It simply makes sense

by Katrin Schäffer, Germany

Serge Benhayon was the first, and until now, the only person who could explain to me a way to understand why our world is the way it is. What he presents makes absolute sense; why people behave the way they do, why there is so much disharmony, harm and lovelessness in our society – and how it is possible to change that. Not just to improve my life, but to serve humanity as a whole.

One of the most important things I have learnt from Serge’s presentations is that to love myself and to take care of myself is not selfish, but is the basis of being loving and caring with others.

Never ever has Serge told me to change anything – but he has helped me to consider how responsible I am on a daily basis for my own health and well-being. Realising this, I have changed a lot of my old behaviours, with the result being that I feel much more healthy and vital than ever before. However, I haven´t changed them because of a discipline or imposed rule, but because it feels natural and harmonious to my body. I thank Serge, and Universal Medicine, for simply showing us the love that we already are.

377 thoughts on “It simply makes sense

  1. It is amazing the deep settlement that can be felt when you are offered an understanding of life not previously provided by parents, school or society. It is a rarity worth appreciating and that is before all the other enormous benefits that come from what Serge has presented on honouring and caring for our bodies and taking responsibility for our own health and well being…. Wisdom that has revolutionized my life and as a result those around me.

    1. Beautiful comment Samantha and so true for me also. The deep settlement that is felt from truly knowing who we divinely are in essence, is what allows us more space and freedom to embody and bring to life the light of our Soul, what we are truly here for.

  2. I was inspired in the same way too Katrin to consider “how responsible I am on a daily basis for my own health and well-being”. Everything explained about why the way life is made sense and with this awareness I was able to start making different choices that are far more gentle and caring on my body and to begin to let go of behaviours that hold me back from being myself and the way I interact with others.

  3. “I thank Serge, and Universal Medicine, for simply showing us the love that we already are.” Hear, hear Katrin and also the responsibility to live the love that we already are with ourselves and all others.

  4. Learning about life and understanding it energetically DOES make everything make sense. Without the fundamental and foundational detail that everything is energy, the mess of life we have created makes no sense what so ever. Also, understanding life on an energetic level, why things play out the way they do etc. allows for less sympathy, less reaction and more action to correct the ills at it’s root cause and not the symptomatic level only.

  5. There was a time when I could not make any sense of life at all and it made me withdrawn and confused. Serge teaches energy first and that everything is because of energy – once this is known and felt life makes complete sense.

  6. The esoteric philosophy is indeed simple in essence, and yet in some ways indescribably difficult to live, for one must contend with one’s own will and the will of others. It is when one realises how incredibly difficult it is to actually live something so simple in full that one realises that there is something about the world that imposes upon us.

  7. I spent my entire life wondering why the world didn’t make sense. As a result, adding layers of protection to not feel what was truly going on and of course finding ways to escape or sympathise with how others were living and the choices they were making.
    Enter Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom and the truth was finally heard and lived from another. There is another way and it is pure and simple if we get out of the way and just get on with it and live it!

  8. Understanding that the quality of our lives is shaped solely through the quality of choices we make, has been life changing, empowering and inspiring. To realise that our connection to who we are within is in-truth our greatest guide to live a life of realness and richness beyond compare, through developing our awareness and expression of what qualities represent the truth or not, has re-defined the meaning of the word ’responsibility’ in a way that now is honestly a joy to embrace. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings through the ages have long spoken of this way of being, and again today it is presented and lived by Serge Benhayon, where who we are within is what we are here to live. Not only does this make sense but from my whole body and being feels absolute.

  9. “Never ever has Serge told me to change anything”- me neither, but the immense wisdom that he has presented to me and thousands of others over the last 17 years is overflowing with so much common sense that is very hard to ignore; in fact I have not been able to ignore it, because at some level I could always feel the truth of it. From there I have been the one to make any change and have always benefited from doing so in many life changing ways.

  10. Very wise Katrin, how can we possibly nurture and love and other, if we cannot first appreciate it as a quality within us to then share with others through reflection.
    “… love myself and to take care of myself is not selfish, but is the basis of being loving and caring with others”.

  11. Never ever Serge told me what to do but his reflection of heaven made me very aware of the changes to make to become more me again which naturally brings out the love I am.

  12. The more I have studied what Serge Benhayon teaches the more I realise that every piece of wisdom that he shares fits perfectly with every other piece, like a massive multidimensional jigsaw puzzle. There are no gaps, there are no mysteries, everything is explained and make total sense.

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