Many benefits from the changes I have made

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Australia

I have been interested in the false comments in the media about Universal Medicine being a cult. One of the comments relates to how much money people have spent with UniMed. I, like many others, have attended workshops and retreats, finding them excellent value. From this reconnecting with the true me I have learnt a way of living which feels very right. This simple way of living brings to me a presence that I had not previously found.

A consequence of living this way is that I don’t need any of the things we normally use as coping mechanisms and escapes. These include entertainment and artificial enhancers of our feelings of well-being; things like caffeine, sugar and all recreational drugs fall into this category. My experience is that it is very easy to spend much more per year on alcohol, coffee etc than I would ever spend with UniMed. The lack of need for constant entertainment just adds to the positive financial equation. I am in a very much better cash flow position than I was before I made the changes that I have.

I have found this way of living to be a lovely way.

A point of interest is that I live this truth in a rural town and region where there are no other UniMed students and I relate well to others in that community.

114 thoughts on “Many benefits from the changes I have made

  1. I definitely agree that what Universal Medicine brings is of great value and I am certainly better off on many levels, financially, socially, health wise, etc, since I have put the teachings into practice and made them part of my life.

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