Mainstream medicos and Universal Medicine

I find it curious that the Courier Mail has chosen to highlight the relationships Universal Medicine enjoys with the many respected medical practitioners who refer their clients to Universal Medicine practitioners for complementary health services (‘New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families’, Courier Mail, 8 Sept, 2012).

Elsewhere in the media – in the press, online and on TV ­– an array of journalists have strongly inferred, if not overtly stated, that the services the organisation and its practitioners deliver are nothing short of quackery; sound bites from well-known medical commentators have been used to bolster these claims.

Yet here, the fact that increasing numbers of mainstream medicos are actually choosing to refer clients to Universal Medicine is clearly stated: ‘Universal Medicine… is drawing a growing number of clients to its Brisbane clinic via referrals from eye and lung surgeons, rheumatologists and GPs’. ­And earlier: Universal Medicine is ‘…expanding its… enterprise with the help of Brisbane’s medical mainstream’.

We can infer from these statements that a growing number of doctors actually see merit in the modalities Universal Medicine offers: endorsements that are stunning counterpoints to the portrayals mentioned above.

So which is it to be? Universal Medicine practitioners as new-age quacks; or a Universal Medicine that offers something so significant that doctors and surgeons are now directing their clients to its services?

It seems the Courier Mail, in its haste to deliver a sensationalist piece of weekend news, has been clumsy in its attempt to malign the organisation. It has instead endorsed it.

For more on the medical mainstream that are in support of Universal Medicine see the blog ‘Medicine and Serge Benhayon’.

By Victoria Lister, MBus(Philanthropy & NpSt), Brisbane, Australia

106 thoughts on “Mainstream medicos and Universal Medicine

  1. Nice pick up Victoria! In a way it is not surprising that this story should contain this kind of inconsistency as none of the media reports on Universal Medicine has in any way been thorough or balanced, but rather biased or apparently very poorly researched.

  2. The doctors mentioned have also tested out the therapies and philosophy of Universal Medicine themselves and know because of personal experience that it works well. The media could have instead interviewed all the doctors mentioned and found out why they endorse it.

  3. “So which is it to be? Universal Medicine practitioners as new-age quacks; or a Universal Medicine that offers something so significant that doctors and surgeons are now directing their clients to its services?” A great question Victoria – and one that still hasn’t been answered by Courier Mail journalists and their informants, three years on. The doctors – who are also students of Universal Medicine – know what they are doing because they have personal experience – not hearsay and rumour of the truth of Unimed. They have found the combination of western medicine and esoteric healing leads to the best of both worlds.

  4. If after all their extensive scientific training, medical doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, physios and other specialists are sending clients to Universal Medicine, this is an undeniable confirmation that they have professionally recognised the enormous benefit of doing so to the point they are prepared to risk their reputation, especially in light of the media storm, to unwaveringly continue to endorse Universal Medicine and all it offers in supporting their clients.

  5. It seems that when you go out to smear people, it is actually more successful if you are wildly inconsistent or ridiculous. The reptilian part of us that enjoys a third party being maligned does not seem to be very discerning provided it gets its feed of disdain and disgust.

  6. It is very sad and revealing that so many in the media will willingly ignore the truth in order to spin a sensational story to entice their audience. In choosing to ignore the truth they deny their audience the fact that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer a truly complementary aspect to mainstream medicine in giving the responsibility for health and wellbeing to each person to choose for themselves a way to live in gentleness and harmony with their body. It is pure common sense that our lifestyle choices affect our health and the way we feel. Mainstream medicine is there for when things go wrong and we need support but we have our part to play in the healing process and this is where Universal Medicine comes in.

  7. The media, in it’s haste to malign, has missed another great opportunity to bring integrity to it’s reporting – interviewing the doctors who are referring patients to Universal Medicine would have been a great starting place for the Truth.

  8. The fact that patients usually do much better when they combine Western medicine with complementary medicine, such as what Universal Medicine offers, explains easily why doctors and specialists are referring their patients to the UniMed clinics. If I was being treated by such doctors/specialists I would certainly appreciate being told that I had this option to support recovery and healing. The media could certainly find plenty of stories if they wanted to research and report on this side of things but sadly seem to prefer to unnecessarily create drama and alarm.

  9. The Universal Medicine modalities have my vote hands down. I don’t care what anyone says as my body knows the truth of these heaven sent treatments. It does not surprise me at all that medical professionals would refer as the results speak for themselves.

  10. Universal Medicine and conventional medicine is the ultimate couple. We need both to be able to cope with the growing numbers of people getting sick and it’s great to see this is happening.

  11. One of the main benefits I have experienced through my involvement with Universal Medicine is in the richness of relationship with others. As I have switched focus from what I want from relationships to what I am being and bringing to them, there has been a transformation in the quality of my interactions with others. The headlines could just as easily read, ‘Serge Benhayon supports the evolution of true relationship in couples’ – certainly true in my case. But hey, that doesn’t grab the readers desire for sensation does it.

  12. What Serge Benhayon presents around health and healing truly works, he always supports Western Medicine alongside the Esoteric Modalities as a complete treatment. The media as usual have not done their research and have yet again missed an opportunity to present the truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – I look forward to a journalist that has integrity and the willingness to report the truth.

  13. Not only are health professionals referring clients, they are also seeking out these modalities for themselves. Not as an alternative to medicine but as an addition to support western medicine. The support these modalities give to assist each person to go underneath what is occurring in their bodies or in life to bring understanding is a ginormous support. Working as a nurse I see people literally hate their bodies or think that they are a failure because they have a condition or disease. Bringing understanding to ourselves in what is going on and letting go of any loveless and self abusive ways is where these modalities shine.

  14. The is so much more to true health and vitality than meets the eye and with the current stats of illness and disease escalating what would be really supportive for our already overburdened conventional medical system is us all taking far more responsibility for our own health instead of just expecting a doctor’s prescription to fix all.

  15. Just a point to the title of the Courier Article “..leaves trail of broken families”: I am totally sure I would not longer be with my partner if I would NOT attend Universal Medicine Courses… Who’s interviewing me? (and the many many others)

  16. Its interesting that when it comes to our bodies and what we feel is right for us- this can be ‘owned’ by others. Hundreds of people are saying the modalities offered by Universal Medicine are of huge support to them- yet the paper feels it has a right of opinion over those whose are saying it has been of benefit to their body- this is just crazy.

  17. Bad press reports and lies have certainly made an impact on Universal Medicine by bringing it out into the public arena and with it a great opportunity for students to come out and express their experiences of lives changed in amazing loving ways through the teachings.

  18. It’s a sad reflection of society that we find the media continue to have a lack of honesty, transparency and integrity, and that they are willing to think it newsworthy to print a biased view of Universal Medicine. If GPs are recommending patients to Universal Medicine practitioners it must be because they know the truth about what Universal Medicine brings, especially in partnership with Western Medicine.

  19. There are many conventional medical practitioners who are open to integrative medicine and as a result of this there are many scientific journals being published in today’s world that are available both in Australia and internationally to support this fact. That GP’s are recommending patients to Universal Medicine practitioners should be of no surprise and certainly not worthy of making a song and dance in the newspapers and the media about because as the burden of disease and illness continues to overwhelm the present health care system, these supportive medical referrals will undoubtedly become more and more accepted practice out of necessity.

  20. It is important to note that if GP’s are recommending patients to Universal Medicine practitioners it is to complement their conventional medical treatments as Universal Medicine modalities always support and are not instead of or alternative to Conventional Medicine. Conventional Medicine understands the human body more from a physical sense, and although this provides an incredible support for us more and more I am realising that there is more to true health and wellbeing than meets the eye. And as other people wake up to this fact and accept that there is an energetic component to illness and disease it is completely logical to me that more and more people will seek Universal Medicine healing modalities to support of their health and wellbeing holistically.

  21. The fact that mainstream medical professionals are happy to endorse Universal Medicine through referring clients there, is a gorgeous and powerful confirmation of the healing that Universal Medicine practitioners offer… and the appreciation and respect they must have for UM… for when your reputation is on the line you would only refer to those you truly trust.

  22. ‘Truth will out’ even when the spin doctors of the media are trying to avoid it. Universal Medicine is truly complementary to the wonderful work of the medical world.

  23. It’s obvious and inciteful how the media select who, what and which edits they want to be a part of their story. There should not be 2 sides to a story. It’s creating unnecessary harm when the truth is the polar opposite.

  24. There is much in what Universal Medicine shares that supports an understanding of illness that many do not want to explore, for it presents that how we live impacts on our body’s health. To have Doctors and other Medical Practitioners who have come to understand that to heal the body in full, how we live has to be addressed, is the greatest gift to their patients.

  25. I can certainly say, that Universal Medicine therapies are my first and only choice of complementary treatments in addition to the regular medical check ups that are recommended. UM therapies support me greatly in maintaining my health, increase my vitality and quality of life, improve my relationships and bring more joy into my life.

  26. Conventional medicine is completely essential to heal and care for our physical body while Universal Medicine therapies are based on Esoteric Medicine which considers and heals the root cause of the patterns that actually lead to our ill behaviours, diseases and illnesses. Thus for me, Conventional Medicine and Esoteric Medicine are a match made in heaven, and one day conventional medicine and the media will realise this fact and understand why so many health care professionals are open to Universal Medicine therapies and Esoteric Medicine as a whole.

  27. It’s amazing how we can choose words to say more in the way they are written or the headline it has then we have facts in the actual article itself. These days we love a headline or you could say that we have made life so fast that the media in this instant has to give us a headline that tells us the story they want us to hear. Few will actually read the story as they are aware and so words, headlines etc are the new story. The facts are deeper within the article and sometimes you need to read well in between the lines for the truth. There is a way to stop this as it’s happening more and more, we are all in a way becoming more lazy with how we act or the quality of our conversation. The stop comes from the quality of conversation we have ourselves, even our own head conversations. The way to bring the media back is to bring ourselves back more and more to seeing how we have conversations with ourselves and others. We can lead the way by returning to having quality conversations around us. It doesn’t mean they need to be long winded but they need to hold a true and real quality.

  28. People from all walks of life including those in the medical field attend Universal Medicine courses. Why wouldn’t they… the work presented by Serge Benhayon makes sense, is completely complementary to medicine, and supports people to live full, vital, health lives.

  29. Indeed, the medical system is in need of a universal form of medicine that is inclusive of all aspects that contribute to the genesis and healing of illness and disease. Thinking in a box simply is ignorant of everything one has decided to not be part of it but doesn´t just disappear hence, thinking outside the box and being all- inclusive is necessary to face the increasing crisis of the health system.

  30. Sensationalist reporting is the fodder of fiction to entertain and titillate rather than inform and educate. One requires webs of fake news, the other true representation to empower the reader.

  31. We have images of what medicine is all about and what is not about. According to these images, breaking up something can never be medicine (although medicine is constantly breaking something to repair something else). Yet, for some people, putting an end to something can be lived as medicine for them. That does not mean of course, that breaking up something (e.g., a relationship) is in truth always medicine (not different to a surgeon dealing with a body). Yet, it is up to the person involved to discern whether to buy into something that looks pretty but may not be true, and something that looks ugly but may be true in a specific circumstance.

  32. I’m not sure the Courier Mail has done any kind of investigative journalism – or if they have, whether it has been truly investigative or whether they have just been looking for information to suit their agenda and twisting it to make sure the story sells. It really wouldn’t take much looking into to see the number of highly respected individuals and health professionals that choose to be a part of Universal Medicine.

  33. It would have been interesting for the media to consult with the medicos and find out first hand why they refer their patients to Universal Medicine. They know from experience that Universal Medicine provides something more than what the medical profession can offer, when the two work together the greatest outcome for the patient is achieved.

  34. How interesting that the media can actually debunk its own theories. Could that be because of the lack of true reporting, there is no integrity in preparing their news reports for print?

  35. If Medical professionals are choosing to recommend Universal Medicine then it should confirm what Universal Medicine offers, that they are a great source to tap into to understand illness and disease in a wider depth, where we get to understand the consequences of our choices and how holding onto hurts, actually hurts us.

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