People ‘grouping’ together

by Matthew Brown, Registered Nurse, Perth, Western Australia

There has been an attempt to ridicule UniMed students by labelling them ‘followers’, with references to our similar lifestyle choices, listening to the same music and displaying certain characteristics. It made me consider other groups in society that do the same. It seems that most groups have similar characteristics that identify them, bind them together. 

Some of these characteristics are used to BE noticed, to show the world that they are supporters of a group. I know of many groups that gather every weekend, and wear the same coloured clothes – namely scarves, t-shirts and beanies. They gather in their hundreds of thousands all over Australia. They usually meet at local pubs to consume alcohol, then gather in stadiums, chant the same songs and drink more alcohol. Often the behaviour of the followers is altered because of this, and participants regress to reckless aggressive and abusive behaviour as a result. This is done every weekend, religiously.

What ‘binds’ these people together is the same coloured clothes, alcohol and the ‘support’ of a team. They watch men attack each other, often causing serious injury, just to chase a ball. Many businesses display these ‘coloured t-shirts’ and have them on the wall instead of paintings to show their support for ‘their’ team. Many children are encouraged from a young age to follow a certain team, using posters, hats, books, pens, flags and socks with the colours of ‘their’ chosen team to align them to follow.

It’s clear I’m comparing the followers of AFL to the students of UniMed to show that sharing common features is ‘accepted’ in today’s society i.e., football supporters. So if cheering for a team to win is ‘ok’, what is so wrong then if UniMed students seek truth in the world; talk about healing and loving yourself; seek honest, loving relationships and develop self-awareness to then best serve others in the many jobs they work in?

231 thoughts on “People ‘grouping’ together

  1. When you put it like this – it makes so much sense. I’d rather be part of a group of people dedicated to knowing the truth than part of a group where the colour of the clothes you wear and the team chasing a ball around defines you anyday!

  2. I love your comparison Matthew, it exposes the ridiculousness of what our current society is willing to accept and celebrate, separation, competitiveness and irresponsibility. But when we are presented with love and truth, this challenges a lot of people and this creates a tendency to attack the people who are reflecting this. How crazy is that? This shows how far we have separated from love and truth if people are choosing to attack instead of embracing what is innately natural and true for us all.

  3. It is a brilliant comparison Matthew. It’s not a huge surprise that Universal Medicine is under attack by a minority, because it challenges their beliefs so much that the only way they know to deal with it is by attempting to shut it down so they don’t ever have to question what truth really is. I can understand it to a point, because sometimes actually looking beneath the surface can be devastating and ugly, and it makes sense not everyone wants to go there. What I’ve found personally is that it’s actually not as bad as you think it’s going to be….when you open so called pandora’s box. It’s actually far less dramatic than the other rubbish we buy into on a daily basis. That’s my experience anyway.

  4. Water seeks its own level, those involved with Universal Medicine are attempting to live a harmonious, healthy, loving and true life to the best of their ability

  5. A great blog Matthew, exposing the simple truth relating to something that is accepted and considered ‘normal’ by the majority despite the very harsh side effects on our body. How disconnected have we become as a society to consider seeking truth, developing our awareness, taking responsibility for our choices and loving and caring for ourselves and others is seen as ‘abnormal’ and something to be mocked.

  6. I love reading your blog again Matthew, it made me realise how easy it is to point fingers at others but in truth, this doesn’t support anyone in any way. Why does society accept abuse, anger, corruption, and the list goes on and on, but when it comes to taking responsibility, people showing signs of living with love and truth, it is being attacked and questioned?

  7. I have noticed that Universal Medicine has a different societal standard it is expected to meet. Matthew, you have given a great example. Another is the expectation that can be there for people to declare they are a Universal Medicine student. When visiting a doctor do I expect him or her to declare their religion? And if I found out post treatment that they were Jewish, Catholic, Hindu etc would I be horrified that they did not tell me?

  8. It is such a great point that you raise here Matthew which for me leads to a great question for us all to consider. What is the quality of living that we allow to ‘binds’ us? Is it love or lovelessness? Is love at the heart of the way we live, for it is the quality of love that is clearly and grossly lacking in our world today. It takes great inner-strength to stand for love in the face of the world that is created largely from lovelessness and I am inspired by Universal Medicine, and Serge Benhayon for presenting a way that this quality can be lived. Choosing to be responsible for the choices we make is empowering, to heal that which binds us to pain is liberating, and being honest with how we are living leads us to live in and knowing truth, all build a foundation of inner-knowing and awareness whereby we can freely live the love we are through our lives and our relationships, more and more.

  9. When you breakdown the behaviours of football supporters like that it appears to be a very strange acceptable religion which is based on disrespect, disregard and abuse. Is that too harsh? Possibly not. And yet if you are a student of The Way of The Livingness and base your life on making loving choices and eat food that is truly healthy then for some reason this is not acceptable?

  10. There are many examples of this, those that are religious about cycling to work, those that are religious about going clubbing, supporting a football team and drinking (often quite heavily), those that are religious about skiing, it seems that these are all accepted as normal when in these examples the tendency is to abuse your body in some way to do so. So here we find a religion, The Way of The Livingness, where the students listen to their bodies rather than override the constant messages and because this is not the societal norm it is deemed unusual. The question is how have we come to accept what is normal? Is pushing ourselves beyond our limits and drinking alcohol (which is a poison for the body) really normal?

  11. Very well uncovered Matthew!
    I was in my life in a few different groups who had the tendency to show their (and our) connection by clothing, music, make-up and so on. I ‘was’ a Punk (colorful and aggressive), a Grufti (black clothing and make-up, gloomy music), a Feminist (trousers and sweaters, did some special women-martial art, feministic music) and was part of the union-group (black clothing with red specials like a scarf, battle songs) – to name just a few. Now I am an esoteric student and the first time in my life I am named as in a cult because of what music I am listening to and what I eat…. Crazy world. Or not? Is it maybe not a coming without reason that NOW I am attacked. All the other groups I was in did support at the end the system as it rolled, but the esoteric does bring and offer a true fundamental change into our way of living. No wonder that those who like to control and stick to ‘how it is’ do not like this and finally get their bums up from the sofa and rise their word. But what is really being said? They try to dismiss what is lived and presented already. …

  12. ha ha well said Matthew. Goodness I giggled as I was cross about being belittled in such a way but actually it is the one area of my life that has inspired the most loving change. The greatest physical changes. I am so incredibly honoured to be part of this organisation – where is my beanie, water and rest-full sleep?!

  13. When you take away all the things that “bind” us into groups essentially we’re all the same – just with varying degrees of the amount of truth we want, accept and embrace in our lives.

  14. I love how you present your blog in a light hearted way Mathew, which makes perfect sense. We are a team or body of students where there is no competition no prize to be had by beating another no better or worse, no disappointment or excitement. So what is left in our team or a body of students that holds us together, it is our connection to our own divine essence and living the love that we are in every way, knowing that when we connect to that love we are connected to all of humanity in equality no more and no less, all are included as our brothers in divine love.

  15. A very clever exposure of the accusation of ‘followers’ when as you have shown, society follows many wonderful and varied things. It is almost crazy what some people choose to follow in life and yet one of the most gorgeous things about free will is our ability to choose to align to what we wish… without being subjected to judgment or derision from others.

  16. People do have a tendency to group together in all walks of life, as it is a natural impulse for everyone to want to connect with others. With a greater awareness now of why life is the way it is, I would much rather have true and more meaningful connections with people rather than ones based on emotional need and dependence.

  17. Great example of the ‘cultish’ behaviour that goes on in so many ways in our society, so I agree Matthew this cannot be the issue why Universal Medicine students are ridiculed, there clearly is another agenda behind this media attack.

  18. So true Matthew and those who bind themselves to a team in sport are in constant competition and comparison with others, whereas to choose to be a part of the religion of The Way of The Livingness is to rebind yourself to living in harmony with all.

  19. Exactly Matthew. How terribly do some sports supporters behave. Even if their behaviour is seen to be comradeship what are their thoughts of the other team and supporters? There might be joking going on and even be ‘close’ friends but when that sports match is on or there is talk about it there is no true harmony between the supporters.
    I had to give up sports and also watching it as it aroused aggressive and stimulating thoughts. I was able to be aware of this because I had a marker of what harmony and connection felt like in my body. Before that I would have probably argued and defended sport. Sport does not promote harmony in my body which therefore does not promote health and wellbeing for me, which many believe sport does.

  20. The difference in this following is understanding and feeling the truth of what is being presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and knowing that what is being shared is lived in truth!

  21. The way you’ve described football and sport is hilarious! It really exposes the absolute ridiculousness of the ‘game’ and how people are finding common ground in self-abuse, violence and competition. How is that togetherness let alone brotherhood? How is that uniting when we are completing and separating our brothers by colour, call and name?

  22. This is brilliant, Matthew. Anything that exposes the truth of where we are at, the very thing the majority has been trying so hard not to look/feel, ruffles some feathers. But once we taste the true truth, the discomfort of comfort is easily exposed.

  23. Grouping together according to affinities is as old as human life itself. This is only a problem when the grouping has something illegal as purpose but not certainly when the purpose is to support each other in our healing journey

  24. You make a great point here Matthew, and some football fans in particular behave terribly in the name of their sport.

  25. When we lack connection with ourselves we can be vulnerable to join and align with groups that support behaviours that actually go against our very nature and innate qualities just to try and fit in.

  26. It’s funny to expose when we draw comparisons like this article. To be honest I knew the article was talking about sport but I didn’t pick AFL. Regardless the message is true we divide the world up into what is accepted and what is not but the divide doesn’t make sense and is funnily very inconsistent when we look at it like this. Why do we accept some things are ‘normal’ and others as not? There could be a million answers to this but what is true is that we need to bring more understanding and awareness around how we are, how we relate to each other. It’s not that one thing is right and the other is wrong, it’s more to say there are people there and if you aren’t connecting or at least working to bring understanding to what they are saying then you are standing on something that doesn’t have true care for people at it’s core. It doesn’t matter what you follow or what you don’t, life or anything should always come back to seeing people first and if you dismiss this then you are dismissing a part of yourself and you are then part of what ever ‘problem’ you see.

  27. When you meet someone who like you wants to live a life of purpose and love, and can accept nothing less, you want to spend time with them. That is all there is to it.

  28. The world is full of groups of people who live similar lives. Religion, sport, culture, gangs to name but a few. The difference with people who choose to live the Way of the Livingness is they are living from their inner most, making choices on how to live from that place. There are no coloured shirts to be worn, no doctrine to be followed, just a connection with their soul that guides a loving way of living.

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