Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

by Angela Perin, Edens Landing, Australia

I too was caught up in the game of blaming someone or something else for things that were happening to me in life, prior to my involvement with Universal Medicine. While I occasionally considered that I might be responsible, it was still easier to look outside of me, and it also gave me the permission to become identified with ‘doing it hard’ and being recognised for the difficult, awful or challenging things I was putting up with (I had pretty much mastered being a martyr in many areas of my life – including mothering…).I have slowly and gently re-learnt to take responsibility for my choices – not with judgment or condemnation – but as a simple honouring of where I am at, at any given time. It has not been easy at times, because as part of the process, I have had to be honest about the momentum (busy-ness) I have lived in and the choices I have made previously. However, as I have re-learnt to come back to my body and feel in my physical body the effect of all my choices, the process has been much easier. I am now aware that all the choices I have made (and continue to make) are held in my body, so as soon as I connect lovingly to my body, I can feel the impact of these choices, and from that place, make further choices about what is right for me and my body. Such a simple but true marker.

And the more I take responsibility for my choices and the deeper the connection I have with my body, the less heavy and controlling (and being controlled) I become – it feels truly amazing!

560 thoughts on “Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

  1. There has been a lot going on around me and what has been presented for me is to go deeper with my connection with my body, with deepening the wisdom has been opening up and a steadiness being developed. Connection to our body is the key to true responsibility.

  2. Taking responsibility offsets our spirit in the end. Our spirit does not like to be held responsible, because it then will be confronted that it does things for self and not for the benefit of the ALL.

  3. Hi Angela – I love the equation you draw between controlling and feeling hardness in our body. Your words re-confirm for me that there our world is absolutely interconnected and so what I choose is constantly returning to me. Not only that, but in its own way I am always being supported to choose truth and surrender to being me.

  4. Less control is the more movement in love and surrender, as we let go of creating forth. There is an abundance to God or the universe that is then left to choice, as we are offered to connect to our body in every given moment. It is our choice what source of energy we obey ourselves to. It starts with awareness first and foremost as without seeing there will always be neglect and hence the choice is made to draw our energy from the lovelessness we are not; hence all of our lives we are conciously being pulled to who we are and so pulling back is extremely exhausting if we do. So our choice is clear.

  5. Choosing to see one’s contribution in any situation can at times be extremely challenging as it requires one to be completely honest. However, by doing so one can see the truth of what is there and one can then make choices that are resolutions rather than short-term solutions. That is when true healing occurs.

  6. Our body not only feels and registers every single lifestyle choice that we make but all these choices accumulate. When you consider our bodies in this way how can we ever think that illness and disease is random.

  7. You are gorgeous Angela Perin – a beautiful short blog filled with honesty and the clear return to true responsibility.
    “I have slowly and gently re-learnt to take responsibility for my choices – not with judgment or condemnation – but as a simple honouring of where I am at, at any given time”.

  8. It’s amazing isn’t it… The fear that keeps us hanging on… Keeps us controlling… If people only knew, as you say, When we do start to let go, and at the same time take responsibility, the lighter we actually get.

  9. Previous to Universal Medicine, each one of us was so removed from anything true about him/herself! And bought into so many beliefs about what is normal that we had to work hard to come back to a body of truth thanks to the fact that the body can feel also what is true.

  10. I can relate to the blame game it is so much easier to blame someone than to take responsibility for the part I have played. With the blame game I don’t have to feel the consequences of my choices and the only way to do this is to harden and disconnect from my body. This has changed over the years as the more I appreciate and look after my body the more connected I am to how it feels, how I move and how I interact with others. My body is now my barometer for what is true and what is not, what is loving and what is not.

  11. It is quite astounding that even when people DO see the effect of their choice on their body (illness, hangovers, an accident, getting up non-vital etc) they still continue with this abuse. They don’t even question this until they are really stopped or see the big picture of what the effect of their choices is on other people, on society.

  12. ‘What? Me? Are you sure? Are you really saying that the choices I make have such a great power? and do you truly mean to imply that each move that I make affects everyone alive?’ Yes – this is absolutely the case, and whilst something in me would prefer to avoid this every day, I know with my heart the more I embrace the responsibility you describe Angela, the more I come to understand the true purpose of life. We have ‘it all’, true joy, vitality, wonder and health quite literally in the palm of our hands and our steps in the sand.

  13. It is sometimes hard to swallow but the truth is that everyone of us affects every other person with our decisions every day of our lives! Therefore we are not just responsible for ourselves but our equal Brothers as well. Sounds like a heavy load to carry but not if we self nurture, for as we nurture ourselves therefore we nurture all.

  14. When we look to find someone or something to blame for how things are we do not take responsibility for our part in it and the choices we have and are making. Every choice we make affects all around us.

  15. It is deeply empowering to recognize the impact of our choices and how our life can be transformed when we make choices with love as the foundation. Taking responsibility for our life can be deeply beautiful and absolutely worth embracing. For blame, although common, just allows us to ignore or deny the learnings that each moment in life provides for us to consider.

  16. I agree Angela, the deeper the connection we build with our body, the more it communicates what is truly supportive and what is not and in being honest and feeling the impact all of our choices has on our body provides the opportunity and impulse to make choices that feel far more harmonious and nurturing.

  17. We use so many vices to not live in and with connection to our body. It can take quite a bit to snap us out of the comfort we choose.

  18. The same goes for me Angela: the more I connect to my body, the easier I feel the consequences of what I am doing, making it easier to make responsible choices. Food is easy, unloving behaviors that were once normal follow.

  19. Blaming someone or something else for things that are happening in our life is a great way of avoiding seeing the consequences of the kind of choices we have been making! But to truly take responsibility for how we are living, to be aware of the kind of energy we are choosing to live from, is actually something genuinely joyful.

  20. To rebuild that relationship with our body is not always a easy job to do as there can be such a strong momentum which confirms the opposite. But with loving dedication and the support of the modalities of Universal Medicine we easily find our way back.

  21. It may sound a bit extreme Angela, but your words made me think of Jesus being crucified on the cross (!). It occurred to me that we have taken that story and tended to be incredibly harsh on ourselves – berrating and beating ourselves up for the smallest mistake – when all along what he was here to show us all was the incredible power we all possess when we live in connection to our body and senses. I know when I live this way, I am totally resourced to deal with any difficulty or challenge that comes up in my day.

  22. I can very much resonate with what you share here, Angela. And to top it all, I would occasionally indulge in a guilt trip if blaming others was not enough. As I learn to take responsibility, I am becoming more forgiving of myself, allowing love to touch where it previously couldn’t.

  23. When I connect with my body that’s when I can feel the quality of energy I am choosing. As soon as I go into my head and lose this connection I am an open vessel for what is not love to come through. It’s no wonder that I feel rubbish on my return to feeling my body- I’ve just let an marauding energy through that has no respect. But rather than react to the devastation that I invited it’s my responsibility to lovingly clear it up and continue to choose love.

  24. For a lot of people the tendency to sabotage themselves is strong. The only way to stop this is to dig deeper so to speak and truly connect with the communications/messages that our body gives us all the time. If we do this we cannot possibly keep going with sabotaging ourselves.

  25. Learning both to pay attention and to read what the body is telling us is very freeing of the dynamics that used to attract us if only we are willing to register what the body is telling us and to exercise our choice of power.

  26. Very powerful what is said here, so often we can look outside and blame or feel victim, but what about looking at our choices and the power of our energetic intent and relationship with our body. Life changes greatly when these two subjects are considered.

  27. If we connect more to our body, it becomes more easy to let go of certain behaviors because the effect is felt in our bodies now. It become easy to say no to, e.g. certain foods, or an unloving act. That is quite the opposite to when our head is “instructing” us to do things we are supposed to do or don’t do. It gets a discipline then, which very likely cannot be sustained.

  28. It is amazing how freeing it is and the enrichment that then comes to our lives through our willingness to be honest. When we truly connect to our bodies we discover there is another way to live, one that deeply harmonious and honoring as was always intended to be, a way has never given up on us as the truth forever remains unchanged.

  29. it is a great reminder that all our choices are reflected in our body, so if we take responsibility to stop and look at these choices we can then make more loving choices that support our every day livingness.

  30. Returning to our body is the first step in taking responsibility for our choices. Anything else is a form of distraction.

  31. I have spent so much of my life pointing at others, as if they were a phantom ghost, singularly responsible for haunting me. They are the ones who are responsible not me. But what I’ve come to, just today, is that it’s actually us who torture ourselves, by abandoning our inner senses. This starts when we stop caring for ourselves. So whether we like to admit it, or not, we are the ones who sow the seeds of all the disharmony that comes. Thank you Angela for supporting me to get this off my chest.

  32. I was caught up in the blame game for decades. It’s a perfect set up to keep us from actually looking at our own stuff. Once I turned the spotlight on myself, true change started to happen. No it wasn’t comfortable at first to admit that actually I had been creating the life I was complaining about, but once I got over that, I realised I have a lot of control over my life.

  33. Letting go of control actually feels amazing, I didn’t realise how controlling I was until I started to let go, trust and be myself. I realise seeking to be in control means I am not in control of life at all.

  34. I had spent alot of my life blaming others, it was only once I came to Universal Medicine that I became to understand that I might be responsible for my own experiences in life and that I have be more responsible in my choices.

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