Words about Serge Benhayon

by Nicholas Sebastian Tozer, 26yrs, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, my hame is Nick. I am Jenni Tozer’s youngest son. I am writing on behalf of Serge. I heard some people are giving him a hard time. I think if you have beliefs and you believe in things then other people should respect that, not go public by writing nasty things about that person and making him suffer.

Serge is a great person and is doing a fantastic job with his students and my mum is really enjoying doing it. She is always happy with Serge, and so are his other students. So why do we have to live in a world where most people want other people to live like them and have to try and fit into their way of life? Why can’t we live the way we want and have different beliefs?

So if anyone in this world wants to give Serge a hard time on his job and beliefs, then they can come and talk to me, and I will tell them to stop interfering and to mind their own business.

Serge, I am supporting you all the way mate. Good on you and thank you for all your support with my mum Jenni.

110 thoughts on “Words about Serge Benhayon

  1. Nick, you sound like a man that knows fact from fiction with an ability to discern truth amongst an ocean of lies. You also have highlighted a key point in our inability as a society to let another live their way when it is not causing any harm, without the need to impose another way of being onto them. Much of the lies being told about Serge Benhayon say that he is doing exactly this – ‘brainwashing’ the Universal Medicine students and forcing them to adhere to a strict and confining list of rules and regulations. Nothing could be further from the truth and it is actually the opposite that is the case. Serge walks his talk and this means that he lives his love 24/7 in such a way that it is visible to all others. For anyone who has experienced true love, it is absolutely impossible for it to impose over another in any way, shape or form as it runs counter to its very essence, that is: LOVE – the ability to hold all others equal without judgment no matter what their personal choices may be. That said, love is also not afraid to speak truth, because it has no need or investment in being ‘liked’.

      1. Love never judges, for how can it when it understands that there can only ever be all that ‘is love’ and the everything else that ‘is not’. This is forever our only choice and no matter which one we make in any given moment, love does not stop to judge, it just keeps on loving, such is the quality of love. This is not to say that we are not responsible for our expressions that do not come from love, for this we always are, it is simply to say that there is not an ounce of emotion in a love that is true and emotions run thick in a ‘love’ that is not.

      2. Judgement to me feels like a calculation of degrees. Better than this, worse than that, faster, slower etc…An opinion of variables. But there are no variables in Love. There are no degrees. There is no ‘more than’ or ‘less than’. There is no faster or slower. In fact there aren’t even any adjectives or adverbs that you can add to the word love. Love is an absolute and thus can not be made any greater by the addition of an adjective. It reminds me of my Dad who was a stickler of the english language – he abhorred expressions like ‘totally unique’. You are either unique…or you are not. It is either love or it is not.

  2. Nick it is clear that you are speaking from the truth of your experience. This is a great example of what is needed more of today. Standing up for the truth and speaking up against the lies.

  3. It says a lot about the fear and anxieties of others when they are threatened by a group of people who are focused on going about their normal lives from a foundation of self love and responsibility for self and others.

  4. I love what you say Nick, short, very sweet and to the point! You can clearly discern truth from rubbish and clearly see the enormous true benefit Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers your mum, and others who choose the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. The operative word here is ‘choose’… as that is what every last student of this exemplary organisation does. It is beautiful that you are prepared to stand up for what you can feel is true… thank you!

  5. Thank you Nick for your honest sentiments. Your have brought a question to the fore for me, and that is: How can anyone make a true or informed decision about something without having first felt or experienced it without prejudice? Its a strange misguided phenomena we as humans tend to accept; judging from afar without true knowledge or insight. Serge Benhayon is an Inspiration who’s integrity is exemplary and who’s presentations offer us all the opportunity to connect, feel and hence, know our own inner truth in full, rather than accept a distorted view from the sidelines.

  6. There are two class of people: those, like Serge, that invite you to be more in the knowing that you are more than what you reveal to you and to others and, those who invite you to stay where you are, and even go down in embracing a miserable version of life. Your choice…..

    1. Yes Eduardo it is always about choice. Nick feels his mum’s happiness and the unfairness of the treatment given to Serge. To take the time to write his letter is a great testament to the trickle down effect of one person’s livingness benefitting others. Nick discerns the truth and chooses to reveal it.

  7. ‘So why do we have to live in a world where most people want other people to live like them and have to try and fit into their way of life?’ Great question to ask, Nick as it’s core to most of the global tensions we’re living under. It seems when something comes along that offers truth and absoluteness, people can either get curious, run for the hills, or get the ammo out to kill off something that doesn’t quite fit their view of the world.

  8. Nicholas I absolutely agree with you, we live in a world where people have different beliefs and opinions. If we stopped wanting to convince the other by mild or extreme manners the world would be a more harmonious place.

  9. Clasic example of truth and simplicity – there is so much love in this straightforward loving words. I like how you just speak how it is Nicholas. I am the same, Serge Benhayon, you rock, and good on you. If anyone has a problem with anything to do about the work he is bringing, they can come to me too! Enough lies.

  10. What you say here Nicolas is so true, it is hard to fathom why some people are so nasty and disrespectful of others.
    I think it is awesome that you are supporting Serge, your Mum and the work of Universal Medicine.
    Thank you Nicolas.

  11. Nick – you are spot on and I greatly admire your wisdom. Insane that it should be any other way. But whilst it is, it is an inspiration to me that there are people like you who can see the truth so clearly.

  12. Straight and to the point Nick and from your own experience of how you can see and feel the joy being expressed by your mother, through her choice to be involved with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  13. When people want others to change to fit in, one of the things that happens is bullying. I feel this media campaign against Serge Benhayon was nothing more than bully tactics, and exposed the corruption in the media to twist information around based on their own agenda, so they could publish something sensationalist to sell papers. It’s a really ugly form of abuse, abuse of the person the media lies about, abuse and manipulation of the public, and abuse of the power of their position.

  14. “So if anyone in this world wants to give Serge a hard time on his job and beliefs, then they can come and talk to me, and I will tell them to stop interfering and to mind their own business.” Good call Nicholas. Thankyou for standing up for truth. Short and simply expressed.

  15. Your willingness to speak up to defend and support your mum, Serge and the rest of the students for their beliefs and choices brought tears to my eyes the first time I read this and again now. Boy do we need more people like you in the world Nicholas. Thank you.

  16. A beautiful reflection to others to stand up for truth and speak it no matter what . This is an amazing example to set when so many stand by and watch and do nothing to defend others when put to the test. Thank you Nicholas.

  17. Well said Nick for supporting your mum and for supporting the work presented by Serge Benhayon. By having the confidence to share what you know is truth you are offering others the opportunity to not hold back and to also express what they know is the truth.

  18. Thankyou Nick for not holding back on such a simple truth. It is clear that you can see and feel the benefits and support that your mum has received as a result of attending peresentations with Serge and the simple truth that naturally comes as a result of her choices. For you to be supporting her and Serge in this way is truly gorgeous, and encourages and inspires others to do the same.

  19. Nicholas, thank you for reminding us all that we all have our own inbuilt ‘truth meter’ and yours is telling you that the stories that are being spread about Serge Benhayon are untrue. I hope you never loose or underestimate the power of what you have done here in writing this blog because it is letting the world know that we all have the capacity to stop and check with ourselves if something feels true or not and then go from there.

  20. Simple and to the point – allow people to make their own choices in life. Why do we feel the need so much to interfere and control other people’s lives? What if everyone is choosing exactly what they want and what’s right for them at that time? It makes life super simple, and means all that extra time we had focusing on changing others can be used to make our own changes, and for our own evolution.

  21. Great Nicholas, why don’t people just mind their own business! Serge is one heck of an inspiration and if someone is jealous of that they should deal with that personally not trying to rubbish him and the light and joy he brings.

  22. Well said Nick. To challenge, question or criticise is fine – but when it goes beyond this into personal abuse, threats and lies, then something else is happening. When there is abuse, there is another agenda in place – such as a desire to shut someone down. This is not ok and countermands our fundamental human right to freedom of speech – something which by the way, should never be interpreted as freedom to abuse.

  23. Well said Nicholas, it is beautiful to read you stand up and speak out against the ridiculous claims the media have made about Serge Benhayon, for it is obvious to you that Universal Medicine has had a positive impact on your mother and other friends because of the amazing changes they have made in their lives.

  24. Go Nick! Great to see someone standing up and saying it how it is. Great quality to see in a world where it seems very few are willing to make a stand against what is simply not true.

  25. Nicholas, what you say is absolutely true. Why can’t we believe what we want to believe? Who is to say what is ok and what is not when those beliefs do not hurt anyone and vastly improve people’s lives. There is no danger here and no hate. There is love and care. Thank you for your support of Serge Benhayon and all the students of Universal Medicine.

  26. Good on you Nicholas for speaking out and saying how you feel. Serge Benhayon is I agree an amazing and loving Man who imposes on no-one. He deserves the same in return.

  27. Nick what a straight from the heart note, you feel like a beautiful man who says it as he feels it. It is ridiculous just because one may not share the same beliefs as another that this causes attack. We are living in the year 2016 aren’t we?

  28. This makes so much sense Nick, simple and from the heart… “So why do we have to live in a world where most people want other people to live like them and have to try and fit into their way of life?” We miss out when we impose anything on another. Serge Benhayon is a man who never imposes, and holds everyone with love and understanding.

  29. How great is it when we talk and write from our own experiences! Nick, you like how your mother is and that she is ‘happy with Serge’. Would be great to hear more about your experiences in life and how it is to live with an esoteric student – and love it.

  30. Awesome to hear about how Serge and his work have supported your Mum and family Nick. This is a story that doesn’t fit with the narrative the press want to run with as love doesn’t sell.

  31. Thank you Nick for standing up and speaking the truth of your yours and your Mum’s experience of being happy with Serge and his teachings, a man whose love and acceptance of humanity is second to none.

  32. Well said Nicholas, I find it really interesting how society wants us all to fit in – to keep everything ‘normal’, yet when something doesn’t fit as their ‘normal’ rather then questioning if there maybe another way, it is easier to try and shut down anybody that shows they are not constrained by what societies claim as ‘normal’.

  33. Go Nicholas. I love grace and truth of what you have shared in support of your mother and Serge. I also cannot but feel if we don’t express what we know is true that truth lays dormant inside and will constantly remind us that it is there until it is shared.

  34. I love your genuine and heartfelt support of Serge. The respect of people’s beliefs is something the world does not do so well at great cost to many. Serge should not be subject to the derision of those who struggle with just allowing people to be, especially when they cause no harm and so many people choosing Universal Medicine due to the enormous benefit it offers their lives.

  35. “So why do we have to live in a world where most people want other people to live like them and have to try and fit into their way of life?”
    This is such a great question to ask, as the very need to convince someone of our own beliefs shows that somewhere it cannot be the truth, because if it is truth then it just is the way it is, undeniable, unchangeable and people will come to it in their own time and pace.

  36. Beautifully said Nick and for standing up for the truth. Serge Benhayon does not impose his words on anyone but there are many who choose to react to the truth and choose to reinterpret the teachings to maintain their own accepted comfortable existence.

    1. I absolutely agree. Serge Benhayon is the real deal and a most inspirational man.
      He does not judge those with opinions, actions and views lacking of love and brotherhood but holds us all in absolute love and understanding.

  37. Absolutely spot on and well said Nick.There will always be people with differing views and experiences – that we go out of our way to discredit anything that offers something other than our particular view is self-serving and deeply irresponsible… it is not unlike a recipe to clone humanity to our liking (supremacist rule) rather than have true expression and true freedom.

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