It simply makes sense

by Katrin Schäffer, Germany

Serge Benhayon was the first, and until now, the only person who could explain to me a way to understand why our world is the way it is. What he presents makes absolute sense; why people behave the way they do, why there is so much disharmony, harm and lovelessness in our society – and how it is possible to change that. Not just to improve my life, but to serve humanity as a whole.

One of the most important things I have learnt from Serge’s presentations is that to love myself and to take care of myself is not selfish, but is the basis of being loving and caring with others.

Never ever has Serge told me to change anything – but he has helped me to consider how responsible I am on a daily basis for my own health and well-being. Realising this, I have changed a lot of my old behaviours, with the result being that I feel much more healthy and vital than ever before. However, I haven´t changed them because of a discipline or imposed rule, but because it feels natural and harmonious to my body. I thank Serge, and Universal Medicine, for simply showing us the love that we already are.

426 thoughts on “It simply makes sense

  1. For me too, Serge Benhayon was the first person who could explain why it is the way it is without coming to an deadend or God being mentioned to justify what we do not understand.

  2. Someone who lives truth is already without saying a word inspiring or confronting. Just the movements communicate it all. And Serge Benhayon is the best living example for that.

  3. I have never met any religion that made so much sense, like the Way of the Livingness. It is in fact simple, down to earth, non imposing and the truths that get presented just resonated in my whole body, when I first listened to it 10 years ago.

  4. Great sharing Katrin. I recognize that, if you start making loving choices out of discipline, which comes from the mind, it actually is an imposition on the body. The choices to live more lovingly, have to come from the body to make them truly loving.

  5. It is just to feel within that we are that love even we carry behaviours and patterns on top of it which makes it misty to see that we are deeply divine beautiful.

    1. Our essence which is simply divine can never be destroyed or touched in any way shape or form no matter what choices we make or whatever someone does to us.

  6. Listen to our body and we will know our next steps, self care, self love and wellness become simple…no perfection with this, there are times when we hit a metaphorical brick wall, but that is when that amazing foundation of self care we have eestablished really, truly, supports us to regain clarity and move on.

  7. I agree, never told but inspired…a man who lives it and through that you know you can live at as well. Simple, but so profoundly trail blazing…Love it.

  8. Serge does not present or endeavour to argue a particular point of view, instead he just presents what for him is true and then it is for the individual whether that makes sense for them or not. If not, then that is fine and there is no attempt to persuade or cajole. What he presents seems such common sense and I, like thousands of others, have put into practice what he presents to experience for ourselves and have found it is true for us too.

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