Interviews with Esoteric Students

by Gayle Cue, Byron Bay, NSW

Sports ‘stars’ on steroids are paid millions. School teachers and nurses are paid barely more than minimum wage. Corporations can contribute millions to a politician’s campaign to ensure laws are passed that favour their business. Never mind that it is causing havoc on the planet. An undetermined, but large, percentage of Catholic priests were child molesters and yet they are not prosecuted. Tax laws favour the rich and disadvantage the poor. Mega-large ships trawl with nets that are wiping out the fish population. Japan pretends to slaughter whales for scientific research. China restricts freedom of the internet, amongst its many human rights abuses. The American presidential campaign is waged on a woman’s right to an abortion. Serge Benhayon is attacked by the media for presenting that self-love is healing for everyone… and that diet has an effect on your health. Yes folks, the world is out of whack.

I was overseas when the recent media attack began. I cannot tell you how shocked I was to read the stories or watch them on the internet. I have known Serge and his family for 12 years. I have been attending Universal Medicine lectures, workshops and courses for over a decade. I live in a small community where I am well known as a business owner, community volunteer, radio presenter, mother of four, friend; many have sought my counsel over the years.

I’m a child of the 60’s. That’s short hand for I’m into brotherly love and world peace. Like many of my generation, I have been searching for the key, for an answer… any kind of answer to the madness I see every day. In my quest, I have sat at the feet of nearly every guru that has passed through Byron Bay. I assure you they have almost all come here at some time in the past 25 years. I usually only lasted a session or two. There were a few who had something worthwhile to share and I stayed a bit longer. But no one had the answers to the big questions.

Then I met Serge in 1999. It changed my life. I finally could feel that there was more to this life than day-to-day to survival. But I kept dropping back, letting the momentum of my old lifestyle pull me back to whatever I was using to distract myself from the ‘something is missing’ feeling. But even if I was ‘too busy’ for several months running, I would keep checking back with whatever Serge was up to.  The ‘work’ was changing. The crowds were growing. The venues were changing to accommodate the growing numbers. But Serge was always the same. The family was always there, working hard, setting up the chairs, setting up the microphone and speakers.  And every time I asked a big question, he had an answer that made sense.

Over the years, I have interviewed Serge seven times on community radio. Fortunately, I saved the recordings because they are an incredible testament to what he has been saying publicly for a number of years. In 2011, it occurred to me that it was time to hear from some of the students of Universal Medicine. I conducted several interviews with local identities who are also students of Universal Medicine. These are people who are well respected in the community. They are active in a wide variety of business endeavours and come from a diversity of backgrounds.

Anyone who is interested in hearing these interviews or interested in the truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine can listen to them from the comfort of their own computer. Just go to

159 thoughts on “Interviews with Esoteric Students

  1. It may be four years since you wrote this Gayle but very little has changed in the wider world it is still “out of whack”, probably even more so. But what has changed is the growing number of people being drawn to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and it is so obvious that their lives are changing in immeasurable ways. And the most wonderful ripple effect is that these students are not holding back how amazing their lives are now, not keeping it to themselves, but sharing it in numerous blogs, websites and out into the community in many ways. It would be irresponsible to keep these miraculous transformations from a world that sorely needs to know that change is truly possible.

  2. I met Serge Benhayon in 2005 and I can remembering feeling that there was something about Serge that I could not ignore. At the same time I was attending other workshops in the ‘Spiritual New Age’ movement to find answers and where these workshops and courses fell by the wayside I am still attending the workshops and presentations by Serge. Serge and Universal Medicine have the answers that I have always been looking for and my commitment to the The Way of the Livingness continues to unfold as being a student of my inner heart becomes a natural way of being and living.

  3. When I met Serge Benhayon I was not searching for anything and I was certainly not looking for someone to follow (you can’t follow Serge) but he was impossible to ignore because what he said woke me up, reluctant as I was. Serge showed me what true love is – Love that can be consistently and permanently lived every day. What I discovered shook all the beliefs l had held and brought me to the most solid feeling I have ever lived with. I feel so blessed to have met this awesome man.

  4. For as long as we choose to not live the love that we are, there will be love-less-ness in the world in which we live. That is a no brainer… so why do we keep choosing to live in such disharmony when we each hold within us the key to restoring harmony? Is it that the momentum we have created living lovelessly is far greater than our ability to move in and with the love we are and therefore seen as more ‘normal’ and far more ‘comfortable’?

    If this is so then it makes sense that when a person such as Serge Benhayon comes along, a man who is whole heartedly committed to living love to the best of his human ability, naturally it is going to rock the ‘comfortable’ boat that humanity has been cruising in for so long with their eyes closed. The time has come for us all to wake up, open our eyes, be very honest and admit that the reason the world is so out of whack is because we are not living true to who we truly are and by accepting less than this we have created a current that pulls against the natural order of the Universe that we are an innate part of.

  5. Not only does the world remain out of whack, but there is more to this life and we all know this deep within. The beauty of Serge Benhayon is what he brings consistently day after day and how this inspires everyone he meets to turn around their own life so they are no longer contributing to up side down this life. There have all been inspiring interviews Gayle. How the very ordinary and everyday can be extraordinary and how we can all inspire each other in the lives we live.

  6. When we truly open our eyes to the contradictions we see around us in our everyday lives we may well start to see there is another way to live and be.

  7. I listened to some of your beautiful interviews Gayle with Serge. They are clear simple and very beautiful in a way that they invite us to feel a deeper responsibility and having a different way of looking to topics which we are kind of stuck with for so long. You invite Serge in a beautiful way to share all that he can deliver through the media for us all. You can hear in his voice how there is truth spoken. I can feel it resonate with the truth in my body.

  8. Many, including myself, have invested so much in making life a certain way, even if it is not true, it fits a picture we have. Then when someone comes along and presents that life is so much more, then the limiting view we have been peering out from, and that we know it innately from our inner heart… we either react, as the illusion has got such a hold, or we start to allow ourselves to feel from within. I appreciate that even though I was addicted to drama, anxiety, hurts and complication, that I did allow myself to feel what was true again.

  9. The interviews with Gayle let you to experience how it is if someone speaks completely from love with no hidden agenda or personal gain but in service for humanity with a deep love lived within himself.

  10. We made it in the world so crazy that we even forgot to see that the opposite of how we live is normal and not the crazy. To be loving to ourselves gets attacked as weird and wrong. If we drink alcohol or abuse ourselves in other ways it is commonly accepted. As long as we keep the illness going you don’t hear anybody.

  11. Wow Gayle, what a precious contribution for mankind. These interviews and everything that is recorded will present the truth of what has been said. Imagine we could have an interview from Jesus/Jehovah or Buddha or Mohammed – this would be incredible!
    When I did hear about Serge Benhayon the first time, what was reported was fortunately done in a very integre way and had the taste of energy which is presented by Serge so absolutely. What was told did inspire me to meet this guy and my journey with Universal Medicine did start. I am in the very precious state that I know what Serge is talking about and how he does it. So the media and its gutter press could not effect me. Just that the lies were written so blatantly did shock me. Now wikipedia does use these kinds of articles, which are not representative at all, in fact they did show the opposite of truth and lay a ground for an absolutely wrong picture of Universal Medicine. So, very very great to have some true reflections! This will correct the shame that is done (the bad media reports). And even this may be done later, when some people are already kept away from the truth – it is there for the next ages and generations to get a true reflection. This is priceless!

  12. Gayle, how gorgeous that you’ve created this archive of how people are with how they live and how Universal Medicine has changed their lives. I love hearing these stories of how people have changed so much and in fact there are modern day miracles and it’s great they are being recorded for posterity so all of us can hear the remarkable stories people have of what has changed for them and the steps they’ve taken with it. I know my life changed utterly on meeting Serge Benhayon, his family and attending Universal Medicine workshops – I began to take greater care and love of myself and all around me and the quality of how I am has changed utterly to one of genuine care for me and all others – I became myself and allowed the world to see and feel how much I care and each day Iearn more about how this can be = I am forever grateful to Serge Benhayon and to myself and all others who walk this journey with me, I could not imagine another way and I feel graced to have made the choices i have to live in this way and to be with myself and others knowing that it is about love, nothing less.

  13. Thank you Gayle for a great blog and preserving the interviews from the past for people to enjoy and be inspired by. With your continuing interviews you do a loving service for humanity giving students a platform to share with the general public the amazing changes that they have made in their lives by embracing the teaching of self love and self care as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  14. Gayle how beautiful that you had the opportunity to interview Serge Benhayon and recorded it for us all not only to hear at the time but also making them available to us whenever we want. I am sure these interviews will be listened to for many years to come.

  15. Your first paragraph of this blog Gayle clearly illustrates how ‘out of whack’ we are in a world that we have created and as a consequence, a world that we are all equally collectively and fully responsible for correcting and bringing it back to harmony.

  16. I love that you have done these interviews Gayle and offer the fiery service you do so that people get a chance to really feel the enormity of what is being offered and the healing available that so many others attempt to sell but do not deliver. The world is a mess and people are struggling and these are a beautiful support for those looking for a way to change the path they walk that has not served them.

  17. Thank you Gayle for not only doing these interviews but for also collating them and making them available to everybody. People need to be able to make up their own minds about Serge Benhayon and not just believe what they read in the papers.

  18. Thank you Gayle. The interviews are a testament to the commitment of Serge Benhayon to share his lived wisdom with whoever chooses to listen and the interviews with esoteric students is testament from those who have chosen to listen.

  19. The out of wack is just getting even stronger. It is up to us whatever we choose to add to the wack or to the love we all hold within and start to express it out. In Serge Benhayon we find the greatest Living example of being in the livingness of the love that is available.

  20. The world is very out of whack right now when we have someone (Serge Benhayon) reminding us that self love is healing for everyone, and that diet impacts us and they are villified … this is crazy, and show us how lost many of us are in the world right now and how there are vested interests (media, pharma and others) who would rather have the current status quo as they can make money from it than truly address what is really going on. The question for all of us is what we give credence to, the truth we know in our own bodies, or the lies we read and hear around us; we need to understand context and see and understand the games being played and how many are not interested in the general good and well being of all, but their own narrow and vested interest. It’s not about a battle, but about standing up and living and speaking the truth we know and feel.

  21. A great article that puts much into perspective. Isn’t it funny that the big issues in the world are reported, but mostly quickly forgotten, as none of them ask us to change how we live. But the one man who offers to the world that how we live influences the lifestyle and health we have is the one who receives multitudes of attention. Could this be because in his wisdom and sharing he let’s us see our responsibility in our life, and many do not want to have that shown, as it means accepting our own part in the reality of our lives.

  22. Gee Gayle, your first paragraph really exposed the rot of the facts in life we accept but don’t really clock how damaging and wrong they are. We have much to correct in the world we have created and it is essential for the health and wellbeing of us all that we do.

  23. I love how this article starts and when you see the things we allow or take as common place in the world it can be astounding. The first paragraph are real world problems and yet most of us, me included would tend to take a hands off approach. Why are we, am I hands off? Does it seem to big? or is it because it hasn’t hit my backyard or my house and so it’s not really my problem. Where do you go to start when you look out into the world and see the chaos? There is only one place to go, back to yourself and I don’t mean hide in your life but what I am saying is there are things close to us that parallel these larger things. If we can nail them and how we are with them this will support others to then see what you have unlocked or become more aware of. Don’t allow ourselves to get caught in we can’t do anything or that is just how it is, we can from where we stand make huge changes to the true quality we live and from there it maybe be a pebble in the ocean but that peddle always makes a ripple.

    1. Yes, we can say that it doesn’t help if I as an individual speak up, it will not change anything. But this is not true. If we come from love the effect of what we bring is much bigger than we can imagine. So also we can call out abuse around us, in our personal lives, in our work and in doing so we energetically break some illusion about what is going on in the world as Ray shares. All are like ripples in the ocean, endlessly affecting others throughout the world.

      1. We have all heard of the ripple effect and yet we allow ourselves to be stopped from picking up the first pebble. When we hear the words don’t do this or you shouldn’t be bothered or what difference will I make etc we should stop and reflect if we have heard these words before. Like nature these things tend to go in cycles and so keep coming back for us to have a chance to look at them again. It’s not about just merely having your say but about listening to what is being said to you as well. The world happens first by energy and when we are walking in it we should deal in energy first.

  24. The world is crazy. We accept so many things and just shrug our shoulders as if we can do nothing. Serge presenting on responsibility, self love, healing and diet causes the same stir, if not more, than high level corruption, environmental abuse, suicide rates….

  25. I love the interviews you did with Serge Benhayon. There is such a flow and harmony between you both which is rare as normally in interviews there is this push and manipulation to get the conversation in a certain way. Beautiful how you give it space to enfold.

  26. You do a great job interviewing students, Gayle. Let the world know what is the effect of following The Way of the Livingness on our lives. For the ones that are open to it, it presents answers on all topics in life, presented by someone, Serge Benhayon, who is living in every detail what he is presenting.
    Some are ready and some are not.

  27. What a gorgeous way of giving back to the world Gayle. Your radio interviews are easily accessible, easy to listen to, and are so informative. I love your natural curiosity of people and the way they live. You provide a great platform for many people to share themselves with the world.

  28. If you hear Serge talking, you just hear such a simple wise logical words which comes with an intensity of love. If I let people I meet to listen to one of Serge his audio’s they sometimes directly have tears in their eyes.

  29. Why is it that the feeling of there has to be more or something else has led different people to various destinations and not to the same one? We all have the exact same capacity to feel truth, and yet, we do not go to the same place. How come? Could it be that each of us sets a limit to how much we are willing to go there, that is, of how much truth we are willing to handle? The unspoken problem, is that accessing a bit of truth (or some truth) it also means saying yes big time to what is not true and that is poison for the body. So, in matters of truth, it does not pay to go just a little bit for it, but all the way.

  30. It’s great to have things recorded – when things get twisted or taken out of context, it can be referred back to. But people have to be willing to want to hear and see the truth and not just fit the agenda and story they have chosen to run with.

  31. It is such a richness to listen to the interviews of Gayle and Serge Benhayon. The questions asked about many issues at play for humanity, for people and the simple but so profound answers are offering us a deeper pondering about things we deep down know to be true.

  32. As you say, Gayle, it does not matter how the furniture changes around Serge he is always the same – the same loving, open, gentle and wise man always treating everyone equally, seeing their essence, never judging ……

  33. Thank you Gayle for the great service you offer and provide with your recorded interviews. They are an important testimony for humanity.

  34. The world is indeed upside down, and the fact that we see attacks on someone who suggests ‘self-love is healing for everyone… and that diet has an effect on your health.’ (something that from lived experience I can say is true and I’ve seen many others with similar experience), says a lot about how out of kilter our world is, and how in fact we need those steady rocks like Serge Benhayon and all he inspires to remind us that there is another way, one of healing and true self care and more and heeding this call.

  35. In light of what the media has said about Serge Benhayon it is great that you have kept the recordings Gayle thank you, for us all to hear if they wish to. When listened to we would see that Serge has kept his truth and integrity all these years and have never ceased to live the truth that he presents.

  36. I have become more aware how people are becoming more extreme with their behaviour and do not for one minute think that it is anything else other than normal, it seems crazy to me that society is not seeing what is going one right in front of them. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are making a difference and I am forever grateful to have come across them.

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