We all Share a Deep Responsibility

Thank you to all the writers on this blog for sharing much needed insight and wisdom and for breaking through many beliefs we have in society that are harmful, unequal and keep us less than the amazingness we naturally are.

As many have asked, why is it that we allow this inequality and denigration of each other when we are all one and the same? Why is it that we can accept a lesser way for ourselves as women and men? Why is there the need to compare and compete? And why is it that as a humanity we have sat in silence for aeons and allowed this to be? As a woman, I can also see my own part in allowing this denigration of women to be through past silence and giving up on our power to inspire change and by accepting this lesser way.

We all share a deep responsibility to present loving harmony between us as equal brothers and from here the world will see a true way.

By Deborah McInnes, Australia

545 thoughts on “We all Share a Deep Responsibility

  1. I agree Deborah we all share a deep responsibility and until we choose to become honest about the way we are living and how our choices form the physical and energetic state we all find ourselves in, we remain stuck in our behaviours and ideals that keep us from evolving altogether.

  2. When we perceive ourselves as an individual we do not appreciate the responsibility that we have together as a one humanity.

  3. Speaking up in the form of writing a blog to share our life experiences is the first step in breaking through so many ideals and beliefs that we have chosen to live by; ideals and beliefs that when we stand back and question them often don’t make sense yet we have made them the cornerstones of our way of living. That is why I too love reading these blogs as the honesty that flows through them offers us the opportunity to begin to let go of the mis-truths and to live our lives in a very different and wonderful way.

  4. Great questions you ask Deborah and if answered with honesty will reveal the true cause of the mess we live with on a daily basis. Living in separation to our fellow brothers has not worked and this blog is a great call for us to take responsibility for how we choose to live and interact with each other.

    1. Absolutely Elizabeth separation has not work, its time we started to come together in brotherhood. We all have to start taking the responsibility to activate that.

    2. Beautifully put Elizabeth, we need to see and feel the irresponsibility of our current ways of living and realise that there is another way to be on this planet where it is not about self and family but rather about all of us as a unified species.

  5. Thank you Deborah, it is our living way that creates the world we live in. What we choose and allow is reflected back in the world we have collectively said “Yes” to. We may be one person but the choices we make to live from the love and truth we innately know is what brings and inspires change.

  6. Prevailing beliefs, ‘normal’-ised ways are harming us in many ways. Presenting that this is the case through narratives of our own personal journeys is a great service to all.

  7. Many questions that all lead back to our lack of responsibility in claiming all that we are, and feeling what power we all hold within to make change. We have become so comfortable in playing less, being small, and not calling out what we know is not true in this world. When we accept we have great power to accelerate change, and that we are the ones that allow what is not of love to reign, responsibility will be accepted and lived.

  8. If we realise what we are shown, truly understand and grasp and allow, we get an awesome healing, in very little time. This opportunity is actually on offer every day, it’s only that we fight and deny relentlessly the things we get to see. But what if we did not? What if we took responsibility and chose to change our life? Then I feel we would find Deborah, that Love is actually simple and easy for us to live.

  9. So well said Deborah. We need to be asking ourselves the questions you present on a daily basis. We have normalised very harmful ways of living. I like your call to action.

  10. Yes thank you to all the blog writers and the many equally great comment writers for sharing the truth and wisdom we all hold within. Truth is always unifying, and it is important that we express, honour and stay in connection to it for there is no shortage of expression of all that is not true and unifying.

  11. I wholeheartedly concur with you Deborah – the various blog sites and powerful, real blogs that are shared are supporting bringing forth of our innate wisdom and open up to the bigger picture of true responsibility, brotherhood and equal-ness rather than being stuck in the smaller picture of individualism.

  12. Great questions that we should all be asking ourselves. It is through a deep collusion that we work together in order to avoid and fail to ask these questions so that we can deceive ourselves and each other. We choose not to see the lies and we effectively help each other to not see the lies. And it will be by working together in truth that we will start to reverse this very old behaviour.

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