I could always feel there was more to life

by Nicole Serafin, Dietician, Nutritionist, Tintenbar, Australia

I knew for myself from a very young age that something was not right. It always felt like something was missing but I could never quite put my finger on it. I tried to seek answers from my peers but they didn’t know how to respond to my questions. At school I would ask the teachers “why are things the way they are?”… I usually got told “this is just the way that it is”. If ever I hit a nerve, or got too close to home, I would be sent to my room or told to sit out of class. I could sense as a child that what I was asking was important, however it seemed to annoy the adults and others around me.

Why is it that we can let life be so full of pain, discomfort and disarray and yet not seem to want to do anything about it?

I did not understand, and as a young child my confusion and frustration only grew the older I got. I was never part of, or followed, any form of religion or spirituality; all of that felt way too ‘off the mark’ for me. I went on through my life with the possibility that there had to be more; what kept me going was the hope that one day things would be different. But until then I was just like everyone else, going along with the rest of society in the craziness and busy-ness of life. This craziness & busy-ness was enough to keep me from pondering on the fact that there had to be more. Occasionally, usually when things were not going so well, I would stop and rethink my life and how it was being lived. An illness or a moment that was not pleasant became the only thing that could make me slow down enough to remember that feeling of knowing that there had to be another way. That feeling was never lost, only temporarily buried under the piles of other stuff that I had not wanted to deal with in my life.

It became a common pattern; I became ill… and if it were not for that and the choices I then made I would still be on the treadmill of a life full of distractions – a life where I would put aside my true feelings and just ‘get on with it’ (even though this did not feel right, everyone else was doing it and there didn’t seem to be any other option).

I have come to realise however that I (as well as others) always have the ability to choose how I want to live; my life does not have to be full of that busy-ness and ‘craziness’ which is all just a way to avoid the feeling that I miss being with myself and listening to my true feelings. We all have the ability to be who we truly are and yet the world is geared up to stop us from being just that. We are not taught to be who we are and to contribute to society in a way that is going to be supportive, loving and true to what is needed as a whole. Little of what we are told at school teaches or allows us to be who we really are –we are all conditioned from the very beginning to be what is wanted and expected from us.

For me, Universal Medicine allowed the opportunity to connect to who I truly am, to be able to stop and feel those questions that I have always had but never bothered to go any further with.

I appreciate the fact that UniMed presents practical tools to support me to connect to that feeling of knowing that there is another way.

I have attended many workshops and presentations held by UniMed and never have I been told what to do or how to live; they have only ever shared another way of being, one that I have chosen to gradually incorporate into my life at the pace and in the way that I have felt it needed to be done.

I have always been free to come and go as I please with no judgment or expectation, only ever feeling amazing support and inspiration. I have been inspired to continue making changes in my life because of how I feel when these changes are made.

I began slowly changing my diet, feeling lighter, less bloated and more energised. Then I looked at my sleep pattern which for me was the next natural step. Why, if I had more energy, would I want to ruin that by late nights, often fuelled by an alcoholic drink? So I began to cut out alcohol and started going to bed earlier, which just contributed to me feeling even more energised and amazing – this started to feel ‘normal’.

I had completed training in dietetics and nutrition and the changes that I was making made sense; they were not a fleeting or radical claim being made by Universal Medicine but something that actually made a substantial difference to my wellbeing. For instance, I knew that dairy products had been linked to sinus & congestion issues, as well as gluten creating a whole other realm of issues in the body; so for me, not only from a clinical perspective but also a commonsense point of view, it made sense.

Just by a few small adjustments and changes in my life I was able to feel a huge difference – a difference that I was not willing to compromise for anyone or anything.

I started to honour my body and felt an amazing feeling of openness and willingness to look at whatever life sent my way, without the reaction of ‘why me?’

Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried? We need to nurture our true potential – to trust that we are enough and that when we listen to our body it has the ability to tell us what is needed in every moment.

Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past. From this I have slowly addressed all aspects of my life, from self-care and expression to relationships; feeling what has been needed and making the appropriate changes from there. I am grateful to Universal Medicine for all they have shared with me and many others, and can honestly say that for me it has been a life changing experience; not because of what they have told me to do, but because of what I have chosen to do. It has been a slow and ongoing unfolding; as one thing leads to another and as my awareness of my body and what it needs grows – so too do my choices.

140 thoughts on “I could always feel there was more to life

  1. Creating a busyness in life keeps us in the distraction of looking outside ourselves so that we do not bring our attention to our inner feelings or connect to our essence and the innate knowing within us that knows harmony, stillness and joy as our true nature and way of being.

  2. I could always feel there was more to life, but could never seem to find ‘the more’, as I was always searching outside of myself. When I stopped the search, everything changed. I became more settled within my body, as I reconnected to my body and started to listen to all its communications, and our bodies have much to tell us, in how what truly nurtures and nourishes.

  3. I usually got told “this is just the way that it is”. – This position has always really gotten under my skin and I always felt it to be a complete cop-out, a way to not deal with a known problem and just sit back and allow it to continue in an irresponsible way. Also, in regards to the “Why me?” question when something challenging comes our way in our life, when we see how we are the ones creating everything that occurs in our life based on all our choices in this life and past ones, and that everything that comes our way is offering us an opportunity to evolve, it can completely change the question to “Thank God this has come to me!”

    1. Spot on Michael, when we take responsibility for our lives and our past choices, its like new doors open and our awareness and understanding increases, with the knowing that everything that life presents to us is an opportunity to learn from and to evolve. We are all here to learn, to learn to be more loving with self and then all others.

  4. When we are inspired to feel the truth from what makes sense to our body and how we are feeling, it is possible to initiate great change to our whole way of being and start choosing to be more loving and live from the quality and true essence of who we are.

  5. Its those practical tools that are the gold for me – this is the transmission of an ancient wisdom, translated into modern times with practical tools that I can see working for me, and young and old people around me. There is a great source here and it has been made very accessible… we simply need to make a choice.

  6. Getting real and honest with myself is how I made the shift from being in my head to being in my body. Honesty with ourselves in how we are living and what we have been choosing that has created struggle or complication or ill health in our lives, is how we start listening to our wise bodies, and well they have much to communicate and when we listen, they can support us to get back on the path that leads to Soul.

  7. Yes we tend to go along on automatic pilot don’t we until something happens that makes us stop and reevaluate our life and what it all means. It is these times when I have been most open to being honest about where my life is at and open to making real changes to it.

  8. To honour, accept, appreciate and confirm how I am feeling has been something I have always known and been aware of. I can remember often when I was a child and growing older that to acknowledge how I was feeling was super, super important to me and couldn’t understand how and why it wasn’t the same for those around me. I felt there was something wrong with me. I am coming to realise that there are never any excuses to not pay attention and listen to the wisdom of my body in what it communicates with me in every moment in my life.

  9. Likewise I had that same feeling that there was more to life, and as a teenager started actively looking for an answer… but where to go? The main religions did not seem relevant to today and were often embroiled in a scandal or a war, mis-represented by people with their own agenda rather than God’s. For a time I gave up, checked out and left it alone… but the itch remained. One day I happened across Serge, and even though I was very shut down at the time, his consistent and boundless love coupled with the teachings of the Way of the Livingness have re-ignited that spark inside me, reconnected me to a living breathing experience of God and I am eternally grateful for that priceless gift.

  10. We can all feel there is more to life, but mostly we need some big stop moment like an illness to make us stop because of the momentum we have been in, it is our ingrained and entrenched momentums that keep us stuck in old patterns and behavious…. I was blessed with one of those big stop moments and had a whole year óut’ to make lifestyle changes that were more honouring of my body and that which truly nourished my body which was super supporting to myself to live in a way that allowed me to be true to myself. My life has more purpose and focus and I love being in my body!

  11. It only takes us to make a few adjustments to our life for us to start feeling more healthy, simply going to bed early on a regular basis makes us feel more rested and ready for whatever the following day brings, and as we become more confident in the choices we make, we begin to bring in more adjustments that support us more deeply.

  12. I always considered life was strange when I was younger with many saying one thing and doing another and it bothered me deeply and I often asked that awkward question, and felt the reaction to it … and then over time I decided to just blend in, I choose to become part of a way of living I knew was not true. So now I’m learning to undo that, to stop and feel what is true and live it to the best of my ability, it’s a path of both challenge and great joy, and one I continue no matter what.

  13. I would ask questions or just come out with a comment when I was young that would have adults get very upset and angry at me. I see now it was because I was blurting out the truth that no one else was saying. The thing is, instead of me continuing to say what was needed, I stopped because I didn’t want to deal with reactions from others.

  14. I started to honour my body and felt an amazing feeling of openness and willingness to look at whatever life sent my way, without the reaction of ‘why me?’ I am having to look at something at the moment, and not doing a very good job, time for me to reassess!

  15. Great to re read Nicole and be reminded of how much we know as a child, and yet as you share we are often shut down by others from questioning and sharing what we feel. We have the opportunity now to change this by encouraging our children and grandchildren to speak their truth.

  16. It’s as though the world is set up for us not to question the possibility that there is more – we get shut down for asking and we treat our bodies in a way that also shut down the questioning or the knowing. But thankfully it can’t be shut down in full as we are divine, we do not come from Earth and there is so much more beyond this world. Because that is who we are, there is a spark that lies within ever-ready to be ignited and shine brightly.

  17. It is interesting how we use the expressions right and wrong as in “I knew for myself from a very young age that something was not right”, or “I knew for myself from a very young age that something was wrong” or “it felt right from the beginning” to denote true or un-true. And, yet, right and wrong and true and un-true play in different games.

  18. ‘I started to honour my body and felt an amazing feeling of openness and willingness to look at whatever life sent my way, without the reaction of ‘why me?’ Awesome to feel your unfolding back to your innate knowingness and the choices that support you in this.

  19. Looking at the world, no matter how ‘happy’ and ‘comfortable’ some claim their life to be, there seems to be this undercurrent of unsettlement in all of us – that we know this is not quite it, yet mostly are living with given-up-ness. What Universal Medicine offers is a true medicine, not a cure, very practical and simple and relevant and it is for entire humanity to connect back to the truth of what is and who we are.

  20. It is because we are choosing and not being told what to do that makes this process so empowering even when we make choices that turn out not to be so great there is always a great learning and an expanding of our awareness.

  21. As an adult, there is so much to see that is not of love, and as a child this seeing is even more acute. The pain of this is great too and it is perhaps what causes many of us to seek shelter, to withdraw and to find solace. It is therefore at times something of a big ask to ask ourselves to be open and aware, to see it all – everything that is not love. And what is monumental again is to trust that in this seeing we are in fact way more protected than when we retreat and hide. And so awareness shows itself to be by its very nature, a fantastic support through life.

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