Words about Serge Benhayon

by Nicholas Sebastian Tozer, 26yrs, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, my hame is Nick. I am Jenni Tozer’s youngest son. I am writing on behalf of Serge. I heard some people are giving him a hard time. I think if you have beliefs and you believe in things then other people should respect that, not go public by writing nasty things about that person and making him suffer.

Serge is a great person and is doing a fantastic job with his students and my mum is really enjoying doing it. She is always happy with Serge, and so are his other students. So why do we have to live in a world where most people want other people to live like them and have to try and fit into their way of life? Why can’t we live the way we want and have different beliefs?

So if anyone in this world wants to give Serge a hard time on his job and beliefs, then they can come and talk to me, and I will tell them to stop interfering and to mind their own business.

Serge, I am supporting you all the way mate. Good on you and thank you for all your support with my mum Jenni.

122 thoughts on “Words about Serge Benhayon

  1. Great wisdom from such a young man. Why do we want people to live like us? Maybe so we feel comfortable in our way of living, whether that be a loving and vital way of living, or whether it be abusive and destructive. Either way allowing one another to walk our own chosen path without judgement or condemnation is a right we all deserve.

  2. So true, why do people need to bring others down? If you don’t agree, move on and allow others to live how they want. We have a group who are intent on denigrating Serge and saying all sorts of things, yet this small group are the ones who are trying to control others and not allow them their freedom to just be.

  3. Dealing with situations of bullying/harassment is not an easy task because the attacker aims at changing the movements of those targeted either directly and indirectly so to incorporate the element of disturbance/threat into their daily lives. So, the very best way to deal with these situations is keeping your movements and your freedom to keep moving as you please even if this causes big disturbances in the one/s that aim at disturb you in the first place.

  4. Simple and straight – why do people try to make others fit their way of life? If we live in the truth and authority of ourselves we have no need to convince others or make them fit our way of living.

  5. Great article Nicholas, there are many of us who have come to know the truth and have learnt to live this in their lives, who live and let live others with no imposition on any one else, knowing we are all free to close our path in life.

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