I am at last learning to be playful (in my 70’s!)

by Beverley Croft, NSW, Australia

For most of my life through to my late 60′s I was a very nervy, highly strung, withdrawn woman with very little self-confidence and few friends. I spoke sharply and very fast (nervy), and was always rushing to do things, totally unaware of how this was affecting my body. I hated myself and my role as a woman. I buried myself in books so I did not feel any of this. I was widowed in my mid 60′s and continued my search for why I felt so unhappy inside. My husband had been pretty controlling, but as I realised much later, I had let this happen. He was a good man and never violent physically. Who knows what our relationship could have been if I had been the woman I now am?

In my late 60′s I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and his healing practices. I also discovered his wonderful family and the loving practitioners who have supported me over the last six years or so. Now well in my 70′s, I am a very different woman, and proud to be one. I am being told by friends that I am getting younger as I get older, and inside me, I feel it. I am at last learning to be playful.

With the consistent love of Serge, his family and his wonderful staff, my life has been transformed. My life is now such a joy, and the wonderful camaraderie I have with fellow students is a joy to behold and feel.

I have never been told by Serge to do anything, but have been guided to feel for myself what was right and true for me. His only suggestion to me has been ‘BE LOVE’. Our work is based on discovering the love that we ALL truly are in our essence. I have now seen there is another way to live this life we are all part of. We work on ourselves AT OUR OWN PACE as we unfold. There is no pressure, rules, beliefs or dogma. Serge, his family and practitioners all SHARE with us what they themselves have learned.

Yes, I CHOOSE to eat no gluten or dairy, and eat what feels right for my body, go to bed early and get up early and TRY to honour my body in all that I do, i.e. I no longer over-ride how my body feels.

I have developed a deep sense of love for myself and others that leaves me in a wonderful joy most of the time. Yes, I have little ups and downs, but very few now. I am still A WORK IN PROGRESS and will be for the rest of my life. I now have a lovely number of friends within and outside the student community. I no longer rush anywhere, bury myself in books to escape, but embrace life and people fully.

For this beautiful transformation of myself, I am heart fully thank full to the man I now regard as a great friend, Serge Benhayon; the two words that epitomise Serge and his work are LOVE and INTEGRITY. Heaven knows where I would have ended up without meeting him. A very lonely, bitter old woman by now, blaming anyone but myself for how I was, and not taking my own responsibility for how I would have been.

246 thoughts on “I am at last learning to be playful (in my 70’s!)

  1. We often feel our life’s work is something outside of ourselves: careers and other roles and yet our life’s work is to deepen our relationship with self. Like you Beverley, I came to this awareness late in life and learned it is never too late to make changes and breathe in a loving quality into our bodies.

  2. Re-discovering playfulness at any age is a blessing and reading your story inspiring. I work with elders, few emanate the joy you speak of.

  3. “I am still A WORK IN PROGRESS and will be for the rest of my life” – I love this. When so many are choosing to numb and distract themselves and withdraw from life, this is such an inspiring, delightful statement.

  4. It’s just gorgeous Beverley to hear your story of how you’re blossoming as you age and how much you’ve embraced yourself and life … it shows us all that no matter what we can always choose differently and to be love and learn to live that love is truly life changing.

  5. Anxiety and nervousness shadows so many of us today Beverley so it is great to get your confirmation that it is never too late to change our trajectory on what we think is our normal.

  6. Such a joy to read this blog Beverley, very inspiring and just goes to show, there is never an age to ‘give up’, and we do feel younger inside when we do not stop learning and growing. There is always a deeper level of love to express.

  7. No matter our age, it is the quality expressed from within that we bring to others that makes the difference and it is so true, the younger we feel can take years off how we look as we age… no need for botox or cosmetic surgery! 😉

  8. Beverley thank you for what you have written here, it really shows that it is never too late to start to make changes in our life, and to reconnect to the love that we are.

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