I can’t help wondering why we don’t learn this at school

by Rod Harvey, Australia

My first experience with Universal Medicine was in February 2007 when my partner (now wife) attended a presentation. I was intrigued and asked her many questions, until she suggested that I come along and find out for myself.

Thank goodness I was open-minded enough to agree – and now, at the age of 63, I am far wiser about myself, life, people and what makes our world tick.

To present all that I have learnt from Serge Benhayon would fill volumes, however perhaps an overview will suffice. I call myself a ‘student’ of the work presented by Serge Benhayon because after five and a half years I am still learning much about myself and how to deal with the challenges that life throws up. As a result, my life has become richer and I feel as if I’m continually developing. It’s awesome!

So here’s a quick peek at some of what I have learnt so far:

  • A deeper understanding about how my body functions
  • How to discern energy and feel what is right for me
  • How to exercise without damaging my body
  • How different foods and drinks affect my body, and how to determine what is appropriate for myself
  • The causes behind the many problems in the world
  • Why illness, disease and violence are increasing
  • Why teenagers are finding it difficult to cope and resort to more extreme behaviours
  • Why anxiety is on the rise
  • How to live a life of beauty and calm even if there is chaos around me
  • How to not allow others’ emotions to affect me
  • What compassion is really about
  • What reincarnation is and why it makes sense
  • Why I lost my childhood innocence
  • What love really means
  • Why people are still empty even when they appear to have it all
  • How to reclaim my life
  • The benefits of self-responsibility
  • What my purpose really is
  • To be less judgmental… and how liberating that is
  • How to get out of my head and into my heart (a work in progress)
  • How I can really make a difference in this world
  • How my energy affects others around me
  • The most suitable hours for me to sleep to give me more energy in my day
  • How to open my eyes to see the magic of life all around
  • How to see the loving essence of people, irrespective of what they have done or who they are
  • Why we are all equal
  • How to be healthier – physically, emotionally and soulfully
  • To enjoy simplicity rather than look for distractions
  • That self-love is the path to true love
  • How life is a series of moments and the benefits that has brought to my life
  • How to have a more loving relationship with my wife
  • How gentle breath can dissipate stress and anxiety
  • How to find stillness, and the absolute joy of living with stillness in my daily life
  • How the teachings of Universal Medicine are simply an experiential study about ourselves
  • To choose love as a way of life – rather than another alternative
  • To value myself more
  • That I have a choice in each and every aspect of the way I live my life
  • To live and let live
  • To open my heart to humanity

Developing my awareness in life has been a gradual process and it’s certainly not a quick fix. I can’t help wondering why we don’t learn this at school.

I remember a time when I was very young when I felt totally safe and absolutely free; life was so open and cruisey. That changed as I got older; but now, as a result of the presentations from Serge Benhayon and the choices I am making, I am returning to that freedom – and it feels great.

I’ll continue to be a student of Universal Medicine – after all, why wouldn’t I?

220 thoughts on “I can’t help wondering why we don’t learn this at school

  1. Exactly Rod, I agree, with a list like that why wouldn’t anyone want to be anything other than a student of The Way of The Livingness? I would like to add one more learning to your list and that is . . How to live a steady life without the roller coaster ride of the up and downs I once thought was life.

  2. It’s a great question Rod, why don’t we learn this at school? That is, how to be in this world without being affected by the world? This is super valuable learning for anyone of any age. It also changes the word student from being thought of as an intellectual activity to being something where we learn from exploring life and being aware of how we are in life.

  3. Wow and that is just a quick peek Rod! Just that alone is an extraordinary change from the majority of the world… there is so much to appreciate with just re-turning to one of those lines. If we learnt this before school, school would not be able to pull us out as much as it now does…. but then to learn this at school as well, would ensure that we have responsible, loving, committed adults at the end of it.

  4. Yes just imagine if we learned these real values for life when we are at school? We would be much more equipped to face the real matters of life and to make a truer contribution to society too.

  5. We can get trapped in the mentality that most of our learning is done in the education system but it’s not – we all need to really start to appreciate what we learn and observe about the world around us out of school can be far more precious and evolving.

  6. Rod, that is one impressive and inspirational “I have learned” list, one that not only needs to be presented at school from day one, but also from the very early years of a child’s life. As a student of Universal Medicine I know what a monumental difference living what you have presented has made in my life, and I know without one ounce of doubt that it will make a huge difference in other people’s lives as well, for it is true education.

  7. So awesome Rod. That list is quite extensive. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if 20% of the population lived as you have described. the world would be a very different place. Some might balk and say that it’s idealistic, but I know quite a number of people, mostly those whom I’ve met through Universal Medicine that do in fact adopt all of what you’ve shared, and I safely say, from first hand experience, it’s possible!

  8. The fact is we all would have had the livingness prior to going to school, the question is why doesn’t the education system encourage us to keep it.

  9. ‘Why people are still empty even when they appear to have it all’, this always puzzled me as I saw so many people around me (including myself) that appeared to have it all but knowing ‘having it all’ was not it. Now, I understand why so many of us go around ticking the boxes in the hope that the next box ticked will be the answer but the answer never comes.

  10. This little list ( 😉 ) gives a little glimpse of what is offered by Universal Medicine. And there is so much more! This is how it is when you give yourself into the pull from the Universe – you find it inside of you.

  11. Yes I am with you Rod there are volumes to learn about being humans on this earth together, of living harmoniously as a humanity, and of the Soulful-ness that we are truly born to live. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings which have been available to us all presented throughout the ages by many teachers, and thankfully today Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine once again offer us the opportunity to look within and develop our awareness so we can truly explore, learn, realise and return to live the Divinity we are, are rightly here to live together. Although not yet taught in schools that way we live reflects that there is another way to be in the world, as such we are all responsible for what reflection we offer our children.

  12. ‘How to exercise without damaging my body’, when I was at school I pushed my body so hard for recognition that I suffered asthma attacks when I finished running long distance. I got the recognition I wanted with the school record and was chosen for the school athletics team but how much harm did I do to my body in the process?

  13. So true Rod, why are we not learning about ourselves at school, how what we eat changes our ability to stay with ourselves, can you imagine how different society would be if we all supported one another and life was not about material things, but our connection to ourselves and with one another.

  14. Thank you Rod for a great blog highlighting so many understandings you have come to learn about through Universal Medicine, so far, as we are forever students of The Way of the Livingness. There is always more to open up to in our earth school, what a joy to be forever learning and deepening our divine love which has no end because it is eternal.

  15. I appreciated your list Rod, one point that is very dear to my heart and has been all my life is “How I can really make a difference in this world”. I feel that thanks to the work of Universal Medicine I am now making a difference, but it is not about what actions I take or what I do in the world. It’s about being connected to my soul and to the love I that I am and the quality of energy I offer to others everyday. That is what truly makes a difference. If we keep rearranging the outer world but don’t change the quality of energy we are in nothing really changes.

  16. If this was taught in schools we would be equipped to live in the world rather to start to learn, painfully, once we have left school.

    1. Yes, this should be our foundational studies as from there it is really easy to take up any subject and deeply learn what it offers and how it can be used in temporal life.

  17. I love all the simple facts about life that Universal Medicine has reawakened in you Rod but especially your comment about there being no quick fix. Over the years we have all accumulated and buried layers and layers of patterns and behaviours that feel very familiar and habitual to us. And as much as our present day society is totally addicted to instant gratification, all our issues don’t suddenly leave us instantly just because we want them to. There is a process of healing we have to honor, a process that allows our issues to be exposed along with the hurt that lodged it there in the first place so they can be understood, healed and let go of.

  18. Your quick peek list (and growing) is awesome Rod; such a beautiful reminder of some of the simple true facts presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, thank you. There are many teachers out there presenting what you have shared, and growing, however there still is much to change within the education system.

  19. This is a stunning list of which a mere few would be life changing let alone all. We are undoubtedly harming our children by not offering these life lessons and awarenesses in school which would provide them with a platform of understanding of the world and themselves that would deeply support them to move through life with…. something the generations of today are sorely missing.

  20. Great points you are making Rod, this one particularly stood out: ‘How to open my eyes to see the magic of life all around’. This is something I definitely learned through Universal Medicine big time and interestingly I learned this hand in hand with allowing myself to also see more of the atrocities in the world, it in fact enabled me to address this and not look away out of overwhelm.

  21. Beautiful teachings and beautiful to understand the purpose of life to return to being all the love that we are and to inspire children everywhere – whatever age – to know that we are all equal Sons of God.

  22. Rod, that is a profound list you have offered thanks to Universal Medicine. Very extensive and rich as you claim. Why wouldn’t you be a student of Universal Medicine after reading the list = responsibility. It was not listed let’s add it!
    To claim yourself comes with enormous responsibility that keeps expanding as you do. The more awareness the more responsibility.

  23. This is a great list, Rod. We come into this world with all of these things, yet seem to learn to undo them as we grow older. Children only need to be met and confirmed. We already are enough.

  24. “Why are people empty when they appear to have it all” a deep and meaningful question and one that the answer can be found to when we consider what Universal Medicine teaches. For often in the ideals of what having it all means we are missing the things that actually do matter, like equality, and connecting to others, and feeling purposeful and in service to others.

  25. All of us went through the schooling system. Some of us, we did to its very top (Ph.D). Yet, we have never received any education regarding life and us, and it is the most important subject ever. Universal Medicine not only excels at this topic; it also excels regarding how to go about true learning.

  26. As a fellow student of Universal Medicine I can tick every one of the lessons you have learned and shared and as this blog was written four years ago I am sure that it has become a whole lot longer; I know that mine has and I know that it going to keep on growing as long as Serge Benhayon keeps on presenting. There is so much to this amazing world of ours and us as humanity and Serge certainly understands it more than anyone I have ever known; and yes, why don’t we “learn all this at school?”

  27. When we make ourselves students of life we become much more observant to what is happening within and around us. With that observation, soon, our awareness increases and we are able to see more then before, feel more and express more. It’s a gorgeous process.

  28. It’s so true Rod, when we begin to realise what makes ourselves, others and the world around us tick we can start to appreciate and understand why…. And with that clarity we can begin to confirm what supports us, and also let go of what does not support us so we can grow and develop as a human being.

  29. There are some great life lessons detailed in this article and we would be far better served if they were seen in schools in someway. A big question for us all is why are we here? What are we truly doing here as people, are we here for a ‘good time’, to build the tallest buildings, to move ahead as a race of people or are we here to put things straight. I mean time after time in life I’ve seen no matter who people are or what they have there is always something not quite ‘right’. You see the most successful, wealthy, famous people still breaking down or loosing their way and asking for more. What is this more, how do we get it and where does it start or come from. You would do well to read the list in this article again as what we are seeing is that there is a settlement, a true settlement that comes from truly supporting, caring and loving yourself. We are seeing that no matter what you have materially, if you don’t have this true settlement or love and care within how you are in life then you feel lost or you are running away from feeling lost. The world needs more understanding and we can bring that understanding from first seeing or understanding what we are feeling ourselves.

  30. The title says it all. We have been educated to survive and exist in a certain global existence, but not truly educated to learn from within and bring life to you. But the otherway around. Hence the teachings of Serge Benhayon have been very liberating and truly beneficial to now start to learn what we truly need to know and life – connection with our Soul, Body, Mind and Spirit – and not the averse of that. We need broader teachings like these!

  31. What I love Rod, is that you were open to attending your first Universal Medicine presentation and that your mind was not shut down to new possibilities as are the minds of so many in the world. When we shut down to the possibility that there is another way to live our bodies contract and become harder and harder, making it even less likely that something new will be able to be even slightly considered. And I get the feeling that from being “open-minded” you now have become open-hearted; what a beautiful and life changing transition.

  32. Being a student of Universal Medicine is being a student of ourselves, our choices and our inner wisdom.

  33. Take all that you have listed away, what then is really left of life? Not much that I would consider being meaningful or of higher value.

  34. It would be great to already learn all of this and so much more about the true meaning, purpose and glory of life but first it needs people who live it to then pass it on to others and so forth.Universal Medicine is a School of the Livingness, the Ageless Wisdom, presented by people who are forever students themselves sharing what they already live and realized to be of universal truth and thus is of relevance for everyone equally. We are all forever students and teachers of life and each other.

  35. So much understanding of life and why we do what we do is presented at Serge’s workshops and presentations, giving us so much clarity and tools to move through the illusion and fog that we call our lives, back into a natural way of being that is full of love and truth.

  36. Such a great point Rod, why isn’t this being taught in schools? wouldn’t the world indeed be a different place if being love and what does it feel like when we have lost connection to ourselves. The world would be a totally different place.

  37. We know all of this as kids and then we are put into a linear education system that focuses not on life but on an end outcome. This way of educating disconnects the child from what they know and makes them feel that they need to get somewhere. When if we educated from a place of drawing out the wisdom from a child, sharing with them other perspectives, guiding them, allowing them to express their ideas etc our world would be a very different place.

  38. Once we realize there is no need to let go of the innate qualities that we lived as a child then life becomes simpler, more loving, and a natural wonder and delight returns with appreciation and joy for the little things.

  39. Although we have been students many years of our lives, it is only when we find Universal Medicine that we learn the true meaning of what it is to be a student, what is learning and what is true teaching.

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