Many benefits from the changes I have made

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Australia

I have been interested in the false comments in the media about Universal Medicine being a cult. One of the comments relates to how much money people have spent with UniMed. I, like many others, have attended workshops and retreats, finding them excellent value. From this reconnecting with the true me I have learnt a way of living which feels very right. This simple way of living brings to me a presence that I had not previously found.

A consequence of living this way is that I don’t need any of the things we normally use as coping mechanisms and escapes. These include entertainment and artificial enhancers of our feelings of well-being; things like caffeine, sugar and all recreational drugs fall into this category. My experience is that it is very easy to spend much more per year on alcohol, coffee etc than I would ever spend with UniMed. The lack of need for constant entertainment just adds to the positive financial equation. I am in a very much better cash flow position than I was before I made the changes that I have.

I have found this way of living to be a lovely way.

A point of interest is that I live this truth in a rural town and region where there are no other UniMed students and I relate well to others in that community.

122 thoughts on “Many benefits from the changes I have made

  1. I definitely agree that what Universal Medicine brings is of great value and I am certainly better off on many levels, financially, socially, health wise, etc, since I have put the teachings into practice and made them part of my life.

  2. I could never put a monetary price on the benefits from what I have learned about myself, others and the world around me nor the subsequent growth I have experienced since I started regularly attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops – for the value of them has been priceless.

  3. What the value someone places on something is really a perspective thing. I mean some may say having a car is a waste of money, having a house is a waste of money and the list goes on. I place a high value on things that bring me more and more awareness of what is going on around me, others may not and well that is their choice and it’s not up to me to say what it is. All I can do is keep appreciating the value of things that I see support me in my life and from there continue to understand why others see life like they do, knowing that through this understanding I am free to see more. It doesn’t matter who in the community you are living with or surrounded by as it all comes back to you.

  4. What I am finding more and more is that when I connect to myself the more my life around me changes and that includes the types of things I hold onto or let go of. My awareness shifts as I shift and so to does my idea’s around money and value and I value the inspiration and learning i have found from Universal Medicine and how it has broadened my opportunities to learn more about myself and how I move and express in the larger world. Universal Medicine has shown me so many cool tools for living and have chnaged my life for the better.

  5. Very interesting – spend so much money on things and activities that are harmful and no one would question, and do that with what would turn your life around for the better, they come after you. Totally crazy.

  6. I agree, the more I have taken responsibility for my life, as inspired by Universal Medicine I have found that I am in a much better position than I have ever been. I own my own home- which is something I never thought possible, I have cleared a lot of debt and am more committed to my work than ever before.

  7. Many great truths revealed in a small blog. What change is offered by UniMed is a change that is then offered to all through our movements.

  8. Although it may sound as a cliché, there are some things which are priceless. What Universal Medicine offers is priceless if we factor in what we get out of it. So, let’s compare apples with apples (what is priceless with what is priceless) and not apples with pears (what is priceless with what is not priceless).

  9. I couldn’t agree more. When I came to the work I was struggling to get by each week. Coupled with not wanting to work much, my financial position was dire and I was waiting for some kind of lotto to win to save me. I have since taken responsibility for my finances and I love working. I now have money in the bank, own my own home and have the money to spend on Universal Medicine courses when I choose to attend. When comments like that are made, it’s clear it comes with an agenda and to incite people.

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