Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

by Angela Perin, Edens Landing, Australia

I too was caught up in the game of blaming someone or something else for things that were happening to me in life, prior to my involvement with Universal Medicine. While I occasionally considered that I might be responsible, it was still easier to look outside of me, and it also gave me the permission to become identified with ‘doing it hard’ and being recognised for the difficult, awful or challenging things I was putting up with (I had pretty much mastered being a martyr in many areas of my life – including mothering…).I have slowly and gently re-learnt to take responsibility for my choices – not with judgment or condemnation – but as a simple honouring of where I am at, at any given time. It has not been easy at times, because as part of the process, I have had to be honest about the momentum (busy-ness) I have lived in and the choices I have made previously. However, as I have re-learnt to come back to my body and feel in my physical body the effect of all my choices, the process has been much easier. I am now aware that all the choices I have made (and continue to make) are held in my body, so as soon as I connect lovingly to my body, I can feel the impact of these choices, and from that place, make further choices about what is right for me and my body. Such a simple but true marker.

And the more I take responsibility for my choices and the deeper the connection I have with my body, the less heavy and controlling (and being controlled) I become – it feels truly amazing!

619 thoughts on “Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

  1. Our body is an amazing marker or reflector to us of the quality of our choices – something may seem like a ‘good’ idea in our head but the consequences in our body may show us otherwise and likewise something may seem unfamiliar to us or contradict a belief we have but from our body we get the sense that actually it is the true thing to do…

  2. The more we are willing to be open, honest, loving and caring for ourselves the more we naturally feel impulsed to be responsible and understand what this truly means in the way we make choices, live our life and engage with others.

  3. It can be quite a bitter pill to swallow when being honest and admitting to the consequences of our choices and why we have made them in the first place, but it is also very empowering and liberating to take responsibility as it is the only way to let go of the past and be fresh for now and next. Otherwise we carry the past with us, repeating it over and over again.

  4. I agree – when we take more responsibility, we become less controlling. I am so learning that being responsible doesn’t require being hard or strict, I just need to be very honest.

  5. I used to believe I was a victim of life and that someone or something else was to blame for my circumstances and situations. How liberating it is to see that this is not the case and that we are ourselves responsible for how we find our lives. Blame leaves us powerless…responsibility connects us to our power.

  6. A simple and short blog that contain so much. If we just heeded your words Angela, we as a race would be so much advanced. Our role in this world is to deliver a constant quality of God. Anything less is always destined to come at our expense. We are the authors of our own issues and illness simply because we resist our divinity – that’s the truth.

  7. Yes taking responsibility for our own bodies is super important. I used to always just want to blame my body for not doing what I wanted it to. Not being allowing, not reading or listening that’s for sure. Over the years, I have learned to listen a lot more to what it is sharing, not being so judgemental and critical of what it is actually lovingly sharing with me.

  8. Connecting to the body releases the tensions we have the potential to live as we are far from feeling where we are at in each moment. Taking these steps then gives us the insight in how our connection to self is what then supports the quality of connection with another.

  9. We look for adventure outside ourselves and going on holidays but the true adventure is found in feeling within the body again.

  10. Very powerful thank you.. Our body is our everything – like really everything. It carries the absolute divine wisdom inside in all its cells and particles. By Universal Medicine I have become aware of how much I had numbed my whole body with foods and how the many many late nights, lack of exercise, unhealthy relationships had a quiet though effect on my body – I pushed its limits, I paid no attention to what it needed truly needed to work cohesively, you could say I was often selfish and arrogant and so dismissing my very nature – my body. There is something in our minds that drives us forth no matter what effect it has on our body – and this drive (creation) is the one and only thing that by our free will choose to make us go beyond and make us sick in many ways. Why did we go so far and neglected all the godly pieces on our way?

  11. There are times when I avoid being in my body because I don’t want to feel the momentum I am in. There is often stuff coming up and so I either eat, stay racey, make my body dense with food etc all to avoid making the changes I feel are needed.

  12. It can be a vicious cycle to blame others for how we feel, for things that happens to us and by avoiding taking responsibility for how we feel. The only person that can get us out of this mess/cycle is ourselves.

  13. Connecting to our body and choosing to take responsibility for our choices relieves us of the heavy burden of control and martyrdom and introduces a freedom and lightness that as you share is amazing Angela.

  14. There’s a million coats we can wear, a thousand roles we can play, hundreds of words we can say, but without the connection inside, you describe Angela they are all just empty and hollow. Let’s not kid ourselves any longer – if it’s not connected, loving and warm it is not us, not true and not what we are designed to let through. It’s not about being a perfect way but just making our body boss and not giving airtime to the other stuff no matter the cost.

  15. It is fascinating how we tend to ‘park ourselves’ in very familiar places that help us reproducing a pattern of movement that is totally self-harming without realising that this is simply a choice and that there is no necessarily a reason to be proud of it.

  16. Blaming others gets us nowhere and only holds us in the same place and trap that we are complaining about. When we look at ourselves and our part in anything, it is the first step to truly being free of it.

  17. The martyr game can often leave one feeling that they are ‘doing it tough’ but underneath there is an element of wanting to stay in this behaviour that stops us from connecting to the joy that is offered when we start saying no and feeling what is purposeful and true in every moment.

  18. Lovingly connecting to our body allows us to feel and discern what is true and what is not from what our body is communicating to us providing the opportunity to take responsibility, see the pattern of our choices and initiate true change.

  19. It may seem like an easy option to blame another when things don’t go how we want them to or if things go badly. But really it’s not easy at all as nothing clears, there is no healing and we carry that around in our bodies unbeknown. Taking responsibility can seem hard in the moment but it allows for expansion, learning, evolution and to move on.

  20. It is amazing how we refuse to take responsibility for our choices, finding every excuse or loading blame on another with no willingness to look at the part we played in the first place. It can then become easy to be a victim of circumstances and run with this for what can turn out to be life times if we don’t stop and be absolutely honest with ourselves. When I look back at the times I have refused to take responsibility for my choices it is when I have dug my heals in and refused to see the bigger picture that is on offer to me and the huge healing that can be had.

  21. Aaaaah – it can be so easy to drift away, to find yourself pointing the finger in life, to curl up in a ball and say other people are hard . But ultimately all of this is a game hiding us from the fact that our connection to our body is all that we need. Do we live this way? Or do we not? This is the only question and I reckon, what Shakespeare was thinking of. Thank you Angela.

  22. Such a beautiful and practical blog that inspires and confirms to me, it’s more than ok to be me, to be honest and not shy away from what’s there to see because, ultimately taking responsibility sets me free from any choices I do not like.

  23. This is sharing with us that by being still with our body and connected to within — we create space and at the same time connectiveness to all parts of our life with us in relation to our body. Not to forget that we are not our issues, but always the essence that our Soul is : Love. All of Us. It is time we returned to our innermost (heart within) and let out all that we are and belong to be..

  24. Getting off the blame train is one of the best moves you can ever make. Highly recommend it. The pull can be strong to return to it and every now and then I am back on that train in a blink of an eye, but I see it faster these days and lovingly step off it with me in hand.

  25. When we deepen our awareness and understand the nature of energy and the impact of our choices, taking responsibility is a natural impulse in claiming and honouring ourselves and being this way with others.

  26. It is a beautiful place you have come to, it is open and raw and honest. I can feel from this blog the essence of who you are, you do not try to be anything but rather offer the love you already are. Taking responsibility for yourself must have been a huge part of what makes up the vibrant woman I know today.

  27. When we start taking responsibility for our choices instead of playing the blame game, by connecting to inner essence true change and healing can then take place.

  28. It is so simple when life is lived in and with the body we reside in. What is very sad is that this absolute universal truth has not been part of our learning, that is until we have found our way to Serge Benhayon where living connected to our body is the core of his teachings.

  29. On a whole as an humanity we are really not good at taking responsibility for our own body – hence why we have so much illness and disease. When we do stop and start to take responsibility we are saying a big yes to Love and all the evolution that comes with that.

  30. In many of the presentations by Universal Medicine, there has been the phrase said that “the body is the marker of all truth”. And while this may seem a bit far fetched at first, or even just a possibility, there can be no denying the eventual solidity of this statement – a set of words that, once lived, have at their core a very powerful message about universal responsibility and self-love.

  31. Getting caught in the blame game, is really not taking responsibility for the choices that we make, the more connected we become to our body the easier it is to take responsibility for our choices as we feel the immediate effects those choices have.

  32. When we let go of the blame game and start taking responsibility for all our choices, a whole new world opens up to us, one where we are in the driver’s seat and can steer our life back on track to fulfil our purpose of why we are here on earth.

    1. I love the way you explain that Elizabeth – it’s so true, if we are in the driver’s seat then we can steer our life back on track, but if we let others take control of the wheel then who knows where we will end up.

  33. Looking ‘outside of me’ is not only a definite cop-out from taking responsibility, an excuse to blame someone or something, it dis-empowers one and we become a victim to the world.

  34. Our bodies experience all our way-ward thoughts, ideas, desires and actions and tuning into our bodies is one of the greatest ways to learn about consequences and our actual responsibility in life – because the body instantly responds to every choice we make, if it’s a great choice we feel great, if it’s not such a great choice then our bodies cop it – and so we learn that every choice has a consequence.

  35. In life at the moment the body is either left until last or put through its paces, very rarely do we really appreciate and embody all that life is about knowing how our body is key. In the past, I would fill up my body with junk food and get irritated that I felt like Junk. A simple example but one that also taught me responsibility about how I care for myself and the difference that makes.

    1. “I would fill up my body with junk food and get irritated that I felt like Junk”. If we connect with and be responsive to what it shows/reflects it can be our own greatest teacher.

  36. “And the more I take responsibility for my choices and the deeper the connection I have with my body, the less heavy and controlling (and being controlled) I become – it feels truly amazing!” How liberating it is to move with awareness of one’s body.

  37. Simply said but not always easy. When we start being in the body we can feel the consequences of past choices, which could manifest as pains, grayness and depression. And then allowing to feel yourself these feelings and not identify with them. The art of healing.

  38. Body connection and responsibility walk had in hand, it is hard to deny what we know is true when we develop a relationship with our bodies and so responding comes naturally..responsibility.

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