to be rich!

  4. Great title for a blog Nicole, as this is exactly how I always felt, but did not know how to change my life so ingrained were my habits and behaviours. All my searching did lead to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and I attended all of the Sacred Esoteric Healing Courses, which I can testify truly supported me to let go and heal my past unloving choices and self abuse. Today I have so much purpose in my life and have so much more focus and get things done easily without a push or a drive, but simply because I have more energy, I am more self-loving and self-honouring. I have more time as I have created more space in my house and in my body, and in the new space I have clarity and understanding of what is next – and my life has a flow ( which was not there before) along with divine order. And even now I can feel there is more to life, in that there is always more love to shine and share.

  5. Choices, choices but there is only one choice that matters and that is the energy we choose to make those choices with.

  6. “Why is it that we can let life be so full of pain, discomfort and disarray and yet not seem to want to do anything about it?”
    That is a brilliant question Nicole as it says a lot about the way the world is set up! And what I love about Serge Benhayon is that he does not hold back addressing this and talks openly about why this is so, even though this certainly pushes some buttons.

  7. I find the concept of nurturing our true potential stunning for we should deeply trust that we are enough and live in accordance to that knowing…. Honouring our bodies as the wise guide they are and addressing what stands in the way of our living and embracing all that we are. This is the foundation of true success in life.

  8. And this is the thing – to make choices in our lives, effective choices, choices that will really be this in the right direction, we actually need to know what is actually going on around us, not just on the surface, but what’s actually happening underneath things. What is the truth, and we all know how malleable the truth has become now. Universal Medicine gives us the opportunity to be extremely well-informed on the consequences of our actions, and the energetic interplay in the universe. Through these things, we can start to make truly informed choices for our lives.

  9. If we don’t question the way that it is from the understanding that there is another way, we will remain in the same status quo forever.

  10. I too kept busy to avoid stopping and feeling how I truly felt. These days when I catch myself doing that I pause and reflect on what I am trying to avoid feeling. The same applies with choosing a food that doesn’t support me or wanting to escape with time out – checking out. Also not to give myself a hard time when I do make mistakes. Appreciation of how I am doing is a good counter to that.

  11. It is quite ironic that the more I learn and respond to my body’s needs the spectrum of what I choose narrows yet at the same time “as my awareness of my body and what it needs grows – so too do my choices.” This apparent paradox is because I am increasingly choose what supports me the more I choosing what I want in my life rather than compromising myself to ‘fit in’ with the accepted norm.

  12. I truly appreciate your sharing Nicole. Your words ring true to me also and especially the way that through your connection to Universal Medicine you learnt what life is truly about. The connection that each of us has to the other is one that is so important, for we are indeed all equal Brothers and need to live that fact.

  13. ‘Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past.’ When we listen to our body, it tells us exactly what it needs in order to support itself, and us.

  14. “Just by a few small adjustments and changes in my life I was able to feel a huge difference – a difference that I was not willing to compromise for anyone or anything.” Hear hear Nicole. The difference I too feel in my body through making simple changes inspired by Universal Medicine are not ones I will give up just because someone else might not like it.

  15. Knowing we have the ability to choose how we want to live is very empowering, and being inspired to take responsibility and connect to my body and my true feelings has been life changing, letting go of distractions and busyness that keep me separated from being with myself and feeling the true support that conscious presence brings to every day living.

  16. These choices just keep coming, each time we refine and adjust our lives, more choices present, some are easy and some take longer to commit to. I love how you brake things down so simply, your writing is a joy to read, its real and it flows effortlessly.

  17. Before coming across universal medicine I never would have thought that all the busy doing and frantic activity I filled every minute of each day was just an enormous distraction away from the fact that I couldn’t feel who I was anymore. By applying simple tools to my life and listening to my body more, I’ve started to slow down and create more space so that I can actually feel what’s needed moment to moment, instead of being in the continuous drive or rush to get everything done. Learning to look at the choices I make and ask myself: am I making these from who I truly am and what I actually feel, or what I think is expected or wanted of me?

  18. Illness and disease can bring a necessary stop to our life by sling shotting us into a huge reality check about how have we been living and what has been going on in our everyday life. This in turn blesses us with the opportunity to learn and perhaps query that there is another way.

  19. Universal Medicine really does share so many awesome and practical tips for living life with connection and vitality and I too am deeply thankful for the wisdom shared for us all. Thank you Nicole.

  20. There was so often when I was young, that I also felt that there has to be another way. I couldn’t find anything that seemed that different to what was that on offer. Now there are so many of my questions that have been answered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, it is amazing. There is so much sense in what I now live and no one has told me there are any rules, just a vital way to live that my body loves.

  21. I can very much relate especially when I was a child to the feeling ‘there had to be more’ but I like most people buried this feeling with keeping myself busy and wanting to help others to avoid dealing with my own hurts. Distracting and ignoring what was going on in my body had consequences as the choices I made caught up with me in my early twenties and I fell ill. My body is communicating with me every second and I am learning to listen to the gold it has to offer me.

  22. Changing what we feel to be normal is the key – when self-directed it is a gradual awakening and feels very solid in the body. I recall having a glass of wine at a picnic after not drinking for a few weeks and it simply had no appeal – I disliked the buzz and blurred feeling that was once what I was seeking. For me the UniMed courses offered me the direct feeling of being myself, and the small addictions did not measure up to that feeling that had become my new normal.

  23. It’s funny even though it’s not that sometimes I find myself having to explain why I don’t eat sugary things as candy or cakes. It’s become so normal for people to eat these things that if you don’t eat it you have to explain why. It should be the other way around that if you DO eat these things you should be asked why on earth eat something that is not truly supporting you. Maybe that is why we feed our children these sugary things because then they cannot question why we adults do it. Children are otherwise very good at pointing out why we adults do all the weird things we do as drinking alcohol or smoke or live in relationships that are not truly loving.

  24. We all have the ability to choose the way we want to live and sometimes a stop in some way like an illness or an accident is an opportunity for us to be more honest with ourselves and start to look deeper within us, to what feels true from our body, building a connection with our inner knowing and choosing a far more gentle and tender way of being with ourselves and with others.

  25. So much of what you write resonates with me Nicole. The feeling that the way of the world did not make sense, nor did the explanations offered by religions and New Age philosophies. From my first presentation with Universal Medicine pieces started falling into place, and my spiritual search ended there. I felt like I’d come home to me.

  26. What is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine felt so true because deep down I knew I have lived this way before and there was a reconnection with where I had come from. It was a very beautiful moment indeed.

  27. What I get really strongly reading your post Nicole is that we all have an innate natural sense, we know when things are off, and especially when we are young and often we ignore that or are not encouraged to honour and foster it when young and later we choose ourselves not to; but it’s always there and what you describe here is the journey back to honouring what we feel.

  28. ‘Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past.’ Yes me too, as I made different more loving and honest choices my body began to change and I felt the benefits of changing my diet and giving up alcohol too.

    1. What you share here Sally following on from what Nicole has shared also, that “Just by a few small adjustments and changes in my life I was able to feel a huge difference – a difference that I was not willing to compromise for anyone or anything.” can be tested by anyone who is willing to get prove of what Universal Medicine is about, not a cult at all but a very practical way of life that really makes a difference.

  29. Nicole, I can relate to your questioning as well as the poor responses. I also felt that much of life and the interactions between people were emotional and that there was an existence whereby emotions didn’t play a part in it. I read books to find the answers or did courses to edge my way into living this way, but they always fell short and it was left up to me to forge a way of being that I knew was there somewhere. When I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, it became clear I had come across someone who lived exactly what I knew existed.

  30. Until I met Serge Benhayon and witnessed that there was another way to live, and then tried a few of the suggestions he shared from what he had learned, I really didn’t know how to get off the treadmill of ‘getting on with it’ and trying every New Age ‘healing modality’ that popped up on the scene.

  31. Why are we not taught any of this in school? – Education would be a rich and deeply fulfilling experience if the lessons had the same content as Universal Medicine presents. Plus we would leave school and we’d actually know how to care for ourselves and approach life in a fresh and unencumbered way.

  32. Education is currently set up to create compliant citizens who conform to the expected norms of society. The voice of truth inside us all that can feel that something is not right is squashed by others for whom it is too uncomfortable to face up to the choices they have made to not be true to themselves. Universal Medicine supports all those who choose to explore what is true for them and make changes at their own pace. When we learn to listen to our own bodies we uncover boundless wisdom, love and joy.

  33. Thank you Nicole. I could very much relate to what you share about the way you have felt throughout your life. I searched high and low for the answers to everything that did not make sense and I wasn’t able to find anything that delivered the whole package of truth until I found Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Your blog reminds me to deeply appreciate my commitment to living with responsibility and purpose which has been made possible through the reflection Serge Benhayon has provided.

  34. it is amazing to be able to change our lives with simple choices. Just feeling what to eat, what supports us, how to really nurture ourselves makes a huge difference. Coming back to myself and checking in, connecting to my body is something I moved right away from years ago. I spent a lot of time just in my head. Now knowing that the way I move can also support me greatly is a beautiful awareness.

  35. Learning to empower myself through taking responsibility and making simple and self-loving choices has enabled me to build an awareness and trust in my body from what feels true within me which has made a huge difference to my health and well-being.

  36. It was only when I met Serge Benhayon at a Universal Medicine presentation that life finally made sense again and I discovered the missing part had been my connection to my inner-knowing.

  37. “what kept me going was the hope that one day things would be different.” I shared this feeling and then one day I knew things would never be the same again. I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon and heard answers to so many of my questions. I have been shown that is my responsibility for all the choices I make in life and that life doesn’t ‘do’ me, I can choose the way I live. I have found the love and harmony that I knew was there but had been looking for others to provide it for me rather than connecting to the love and harmony that is within and who I am.

  38. The wonderful, indeed the profound realisation is that we can literally change the life path that we are on with the simplest of choices, and these simple choices can be there every day, rebuilding a foundation of reconnection with ourselves.

  39. Nicole your comment ‘At school I would ask the teachers “why are things the way they are?”… I usually got told “this is just the way that it is”.’ Made me realise how often we accept things just because that is the way it is, never actually addressing that in truth we know that is not the way it is.

  40. “Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried? We need to nurture our true potential – to trust that we are enough and that when we listen to our body it has the ability to tell us what is needed in every moment.” I so agree Nicole. However so many people – parents, teachers etc (including myself until I came to Universal Medicine presentations) have not been shown to listen to their own bodies and feelings. So how could they possibly teach that? We now have some amazing teachers and helpers in our schools, reflecting out to staff and students alike that there is another way.

  41. It is clear your transformation has been from your commitment to choosing you… and your unfoldment from the wisdom of your choices and no other. There is absolutely another way that is deeply loving and supportive and you are living proof that it works.

  42. Dear Nicole, I must say what a pleasure it is reading your blogs and getting to know you. Thankyou for sharing your life. I also grew up feeling there was more to life, asking questions and searching for what was missing. I have definitely found it in Universal Medicine via their support to reconnect me to my true self – my essence – and to understand and feel the soul and live this in daily life. On a practical level, it means a life lived with love.

  43. Reading this sentence brought up a memory of me as a young girl, feeling unable to express, as if I was going to burst but nothing would ever come out, I did not feel met and seen for who I was by the world I lived in “Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried?” This question also brought up how important it is for adults in the lives of our young, be it parents, teachers, family or friends, in any opportunity, to be open to the questions that children ask. We have an opportunity to answer honestly, we do not need to have all the answers, a child seeks true connection and understanding not all the answers. Through connection and understanding they get something precious, they get to be seen for who they are and through this they can begin finding out the answers to the questions they have themselves, there is nothing like self worth and self love to find the answers to questions we have in life.

  44. Living a life by choice is so different to that what many people live. But I have discovered there is a choice to live life more joyful and vibrant than I see so many people around me live, it is all about living a way that is honouring my body and feelings, we are meant to feel, not to just think and go by that what seems the way, as many did it before me.

  45. Before Unimed I had never been able or willing to truly look at myself and begin to unfold who I truly am. Each thing I tried had merely been a new set things to do and rules to follow that promised to deliver a new me but never did, nothing changed.
    Serge Benhayon presents that we are all already everything we could wish to be, that is, we are all love in our essence. This made all the difference. From this perspective and learning to reawaken my ability to feel what is true for me, I have been able to look clearly at how I have been living and to make changes that are gradually revealing the love that I truly am and have always been.

  46. Making choices from what we feel to be true from our body supports us to build our awareness and to honour ourselves to be truly nurturing, open and tender. In this way we feel and know we are enough as we are.

  47. Nicole, you bring up some great points here especially “Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried?” If we learnt to honour our feelings, we would know ourselves so much more, and humanity would be in a much better place.

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