Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

by Angela Perin, Edens Landing, Australia

I too was caught up in the game of blaming someone or something else for things that were happening to me in life, prior to my involvement with Universal Medicine. While I occasionally considered that I might be responsible, it was still easier to look outside of me, and it also gave me the permission to become identified with ‘doing it hard’ and being recognised for the difficult, awful or challenging things I was putting up with (I had pretty much mastered being a martyr in many areas of my life – including mothering…).I have slowly and gently re-learnt to take responsibility for my choices – not with judgment or condemnation – but as a simple honouring of where I am at, at any given time. It has not been easy at times, because as part of the process, I have had to be honest about the momentum (busy-ness) I have lived in and the choices I have made previously. However, as I have re-learnt to come back to my body and feel in my physical body the effect of all my choices, the process has been much easier. I am now aware that all the choices I have made (and continue to make) are held in my body, so as soon as I connect lovingly to my body, I can feel the impact of these choices, and from that place, make further choices about what is right for me and my body. Such a simple but true marker.

And the more I take responsibility for my choices and the deeper the connection I have with my body, the less heavy and controlling (and being controlled) I become – it feels truly amazing!

578 thoughts on “Taking responsibility by connecting to my body

  1. Our body is an amazing marker or reflector to us of the quality of our choices – something may seem like a ‘good’ idea in our head but the consequences in our body may show us otherwise and likewise something may seem unfamiliar to us or contradict a belief we have but from our body we get the sense that actually it is the true thing to do…

  2. The more we are willing to be open, honest, loving and caring for ourselves the more we naturally feel impulsed to be responsible and understand what this truly means in the way we make choices, live our life and engage with others.

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