I am at last learning to be playful (in my 70’s!)

by Beverley Croft, NSW, Australia

For most of my life through to my late 60′s I was a very nervy, highly strung, withdrawn woman with very little self-confidence and few friends. I spoke sharply and very fast (nervy), and was always rushing to do things, totally unaware of how this was affecting my body. I hated myself and my role as a woman. I buried myself in books so I did not feel any of this. I was widowed in my mid 60′s and continued my search for why I felt so unhappy inside. My husband had been pretty controlling, but as I realised much later, I had let this happen. He was a good man and never violent physically. Who knows what our relationship could have been if I had been the woman I now am?

In my late 60′s I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and his healing practices. I also discovered his wonderful family and the loving practitioners who have supported me over the last six years or so. Now well in my 70′s, I am a very different woman, and proud to be one. I am being told by friends that I am getting younger as I get older, and inside me, I feel it. I am at last learning to be playful.

With the consistent love of Serge, his family and his wonderful staff, my life has been transformed. My life is now such a joy, and the wonderful camaraderie I have with fellow students is a joy to behold and feel.

I have never been told by Serge to do anything, but have been guided to feel for myself what was right and true for me. His only suggestion to me has been ‘BE LOVE’. Our work is based on discovering the love that we ALL truly are in our essence. I have now seen there is another way to live this life we are all part of. We work on ourselves AT OUR OWN PACE as we unfold. There is no pressure, rules, beliefs or dogma. Serge, his family and practitioners all SHARE with us what they themselves have learned.

Yes, I CHOOSE to eat no gluten or dairy, and eat what feels right for my body, go to bed early and get up early and TRY to honour my body in all that I do, i.e. I no longer over-ride how my body feels.

I have developed a deep sense of love for myself and others that leaves me in a wonderful joy most of the time. Yes, I have little ups and downs, but very few now. I am still A WORK IN PROGRESS and will be for the rest of my life. I now have a lovely number of friends within and outside the student community. I no longer rush anywhere, bury myself in books to escape, but embrace life and people fully.

For this beautiful transformation of myself, I am heart fully thank full to the man I now regard as a great friend, Serge Benhayon; the two words that epitomise Serge and his work are LOVE and INTEGRITY. Heaven knows where I would have ended up without meeting him. A very lonely, bitter old woman by now, blaming anyone but myself for how I was, and not taking my own responsibility for how I would have been.

206 thoughts on “I am at last learning to be playful (in my 70’s!)

  1. Beverley a really beautiful and inspiring blog for many. ‘With the consistent love of Serge, his family and his wonderful staff, my life has been transformed. My life is now such a joy, and the wonderful camaraderie I have with fellow students is a joy to behold and feel.’ Wonderful how your life is now playful and loving full of friends of all ages, very different to many at your age who lead very lonely and separated lives.

  2. ‘I hated myself and my role as a woman.’ Thank you for this honesty Beverley. I wonder how many women have felt or still feel like this? I know I did – more so in my role as a woman, though self-loathing has featured in my life too. Wow, we do give ourselves a hard time or what, beating ourselves up and rejecting ourselves for who we are at the most fundamental levels! Thankfully, also with the help of Serge Benhayon, I have come to understand myself as the true woman, and that has supported with both dilemmas. Being a woman is not a role, it’s who I am.

  3. One thing I love about this article is that it proves the adage ‘It’s never too late to learn’. If you’re open to learning, you’ll joyfully be doing so ’til your last breath!

  4. T

    “Heaven knows where I would have ended up without meeting him[Serge Benhayon]” This could be the epitath for thousands of people and millions to come.

  5. “Heaven knows where I would have ended up without meeting him [Serge Benhayon]” This could be the epitaph for thousands of people now and millions to come.

  6. It is inspirational to read your blog again Beverley. I can relate to a lot of what you share here, and that age is no barrier to playfulness and joy in ones life. Life is how we make it!

  7. I just love your honesty Beverley that perhaps there was a potential that was not lived in your relationship with your husband when you shared ‘Who knows what our relationship could have been if I had been the woman I now am?’ As we learn and grow it is important to reflect on where we have come from to get the full appreciation of who we are now.

  8. To have somebody like Serge Benhayon as a friend in your life is pretty special, as he is an extraordinary man. But then his friendship is not exclusively for you, it is for all, if we choose so, because he does not exclude anybody, despite his busy life and the many people he is seeing. I suppose Serge would also call me his friend. I still have accept that he is my friend, putting him still a bit above me, letting go of the belief that such man, who for me is the new world teacher, is so accessible and offers his friendship also to me.

  9. That’s awesome. Who wants to be a bitter old woman when you can be the very example you’re living every day! And, this example is accessible to each and every one of us no matter what our back story is. That’s the beauty of choice and love…it’s for every one.

  10. I love that you are a shining example of how it is never too late to embrace who we truly are and transform our life accordingly through the loving choices we make. We are indeed forever a work in progress but as you have embodied… an inspiration at any age.

  11. Being in my late 60’s I love the idea that as I get older I can actually become more play-full instead of buying into the accepted belief that as you get older life slows right down and you with it; the dismantling of this normal is one that I am more than delighted to be part of.

  12. “embrace life and people fully” So true Beverley. I am in my late 60s and thanks to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and all he presents I am no longer conforming to the ideals and beliefs I had of how an older woman should behave and am free to have fun, embrace life and people fully and reconnect to the inner child I had buried under layers of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

  13. It is like we live our whole life pushing love away from ourselves, then someone comes along and says we are love – we are left with two choices – either decide that person is mad and stick with the lovelessness we are choosing for ourselves, or give it a go and try living like one to see if that is true. And I definitely think it is an experiment worth giving it a go.

  14. The greatest journey we can be on is confirming, deepening and expanding the love that we are. My heart-full thanks to Serge Benhayon, his family, and all the wonderful practitioners and students of Universal Medicine. The world is a better place.

  15. Such a delight to read this Beverly. For anyone who is committing to trying out for themselves choices to live their everyday in another way from the familiar acceptable society type choices that are very mainstream, soon seem to discover there is a much deeper pool with-in of all wonderful qualities that are over laid and busting to come out and play.

  16. Beverly, I’m so glad you chose not to be a bitter old woman! Ha, I think we have enough bitter people out there. More of you please and thank you!!

  17. It is simply amazing to read your story and others on this site, makes me appreciate even more the positive impact Universal Medicine has on people’s lives! What Serge Benhayon, and other practitioners from Universal Medicine, reflect and through their livingness are able to achieve are true miracles. I know a lot of elderly people and they are usually very set in their ways and do not change much anymore, for you to be able to share how you turned your life around at 60 is absolutely against this trend.

  18. I can relate to the rush and the nervous tension you speak of Beverley that has resulted in what I want to say or do coming out jerky and incomplete or, just not how I planned or wanted it to come out. But finally, with what I have learned through Universal Medicine presentations, workshops and the support of the healing modalities I am starting to slow down and become far more observational and graceful with how I move and communicate. And it feels so much better, so much more me.

  19. A touching story from a person that by age alone is a respected member of any community. It’s great to see when people totally transform their lives and now hold themselves and others with more care and love than at any time previous. It greater still to see them write about it like this and see Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine truly given the respect they deserve. The facts are in front of you if you care to look, read and see. People are being supported beyond anything we have in our current world and from there they are growing into the people they have always seen themselves to be and ones that are leading the community in many ways. No need for fan fare and no smoke or mirrors just good old fashioned and down to earth care, love and respect for themselves that then goes out into every corner of their life. From where I stand it’s simply great to see.

  20. The transformations of you and many others are unchallengeable testimony to the power of what Serge Benhayon presents.

  21. This article is an inspiration.
    Literally choosing to halt the blame and choose again responsibility is life changing and as shared here can be a very joyous process, especially once acceptance of our self and our circumstances is gracefully lived.

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