I Can’t Help Wondering why we don’t Learn this at School

by Rod Harvey, Australia

My first experience with Universal Medicine was in February 2007 when my partner (now wife) attended a presentation. I was intrigued and asked her many questions, until she suggested that I come along and find out for myself.

Thank goodness I was open-minded enough to agree – and now, at the age of 63, I am far wiser about myself, life, people and what makes our world tick.

To present all that I have learnt from Serge Benhayon would fill volumes, however perhaps an overview will suffice. I call myself a ‘student’ of the work presented by Serge Benhayon because after five and a half years I am still learning much about myself and how to deal with the challenges that life throws up. As a result, my life has become richer and I feel as if I’m continually developing. It’s awesome!

So here’s a quick peek at some of what I have learnt so far:

  • A deeper understanding about how my body functions
  • How to discern energy and feel what is right for me
  • How to exercise without damaging my body
  • How different foods and drinks affect my body, and how to determine what is appropriate for myself
  • The causes behind the many problems in the world
  • Why illness, disease and violence are increasing
  • Why teenagers are finding it difficult to cope and resort to more extreme behaviours
  • Why anxiety is on the rise
  • How to live a life of beauty and calm even if there is chaos around me
  • How to not allow others’ emotions to affect me
  • What compassion is really about
  • What reincarnation is and why it makes sense
  • Why I lost my childhood innocence
  • What love really means
  • Why people are still empty even when they appear to have it all
  • How to reclaim my life
  • The benefits of self-responsibility
  • What my purpose really is
  • To be less judgmental… and how liberating that is
  • How to get out of my head and into my heart (a work in progress)
  • How I can really make a difference in this world
  • How my energy affects others around me
  • The most suitable hours for me to sleep to give me more energy in my day
  • How to open my eyes to see the magic of life all around
  • How to see the loving essence of people, irrespective of what they have done or who they are
  • Why we are all equal
  • How to be healthier – physically, emotionally and soulfully
  • To enjoy simplicity rather than look for distractions
  • That self-love is the path to true love
  • How life is a series of moments and the benefits that has brought to my life
  • How to have a more loving relationship with my wife
  • How gentle breath can dissipate stress and anxiety
  • How to find stillness, and the absolute joy of living with stillness in my daily life
  • How the teachings of Universal Medicine are simply an experiential study about ourselves
  • To choose love as a way of life – rather than another alternative
  • To value myself more
  • That I have a choice in each and every aspect of the way I live my life
  • To live and let live
  • To open my heart to humanity

Developing my awareness in life has been a gradual process and it’s certainly not a quick fix. I can’t help wondering why we don’t learn this at school.

I remember a time when I was very young when I felt totally safe and absolutely free; life was so open and cruisey. That changed as I got older; but now, as a result of the presentations from Serge Benhayon and the choices I am making, I am returning to that freedom – and it feels great.

I’ll continue to be a student of Universal Medicine – after all, why wouldn’t I?

249 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Wondering why we don’t Learn this at School

  1. ‘I’ll continue to be a student of Universal Medicine – after all, why wouldn’t I?’
    I’m such a different person to who I was in my 30’s and 40’s it is staggering really at the changes I have made to my life by considering the choices I make. My family is amazed at my turn around and they are my greatest champions, from depression to mental illness, back to depression with years under a psychiatrist. I have dug myself out of the hole I was wallowing in and have taken control of my life which just keeps deepening into a wonderment of the absolute beauty that we all are but, suppress to the greatest detriment to ourselves.

  2. Thanks Rod, its a great list and I can relate to everything you have shared, this has been how my life has also changed (and continues to do so) since studying with Universal Medicine, I’m sure that collectively the students of Universal Medicine could all add to your list of things learned and changes made and come up with many more.

  3. Looking at this list, I can’t help but feel that surely as a child we already had some of these abilities in-built in us even if we may not have had words to describe them.

  4. “I am far wiser about myself, life, people and what makes our world tick.” True learning that serves us throughout life and for us to share with others. So much more useful than at 6 years old trying to understand what is a ‘noun phrase’.

  5. Rod I have the same question why don’t we learn what Serge Benhayon presents at Kinder Garden? I feel we should be taught this from day dot. I certainly wish that I knew Serge Benhayon as a child because I would have had the answers I was searching for that no one could answer. This may have prevented a spell in a mental hospital. Since knowing Serge Benhayon his presentations, workshops and sessions with the Universal Practitioners this combined support has given me a greater understanding as to why I withdrew into mental illness so that today I look back at that time in my life and wonder how I got myself into such a downward spiral. I was in a mess because I was not aware of what I was doing to myself, Serge Benhayon has presented the energetic reasoning behind depression and ill mental health this has made complete sense to me and many others. I have been able to take back responsibility for myself, it’s taken a while but worth all the hard work because now life is simple and a joy. And considering the continued rise in mental ill health this should be known that there is an alternative which is based on making different choices in life and not being a victim of it.

  6. Rod like you as a student of The way of The livingness I am continually learning not just about myself but other people too, about the universe which I have always found fascinating and my life is the richer for all of this. My relationships with people are much more open and positive because I am much more open and positive towards myself. I’m having the time of my life without the aid of any mind altering drugs, or alcohol but just a natural zest for life which is welling up inside me.

  7. Life was so simple in our childhood, but also an ongoing wonderment about all what we didn’t know yet, how amazing is that and why we don’t support children at school to sustain this humble and free way of living?

  8. Love the freedom and clarity of your expression Rod. Like you, I’m feeling equipped to cope with the challenges of life more than ever before. This is thanks to my daily loving choices and to the Universal Medicine teachings. I certainly feel that we all are masters and students of life, which is a school where no assesment or pressures for gaining the approval or to get it right, but to walk in the most humble and empowering way that we know, that is natural and free of perfection.

  9. I absolutely love knowing I can connect to stillness and having the tools which support me to get there. Approaching life from a place of stillness feels completely different to the fraught version which is full of reaction.

  10. I remember when I started attending presentations by Universal Medicine – it was the education I’d always wanted – what is life about? And how do we handle all the details of life? What does an amazing relationship look like? I love how every presentation addresses the richness of life and all the questions we live unanswered with.

    1. Meg, I totally agree, I was finally being presented with answers to all the questions that I had unanswered and not knowing where to go to get the answers. Life just makes sense now and my internal dialogue has completely changed from a noisy stuck record of self bashing to one of stillness and appreciation. I’m not free of negativity by any stretch and neither is stillness consistent for me yet but it’s building and its no contest which I prefer.

  11. I totally agree with you Rod, with a list like that why wouldn’t we want to pursue such a way of living. Isn’t that carefree life we had as children of being connected to the all worth having again as an adult.

  12. Yes Rod I am wondering too why we do not learn that at school as I can imagine that this would change everything in life – the wold would look differently today I am absolutely sure about that!

  13. Even we can feel free as a child we carry the imprints ( karma) of past lives which at one or the other moment pops up to deal with. If we don’t deal with it it starts to control us and our lives.

    1. Agree Sylvia. That’s why receiving Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities is so key, to support us in this ongoing process of letting go all these imprints of what we are not.

  14. It’s so easy to feel how empowered we all would be if we had access to what you have shared in your list, and learn to live them. Not sure how it would fit into the school curriculum these days as it would not come with a teacher’s manual and it is only through the livingness that it gets communicated, and there’s no grading, and competitiveness would be eradicated as we learn that we are all absolutely equal.

  15. Wow Rod, that is a pretty impressive list you have learned and shared with us. Very inspiring as all too often too many of us shy away from literally going to those places where we have hidden our old hurts and shining a light on all those things that shadow us. But you make is sound so doable and practical.

  16. I am a student of life and yes a student of The Way of The Livingness teachings shared by Serge Benhayon. Life is all about learning not being stagnant. Philosophy, science, religion all encompassed in wisdom and simplicity. It is Awesome to attend these events.

  17. Imagine all of the above points infused into our school systems and if they became part of our principles growing up – the world would be respectful, loving, equal, committed, understanding, always growing, very purposeful – and a very different place to what it is now. There is something enormously rich and fulfilling about an ever-devoloping way of life.

  18. Yes it is surprising why we don’t learn about the basic foundations to living a truly fulfilling life during our school days. All the points your shared Rod would change the face of the world for the better, if they were part of our schools curriculum.

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