Brainwashing By Universal Medicine? You Could Not Be Further From The Truth

by Doug Valentine, Peebles, Scotland

In the recent press attempts to attack Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I was intrigued by the way labels (such as ‘brainwashing’ and ‘cult’) were applied without any effort to check the validity of such claims, when it would have been so easy to investigate first because this organisation is completely open for anyone to explore. It is not an organisation that you have to join – anyone can turn up and experience the courses and workshops or purchase the audio presentations and explore them in their own time. No one is going to ask you why you are there and no one will ask you why you have left if you decide it is not for you.

So for me the big question is, do you risk being brainwashed if you were to explore it? This might be a real fear for someone.

So what is brainwashing? The dictionary defines it as a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated”. The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behaviour, emotions or decision-making.

It is a worthy exercise to apply and honestly assess this definition of brainwashing in relation to parenting and education – however the focus here is the question: do you risk being brainwashed if you were to investigate Universal Medicine?

My answer is ‘No’, and that in fact the complete opposite is the case. Why? Because Universal Medicine only presents what may be of possible truth for you to then weigh for yourself and discern whether it is true for you or not. In fact, by presenting how energy works, Universal Medicine offers students the skills to feel and discern energy for themselves, making them less likely to be brainwashed or manipulated. This natural ability to feel and discern energy also opens a person up to the possibility of understanding why their life has been the way it is and how they can change and develop a way of living that feels true for them.

The other label carelessly applied by the media is that of Universal Medicine being a ‘cult’. So what is meant by a cult? There doesn’t appear to be a universally agreed definition, but the main points that there seems to be agreement on are:

a) a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader;

b) a system or community of religious worship and ritual; and

c) a usually non-scientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease.

A recent television programme about the Canberra Cult Conference in Australia clearly outlined “that no matter what the cult, their intention is control, money and power”. It went on to state that “all former members tell the same story of mind control, loyalty tests and complete and utter subservience to the cause”. Anyone taking the time and care to measure Universal Medicine against any of the above criteria would discover that Universal Medicine is anything but a cultSee the recent article by Brendan Mooney “Universal Medicine: Cult or the Antithesis?” in support of this last statement.  

119 thoughts on “Brainwashing By Universal Medicine? You Could Not Be Further From The Truth

  1. Brainwashing in parenting and education – totally. I cannot think of anywhere else where coercion and imposition is more often employed as a way to mold individuals to fit into a model of society that is utterly dysfunctional and against the human nature by feeding ideals and beliefs.

    1. One day it will be recognised as the abuse that it is and it will not be acceptable for parents and education to force children to fit into moulds as they do today. Allowing children to be who they really are will become the standard.

  2. I laughed when you wrote “do you risk being brainwashed if you were to investigate Universal Medicine?” yet I realised that some might be genuinely concerned about that! So, what do we do, you can’t, or should I say shouldn’t even consider writing a news item without doing due diligence, doing your research, checking your facts, ensuring that what has been said about a person, situation or group is not written by people who have a vested interest in bringing down a group because of a personal vendetta. That is the responsibility of a professional journalist. But we have become lax with considering the impact of the words we say and the words we write and that will do untold harm for many lifetimes if we don’t each, personally, choose to be the change we want to see.

    1. To me, it is deliberate and knowingly negligent to print lies without checking out the whole story particularly whether the source is simply making it all up to try to harm. It is time for journalists to be held accountable for lies they propagate.

  3. Universal Medicine has never tried any form of control, or undue influence, I have learnt more about myself through Universal Medicine than at any other time in my life, and I walk out of each presentation, to decide for myself if what they present is true for me or not.

  4. They have no idea of what they are talking about labelling Universal Medicine as a cult and its students brainwashed, if they were to come along to any presentation given by Serge they would definitely know that what they claim is just a load of rubbish and lies.

  5. Since coming to Universal Medicine I am far more able to discern what is going on and feel what is true for me. That’s me doing that, not someone else telling me. Previously it was much easier to pull the wool over my eyes. So brainwashing doesn’t really fit in, in fact it is more like the total opposite if that was indeed possible.

  6. Even if brainwash does not exist, it is ironic that those who accuse Serge Benhayon of brainwashing people are in the business of systematically using unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to their wishes and views of the world. Hello!!

  7. The power of what Universal Medicine offers through their presentations is that each and every person has their own ability to discern what is true, what is loving, and what is something they want to include in their life. Name another religion, culture, new age guru who offers that. The Way of the Livingness at a fundamental level includes that each person chooses their way according to there inner knowing.

    1. Yes if one were to compare The Way of The Livingness with any other religion, one would discover that the other religion, whichever one you looked at was imposing and manipulative because The Way of The Livingness has zero of that in it.

      1. As human beings when we are given the opportunity to see outside of the miasma that society places us in, we can all easily see truth, and what it means to live truthfully.

  8. The key point here is that when you learn to discern energy you stop being fooled by those who want to persuade or influence you. We are being influenced and persuaded so much more than we care to acknowledge through advertising, subliminal or otherwise. Learning how to be energetically discerning is an incredible freedom we can apply in our lives, Universal Medicine offers those skills. There is no ‘must’ learn, simply a choice. If it is not your choice then walk away, no need to throw stones at those who do choose to learn more.

  9. If the media ever attempted to provide a balanced view then somewhere along the line they conveniently forgot this in favour of stirring up their willing audience into some reaction that all builds to selling more copies of their product. With the loss of balance they also lost their integrity.

  10. Like anything getting or giving a balanced view is always supportive. So in place of just taking the word of someone throwing around a couple of words that garner fear we would need to look at the person/s making the claim as well as looking at what they are making the claim about. This would be done to see their motives, their background and where they sit within society. It’s not to outcast them but to bring their story clear by having a look at their agenda. We can look at what they are saying as well but before then they need to be seen and understood so we can see more clearly how they are using the words they write and say. I would say in this case enough a balance hasn’t been applied to this story on any level.

  11. All of us especially the Media are very undiscerning in our selection and use of words. Take a lack of discerningness and spread it over a few thousand years and you get words meaning 180 degrees the opposite of their original and therefore true meaning. So you get to the point where no one any longer knows the true meaning of words and we decide to believe Mr Oxford, Mr Cambridge or Mr Webber’s interpretation instead. This is why the Unimedpedia is such an important project for mankind restoring the meanings of words back to their truth.

  12. If Universal Medicine is actually a cult then as per the definition from the Canberra Cult Conference in Australia, why are there not former members coming forward and telling “the same story of mind control, loyalty tests and complete and utter subservience to the cause”?

    1. Exactly Suse and of course the answer is because Universal Medicine is not a cult, has no followers but rather is a school that students can enrol themselves in or not without any imposition from anyone. Free will is treasured and completely honoured.

    2. We throw and brandish words about such as cult and brain washing and people immediately react because of the way we have used the words to discredit what we dislike or don’t agree with. This is why the media love to use such words because they are aware that these words incite reaction and it is something that sells newspapers, but we have to learn to discern for ourselves what is true rather than accept the reactions of a few.

      1. We are all very lost in that we don’t even know what truth is let alone knowing how to recognise what is truth and what is false. We are going to come to realise that we can feel what is true and what is not from our bodies and we will come to know that our heads will never be able to discern. Then we will start to return from the many eons of being lost.

  13. Everything Universal Medicine teaches is to empower people and give them tools to discern more and increase their ability to read what situations are truly about. This gives the individual more freedom to make informed choices that are not manipulated or coerced by pictures, advertisement, outcome driven interests, etc. This is unique and outstanding and I am so glad I came across Serge Benhayon as I had almost given up on that this kind of business practice and professional conduct even exists.

  14. I would love to look deeper into industries and investigate the manipulation and control of accepted regimes in society. We have bigger problems in normal everyday accepted life. Universal Medicine is cleaning up what many are not aware of.

    1. Well said Rik, Universal Medicine is restoring truth and integrity to all aspects of life and it is not surprising that this is stirring up some people who are very invested in the opposite of truth and integrity.

  15. It really makes sense when the entire society is founded on co-dependency harboring and feeding each other’s weaknesses and needs, those who are in the position of seeming power – be it media, religion etc. – would do anything to banish what could possibly reinstate true power to every single one of us, equally.

  16. There is more brainwashing done through school and the way society is set up, with expectations of how people should be, Universal Medicine offers us a way of being that is free from ideals and beliefs which leaves us to be who we truly are.

    1. Although it has been proven that brain washing does not exist, I would agree with you that education systems and religious institutions and even how parent currently raise children could all be called brain washing far before such a label could be applied to Universal Medicine whose messages are actually the opposite of brain washing, if such a thing even existed!

  17. Serge Benhayon presents the Ageless Wisdom that has been passed down through the ages and is known by us all when we choose to be aware of the energy that we live in and with. A wisdom that offers all of us a way of living that brings truth, love, joy, harmony and stillness – nothing more, nothing less.

  18. The accusation is so ridiculous that I can’t not smile especially when the definition talks of people conforming to the wishes of others at their own detriment…. For not only is there no conforming as people choose or not without any coercion, what they feel is true for them… but myself along with anyone I have ever known who has made loving choices to transform their lives, has only ever experienced benefit for themselves and for those around them.

  19. We live in a world today where everyone’s rights are supposed to be respected. Where we are apparently tolerant, non-judgmental and accepting of others beliefs. But is this truly what is occurring?

  20. Doug your blog made me smile, for the media to think that Universal Medicine is capable of brainwashing is quite unbelievable. Universal Medicine are really offering us a way to think from our heart, which is a much truer way of being than thinking from our head.

    1. Beautifully stated Sally, only a person thinking from their head would label people thinking from their hearts a cult. They can’t have heard of the cardiocentric way of living taught by Pythagoras 2500 years ago, which if we had listened and lived, the world would be a very different place today.

  21. It seems the media have no idea what the word ‘cult ‘ actually means and how they operate. “that no matter what the cult, their intention is control, money and power”. It went on to state that “all former members tell the same story of mind control, loyalty tests and complete and utter subservience to the cause”. that this could be applied to Universal Medicine is beyond belief, as it is the exact opposite of what constitutes a cult.

    1. The media have changed the accepted meaning of a cult from meaning a benign group to some dangerous group that threatens society. Words are the media’s tools but they have no regard whatsoever for the true meaning of a word, and thus they have no regard whatsoever for truth,

  22. By labeling or categorising something or someone it immediately passes judgment, narrows one’s thoughts and can even instill a guilty until proven innocent mentality that forever casts a shadow on something or someone that in essence is completely harmless.

  23. “A recent television programme about the Canberra Cult Conference in Australia clearly outlined “that no matter what the cult, their intention is control, money and power”. It went on to state that “all former members tell the same story of mind control, loyalty tests and complete and utter subservience to the cause”. Anyone taking the time and care to measure Universal Medicine against any of the above criteria would discover that Universal Medicine is anything but a cult.” Here here. As this article states clearly early on, Universal
    Medicine is not like that at all as I know from my own experience and what I have witnessed around lots of people. “It is not an organisation that you have to join – anyone can turn up and experience the courses and workshops or purchase the audio presentations and explore them in their own time. No one is going to ask you why you are there and no one will ask you why you have left if you decide it is not for you.”

  24. Thank you Richard to label Universal Medicine a cult and that we are all brainwashed cult members is such a ridiculous claim without any basis in truth at all. There are thousands of students worldwide that have benefited enormously from Serge Benhayon’s true love and support and the Universal Medicine presentations. The media instead have preferred to settle for a sensualist story that stimulates readers instead of offering humanity an opportunity to truly heal in a world where illness and disease rates are increasing everyday.

  25. In my nigh on 6 years of experience with Universal Medicine I have found myself to have been liberated from many old and unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving and hence free to be more true to myself and who I am. It has in short been a truly healing time.

    1. I absolutely agree Richard. The degree of healing that I have experienced myself and observed in many others has been huge, so huge that it is hard to express without others thinking that one is exaggerating but there is no need or even any room for exaggeration so great has the transformation been in the health of so many people.

  26. I’m going to be a bit bold here and say that if you are sitting with a glass of beer in your hand or a glass of wine then are you not being some-one that could be considered being brainwashed, if we can use this term? First of all I’m of the opinion that there is no such thing as being brainwashed. It’s just a term being used to describe someone that we consider being different or a bit “odd” in their life style choices compared to what we are used to and usually the difference is quite noticeable and at times we consider the difference extreme. It can also be used when we see something that we cannot really “put our heads around” or understand. When we use these words, be it “cult” or “brainwashed”, it’s automatically painting the place from which we stand, which is usually what we can call “mainstream society” – in a positive or negative light, usually the former. So in the case where the different or “odd” behaviour is clearly harmful to the individual and others then the mainstream seems to be a great choice even though there are many destructive elements within the mainstream. But it can also be the case where the “odd” is exposing the mainstream to be a not so healthy place and if you are standing in that “mainstream” you might want to defend, and from that position of defensiveness what would be the most efficient and vicious way to put someone or a group in a negative light (1) for the purpose of not exposing yourself and (2) to prevent others from discovering that there is another more healthy way of living – a way that you have not yet embraced? Call them being brainwashed and the group as being a cult and presto you have put the light on someone else so that you don’t have to be accountable for the way you conduct your life and also make others wary of the person or group you’re aiming at. So if we turn the cups around the group that is considered mainstream would not be wanting to be addressed as a “cult” even though much of what is going on in mainstream life is very destructive but in many instances considered okay because that is what we want it to be. So we lie to ourselves a lot of the time when we say, for example, that drinking a drink with alcohol in it is in any way good for our body when we know it’s not. So it would be healthy to be a bit reflective here and maybe question that all what is put out there as information is not really true and maybe we just believe in it because we want it to be true so that we can sit with that glass of wine or that glass of beer and not feel too bad about ourselves because who would want to deliberately hurt themselves? That would be not so wise would it?

    1. I feel what we tend to do Matts is decide what is true for ourselves based on what suits us best that is what doesn’t challenge us to look at our behaviours and we then defend that “truth”. But there is no true truth actually in it. Alcohol is a great example because it numbs us so we don’t have to feel what is really going on, we then say we love our alcohol, but how can we love something that damages our body, our only vehicle for getting us around? I did this for 40 years and how I did it was by lying to myself every single day.

  27. Doug, absolutely, labeling Universal Medicine as a cult and it’s members as brainwashed is false and actually it’s a very deliberate attempt to discredit people who have lived and improved their lives by applying the teaching of Universal Medicine in their lives. Each one who has, has done so of their own volition and many have seen huge changes and improvements as a result, and these cannot be dismissed as happenstance or random as there are large numbers of people who can attest to the benefits they’ve seen in their lives. So if you can’t dismiss the evidence in this way, then you decide to label Universal Medicine as a cult and bring up brainwashing as a scare tactic, so others will not look and will dismiss those who are members – it’s an abuse and a supremely dishonest one at that, with no trace of truth whatsoever. If you do decide to look at Universal Medicine, you will struggle to find a more open organisation with real integrity, anyone can come, and anyone can leave and no-one will chase you, or suggest you should or have to stay – you are welcome to sample and decide what works for you. We need more organisations like this in the world, and Universal Medicine is a beacon for this, and as far from a cult as you can possibly get.

    1. Yes indeed, thousands of people becoming healthier in a society where virtually everyone is becoming sicker and even at best some may not be actually visibly worsening their health is extraordinary and something to be investigated and celebrated, not ridiculed and labelled. Students of Universal Medicine are reversing a global trend towards multiple illnesses and diseases.

  28. The responsible, deeply loving approach to life that Universal Medicine promotes goes completely against the trend that has our society in its grips: muscling in to gain advantage for self at the expense of others. This trend can be seen in business deals where it is deemed ‘clever’ to pull the wool over another person’s eyes, in advertising when people’s weaknesses are deliberately magnified and preyed upon, in general life where it is accepted to use ‘white lies’ and to bring others down through ‘gossip’, and the most damaging the daily fodder fed to the public through the media of fabricated or embellished information that plays on people’s fear and emotions, and engrains this way of being. It is wonderful to witness a group of people inspired by Universal Medicine committed to break these patterns. Ironic, but not surprising that such arrogantly irresponsible journalists choose to knowingly lie about the true loving nature of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. Well said Golnaz, some excellent and very strong points. The deep irresponsibility in this all for self and forget the rest approach is indeed bringing mankind to its knees.

      1. What is also of interest is that our true essence, the one that a young child who is yet not yet indoctrinated with the accepted ways of society displays, would never choose such unloving and uncaring behaviour towards others. We could in effect say society ‘brainwashes us’ into accepting these behaviours as the norm!! And here we have an institution like Universal Medicine calling it for what it is, and asking us to wake up from our stupor.

      2. Again you are spot on Golnaz, the only brainwashing that is going on is from society defining crazy and unloving behaviour as normal. Then when someone comes along and exposes this we don’t like being exposed in our lovelessness and so we attack the messenger.

  29. The articles were not written in ignorance of the true facts but the journalists wrote a series of lies in full knowledge of the true facts. These deliberate and ongoing knowing and outright lies are an indictment of this group of people, many of whom cannot be called professionals.

    1. I agree Christoph, there is nothing professional about knowingly taking someone’s lies and printing them as facts just to increase one’s readership. This is totally corrupt behaviour.

      1. It is definitely not professional but it is a certain kind of business where you feel so powerful that you are not worried about your reputation being affected because you feel in sufficient control of your relationship. The fact that newspapers are massively bleeding readership except at the most reputable end does not seem to be connected in the minds of the journalists. Many of them seem to instead think that their future is in providing clickbait. They may eventually notice that trading reputation for readership is like having an intravenous coffee drip. There is always lots of action but fairly soon you are dead.

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