Not that ‘unusual’

by P.F,  Australia

It is no wonder that people are sceptical of things that seem ‘new’ or ‘unusual’. People have tried all sorts of ways and followed various gurus and others in a desire to find something that they feel is missing in their lives. People often feel let down by these pursuits and find, more often than not, no matter what they try or what goal they achieve, they still don’t feel quite satisfied or complete. Is it possible that the cynicism of the media and others reflects a humanity feeling let down by life as we have known it?

Serge has always been honest and up front with what he feels to be true and it is this honesty that has been turned against him. For the sake of a sensational story, the media have used and misrepresented some of the more ‘unusual’ of what Serge Benhayon presents to bring ridicule to him and Universal Medicine. He could have easily just presented part of the picture and kept the more ‘unusual’ to himself, but as a man who considers truth and service to humanity as the only way, he has presented it all. As a result, much of what he presents may seem unusual to some, especially when taken out of context in the way the media have chosen to present it.

Serge speaks of many things that cannot be scientifically proven and that to many may seem unusual or even far-fetched. This information is easily accessible in Serge’s books, audio presentations and public talks.

Despite the media hype, the truth is that most of the concepts that Serge speaks of are not new. Beliefs of reincarnation and karma are found in many cultures going back to the beginning of recorded history. Millions of Buddhists and one billion Hindus throughout the world today have no doubt that we reincarnate. The concept of different planes of existence is not new and can be found in many teachings back to the time of Plato. Spirits and spiritual beings are commonly spoken of in most cultures and to this day the Catholic Church performs exorcisms to drive out evil spirits.

It is easy to bring ridicule to things we don’t understand. Unfortunately, we have seen it happen repeatedly throughout history and still to this day, in the form of religious and cultural intolerance. However, when we look below the surface of what is not understood, we can find real stories from real people living real lives. What is truly sad is that in their search for an angle to sell a story on Universal Medicine, the media are feeding the same intolerance that has separated people since the beginning of history.

Much of what Serge presents I feel and accept as true for me; other things I consider to be ‘possibilities’. I have always been open to the possibility that we do not ‘know it all’, and I do not dismiss things just because there is no scientific proof of its truth. Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers.

Consistent throughout Serge’s books and presentations are principles that are simple, practical and easy to understand. These principles include how we cannot be truly loving unless we first love ourselves, and that everything we do has an effect on all around us. For over seven years I have observed how Serge and his family embrace these principles in practical and simple ways in their daily lives. Over this time I have been inspired by them to choose for myself to make changes in my life. I now go to bed earlier, I am more conscious of what foods and drink I put into my body, I am generally more caring of myself and more aware of how I interact with others. I have found that by making these simple changes my life has been enriched in so many ways, and most significantly I feel more connected to others than I ever have, both in my personal relationships and the world at large.

Others have similarly been inspired and we are writing about ourselves, our bodies and our experiences because that is what we know best. We are taking this opportunity to present what we have lived which has made a difference in our own lives, and with this expression we offer humanity the possibility that there is another way.

176 thoughts on “Not that ‘unusual’

  1. ‘It is easy to bring ridicule to things we don’t understand.’ This has been the case throughout the history of man, which is so telling in itself. There is much to learn and become aware of when we look at how little has changed today amidst the smorgasbord of so-called modern advancement to times past. Intolerance and bigotry have simply taken a different guise – but they still very much exist.

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