Not that ‘unusual’

by P.F,  Australia

It is no wonder that people are sceptical of things that seem ‘new’ or ‘unusual’. People have tried all sorts of ways and followed various gurus and others in a desire to find something that they feel is missing in their lives. People often feel let down by these pursuits and find, more often than not, no matter what they try or what goal they achieve, they still don’t feel quite satisfied or complete. Is it possible that the cynicism of the media and others reflects a humanity feeling let down by life as we have known it?

Serge has always been honest and up front with what he feels to be true and it is this honesty that has been turned against him. For the sake of a sensational story, the media have used and misrepresented some of the more ‘unusual’ of what Serge Benhayon presents to bring ridicule to him and Universal Medicine. He could have easily just presented part of the picture and kept the more ‘unusual’ to himself, but as a man who considers truth and service to humanity as the only way, he has presented it all. As a result, much of what he presents may seem unusual to some, especially when taken out of context in the way the media have chosen to present it.

Serge speaks of many things that cannot be scientifically proven and that to many may seem unusual or even far-fetched. This information is easily accessible in Serge’s books, audio presentations and public talks.

Despite the media hype, the truth is that most of the concepts that Serge speaks of are not new. Beliefs of reincarnation and karma are found in many cultures going back to the beginning of recorded history. Millions of Buddhists and one billion Hindus throughout the world today have no doubt that we reincarnate. The concept of different planes of existence is not new and can be found in many teachings back to the time of Plato. Spirits and spiritual beings are commonly spoken of in most cultures and to this day the Catholic Church performs exorcisms to drive out evil spirits.

It is easy to bring ridicule to things we don’t understand. Unfortunately, we have seen it happen repeatedly throughout history and still to this day, in the form of religious and cultural intolerance. However, when we look below the surface of what is not understood, we can find real stories from real people living real lives. What is truly sad is that in their search for an angle to sell a story on Universal Medicine, the media are feeding the same intolerance that has separated people since the beginning of history.

Much of what Serge presents I feel and accept as true for me; other things I consider to be ‘possibilities’. I have always been open to the possibility that we do not ‘know it all’, and I do not dismiss things just because there is no scientific proof of its truth. Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers.

Consistent throughout Serge’s books and presentations are principles that are simple, practical and easy to understand. These principles include how we cannot be truly loving unless we first love ourselves, and that everything we do has an effect on all around us. For over seven years I have observed how Serge and his family embrace these principles in practical and simple ways in their daily lives. Over this time I have been inspired by them to choose for myself to make changes in my life. I now go to bed earlier, I am more conscious of what foods and drink I put into my body, I am generally more caring of myself and more aware of how I interact with others. I have found that by making these simple changes my life has been enriched in so many ways, and most significantly I feel more connected to others than I ever have, both in my personal relationships and the world at large.

Others have similarly been inspired and we are writing about ourselves, our bodies and our experiences because that is what we know best. We are taking this opportunity to present what we have lived which has made a difference in our own lives, and with this expression we offer humanity the possibility that there is another way.

169 thoughts on “Not that ‘unusual’

  1. To me, what we have lived and experienced is science. It seems to me that scientists are often playing catch up with what people already know in their hearts. Science is not the leader of our understanding but more of a confirmer of what we know. We can either wait for science to catch up, or trust our own lived experiences.

    1. Great comment Richard. “Science is not the leader of our understanding but more of a confirmer of what we know.” I feel this is true, so it then begs the question why we have abandoned the knowing we have in our bodies instead only trusting the ‘proof’ that science tries to provide.

  2. There is a danger that in our skepticism we will ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’. We may have seen many ‘guru’s’ come and go and realised them to not be everything they purported to be – but if we do not stay open-hearted, and continue to discern for ourselves what is true and what is not true – we run the risk of labelling anyone who speaks of the ‘new’ or ‘unusual’ as a ‘charlatan’, when just maybe, they are the real deal. After all we crucified Jesus – and then recognised him to be the Son of God. Big whoops there eh! And in fact, what Serge Benhayon teaches is not actually all that new or unusual anyway, with a long lineage going back thousands of years who have been bringing the same wisdom to us all.

  3. Your point about these stories being from a lived experience is probably the most important point to make. No one is writing about an idea or a possibility, but from an everyday lived experience. Implementing a different approach to life, one with self responsibility and an understanding that every choice has a consequence. That’s huge! What an awesome reflection for humanity.

  4. For sure I found the new other much more true And joyfull way too by studying with Universal Medicine. A one that is not always easy, Some hard working to let go of old behaviours as my resistance to bring out love. But how much it is worth it. My life gets more joyfull, clear and vital.

  5. Hello P.F and while this blog is a few years old it is still very current. In history the ‘norm’ has been challenged a number of times in order to move us out of a cycle of thinking. Remember the world was flat and yet wasn’t, did we all just wake up one day and move collectively to this new point or did one man stand alone with what he saw and felt and others ridicule and demean before more and more people came on board. It’s not that we need to challenge the norm but more look honestly at the norm and see what it truly represents or how it’s chosen. Being normal isn’t true because of who, how and the reason it’s chosen. Don’t settle for it nor take it as being a true marker for where we are at because as I said it has tripped us up more than once in the past. Serge Benhayon is one man who doesn’t challenge the norm as we may think we need to, he lives true to how he feels no matter what the norm is saying.

  6. ‘It is easy to bring ridicule to things we don’t understand’. This statement is so true. But I also wonder if the ridicule is a reaction to the truth of something that helps us to stay in denial of something to avoid responsibility.

  7. What is lived can not be broken – and hence the livingness (the Way you live) can either inspire to live new , indeed inspire another way…Or go in the flow of those ways that fit in.. Fit in the picture. But which might not be true in the first place. So we must always observe what is true from our body. We know it, we just need to connect to it! That is where I have been inspired by Serge Benhayon – simply by his livingness.

  8. The media are quick and very selective to choose words that will create a stir, like ‘unusual’ or ‘scam’ or ‘cult’.
    These are all words that describe nothing about Universal Medicine but everything entices the reader to question something they actually know nothing about. Universal Medicine is not exclusive, it is open to each and every person to come and go from courses and events as they please. It’s all on the table and nothing is hidden.

    1. Well said Rachael. Yes, the media earn readership and viewing figures by creating a stir. They know precisely how to press the right buttons with a story. However, what we must also remember is that there are two sides to this and that there is a demand for such sensationalism too. Perhaps we need to address the demand as much, if not more than the supply.

  9. The thing is what Universal Medicine presents is only unusual because the majority of us have not chosen it for a very long time, but they are actually innate and natural and it hurts us to see that not having chosen it has had led us in the state of being we are in right now.

  10. I love this – “Much of what Serge presents I feel and accept as true for me; other things I consider to be ‘possibilities’. I have always been open to the possibility that we do not ‘know it all’, and I do not dismiss things just because there is no scientific proof of its truth. Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers”. It is up to us to feel for ourselves what is the truth and to be open to the possibilities.

  11. ‘Is it possible that the cynicism of the media and others reflects a humanity feeling let down by life as we have known it?’ Bang on! I often feel devastated by what goes on in the world. We accept it all as part of life, but do we ever stop for long enough to realise that maybe this actually isn’t it.

  12. The funny thing is, we all know that what Serge Benhayon presents is truth, we can feel it. The only issue is, do we allow this truth into our lives to the extent it is needed, because if we do, we have to admit to not honouring what we always knew to be true. Sometimes this pill is too huge to swallow and instead, defense of our false ways is dumped on the world, hense the atrocious lies we often read in the media.

  13. This is the beauty in what you share PF, ‘We are taking this opportunity to present what we have lived which has made a difference in our own lives’ … to live and show a different way. There is so much in how we all live and are today which does not work, and to have other ways from which people have found benefit in their own lives vilified because they do not make sense to the accepted way (which doesn’t work), makes no sense. Why not be open and consider the possibility there might be a different way?

  14. It is true what Serge Benhayon presents isn’t all provable by science but the core of his presentations is to be lived and very clear to understand. The truth he presents brings an extra dimension to life that we all know but intently ‘forgot’. The truth of that we are here to learn and evolve back to the oneness we are part of.

  15. Well said P.F. Give me a truth that is lived and real, and the knowing within that has a distinct radar for what resonates as being true and indeed loving, any day – over a mind that holds onto lineal and regurgitated knowledge and does not accept the ‘proof’ of how people are actually living in the rigidity of its determined framework. The love, the depth of connection, openness to healing and commitment to life restored and continually deepening in so many students of Universal Medicine (myself included) is profound, and deserves to be known for all that it is, and not misrepresented based upon the attention-seeking desperations of a few.

  16. I loved this line ‘Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers.’ Great point here P.F. what we can rely on is our lived experiences, and what we know to be true, that way science has time to catch up, and we don’t need to hold back what is already truly known from within.

  17. What I find interesting is that we can sit on our high horses and judge and ridicule others yet we do that from a platform of a life that isn’t really working- humanity currently is not doing so well- we just need to look at current world events to see this- there has to be another way- when we are standing on something that is not working- is it not wise to have open eyes rather than arrogance?

  18. You are right PF… People have literally become numb to anything outside of the box… But if what is outside of the box shines brightly enough, then it’s light will definitely cut through the fog and be there for people to be seen.

  19. The principles based on the Ageless Wisdom presented by Universal Medicine seem only unusual to the mainstream of society because it has long forgotten the power of a life based on love and care of self and others and of taking responsibility for the choices one makes in life. It may come across as far from the norm but when the norm is harming us, people should be able to choose to live another way without being questioned or attacked.

  20. What I have found and continue to find baffling, both in myself and in others, is that we already know what is truly needed to support our bodies, yet we choose to not fully go there, with absolute abandon and choose to live the way that our bodies are forever asking us to do so.

  21. I wonder how much of the drive to ridicule and attack what is considered unusual comes from a fear of having exposed the lies that have been accepted as truths.

  22. ‘I do not dismiss things just because there is no scientific proof of its truth.’ This part reminds me P.F of how many people I know feel the need to have scientific proof to believe that something is true, I was like this myself prior to meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine. I realised we are giving our power away if we allow others to tell us what is truth and what is not. Everyone has the ability to discern truth but leaving it for others is ultimately turning a blind eye to truth, not taking responsibility for discerning truth and the result is very disempowering.

  23. ‘…but as a man who considers truth and service to humanity as the only way, he has presented it all.’ This is a perfect line to describe Serge. It’s true, who could be keeping all the challenging stuff to himself, but instead he’s putting it out there on the table for us all to consider – and consider only. He is in no way imposing of what he presents, allowing everyone to discern for themselves how they feel about it. Few people have stepped forward and presented what they know will make them very unpopular, it’s courage beyond words.

  24. Because Serge presents in a way that confirms we already know everything – when he talks about spirits, Souls and the fact that we live in a dual plane of life, it simply makes sense and is no big deal. In other words, Serge speaks to our knowingness – what we knew and felt strongly as children but perhaps held back from expressing.

  25. Agree P.F, there isn’t anything Serge presents in this day and age that has not be drawn from the Ancient Wisdom. It’s not ideas that he’s pulling from nowhere for the sake of being cutting edge. It’s old stuff, that we have conveniently chosen to leave buried so we don’t actually have to be responsible for the mess humanity is in today. This is the most devastating part of it all, that we are not willing to accept that none of what is presented through Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine is age old news.

  26. The media pretends to be so open and informed and empowering the people, this is so far from the truth as it is destroying people’s lives, just like a modern day witch hunt. We are repeating history all over again, just because it comes in a different disguise, does not mean it cannot be recognised for what it is.

  27. When we settle and stop allowing media or any others influence us, it is impossible to not feel the significance of what Serge Benhayon represents. It is then up to us to discern for ourselves how what is offered feels to us.

  28. I really appreciate the fact that everything is presented, nothing is hidden or held back. There are things I can see and feel from my body and I too have things that sit and are possibilities. To close off the learning opportunities in life is not very intelligent and can set us back years. For an intelligent species, we can definitely not be very intelligent sometimes!

  29. Beautifully said P.F, the Benhayons live by example, and we can choose to try what is lived out for ourselves or push it to the side. This is one of my most adored qualities of Universal Medicine, we are never told only ever offered another way of living, it is by our own free will what to do with it.

  30. As Serge Benhayon is always presenting the truth of who we are, where we come from and belong to is actually not new to us as we all have a deep knowing of this. By our choice to live in this physical life has made us less aware of all of energetic way of being but also the championing of this life over that of who we truly are and belong to adds to us being that ignorant and some even aggressively violent to those who do present the truth and in that expose the false lives we are living.

  31. I am constantly in wonderment at the children that surround me, observing their behaviours, expression and unique qualities, whether they were Genghis Khan or Jo Blogs is not particularly relevant, it is more that our children stand before us as bright shining proof of man’s ongoing cycle of re-incarnation and evolution

  32. Thank God Serge doesn’t stick to the “usual”. If he did we would be no better off in understanding this realm of life. But thanks to him, we have been offered huge insight into what we are actually living, what lies beyond what we see and what is possible.

  33. The truth of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon just is and gradually the awareness of this truth will no longer be unusual but known by all.

  34. There has to be another way if nothing is working but, many think what their doing is. It’s scary when you energicaly take a look at their bodies, it’s not because energy does not lie. I distinctly have that marker in my body. And why is it that the ones who claim ‘they have it’ are contracted or shows signs of indulgence energicaly in their body. The facts are many and have proven ‘what is working’ under the guises and principles of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I have too miraculously so and it shows in my body. This is a story that needs to be told.

  35. I am starting to realise that what we pick and choose to believe in usually is what makes us most comfortable. In turn this does not challenge us to grow nor get out of our comfort zone by opening our eyes to the world around us and what is actually going on to the level of detail that we need to to correct the mess we all have created. It is like we take a truth and live it half way and say that is enough – and because it looks good we stay marking time there all the while uncomfortable with the pull to the full knowing there is more.

    1. Yes Suse this comfort seeking that you are talking about and staying in that energy is ‘not that unusual’ at all and something to beware of for it can hold us back from our potential and the way to a healthier, fuller and more joyful way of being where a true sense of purpose lies.

  36. You mention that, “Serge speaks of many things that cannot be scientifically proven” and I would like to add that they cannot be proven YET. And not only that, but in all these instances we all know what the facts are even though offical science might not have caught up yet. Examples are smoking and passive smoking (we all knew it wasn’t good for us before any scientific findings concluded as such), over- and undereating (without any scientific measurements of kilojoules, etc.), the consumption of alcohol – and the list goes on. And last but not least, the earth was round and revolved around the sun long before these facts were officially sanctioned and decreed.

  37. The old twisting a story to make it look ridiculous is an old trick that the media continuously use for sensationalism. The sad thing is we are the ones that buy into the story and ask for more. As Serge has presented, it’s about supply and demand, the more we want the more they will offer.

  38. It feels like we have been ok with the bits of reincarnation, karma, different planes of existence etc. as long as they are ‘bits’ and are just beliefs, and not a possible truth that would challenge us to see a bigger picture of responsibility that we have been largely avoiding.

  39. Who is judging what is ‘unusual’? Currently it could be said that it is usual to be overweight and increasingly obese and to use a huge variety of distractions, from food and drink to TV and the internet, to not feel how ‘life’ is not working and consequently our heath services are struggling to cope with the sheer amount of ill health, physical and mental, in so many. Serge has never held back from exposing what is not true and for many including the media this rocks their ‘comfortable’ existence. Despite the media’s best efforts to sabotage what Serge is presenting there are increasingly more people willing to listen and start to make positive changes in their lives that then reflect to others that there is another way to live. The Ageless Wisdom is more accessible than at any time in our history and will not be silenced again.

  40. “Serge speaks of many things that cannot be scientifically proven and that to many may seem unusual or even far-fetched” – let us not forget that we all know alcohol is not good for us, no matter how ‘moderate’ we might be when it comes to consuming it. And we all knew that cigarettes and tobacco smoke are a health hazard, long before science jumped on the bandwagon and delivered some numbers.
    And thus, how about putting it this way: “Serge speaks of many things that cannot be scientifically proven as yet and that to many may seem unusual or even far-fetched because we all like our comfort and will defend it vigorously.”

  41. Usually, people tend to be sceptical when they have been hurt and let down and are presented with a new opportunity that they can relate to that experience. Scepticism is a defensive movement that places the blame outside of oneself and which allows not to examine what really happens, why and how that happened to you and, hence, what was your part on the story.

  42. “Much of what Serge presents I feel and accept as true for me; other things I consider to be ‘possibilities’.” This is a beautiful comment. To me it says that you know truth when you hear it and that is what you are aligned to. There is an openness to more that you then discern for yourself. This can then lead to an embodiment of truth as it came through you.

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