People ‘grouping’ together

by Matthew Brown, Registered Nurse, Perth, Western Australia

There has been an attempt to ridicule UniMed students by labelling them ‘followers’, with references to our similar lifestyle choices, listening to the same music and displaying certain characteristics. It made me consider other groups in society that do the same. It seems that most groups have similar characteristics that identify them, bind them together. 

Some of these characteristics are used to BE noticed, to show the world that they are supporters of a group. I know of many groups that gather every weekend, and wear the same coloured clothes – namely scarves, t-shirts and beanies. They gather in their hundreds of thousands all over Australia. They usually meet at local pubs to consume alcohol, then gather in stadiums, chant the same songs and drink more alcohol. Often the behaviour of the followers is altered because of this, and participants regress to reckless aggressive and abusive behaviour as a result. This is done every weekend, religiously.

What ‘binds’ these people together is the same coloured clothes, alcohol and the ‘support’ of a team. They watch men attack each other, often causing serious injury, just to chase a ball. Many businesses display these ‘coloured t-shirts’ and have them on the wall instead of paintings to show their support for ‘their’ team. Many children are encouraged from a young age to follow a certain team, using posters, hats, books, pens, flags and socks with the colours of ‘their’ chosen team to align them to follow.

It’s clear I’m comparing the followers of AFL to the students of UniMed to show that sharing common features is ‘accepted’ in today’s society i.e., football supporters. So if cheering for a team to win is ‘ok’, what is so wrong then if UniMed students seek truth in the world; talk about healing and loving yourself; seek honest, loving relationships and develop self-awareness to then best serve others in the many jobs they work in?

257 thoughts on “People ‘grouping’ together

  1. No matter how long it will take, no matter how much we have given up and withdrawn, no matter how much we have delved into creation eventually we will group together once again to re-unite in order to restore the one brotherhood we all are.

  2. If you were to pick apart the picking on and abuse that has gone on towards Universal Medicine, it very quickly gets exposed as ridiculous.

  3. You have raised a brilliant point here Mathew, and one that exposes the fact that society as a whole is willing to support a violent sport and abusing one’s body with a poison called alcohol, but when it comes to something like Universal Medicine that points out just how crazy this behaviour is, and how it helps no-one, it is attacked ruthlessly.

  4. I have definitely made new friends by attending Unimed events, they are often interested in the body, , philosophy, science, religion relationships, health etc I love discussing no wonder I have made friends for life.

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